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Lambert - Spirits Will Remain High

Paul Lambert has said he won't let the players get too low after our last two results, just as he didn't let them get too carried away with our two recent victories.

Quotes from the Official Site.

'I have belief they will do it, they will give us everything again. People get carried away after the Norwich and Liverpool wins but I didn't and neither did the team. I never let them get too high or too low. The nature of football is that you can get hurt at any moment. If you win, let it go. It's the same with a defeat. They will be fine. You have to bounce back, there's no other way.'

Lambert rightly again today after that performance singled out the fans.

'The fans were brilliant. They are fantastic in the way they have supported us. It's pleasing to hear them back us, but we know we have to get results. We are in a semi final in a few weeks, and if you look at the league you're not a million miles away from mid table. That's what you have to strive for.'

And as for the performance, Lambert wasn't happy with the first goal as he believes we should've had a freekick for a foul on Fabian Delph.

'We rode our luck massively in the first half. We started the second half well, I thought we were in the ascendancy, but the first goal was a foul on Fabian. The second goal we had a good chance to make it 1-1 and then they go up the other end and score again. That's what can happen.'

We have very winnable games in January that we really need to take advantage of, but we've got to get into our groves again and get back to the performances we were putting in prior to Chelsea. Lambert talks about keeping spirits level, but it's as clear as day Chelsea knocked the lads and today was not the response anybody was looking for.

I suspect that will be borne out by the comments that follow this.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 26 2012

