Aston Villa - Have Villa Turned The Corner?
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Have Villa Turned The Corner?

Have Villa turned the corner? Looking over recent results I noted that since the miserable away defeat to Fulham, the Villans have lost only two of their last seven Premier League fixtures. Moreover, those two losses came at the hands of the two Manchester clubs - first and second in the league.

This suggests that, despite our inexperience, the players are working hard for the manager and that we have become difficult to beat. We remain woefully short of goals, which beg more questions about the Bent issue, but we can perhaps view the upcoming fixture list with slightly less trepidation. A victory against in form Stoke would be a real shot in the arm although a draw seems more likely.

Statistics make interesting reading. Our current points-per-game tally leaves us on course for around 36 points and likely relegation. However, in the last seven games we earned 1.28 points per game. If this were to continue for the remaining twenty three we would finish on a more healthy 44. In eight matches against teams in the top ten we have secured only five points. In the seven outings against teams in the bottom ten we have secured nine points.

Statistics can be presented to make any argument, but all this suggests that we have enough to beat the drop. A couple of astute signings in January can only improve our chances.

Disappointingly, most match-day threads still include a few 'Lambert out` posts. Our club needs consistency. We do not have a bottomless pit of money to burn. A decision has been made and a course set.

Let`s get behind the manager and his young lions. VTID!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Staffs Villan Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 3 2012

Time: 11:26AM

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well, got more points that I'd expected in November, I'd have taken that at the start of the month, but obviously the PRem is relentless, so they have to get more this month! Jan is an interesting one, 4 very winnable games, (the oppo will be thinking the same v us though)
The Fear
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03/12/2012 11:32:00

Naturally pleased we got 4 points against Reading and QPR. We are starting to close the gap on the teams above and if we put a run of 2/3 wins together we will be right up there again. Looks really close this season, QPR look destined for the drop but anyone in the bottom half can be dragged into it.
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03/12/2012 11:40:00

we re at the corner - and I believe we are justified in pointing out decisions by - The Management - that are mystifying, especially when they did not have the desired result. Hes done a lot right so far - great signings, couple that werent - but the Dazza situation is still out of control. Should have had the guts to sell him in the summer if that was part of his marching orders in July.
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03/12/2012 11:44:00

I'm not looking forward to either the Stoke or Norwich (away - eek) games as we've not done well against the former and the latter are going to be fired up for the return of Paul Lambert. After that it's Liverpool and Chelsea. December is a tough month; if we can get through it with 6 points we'll have done well and should be in a good position for January. Fingers crossed. UTV
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03/12/2012 11:56:00

and play Benty. Perhaps we may have beaten QPR and United if the case. However I agree, we are playing better. But we need to score more..... we have an 18m striker on the bench being laughed at!
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03/12/2012 12:01:00

Paul Lambert was the right choice, he has nearly sorted out the mess left by O'Neill. We are paying more exciting football than uner Mc Leish (no very difficult to do that), our young team will get better and the Villa will be going back towards Europe from next season. COTVABU
irish villa
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03/12/2012 12:04:00

Good points analogy, but last season our points difference may well of saved us. I don't think w could sa that this sason as our goals scored is sooo painfully woeful. Our goal difference is almost as many as we've scored.... I don't want Lambert out, I wanted him IN in the summer, but he has to do something in January to address the shocking goals scored situation and midfield as we are NOT providing the quality or quatity of chances we need to have an earthly of scoring sufficient.
Pride of Lions
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03/12/2012 12:05:00

Rumours that McLeish is being lined up for Wolves :-D
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03/12/2012 12:06:00

Villa were second best against the worst team in the Premiership and were grateful to grab a point. So some way to go yet it would seem.
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03/12/2012 12:08:00

Struggling to a point against the bottom of the league team (sod the new manager factor because we never seem to get a lift when a new manager is appointed at Villa - just talk of transition and excuses) hardly suggests a corner being turned. People keep labouring the point about the players improving as the season goes on and they settle as if Villa were the only side to sign anyone in the summer. The other teams around us also have the capacity to improve when their players have settled too. QPR bullied us in the 2nd half and we were saved by the post twice! Admittedly getting points from bad performances is a slight improvement on Eck, but is hardly foundation to suggest we are safe. The lack of composure was evident on saturday and backs to the wall 'alamo' style defending, Let me remind you, this was aginst QPR for eff's sake, is not encouraging to me.
heavy d
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03/12/2012 12:28:00

Bring in a left mid/wing, defensive-mid and maybe an attacking midfielder and we will be a team people see as getting a point from is a good result (except those such as city). We are already hard to beat with this team and if we get the three key players we need, we will be more than fine. If we do, bring on next season.
Avfc94 we do
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03/12/2012 12:36:00

i don't see any corners being turned, just plenty of wishfull thinking. We are amongst the three worst teams in the division with nothing to choose between us, reading and QPR.
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03/12/2012 13:04:00

