Aston Villa - Randy, Help Paul Fix The Mess You Made
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Randy, Help Paul Fix The Mess You Made

astvil123 says: Randy, Help Paul Fix The Mess You Made!!

It is quite clearly a crisis at Aston Villa, yet again, for the third year in a row. It is horrible for the club, for the players, but most importantly, for us, the fans.

We recently cut one person out of the club, along with his backroom staff and claimed the 'cancer' had gone. He did need to go, no question of that, but the 'cancer' is still here, and it is located in our financial accounts.

I look around and see some fans want Lambert out, despite recently arriving to fix the same mess some are blaming him for. Others want Randy out and I can see why they have arrived at this decision. Despite heavily investing in the club financially since he arrived in 2006, we have gone full circle and ended up in a worse position, with arguably a worse squad. Finally, others want Paul Faulkner out. I don't know Paul personally, however, I know people who do. They speak very highly of him. I can tell from listening to my friends that he is a nice guy and clearly doing something right. Look at the sponsorship deals he is striking to increase revenue to help balance the books. I don't blame Faulkner for the wage bill mess; Randy has backed his managers and Paul has signed their chosen transfer targets. Is it his fault players and their agents are greedy and ask for so much money? No, of course not. I'm not trying to aim the blame at someone because that won't improve out situation, but surely something can be done to prevent our inevitable relegation?

In the 2010-2011 season, Houllier lost the dressing room. We have seen the comments from players after he left, they all wanted out. When the January window arrived that season, over £30M was spent in fees and a reported £170,000 a week in wages was used to sign Michael Bradley, Kyle Walker, Jean Makoun and Darren Bent. We stayed up and prevented losing our Premier League TV revenue.

Surely, something similar has to be done this season?

When Lambert was given £20M to spend in the summer, we had a squad of 25 players who had just survived relegation by two points, with one being critically ill (Petrov), one out with a long term injury (Dunne) and another without a visa to work in England, who apparently can't even speak English (Makoun).

What a mess! Lambert was given £20M to add numbers to a small squad, lacking Premiership quality, leadership, strength, height and experience, without increasing the wage bill too much. Some say 'Nothing is impossible' but I disagree, the task set for Paul in the summer was! Lambert signed some good players (including Guzan, who some forget had left when Paul joined) and these players have been some of our best performers this season, along with Weimann. This should make fans wake up and see Lambert has potential. Did he sign Ireland, N'Zogbia, Bannan, Albrighton, Hutton, Warnock and Dunne etc? No. So why is he at fault for them being as poor as they were before he came in?

With the Premier League TV revenue increasing from next season onwards due to the new TV rights deal, it is vital we stay up this season. Randy has saved big money on the wage bill in recent years. Many big earners have left Villa, with other big earners Dunne, Warnock and Petrov out of contract in the summer. These three players alone roughly earn a reported £150,000 a week.

Would it not be wise to spend that money on loan deals, or permanently sign Lambert's main targets, 6 months before this room on the wage bill is available? It would keep us up. It's an easy solution! One step backwards, two steps forwards, just like in January 2011.

Come on Randy! Save the club. You are one of those to blame for this mess; you have the power to get us out of it. The books do need to be balanced and they will be in time, but please don't put cost cutting as a priority before Premier League survival. Why balance the books in 3 years at the expense of relegation, when you can do it over 6! years and keep us safely in the top flight?

Come on Randy!! Help YOUR manager!!

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The Journalist

Writer: astvil123  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 14 2013

Time: 10:28AM

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Better still, get rid of 'Paul' and get someone who knows what he's doing in.
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14/01/2013 10:43:00

Well said. Told it how it is. Still think that Faulkner's behind the scenes stuff should be separate from the football side of things. PL can't do it all on his own though as shown by MON.
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14/01/2013 11:00:00