Time: 9:34PM

Your Comments

He is 2-3 games away from the P45. If that occurs, ie we dont get the results we need between now and mid to late Jan, then this time Lerner should act sooner rather than later (as he did last season when we were, lets NOT forget, INCREDIBLY close to going down in the end). We need 6-7 pts from the next four league games, and Wigan and Soton at home are must win really, more to deprive them of the points than anything else. If hes any way short of that by the Baggies game then its crunch time.
Sorry mate but the jury is out on your tactical nous and your man management skills. I was hoping it didnt come to this but shipping 13 goals in 3 games puts a major question mark over your reign.
Sorry Lambert but just shut the ***** up! you are getting worse than O'Neil with the excuses, either bring some experience in or ***** off, same to Lerner! Infact just ***** off and take the yanky **** with you Lambo!
Green Villan
I am with those supporters who stayed until the end and showed their belief in Paul Lambert Of course these are worrying times by nature of the size of defeats to Chelsea and Spurs but a win against Wigan would see us into the New Year six poins clear of the relegation places. I sill believe that here is lot of talent in that squad.We desperately need some luck on the injury front. To have Dunne missing all season and more important having Vlaar missingthe last umpteen games is massive blow. Compounded today by the loss of Baker who was defending so well at 0-0...Also no Gabby, Andi, DB9 or Zoggy takes away so much potential threat goinforward. Hard to thinkof positives but I think Delph is finally starting to show some real ability. Lowton an Westwood continue to impress and Bennett showed a lot of ability on the ball (need to mprove defending)... I really believe we are only two or three experienced players away om being a very decent team..Buying them and getting some of the injured players back quickly is the key...Stay up and we will be a top ten team next season IMO
So it's come to this!!! We are now having to look to the ***** bottom table teams to keep us safe yet again. How much has Lerner just sold the Browns for?, what has he done with the Villa? how unwilling is he to invest with the Villa? well the evidence is there! ***** OFF LERNER!
Green Villan
Sorry PL but I'm sure confidence is shattered after those 2 results, if they feel for the club like we do (the fans) then they'd be absolutely shattered at the past 2 performances. PL will get it right but I agree with all the Randy comments and that he should open his wallet. Where the hell is he anyway?? For an owner he certainly does nothing to assure the fans.
"If you win, let it go"????? Surely they should remember it and build on it. We want a winning mentality. Remember the losses aswell and how painful it is/ should be!!! Randy and PF have been ghosts since appointing Lambert and its not fair on him to become the scapegoat for the cheapest squad in the prem if you take away the benched/injured/overpriced bent.
Lambert is 2-3 games from the sack??????? Get some perspective. Dear me. Such a massive bunch of bandwagon jumpers. We could win the next three league games and what then? Before the Chelsea game it was all coming together and now it's sack the man Let's wait to Feb eh.
In Lambo I trust. ' enough said.
The Norwich players say Lambert never took training sessions unlike Hughton, who works with them every day. PL apparently fancies himself as a Mr Motivator or fantastic man-manager in the O’Neill style who in turn fancied himself as the next Clough. To me Lambert has already peaked. That type of manager has no place in the modern highly tactical and technical game where the best players demand far more attention than just pre-match psycho babble and full time hugs. Lambert is on a par with Paul Jewell (Wigan) or Phil Brown (Hull). He reached the Prem but there is no potential there for advancement. He might be young but many oldies at the top are far more forward thinking. Give me a proper young coach like Martinez or Rodgers any day. Or even Steve Clarke or Hughton. Someone with the vision and a hands-on footballing philosophy to take a big club forward. Not someone who fills a side full of lower league youngsters, benches the club’s only quality striker just to ram home how important and powerful he is in the dressing room on a Saturday afternoon. The man is out of his depth. If he had one ounce of footballing nous he would be on the training ground at every chance with those players working on team shape, tactics and patterns of play. Not swanning around until match-day and then setting them up in a wing-back formation that was old-fashioned and easily-sussed 15 years ago.
Staggering. Yes, we've shipped 12 goals in two games, but what happened before that? We had Drogba Jr.! Every club wants him! He can't stop scoring! The bipolarity of our fans never ceases to amaze me. It pains me to say it, but we are currently an average premiership side (at best!). Sacking our manager after six months won't help us. Lambert will not necessarily make us a top-four team, though he might make us a competitive force in the other domestics. Both Chelsea and Tottenham are fine - if not exceptional - sides. The former are riddled with talented individuals, while Bale is nigh-on world class. Do we have anyone who can (currently) hold a torch to any of them? I'm inclined to say no.. That said, improvements need to be made, obviously. Just don't expect consistency. Our undoubtedly talented and young team will learn...and very quickly...but we will have our pants pulled down occasionally along the way.
Bristol Villan
What spirits? Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum????? This is becoming a nightmare.
Pride of Lions
To hell with chelski, spuds, etc. All that matters is villa. We`ve had a week to test the patience and belief of even the most optimistic supporters. Opposition fans expect us to crumble. They can`t understand how we can expect anything from what has been a truely painful season so far. ***** them! We will overcome!
NI Villan
I agree that Chelsea and Spurs are two very decent sides - but I don't see them destroying other teams the way they took us apart., and we have been having horror games like this for three seasons now. In my 30+ years watching Villa I can't remember a sustained period of dross like this. I don't even think it was this bad under O'dreary. Now, is it still MON's fault for putting us on this downward spiral in the first place? Is it Lerner's/PF's fault, with the dreadful managerial choices and lack of interest/investment in our now thread-bare squad? Or is it Lambert for buying lower-league players and kids when quality and experience were needed? I don't know, but come the end of January, if Lambert hasn't made some inspired signings, I can see a few getting on his back, for sure.
In Lambert I trust.... In Learner I don't
I have to say that you and Reading have been by some distance the two worst teams we have faced this season
I remember, not so long ago that many of you guys were hailing Lerner as the best owner in the Prem. from the outside, I have always felt he was useless and would take you one way and that was backwards. He is the root of your current problems
A couple of batterings and some faint hearts think it's the end of the world and talk about P45. Modern fan disease.