I'm sorry to be negative here guys but we've not turned the corner yet. Saturday was 2 points dropped against a poor side bottom of the league. We were 2nd best for 70 minutes or so with the only plus point being that we maintained our distance from them. I was all for getting Lambert in (although i'd have taken Jimmy Saville after that tit last year) and although i'm not calling for his head like some, he has to do a lot more to impress me and convince me he is the right man. Going on recent transfer history I can't see us being saved by the January window and so i'm praying these boys can come good. Whether they do or not remains to be seen but I, like all of you guys will be there supporting them every step of the way win, lose or draw.
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03/12/2012 13:16:00

Where are these so called Lambert out posts? I ain't seen any Villan on Vital or heard mention to sack lambert lol but to say we are on course to a healthy 44 points is very worrying to me, wasn;t that similar points total what that bloke who managed us last year got? What i have done is question some of the decisions Lambert made like signing so many young or unprovern Prem players and that we have spent the sameas last season but are worse off points wise, our midfield is bland and lacks any real creative player plus playing Weeman and Gabby as wingers for me is not the way we should start playing Albrighton as Gabby especially is useless he can't cross beat players etc these decisions and the fact Lambert has spent 23 million and where we are does concern me tbh but Lets hope we can finally put back to back wins together i can't remember the last ones UTV!
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 13:44:00

Thats why I couldnt be bothered posting on the forum because id probably get banned for harassing the Lambert out posters thats what happened when we had Houllier got banned off a few FB pages when he was in charge... PL is the man for the job everyone makes mistakes and questionable decisions at times we have our opinions on what should have been done but at the end of the day he is our manager and he is a good manager... Time will show he is an excellent manager... Houghton deserves some credit for how Norwich are doing at the minute but PL deserves alot too... I believe PL is terribly underrated this is a guy who took his coaching badges in Germany instead of Scotland and this is all during the period when Germany changed their style of play and youth systems... I can understand why people are worried but I cant understand why you would want PL out... Worst start ever so ******** what we are coming off the back of our worst league season ever he has a thankless task... Back on point Id be wary of saying we turned the corner considering I thought we had after the Newcastle/Swansea games... However there is a strong case for it now we are getting points on the board and getting some decent performances and pulling points even when we played badly... I had seen enough from games before this run to say we will be fine which we will once we get more bodies in January... A full squad + 3/4 additions will see us safely in midtable... What I can see happening is the same as the Houllier year we will be struggling abit above relegation then we will finish strong and land in a high midtable spot like 10-12th... Look at the league its the same as that year incredibly tight and competitive... And on the DB9 issue I really like him and I want him to stay but to be fair our MF is so weak I dont think we can if we get 2 quality MF in January there is the case for him to play then and thats what will happen PL wont sell him... Instead he will bring two guys who work hard but also deliver in the final third which will allow PL to play different systems which suit Benteke and Bent as both a partnership and independently...
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 14:38:00

LOL CDX you and staff Villan are claiming there is ''LAMBERT OUT'' POSTERS Really its a load of rollox mate there aint been one let alone POSTER'S??
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 14:41:00

I'm a Lambert fan, positive thinker and crazy Villa optimist. But I don't think we've turned the corner yet. I like the football we're trying to play (I'll like it even more once we actually play it for more than 15 minutes and score at the end of the passes), I wouldn't play Bent in this system. I think Gabby is a little underrated, he still drags opposition with him because they're still terrified of him. That should make space if he runs off the ball intelligently (but that word doesn't work in a sentence about Gabby, bless him.) I think it's patience we Villa fans have to learn. And watch them all work to build a team that, at the end of NEXT season will fill us with hope for the following year
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03/12/2012 14:45:00

When we win back to back games and pull away from relegation cos of the wins, then its safe to say that we have turned the corner, i mean we are 2 points above relegation, but our defence has improved but im still waiting for this attacking style football to watch against Reading we were not great and yes we created somechances Benteke Gabby Weeman but overall not many that is why we need some crestive midfielders a playmaker and winger
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 15:05:00

Im assuming there is PL out guys Clive truth is I dont go on message board section however I have seen them on the official FB page in the comments after games and I dont think they are trolls... Takes a big effort to not comment on them...
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 15:16:00

It's more of a gentle long curve than a corner. Get someone in to replace Bannan with experience and its an half decent team. Leelindsay and mala.... When was Bencht going to score these goals with no service and even less if he'd played as he'd be taking another's place. It's not rocket science but keep repeating yourselves ( or take Bencht out of your dream team so you aren't so bothered...)
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 15:45:00