Houllier did not lose the dressing room. He lost Dunne, Warnock, Collins and apparently Agbonlahor. The good players and those that wanted to train and learn did well. Young, Downing and Bent became regulars in the England team despite none of them making the final 30 WC squad the summer before. The young players developed and were called up by the under 21s. Bannan made the Scottish squad. McLeish then had his squad and with the Downing money added NZog, Given and Hutton. Lambert then inherited McLeish’s full squad and was given £20M to improve it. It was up to him who he chose to bring in and shift out. When McLeish had that same squad fans were saying it was good enough for mid-table. Now some fans are changing their tune just to free Lambert from blame. Lambert is the problem. Every single one of our young players that were developing nicely TWO YEARS AGO have suddenly become rubbish. His transfers? Tactics? Team selection? Nearly 8 on months and we are getting worse by the week. He is not as good as the likes of McLeish, McCarthy or Bruce. He is clueless and out of his depth. He is on a par with Phil Brown, Paul Jewell, Roy Keane. Randy should not be giving him another £20M, but his P45.
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14/01/2013 11:14:00

astl123, you'e not Neil Moxley are you? I read an article by him in The Daily Mail today which expresses many of the same sentiments. Basically it urges Randy to get the cheque book out or we're doomed. Worth a read.
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14/01/2013 11:15:00

In all fairness, lets look at this from Randy's point of view...If you were in his shoes how *****ed off would you be keep giving managers money to spend and then they go and blow it on terrible players. O'Neil was horrific at transfers, he got a couple right but the rest were pants, Houllier was probably the only one who knew what he was on about, Mcleish graced us with Hutton and Jenas for god sake and now Lambert signs ***** players from lower leagues who are NOT ones for the future, they are championship/league 1 players for the future.
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14/01/2013 11:16:00

Can we have a statement from the top please. Anything. Throw us a bone eh. Like to hear the well worn "The manager has the full support of the board" for starters!
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14/01/2013 11:20:00

The £20M figure from the summer is a red herring. PL himself said there was money left over. He's now citing the club's current situation as a barrier to bringing in players in January. What a shambles. Couldn't agree more with Withenshawe's post above.
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14/01/2013 11:26:00

From Randys point of view he's invested heavily in the Browns & they are *****e (missed the play offs again) . If Villa go down he'll miss out on the new TV revenue & the value of the club will go down . Therefore from Randys point of view he needs to spend to protect his investment. Because as sure as eggs is eggs if he doesn't we'll be relagated probably in last place
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14/01/2013 11:26:00

Randy either backs him or sacks him, there is no other option but it sounds Randy has chosen to do neither and just make us plod along to our demise of relelgation without backing Lambert
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14/01/2013 11:41:00

Withenshawe, Lambert cannot be blamed for the yoots not progressing. They are thrown in at the deep end through neccessity and there's no-one experienced to bring them through. Eck coached any forward thinking out of them and Lambert still hasn't managed to restore it. Lambert is admittedly young and inexperienced himself but he has far more potential than Mcleish, McCarthy and Bruce who ALL (yes ALL FFS) have got teams relegated???? Lambert may join them this year but not yet. Houllier's only good spell came when he was in hospital and he CANNOT take the credit for this. He lost the dressing room and the fans especially when he started getting a boner whilst talking about Liverpool. Bent only made the England squad through injury to others and Young had been crowned young PFA player of the year. Your statements are not factual atall. If Lambert is the problem, who is the answer. All those you mentioned wouldn't progress us and we'd be treading water. Lambert is moving us on to the next level but can't do it as thriftily as Randy wants. Evolution, not Revolution!!!
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14/01/2013 11:59:00

Yeah Randy! 200 million on players in 7 years isn't enough!
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14/01/2013 13:05:00

Agree with villan444 Houllier was pants as well in fact quite a record appointing managers this board. Astonbilla far as I know mate Randy sold the Cleveland Browns for loads of dosh. But Clives got it right Randy either backs him or sacks him. and if he does sack him god help us for who our next manager might be because there are not going to be many proven managers wanting to come to Villa Park under the present circumstances and even the inexperianced will be wary.My feeling is stick with Lambert he is not the sort of guy who will take relegation well ,but he may have to bite the bullet and lose his stubborn streak with trying to stick with youth.
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14/01/2013 13:17:00

I should have added good piece astvil123 agree with all your main points.
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14/01/2013 13:28:00

