Aston Villa - Villa Fan Lescott In? Bent, Given, Bannan Out?
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Villa Fan Lescott In? Bent, Given, Bannan Out?

At last, a decent link to a player with Premiership experience!

The Mirror is linking us with 30-year-old Man City defender Joleon Lescott.

Nice, first off he has experience in bundles and secondly, he`s a Villa fan!

The report says the defender is available but his wages might be an issue. I guess it depends on him, does he want regular football playing for his boyhood club, or to sit on the bench and collect the wages? That is his decision obviously!

Everton and Sunderland are also said to be interested.

The report suggests he is rated at around 10million. Cheaper than the cost of relegation for sure.

But hasn't Mancini said that no one will leave or arrive in January?

The Mirror also say we are looking for a 'ball winning midfielder` and possibly a new left back with doubts over newbie Joe Bennett and academy product Eric Lichaj.

And in the out column?

The Mirror repeat the rumours that both Shay Given and Darren Bent would be available if any decent offers come in.

Another rumour is that Alex McLeish wants to take Barry Bannan to Nottingham Forest. The report doesn`t say whether this would be a loan or a sale.

insidefutbol say that Villa and Spurs are after 'contract rebel` Moussa Sissoko according to a French radio station.

His contract at Toulouse ends next summer and the 23-year-old is looking to move on. Juventus are also said to be interested in the midfielder. Very loose link that.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 4 2013

Time: 8:31AM

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Bringing in a 31 yr-old for big money and big wages and getting rid of Bannan, a young creative player? Yup, that sounds like the Villa.
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04/01/2013 08:43:00

Nice idea about Lescott but I wouldn't overplay the 'Villa' fan aspect of this deal. He has had unmerciful stick because of the scar on his head and I do believe he feels this has been worse when he has played the Villa unfortunately. Not saying that we should all eat quiche and bring acoustic guitars to the Villa but surely if we know that a player has been a Villa fan we should show some respect, even if they score against us, as they undoubtedly will at the minute.
Mervin King's Pocket
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04/01/2013 08:54:00

A young, creative player who is massively over-rated and is Championship quality at best. I don't understand the love-in for Bannan from some Villa fans. I really don't see what he offers to the team. He has had a couple of good games this season but generally has been poor.
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04/01/2013 09:15:00

Bannan is terrible end of
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04/01/2013 09:21:00

Lescott on loan with an option would be a good deal all round. He would get the games and it would keep him fit for City.
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04/01/2013 09:22:00

Lescott, Parker and Robbie Keane all on loan. It will sort the centre of our team out and give us the experience we need. 3-4mill well spent I reckon
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04/01/2013 09:22:00

Agreed. I've never been a fan of Bannans' but it has to be said, he has put in a couple of acceptable performances this season - basially because we are so poor in midfield, anything half decent tends to stand out.
Pride of Lions
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04/01/2013 09:25:00

Lescott on loan would be great business but for 10mil, no thanks. It would be a good move for Bannan, he's not good enough for Villa.
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04/01/2013 09:27:00

Yeah, Lescott on loan or something less than 10m, thats too much for a 30 yr old.
Pride of Lions
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04/01/2013 09:56:00

Agree with son of cher those three loans would sort us out. Also agree Bannan not good enough mind you I feel Ireland,Nzobia,Delph and Albrighton arent good enough either and when you add Dunne.Warnock & Hutton to that list you can see where the problem is.
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04/01/2013 10:05:00

Also agree Bennet not good enough and add KEA to my list above .
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04/01/2013 10:06:00

I think Bannan would be decent in a good but bigger midfield . We've recently been playing lightweights Delph ,Westwood ,Bannan etc & it's looked & is men against boys . Toure, Nzonzi, Lampard etc it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic . Lescott,Keane & Parker on loan would as somebody said a dream come true but as with most dreams I don't see it happening especially in view of what Mancini & Keane said & the fact that Parker's now fit & is being used
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 11:04:00

How can anybody complain about 10m for Lescott. He's a superb defender with bags of experience. He can score goals and has won the premier league. Ok so he's getting on a little but being a villa fan he's sure to give 100% every week which is more than can be said of some of our current lot. I remember us paying 10m for Curtis Davies all those years ago !! If he keeps us up its money well spent.
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04/01/2013 11:14:00

Lescott would be excellent. I couldn't give a squirt of ***** about how much he costs...someone else's money, means nothing to me. ALl we should care about is getting quality players. Do Man City players care if Aguero cost 20m or 40m? Who cares?
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 11:54:00

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's noticed Joe Bennett isn't very good. Still young but I'd like another option at LB (and no, Lichaj is not the answer)
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 12:21:00