It's like saying " why isn't Given playing as he's a great shot stopper??" Answer is that Guzan is better all round and we only have 1 keeper. We only have 1 spearheading our attack and Benteke offers so much more than Bencht. Regardless that he can finish better the zero chances that he'd get if Benteke wasn't playing.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 16:10:00

Not seen any Lambert out on this site, think some of the phone ins have had them, seen a few comments on facebook, but as said, not on here. We can't keep changing managers, simples. He has to have time, otherwise we'll as a club look ridiculous frankly.
The Fear
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 16:16:00

Have to agree with the majority here. We have yet to turn the corner. The signs are promising but we have to remember how many teams have beaten QPR and we barely scraped a draw. Two things will decide our Prem League future, how well we do against tough December opposition (if we remain in 16th) and who comes and goes in Jan. Personally as I've stated before in a previous post, not only do we need to get shut of Warnock & Hutton, but I would listen to offers for the following: Given, Dunne, Nzogbia, Makoun and the Fonz. I'd even add Albrighton and Delph to that list. Please notice that list does not include Bent (at least till the Summer). Looking at the remaining fixtures, as I'm sure every true Villa fan has, I feel 46 points in achievable. As for the subject of Paul Lambert. I'm amazed why Villa fans are not looking at Arsenal, Everton, Man United and why they have remained consistent. Continuity of your manager is the only way you will get success unles your a Chelsea or Man City - loaded, but even those two will struggle if they constantly change manager. The only thing that I see that Lambert has done wrong is to not play Bent, even if its for the last 10 mins of each game, especially in Man United or Man City's games, what have we got to lose if we are already losing, you never know we may need the goal difference. Yes I qustion him buying un-proven non Prem L players, but look at all his signings and they have all performed well. El Ahmadi started well but seems to have lost a little confidence, but Westwood, Benteke & Lowton have been excellent. AND lets not forget the effect PL has had on Holman, Bannan, Clark and Guzan - perhaps playing their best football for Villa. I remain confident that PL is right for the Villa, especially when you look at whats around us. We know Rednapp won't stay if he gets a better offer, Sunderland and Newcastle are both struggling and I'm not convinced by Wigan, Reading and Southamptons leaky defences. At least we are now keeping the Goals against tally down. So come Villa fans get behind Paul Lambert and the team - Remember we are the 12th man and that might mean we can play Bent again as a luxury.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 16:45:00

Our performances need to be put in context. The Arsenal game was effectively a handicap on a terrible, waterlogged pitch, and they have been beaten (not drawn with) by both Swansea and Norwich. We were awful against both Reading and QPR. If those teams are universally regarded as relegation fodder already, we looked no better than them and got lucky results. The only thing missing after the QPR game on saturday was a McLeish style "I thought we bossed the game, created plenty of chances, and we will try to play like the Dutch in the 70's" quote. I'm all for giving the manager time, but he can't keep p*ssing in my pocket and telling me it's rain. We have a lopsided squad that was contributed to by his inexperienced signings over the summer and he needs to accept some of the blame. Wenger sometimes claims he didn't see something. Sometimes I wonder if Lambert is watching the same game as me?!?!?
heavy d
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 17:14:00

HOLD ON EVERYONE. Everything is going to be ok. VMF has just had a positive review about it's food. Give me strength!
heavy d
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 17:51:00

Lets be honest here if Mcleish had the same start as Lambert after 15 games there would have been blood, i have said Lambert would need the same time Fergie had at Manuire 4/5 years to really make his mark but that still don't mean he is shielded from my criticism, not playing Bent has annoyed me as we have only scored 12 goals in 15 games and we are only 2 points off relegation, and the other thing is spnding 23 million but still not addressing the problem that we had no creatove players here in Midfield
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 18:27:00

We are on the corner, and the turn is in sight.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 18:40:00

The threads on the official Facebook page had plenty calling for Lambert out during the Reading & QPR games, particularly the Reading one... until we scored lol
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 19:58:00

so the concensus is that - we 're leaning on the lamp-post. BTW can we have a poll on the Bent issue ( Should Stay/Should Go On Loan/etc etc) and then we see where the majority lies and then we can all shut the ***** up.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 20:28:00

what's the issue with Bent then ? I'll get me coat !
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 20:52:00

It wouldn work Mala V444 would spam the polls with Bent out...
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 20:57:00

I dunno Vill57 Ask Prep he is gutted Bent aint playing ;0]
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 21:48:00

No way near turned the corner yet but it's up ahead and we have the right man in the divers seat. UTV
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 22:50:00

From what I witnessed last Tuesday evening, and again this just past Saturday at Loftus Road, my response to the question 'Have Villa Turned The Corner'?, is a loud and resounding 'No, Ab*****ely Not'!!
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 00:08:00