Good article Id like more of that from the fans... I agree with V444 to Im firmly in your corner... I do think you're being a bit harsh on Houllier would you give him any credit? I mean he laid the foundations for that run he brought in great coaching staff (who could lead the team in his absence people he could trust) and better players in January who could play how he wanted he gets 50% credit at least in my book...
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14/01/2013 13:35:00

CDX my view of Houllier is he had MONs squad including Young & (spit) Downing this team had finished 6th the season before and yet we ended up panic buying Bent for 24 mill to save us from relegation? Makoun for 6-7 mill was for me useless from what little I saw of him. Therefore allowing for the mans poor health which was something else the club risked he did little for Villa bar take our 6th place to a relegation battle,yes we eventually finished mid-table but the cost ? 30 mill .
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14/01/2013 14:04:00

Good article astvil123, some good points. However, the biggest "cancer" in the club is still there...Lerner. Oh btw, I still blame Lerner for giving away monies to previous manager who blew it willy nilly on has beens and journeymen. Lerner should have had a tighter control, overseeing what is going on when it comes to spending money.... Or is that Faulkners domain?, so he has to go too! Lerner could loan Villa what he's earned from the sale of the Browns to pay for a couple of loan players to help us. Because make no mistake, he may of sold one lot of Browns, but we'rein the brown now..... sort it Lerner, or go forth and multiply!!!!
Pride of Lions
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14/01/2013 14:10:00

PS that should read what Lerner has earned in interest off the sale of the Browns.... sorry, getting carried away.
Pride of Lions
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14/01/2013 14:13:00

I can understand that he made the blatantly bad mistake (among many other mistakes) of trying to change the style of play way to early... I was a bit disillusioned under MoN in his last year the same trends were annoying me... Il admit I was unsure of Houllier but if only he did not get ill we would be back in Europe by now and I firmly believe we would be challenging for CL football more convincingly than under MoN... His transfer and links were all I need for that and thats not mentioning what he would have brought off the field... I dont want to go deep into my thoughts over this I just think he would have been great if he had of been able to complete his contract...
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14/01/2013 14:14:00

444 don’t dispute my facts. Did you see O’neill’s final game at VP in May when Allardyce’s Blackburn beat us 1-0? The ball had snow on it. We had lost by 7 goals at Chelsea a few weeks earlier. In the new pre-season we lost to Bohemians and Barnstaple. At that time there were exclusives in the papers from players about the joke training and coaches. And then there were reports of drunkenness among players in Dublin before and after the bohemians game. We had 11 automatic choices and a crateful of players on vast wages that had been totally frozen out. The best of our academy players were in their 20s and nothing had been done to develop them. In the new season we lost the second game 6-0 to promoted to Newcastle. We were played of the park at home by a ***** Vienna side. We lost our best player by a mile James Milner. The Quitter quit for a reason and he left behind a shambles. So stop pretending it was anything else. All that happened before Houllier came and with the transfer window he could do nothing until January. In the league we beat Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, drew twice with Chelsea (when they were good) and drew with United. When Houllier fell ill he was in constant contact with McAllister, and he was picking the team and the tactics and lining up transfer for the summer. In Houllier’s final game in the dugout we beat west ham away and moved to 9th. Even if we had lost every remaining game that GMac oversaw we would NOT have been relegated.
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14/01/2013 15:54:00

Lol I just have to lol @ people who want PL out. Woo let's go get Steve Bruce or Reberto D. Like they well do any better. Great read, I agree 100%!
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14/01/2013 16:02:00

He hasn't spent £200 million in 7 years on players. That includes the £62million he spent buying in to the club originally, the additional money spent for remaining shares to take full ownwership of the club, alterations to Bodymoor Heath and internally to Villa Park and an estimated £20million in compensation and pay offs to the management teams he has poorly recruited and then paid off in full. Lets say that is roughly £100million, leaving £100million spent on players - roughly £14million a year - not even the equivalent of the annual interest he earns on his personal wealth. This is also leveraged as club debt to Reform Aquisitions. HE put the money in the hands of managers without any supervision, HE lets Paul Faulkner negotiate transfer fees and terms - resulting in us having our pants pulled down time and time again, HE changed tack from one extreme to another without considering the effect on the playing squad. Anyone with a brain could see that these changed were being implemented too soon, but who is at the club to challenge the extensive collective Football knowledge of messers Lerner and Faulkner? NO ONE! HE now needs to get someone with some nouse in to the club to put forward a vision for the team development and leave Faulkner to the shirts and pies.
heavy d
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 17:00:00

