Aston Villa - Would You Sell Bent? & Lambert On Team Selections
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Would You Sell Bent? & Lambert On Team Selections

Paul Lambert has tried again, this time on to blast the rumours that Villa are forcing him not to play Darren Bent.

The theories and lies will continue, because it is more interesting than the truth. Simples.

The Villa boss, put simply, clearly just doesn`t fancy Darren in his current set up.

See our story from a few days ago: Click Here

Not saying I don`t think Bent will leave, because I do, why would he sit in the stands? But not because of this rubbish. If anyone really thinks Lambert is a patsy, or that Randy picks the team, then blimey, we really are in trouble!

He told the press:

'You get knocks in football, but it is how you bounce back from them.' Adding on Radio 5 Live: 'The system at the minute is definitely suiting us. Gabriel Agbonlahor, I think, is playing at the top of his game, Andreas Weimann has energy to burn and Benteke, I do not want to say he is the complete player because he is not, but he has been absolutely brilliant. His goal ratio is frightening from the national team to coming here, and he is leading the line exceptionally well.'

So a footballing decision? Looks like it, from numerous quotes, especially the 'I pick the team` stuff from this last week.

Not sure how much the system is suiting us though, I`ll feel more agreeable to that when we are 10 points clear of the relegation zone! Personally I like 2 up front and strikers who score.

Grizzly has just posted in the forum, having listened to Lambert on radio:

1.DB9 does not have a problem and the gaffer doesn't have a problem with him.
2. He has not handed in any transfer request and continues to work hard in training.
3. Aston Villa have received no offers.
4.They have no interest in selling him.
5. All this is a load of rubbish that the media have pounced on since the striker has been dropped. Further, Villa have picked up 4 out of 6 points since DB9 found himself in his executive box and not on the bench.

Read more: Click Here

Thread on Bent: Click Here

Would you sell Darren Bent?
Poll Date: 29 Nov 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

No 50%
Yes 27%
Yes but not to relegation threatened QPR 23%

So there you go, decisive as ever, we`ve gone 50% yes, 50% no!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 30 2012

Time: 2:24PM

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This one is very strange, certainl w need goals and bent scores, yes he is lazy and is not a teanm player. There is obviously something going on, I can understand why Bent would not start. The big question is why not even on the bench? maybe there is something to the 3 mil, that bein said if He (Bent) were to come on and score the winner Tomorrow taht goal alone could be worth a lot more than 3 mil come May COTVABU
irish villa
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30/11/2012 14:41:00

Looking at my grammar and spelling in my last post maybe the Villa would give me some of the 3 Mil to go back to School. COTVABU
irish villa
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30/11/2012 14:43:00

Dont think Bent is the problem,Lambert will know his strengths and weaknesses,the fact is we have a crap midfield and no one to supply an out and out goalscorer who is not a team player So although not as free scoring other strikers get picked ahead of him for their hard working ethic which helps to make up for our poor midfield. Wonder how many of our fellow strugglers would have Bannan,Ireland and Nzobia in their teams given the chance ? none! offer them Bent and I bet at leat half would say yes please.
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30/11/2012 14:59:00

The squad selected in recent matches had a tough time, it makes morale sense to select the same again for the 'easier' Reading game to appreciate their efforts. Bent will return this weekend.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:10:00

added a few doo dahs from Grizzly Villa above.
The Fear
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30/11/2012 15:14:00

Still think this is media spin from Lambert. Do you really think he thinks Bowery is a better option than Bent?
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30/11/2012 15:21:00

Dan Coombs has made a good point in his blog thingy which bears repeating because its overlooked. The windfall that the team got from the Young/Downing sales was mostly sp****d against the wall by Mcleech - Nsomnia, Mutton, Given. He didnt buy any real midfielders to replace the four we had offloaded over a season and a half (Nsomina is a "wing striker" as far as I am concerned). We re basically operating without them now but still paying prob more than 100K a week plus the rapidly amortising fees. Here s my point - selling Bent now and even replacing him with a decent striker at a good price would recoup/save 10-12m over the rest of Bent s contract period (31 months) in transfer fee gains and saved wages. That money solves the midfield problem I would hope. Net net - its all Mcleechs fault. Glad to get this whole debate back on solid ground again.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:24:00

lol, thanks for that malacaxeta!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:25:00