Last 2 performances as bad as anything under McLeish. Is it not common knowledge amongst anyone that watches football that Bale shoots, and usually scores, when given space. So what do the "professionals" at our club do. Allow him the freedom of Villa Park and let him pick his spot on 3 occasions. If Bennett is premier league quality then I may as well take my boots with me to the next game. For Bale's first all he had to do was slide, shield the ball, and shepherd it towards the touchline. Instead he tackles towards his own goal and makes sure the ball remains in the danger zone. Why do most of our players seem scared of the ball and keep backing off? Why is running around alot seen as good enough when the absence of quality has been obvious since day 1. Effort is the minimum requirement of a professional sportsman but has to be accompanied by quality. I am fed up of the guff about players being young. Most of the "youngsters" at our club have been receiving professional coaching for nearly 10 years. Many still lack the basics such as closing down and making yourself available for a pass. If you had been doing a job for a decade but still made the most fundamental of errors would you not be sacked???
heavy d
It's ok everyone. Steve Morison (Norwich's RESERVE centre forward, who rarely scores double figures) is being targetted. We can rest easy now :-( Are you serious??? Another player no one else wants. I thought Wolves were bad last year but we are surpassing them at the moment. And if anyone mentions the Liverpool game I will simply reply with this. Blackburn outplayed and beat Man Utd last year. Where did they end up? The fact that beating Liverpool was such a surprise shows how far we have fallen and how low our expectations now are.
heavy d
We have the stadium, we have the fan base, we have the set up, we don't have the right owner, some fans on here keep harping on about how much money he's spent over the years, which is fair enough, but that can't and should not be the reason behind any ones argument, all I can see are the constant mistakes he's made since MON left, when we needed stability there was none, he waited and and waited with KMac, then brought in GH another mistake (given the man's health problems) then worst off all AM, that for me was is downfall, because of this man 'Lerner' we are now a bottom of the table outfit, Lambert I believe as added to these problems, (we all knew that he likes to get lower league players in CHEAP, and he has) I believe this is why Lerner chose him, and again I feel it's so unfair to blame GH, AM, and PL, the man who should hold is head up and say I *****ed up is Lerner, but will he, NO, Jesus He doesn't even come to the games any more, but 88yr old Doug Ellis does, what does that tell you people, better the devil you know then the devil you don't, Mr Lerner put it right or go.
And all these funds which Lerner has put into the club are all loans eltoro, of which he's making a profit via interest lest we forget. When he goes, which he surely will, as Villa is bigger than him and his heart isn't 100% in it like his predecessor, he will take all this money back with him AND make a tidy profit on selling us.
lay off lambo! He has done well to keep us off the bottom of the table. The signings he has made so far have generally been good. After 2 wins over norwich and liverpool its all hale after 2 defeats to 2 top 4 teams its lambo out. Do you know how ridiculous you sound!!
king villa
Blimey & I thought I was depressed !! Was going to ask PL to pop around & keep my spirits high but compared to some on here I'm positively ecstatic . I'll have to be careful around town watching for falling bodies !!
No doubt the two worst performances Iv seen from Villa in a long time... Its funny how things change 5/6 games unbeaten we finish on a high against Liverpool then two absolutely terrible performances later and some call for PLs head... You're a dummy if you want rid of him despite everything theres only so much you can do with what he has been given... Our young players will be good in time but we have too many of them playing week in week out and thats because we barely have a squad... Tactically PL is usually very good but he got it wrong against both teams... We played one team with a tactical manager in Rafa and they played his game plan exploit the weakness of a 352 the flanks... Then foolishly IMO we played it again against a team who are incredibly strong down the flanks...
Here, here Villain444. He has spent eff all. He has put the club in debt a-la HD Ellis (But Herb didn't let the debt get anywhere near as high) and will look to recoup it all with interest. People can say money has been wasted by managers too, but Randy has wasted millions by appointing inadeqate staff and then having to pay them off (I would estimate thse costs as £O'Neill - £2million, Robertson and Walford a further £1.5million, Houllier and McAllister - £6-7 million, McLeish and Peter the pointer - £3million compo to the scum followed by a further £3million to pay them off, then a further £2million compo to Norwich for Lambert) You or I could have done exactly what he has done (leveraged to club up to the eyeballs with loans) but you can guarantee we wouldn't have appointed Houllier or McLeish, or sanctioned long term contracts for some of the dross that has stolen a wage from Villa over the last 3-4 years. He is a cash billionaire but spends the clubs money rather than his own. There is no benefit to having him as chairman if this is the approach he is going to take with the club. We might as well have someone who is penniless but at least cares about the club!!! Surely attending matches in times of trouble is a bare minimum?!?!?
heavy d
Been saying that for years Heavy d, Joe Bloggs down the road could've done better, would've put us in less debt, would turn up more often and would definitely know more about football. What's the point of having a billionaire in charge if they're not going to spend it on us???
I don't doubt you 444 because I don't know & don't claim to know but how do you know what Randy has or hasn't spent, what are loans & what aren't etc etc Christ we knew this was going to be a long hard haul but most of us signed on for it & yes I'm down in the dumps about it but as PL says I didn't go overboard after Liverpool & I'm definitley not going to throw myself overboard after Chelsea & Spurs . Depressing yes . Get rid of PL & Randy ,get real
It's ok though. Not only are we linked with more cheap (for cheap, read not good enough/not wanted at their current clubs) players, but free plastic flags will be given to everyone before the semi-final first leg. Bet that was one of Faulkner's brainchild idea's as he read somewhere that Chelsea do this. "Let's give them some cheap tat to try and shut them up!" This really highlights the lack of knowledge of Villa as a club, us supporters and football in general that those running Villa have. You know where you can stick those flags don't you Porky? We are a traditional football club with proper heritage - not a play thing for some nouveau riche Russian fraudster. The contempt shown to the supporters is unbelievable! We don't want the club bankrupted trying to do a Man City and failing. But going to the games knowing that we wont be regularly humiliated would be a start. Other fans don't even mock any more. They give us pity instead and that is even worse. Anyone with a brain can see that things aren't right and the odd fluke result or cup run doen't disguise this!!!
heavy d
Guys... how do we know Lerners money is company money and not his own dosh? I was under the impression the money spent by Villa under Lerners time was Lerners own money out of his own pocket and off the company books. So that Villa's financial position was OK and the only relative bright spot we could hang onto? Tell me it is not so!