OK withenshawe, Houllier was on life support in hospital drugged up to his eyeballs and probably very off colour (yellowish normally,) he had specialist doctors around him making sure that he lived from hour to hour BUT through all this, he kept the batphone handy to keep McAllister up to date on what he wanted??????????? Your facts are not facts so you shouldn't be claiming that they are so. Heresay is the correct terminology. MON was a quitter was he?? So why did he get a compensation payoff from us??? Can't deny the drunkenness and the shambles that players like unsellable Dunne and Co had caused, which was poor judgement from MON on their contracts but he didn't rubber stamp them (Lerner) and these players had to commute to or live near Birmingham. Not a pleasant thing for those who are accustomed to more luxurious surroundings. We had to pay big bucks or no-one would come, it's the same now and that's why we're having to recruit kids. I was at the 7-1 vs Chelsea which basically came around because MON bowed to pressure to play Luke Young as Cuellar was a hoofer. I had the pleasure of meeting fat Frank in a random pub after and having to get my mate's ticket signed by him for a bet which I'd lost in that shameful experience so I appreciate that things weren't rosy but did Milner want to go or did Lerner want to sell more to balance his mismanaged books??? Again heresay and in a lot of peoples minds the reason that MON left. The promising kids would've been better off staying with KMac than with Houllier or Eck!!!
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14/01/2013 17:23:00

444 Sarcastic remarks don’t make you correct. I said that Downing (who was pretty rubbish under the Quitter) and Young and Bent did not make the provisional 30 man squad in summer 2010. 6 months later they were all established in the team. It had nothing to do with injuries. Young had always looked one dimensional and out of his depth whenever he had played for England. Capello said that Bent and Young had improved technically and were showing more intelligent play that season. And Downing was also playing better than ever. The coaching and training obviously had something to do with that as it did for the young players who came on leaps and bounds. And yes some of the more vocal players did not like the extra ball-work sessions but that is not saying he lost the dressing room. You said Ashley Young was young player of the season but that was 2 years earlier. It was in all the papers that Houllier was phoning McAllister the next day from his hospital bed There are direct quotes from McAllister saying that Houllier was picking the team and organising sessions. Houllier was in hospital 7 days. It was also in the Birmingham Mail that Houllier ‘down the line’ with negotiations on several transfer targets. In an article, titled “Transfer targets being chased already, Villa reveal” McAllister said they were negotiations that needed to involve Houllier directly, and so he would be doing them from home. Cabaye was one player that confirmed he was all ready to sign for Houllier that summer. Houllier has since said that he still feels frustrated because he had unfinished business at Villa. Lambert is utterly clueless. It has nothing to do with hating one manager or loving another. It is not a popularity contest.
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14/01/2013 18:11:00

Yaaawwwwnnn Withenshawe. Downing takes a year or so to get used to his surroundings for some reason, exactly the same at Liverpool............ Bent scored his first international goal in England's 3–1 away win over Switzerland after appearing as a substitute for Jermain Defoe in a Euro 2012 qualifier on 7 September 2010. Capello stated he had been impressed with the improvement in Bent's all-round game since his World Cup ommision and selected him in the starting XI for England's friendly with Denmark, where he scored a tap-in from a Theo Walcott cross......... Unashamedly taken from wikipedia. He didn't join us till 18th Jan 2011 so his improvement was nothing to do with GH and the second of these 2 games was 10th Feb, FFS. Houllier worked his magic in a fortnight did he?? You can't just make stuff up to support your argument!!!!!!!!!!!! Future is PL, GH is in the past, move on.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 19:18:00

Wouldn't have minded Cabaye but another thing that is majorly flawed with the owner and sidekick is that all the managers are totally different. There's no continuity and 1 manager's captain is another manager's benchboy. Can't blame the manager, everyone wants their own type of players. Swansea are doing well with a new similar manager and a few additions.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 19:50:00


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