When does Bannan want to go ? I'll take him free of charge to any club in the UK - never Premiership quality . Lescott would be a great signing.
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04/01/2013 12:44:00

All this moaning about Lescott being to expensive and being 30 years of age, well i seem to remember one of the greatest defenders we ever had called God being no spring chicken when he arrived and went on for a fair few years so too Laursen, defenders get better with age like GK's, and as for the 10million i spode its better than buying 2 or 3 lower league players and moaning when we lose games left right and centre that we lack leadership and experiace?
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 13:26:00

Lescott rumours hotting up !
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 13:26:00

Where fatloser ? I thought it's was just the fact that he was a Villa fan , experienced & a CB . Mirror just speculating as they all do at this time of year
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04/01/2013 13:33:00

Bannan is very average. He has started to be singled out by teams since the Liverpool game, he needs too much time on the ball. Once you close him down, he is too lightweight to get it back.
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04/01/2013 13:36:00

MON was correct 4 years ago. Wee Barry Bannan will never make it at this level regardless of people claiming that Xavi and Messi aren't 7 feet tall either. Bennett may make a good winger though and always thought that Delph could do a job if he wasn't surrounded by midgets and people that are scared of touching the ball. And as Olof says, not my money, sign up Lescott. We've wasted an awful lot more on an awful lot less. Vlaar and Lescott is a prem quality experienced CB pairing.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 13:55:00

If we buy a new CB then Clark can move to the midfield where I have always thought he belonged. We then have Baker as back Clark/Lowton in an emergency.
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04/01/2013 14:07:00

That would be a great signing. Why though, when we are linked with a player, there are alwas players leaving. Yes we need to get rid of a few but ffs when are we going to add players not replace.. grrr
king villa
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 14:25:00

Here here Villan 444. Anyone think its worth getting Jean Makoun back for the rest of the season? He is playing for Stade Rennais and they are 4th in Ligue 1 (I know its not the Prem). Surely we need all the help we can get.
Pongo W
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:04:00

Couldn't care less about how old he is or how much he costs, some of you banging on about his age have not got a clue!! It's because we have no experience or quality that we are the worst team in the league, Lescott has both experience and quality so pipe down. It's a long shot because being a Villa fan counts for nothing, will he want to come to a relegation battling club? Who knows, can we even afford his wages? Who knows and who cares, if we get him I'd be a very happy fan because these 'kids' can't cut it...And as far as Bannan goes, good riddance, average player and will never be nothing more.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:16:00

Bannan is the best passer of the ball at the club. He needs a minder however.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:20:00

brining Lescott in is a no brainer
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:30:00

Why do people think Bannan is a good passer? he hardly ever makes an effective pass all game. He makes these attempts at hollywood style 30 yarders which have no end product and more often than not miss their desired target.... as for Lescott. yes please. Heard a few rumours sorrounding Hangeland too which would be a quality addition also ....
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:51:00

Lescott on loan might be possible but a permanent move is a joke, why on earth would he leave citeh for us?
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 15:55:00

malacaxeta, sorry mate but Clark isn't moble enough to play in midfield, its been tried and he can cover in an emergancy but as a full time role its a square peg in a round hole. Herd on the other hand has played most of his career in the midfield and has shown he can do the ball winning job (when he partnered Stan) quite capably. Only Lambert knows why he insists on playing three at the back with Herd out of position
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 16:00:00

See the reasoning in Lescott but would he come? We certainly need reinforcements at the back, and a perm or loan would both make sense. Think Man-kini will want him as cover when the Toure brothers are in Africa though. We are short of muscle in the midfield too. Would anyone object to a player like Palacios? Played well at Spurs and featured heavily when they qualified for the CL, then reached the 1/4's the following year. Hardly started for Stoke this season and has got to be worth a cheeky 3-4million punt. Wages should be managable too and, although not tall, he at least has a presence and puts himself about. Experience? Check! Ability? Check! Realistic wages? Check! Get-able? Check! He is still in his 20's too so would represent value for a few seasons. Some might not see it but seems a no brainer to me. UTV!
heavy d
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 16:35:00

Lescott a good short term loan only. Get Vlaar back and let the kids have rest. That would give us a central pairing with experience and strength for the run in. A definite no no for a 10m transfer though. This is where we have got it wrong so often in the past and where PL is trying to undo years of mismanagment. If we sign Lescott for 10 he would also take about 10m in wages over a three year contract. For those who are poor at maths and who have little understanding of the financial situation the Villa are in, this is 20m going out of the club and none coming in. We can not afford it. End of. There is a reason that every player coming into the club has been a young prospect. It means they cost little and the only real way their transfer value can go . . . . . . up. As for Bannan. I just do not think he will ever make it at the top level. Even when on loan to average Championship sides he was more often than not, on the bench. We need players who are either big and strong with an aggressive attitude. Or we need ball players regardless of size who can control a game. Bannan is neither. He isn't bad, but just being not bad, is not good enough for Aston Villa.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 16:49:00