All of the loans to the club are highlighted in the clubs finances and submitted at the end of each financial year. Villa owe money to Reform Aquisitions (Set up by Randy to buy the club) and the balanced owed to them, minus repayments already made, adds up to around the club purchase price, transfer fees and settlements for cancelled contracts. Money that has come direct out of Randy's pocket amounts to a few free coaches for away support, some free scarves before the Sheff Utd game for the 25th anniversary and??? He hasn't even paid for the contract settlements of his terrible appointments McLeish and Houllier himself, the money was loaned to the club by Reform and is being repaid with interest, and this is strangling the pot of money available for the squad. Even when he is directly responsible for the club being in bad situations he is in the unique position of being able to profit from it - Appoint a crap manager/manager with long term heart problems on long term contract then sack him? Reform loan money to Villa and the money is repaid with interest!!! During this time he has managed to evidence his philanthropy elsewhere by donating £5million to the National Portrait Gallery (with a floor now being named Lerner Gallery) and paid for residential buildings at Cambridge University to be rebuilt, named Lerner Court. All of this information is readily available. Maybe if Villa Park is renamed Lerner Park he might get his cheque book out!?!?!?
heavy d
I think RL spent his own money until he parted with MON and then the Bent cash was his own money but after that he has been spending club money and nothing else... He defo spent his own money on the infrastructure end training grounds and supporting buildings dont come cheap... MON left a bitter taste in his mouth out of control spending and spiralling wages (which is RLs own fault not MONs)... If you look at the EPL financial rules they want to bring in City, Fulham and Villa are the three opposed to it (as am I as they are stupid rules which will reinforce the monopolies)... Now city dont want the rules because they are mega rich but Fulham are against it because Mohammed is worried it will devalue his club and decrease the chances of him being able to sell it... And this is when I finally released that Randy Lerner is more than likely looking to sell Aston Villa... I think someone has attributed 'RL wants rules to clarify how much an owner can cover club debt etc.' but it seems more likely to me that he is thinking like Mohammed 'how am I going to sell this house of cards and recoup everything Iv put into it with these rules'... Then again maybe he isnt looking to sell who knows...
As the person who began this thread (sort of) I must point out that the fulcrum of my post was "IF". So far we are still safe if we get the right results in the next month.....but I wonder how the betting has changed on those games since a week ago. I was for Lambert in the summer - however is this the curse of the Scottish manager again ? To be at all successful in this league (ie stay in it) you have to be able to - buy and sell, select, tacticate (whatever). I admot he is good at the first one, but that in itself is not enough.
Astonbilla, I never said get rid of PL. As you say, most of us signed up for Randy and his regime. This is what has *****ed me off. He conned us all into getting behind him when he made out that he wanted to make us a great club again. This in time would've got him his money back and then everyone is happy, and we couldn't begrudge him that. To duck out and go into hiding when he did, whilst not letting anyone know his strategy and letting the supporters put up with watching games that we have no chance of winning and sometimes ( especially under ECK,) don't even try to win is unacceptable. February will be very bad for the chairman if we haven't improved our play, our squad and beaten Wigan, Southampton and got a point or 2 of the other 3 games. The future is capable of being bright but it's also capable of being a complete failure and not just this season.
heavy d... thanks for that. Time for the whisky cabinet to be opened. I have just looked into a very back place. Is there a touch of Leeds United here or Pompey to go along with the smell of 86-87.
I thought the Bent cash was from the sale of Milner (Milner sold for approx £24 million - £16million cash + Ireland - rated at £8million)?!?
heavy d
Wish I could hit the booze but I'm at work - and on the thread at the same time :-) Roll on 6 o'clock. There is always a silver lining to any day. No fixture today so no ritual humiliation before the footballing world.
heavy d
Lerner Gallery. Lerner Court. Modest *****er isn't he, Randy Lerner?
Lerner and Faulkner's critical mistakes have been in not replacing four key players. Laursen, Barry, Milner and Ashley Young. Most of the current problems stem from there. Lambert isn't to blame, neither are most of the players. Sacking Lambo would be a big mistake. Who would want to come here as a replacement? Hughton, Clarke, di Matteo? No chance.
If we get eff all points in the next month why will sacking an underperforming manager be a mistake ? We (sorry, Randolph) need to be prepared for that eventuality. You are fooling yourself if you dont think this is now on the radar after the last two results, not to mention a few results and performances prior to that. The one thing that always nagged me about Lambert is, why did he not end up at Liverpool in the summer, or Spurs for that matter, if hes that s*!t hot. We may have to look to the players now to get us out of this, because ultimately thats why we survived last year.
Heavy d... thanks for you comments. Illuminating. Nothing unusual in what you say... I just laboured under the illusion Lerner's philanthropy extended to AFVC in a big way. Aaaah well. Footie is screwed at the top level anyway. Viva the revolution. Non-league for me nowadays anyway :(
We all thought that. It was only after there was a statement in the local press about amortisation of contracts and club debt that I first found this out. If you search Reform Acquisitions on google the info is there. The way he runs Villa is similar to how Hicks and Gillett ran Liverpool. The only slight difference is that he charges lower interest than is available in the market through banks. He hasn't spent a bean!
heavy d
'Curse of the Scottish manager'? Yeah, like Man Utd, Everton and West Brom have been 'cursed' by having Scottish managers!
If you don't rate Lambert, fine. Maybe, just maybe, his critics are right and he is out of his depth. Suggest a realistic replacement then? Hughton, Clarke, di Matteo...maybe Maradona? If these fellas went to VP would they do better on the same resources? Probably not. Without decent players -- experienced players -- Villa are going nowhere.
* Maradona is a realistic replacement. He is out of work and has, apparently, signaled a desire to work in the EPL. He'd certainly bring Villa lot of attention.
God if we sack Paul Lambert I think I might actually be done we this club because we will go down at least PL has the backing of the players and he was who we all wanted... PL gets the sack we will be like Chelsea not many will want the job only guys looking for a nice pay day... Roberto Martinez is probably the only half decent manager who would want it... I will be finished if PL gets sacked because that would be a joke IMO... I was *****ed when we sacked Houllier but given his condition I suppose it was understandable... But to sack PL now considering everything that has gone before in the last two years that would be laughable...
Au contraire. Martinez probably wouldn't want the job. Lambert is unlikely to be sacked. Most fans are probably willing to give him another season even if Villa get relegated. Any more repeats of the last two games and they might not be so forgiving though.
PL isn't going anywhere and I'm glad he's not as he's a good manager and is slowly sorting us out (even if he got it wrong against Spurs) the pure and simple fact is our squad is no way near good enough to compete consistently at this level. I have coached for a few years and while a good manager will get the best out the players available there's a lot in the statement 'You are only as good as your players'. I guess we will see in Jan what Lerner is made of. Benteke signing proved you don't need to spend 20mil on a player to get a good one. I think we need 4 new players in Jan, at an average of 7mil each that's 28mil surely Randy can offer up that.
So nice to see the same names and the same self suited rumour and speculation brought back as well as fact twisting...nothing like a defeat or two to self justify eh.