Sorry about the ******. I wasn't cussing, just saying Ab-so-lu-te-ly Not!!
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 00:10:00

v444 check out my reply to your reply ;-)
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 01:18:00

We're only 5 points behind Liverpool and 7 behind Arsenal. Things aren't bad! Time to stop waiting for the storm clouds to pass and start dancing in the rain!
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 02:41:00

It doesn't matter what the consensus of a few fans think about playing Bencht. Lambert picks the team. He isn't playing championship manager on a playstation, it's real life FFS.
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 10:48:00

Yeah cool, koolbill. My mistake as I thought that you said a while ago you worked with kids. I don't take things too seriously. It's all just football banter and people are rightly passionate. Not everyone is right all the time and sometimes all are right even if they've got totally different views
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 13:40:00

We all know who picks the team 444, but the forums / these comments would be a bit crap if we didn't talk about it anyway! LOL

Agree Glensider, long way to go to say we have turned the corner. Stoke win would go some way but we've not had a back to back win in 18 months, so that would be another nice step. We used to win more than 2 in a row, remember those days eh!?
The Fear
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 14:06:00

No we have not turned the corner yet. But before we jump on Lamberts back regarding summer signings just remember how woefully thin our playing staff was before he arrived I believe he signed numbers in the summer to give us a squad and we dont know what terms he was allowed to make signings on e.g. wages. Hopefully more funds will be made available in January and now we have the numbers these can be directed to a couple of quality players. I just hope we can shift the remaining burdens on the playing staff permantly -Dunne,Warnock & Hutton. lucky its not down to me or Nzobia,Bannan and Ireland would be joining them .
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 14:50:00

Let me clarify my position Merlin128777. I am in no way jumping on Paul Lambert's back, pointing an accusing finger in his direction, or hurling abuse against his first few months of Villa Park management. He is the guy that I wanted to see appointed back in the summer, and I was both delighted and excited when Mr Lerner gave him the nod. He inherited a shambles, a mess, a woefully weak squad filled with players either not good enough for premier league football, or way past their sell-by dates and a huge drain on the club's finances. I hope that Paul Lambert will be with us for a long, long time, that he proves capable and successful, and that he leads the club into a brave and bright new era. If come next May, the unthinkable comes to happen, and we lose our top flight status, I would want PL to remain at the helm and take on the task of returning us to the only place any club wants to be. Having said all of that, as with all managers that I've know at Brum B6 down the past fifty years plus, I've had issues with some of PL's decisions, team selections, tactics etc., etc., but still he receives my unreserved support and backing, and I am not in any way 'jumping on his back'. My comments were purely in response to the question, 'Have Villa Turned The Corner'. I dont think we have, and personally I feel that anyone who actually believes that we have, is not living in the real world. As delighted as I am that we picked up four points against Reading and at Loftus Road, the performance on both occasions hardly inspired confidence, and merely highlighted the fact that we lack premier league genuine quality throughout the team, and with the current squad we can look ahead to nothing more than a very serious fight to avoid the drop come next May. We haven't turned the corner, far from it. Cant fault the effort and application of our young team, but sadly grit, determination, effort and application wont be enough to keep us in the premier league for the 2013-14 campaign.
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 19:40:00

Two wins on the bounce eh Jonathan? Been a long, long time hasn't it? I think it was way back when I was a schoolboy in short trousers. Probably about the time 'The Beatles' first hit the ground and were off and running.
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 19:46:00

I put forward a poll about Bent a couple of months ago Fear. Maybe it would be interesting to see the results but we never hear a word from Randy and we know that he cares little for what we think in hiring Eck and then allowing him to spend monies on the likes of Hutton even after his fingers were burnt with MON.
Report Abuse
04/12/2012 19:50:00

Sorry Glensider my comments were not aimed at you have seen your support for PL many times already but rather at the insane few who are crying Lambert out on the forum CDX mentioned,surely we need to let the dust settle and give the guy a chance before sacking another manager this does not mean he cant be critisized I am sure I will disagree with some of his choices but I am willing to give the guy a chance to turn us round,and give him and the team my full support in the meantime.As already mentioned I fully agree we need a couple of quality players to supplement the efforts of our youngsters.
Report Abuse
05/12/2012 10:38:00

I just dont understand why we insist on outswinging corners. We looked very very dangerous against Reading from corners, which for the 1st time we had changed to inswinging corners all season. We scored and won the game, and could possibly of had 3 from corners that night. Then we revert back to outswinging corners against QPR and we dont look like scoring at all again. I just dont get the logic, stick with something that works. Man City won the league last season, and its no co-incidence that it was the first season they have changed to inswinging corners for some seasons.
Report Abuse
05/12/2012 13:41:00


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