I think someone of Lescott's ability and experience is exactly what we need. Him and Kompany were the best defensive pairing in the league last year, and surely its no coincidence that City have conceded more since Lescott's been fazed out and Nastasic was brought in. I think 10m is a bit steep, but it's nothing in comparison to what relegation could cost us. I'm sure he'd be open to taking a pay cut (not necessarily a massive one) to join his boyhood club and get guaranteed first team football. Plus if we can offload the likes of Ireland, Warnock and Hutton, that would allow us to spend a bit more on Lescott's wages. People are saying he's too old, yet begging for experience to be brought in.. Doesn't make sense to me.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 17:05:00

Heavy d I think Palacios isn't a bad shout at all. He's not the best player in the world but you're right, he ticks all the boxes. Looking back we maybe should have bought N'zonzi from Blackburn before Stoke did in the summer. But a player like Palacios is what we need in that midfield. He's not the tallest but his presence comes from his hard tackling and ability to get across the pitch. He's not bad on the ball either. Our midfield is crying out for a bit of steel, and I'm not sure who else is out there for what we'd be wanting to pay. Parker on loan is never gna happen.. Spurs fighting on 3 fronts and will have a lot of games in a short space of time when the Europa league starts again, so I can't see them letting him go. As for Bannan, I agree he's not the best player in the league, or even our team, but if you took him out of the midfield, we lose all creativity. Yes he tries too many world-class passes thinking he's Xabi Alonso, but every now and then he can thread a ball through or start a move off, like at Liverpool. He's certainly worth keeping until someone with a bit more consistency and ability to be creative is brought in. Westwood, Delph, KEA aren't creative, Holman runs around a lot but not much else, Ireland is a waste of space and needs to go. I'm not a massive fan of Bannan's but I still think if anyone in our midfield can start off a decent attacking move then it's him, and atm we would be silly to let him go.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 17:12:00

Villa2610 I agree some people don't have a clue at all.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 18:10:00

have to say, I think that Lescott would be a great buy for you at the moment
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 19:46:00

Problem with wee Barry is that he tries the Hollywood ball far too often and everyone knows what he's going to do because that's all that he's got. He's not bad at it but its easy to defend against. We don't need a quarterback, we need 2 CMs who can do more than 1 bloody thing. He's far too weak, small and slow and I wish it wasn't so but people need to face facts.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 19:47:00

Westwood and Bannan would both look better if there were decent players in front of them who could hold onto the ball. Holman, Albrighton, Bent, Gabby, Ireland, Delph, are all ball losers and might explain why he tries to hit long balls straight to the front men with Hollywood passes too much. We need more strength in midfield, if we get it I would keep Bannan, see how he does, then decide. A midfield can't function unless it functions as a unit, and that is what we need to resolve, but Bannan can contol a ball, shield, and pass better than most, so he is number two to keep in my book after Westwood. Whether he can make it I remain uncertain, but keep him and lets see.
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 20:28:00

Sorry but I've never rate Bannan or Delph and they are too lightweight for our midfield. Some may mock and say look at Iniesta and Messi......well they ain't at that level so it does matter. Parker is a no go as too high in wages and is too old now with no sell on as is Keane. If Given goes then who do we bring in to replace or does Siegriest (youth keeper highly rated??) step up.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
04/01/2013 21:21:00

olofthegreat, good point but we need other players too so if it meant losing out on others I think we should think twice. Don't get me wrong I'm busting with excitement that Lescott could be on our radar, a brilliant defender that would help us massively. I think we could get him for 6-8mil and that would be superb. malacaveta I have always rated Clark in DM role very much and you could be right that that's his best position.
Report Abuse
05/01/2013 07:39:00

Loan deals for Lescott and maybe even Downing, who has apparently been told he can leave, loan Bannan to Ginger for the rest of the season, no sale on Bent or Given, PL quoted that he doesn't need to sell, buy a solid midfielder or two, sorted.
Report Abuse
05/01/2013 17:44:00

Lescott saying hes going nowhere so that ends that. If we sorted out our midfield and actually had a worthwhile holding midfielder that might help as other teams just waltz through our midfield putting the defence under constant pressure. Bannan ,Delph,Albrighton,KEA,Nzobia,Ireland have all had their chance none or up to premiership standard.Its going to take time for Lambert to clear this lot when you consider Dunne,Hutton & Warnock still to be moved on. Of Lamberts signings KEA & Bennet are pants but the rest seem worth the wait.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 12:32:00


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