But let's not let a legal requirement for interest on a directors loan get in the way of a bitchfest, even if it is below market rates eh. And he hasn't spent a bean despite loan notes not kicking in until 2015....will somebody give me millions of their cash that I'll repay with interest, afterall you won't have spent a bean will you PMSL You won't be cashless from it, you won't have taken a short term hit (alternate investment) in the hope it works and you make a profit and grow your current business. But oh murderous thought, a football club owner can't make a profit can they! lol I worry about people who thought he was just gifting money and never expected it back.

I'll take solice in knowing some posters won't be back when we win....I should know better than to say that to be fair, but at least the likes of 444 have an argument, explain it, and stay here for the good results as well as the bad instead of just popping up to throw the toys. Happy New Year.
I'll be back when we win and hopefully it's against Wigan this Sat when we belt them 4-0 and play them off the park!! UTV
Mike Field you old WUM, hope you didn't get hit by that rattle!!!
Happy New Year to you too!!!
I don't think I've been called a WUM before? Thanks...I think PMSL At least we all agree that we hope the January signings click quick, and the second half of the season sees a much greater improvement in results eh!
Nothing wrong with trying to turn a profit. Infact the best way for a club to be profitable is success on the pitch. Have we had any of that in the last few years? Nope. Just reduced overheads and increasingly poor results on the pitch. Can you see a pattern emerging?? The current strategy of silence, cuts, cuts and more cuts has us staring in to the abyss. Getting high wage earners off the books offset most of the transfer outlay in August (i.e Heskey annual salary £2.5million p/a, Bennett transfer fee £2.5million) Even I can see that failing to recruit adequate quality players for the sake of a few million, with the risk of costing the club in excess of £70million by relegation is a fools errand. He came in with a fanfare about taking the club back near the top, targetting players who could deliver Champions League Football. Now he wants to run us like a corner shop - The exact approach that meant Ellis was so maligned and hated. If his attitude to the club is as changable as the wind, is he a fit "custodian" (as he likes to call himself) of our club?
heavy d

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