Give it time Mr. Fear we've only recently started with this new formation and it is working it seems the Norwich game forced his hand and made him change because his 442 Diamond and flat 442 werent working... I have a big dislike for flat 442 anyway and our MF is far too weak to even consider it... Bring in a Creative CM and drop Ireland deeper beside Westwood and bring in at least one wide player preferable a Left Winger... I would wait til the summer to sell Bent if I was going to sell I wouldnt let him go in January I think PL is thinking the same... If we sell Bent in January guess what happens: We sell him for a good price teams know we have money so prices inflate and it will inflate even more so if we try to reinvest in a striker because they know we need one... For people who want rid of Bent I understand it seems like a good idea on paper but in reality its terrible business... Look what happened to Sunderland when he left when they tried to sign players the fees shot up because everyone knew they had money to burn...
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:30:00

And we sell Nsomnia/Mutton (and/or Warnock) in January too - thats the rest of the financial equation btw. I m off down the bookies as we speak (accumulator)
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:31:00

agree Irish Villa, the only question the interviewer didn't ask. I can fully understand him not being in the team but not even on the bench is pure lunacy.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:35:00

It's not fair. PL should be forced to like, play and base the whole team around Bent. Bent should be allowed to train half as much as the rest of the team and have an extra 5 mins rest at half time. Anyone found trying to shoot at goal rather than passing to the penalty spot loiterer Bent should be shot themselves by firing squad within a week. No appeals or lengthy court cases like Terry.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:37:00

Finally V444 is making some sense
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 15:49:00

He picks the team! Putting all of the conspiracy theories and fans disputes aside. Even the names of the players. If you are manager of a team that is struggling to score, at the lower end of the table and looking in danger of being relegated; trying to say that picking an untried league one player in the match day squad ahead of a proven goalscorer is for the good of the team (when you have stated said player applies himself in training and that you rate him) sounds very, very thin. I agree that it would be nice to see a run of games with 2 up top to see how they can combine (good shout Fear) but, as usual with Villa, that seems unlikely. I must also add that due to the communist state communications policy that the club seem to enforce we are never likely to find out the true reasons why this is happening. Surely any player we are thinking of signing in January will take one look at the way we treat our current players and tell us to do one. Or, yet again, we will be forced to overpay for players and so the process begins again. McGrath give me strength. VTID!!!
heavy d
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 16:12:00

Theres a flip side to the January firesale argument (which in fact is what happened to us when we bought him) - whoever really needs him will be desperate so that inflates the sell price too. The money involved and the wages will limit the potential candidates as well. Thats why Lambert has to hold on til January and not say, send him out on loan now. Someone whos not desperate now may be by then ie to make top 4 top 6/7 (relegation candidates need not apply). Or - we magic up the funds for new players from somehow else, and create the conditions for the 4-4-2 options. What happened to the Paul Lambert who changes the formation four times in a single game ? But frankly, either he goes in Jan or he plays because he badly wants to play for England - he is not going to happliy mack daddy it up every fortnight in "his" executive box (as the Telegraph put it yesterday) all the way to next June.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 16:43:00

Heavy D. PL doesn't rate Bent. Is it really that hard to comprehend. We're not treating him like a slave. There's no conspiracy theory. Same with Hutton. I concur. No formations allow Bencht to score multitudes of goals (believe it or not. ) He's NOT going to get into the England team FFS. 13 caps at the age of 28!!!!!!!! I'm sure there's some wind-up merchants round here!!!!
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 16:57:00

God, this is tiresome and I hate myself for getting involved again, but here we go. Won't get in the England team? He was joint top scorer in England's qualifying campaign (with Rooney) and would have gone to Uk/Pol if fit. Wellbeck, Sturridge, Carroll etc might be better all round players, but they'll never get the goals he gets. Defe is the only striker in the current pack with a finisher's instinct anything like Bent's. V444 has created this fantasy world where goals aren't important in the game of football - well newsflash, you're wrong mate - in spite of those 500 years sloggng up and down in the Sunday League (I was N Bham div 4 myself). Get a grip.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 17:15:00

Thats true as well Mala I just plain dont want to see him go...
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 17:18:00

Just out of interest, what price would you expect to get for Bent, "when" you sell him in January? This isnt a ***** take, but a genuine question, as it seems that selling him for genuine football reasons at what is likely to be a 10m+ loss is a big gamble in my opinion, but Im not saying it is the wrong one, if it is done for the right reasons.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 17:39:00

Onlyteam, of course goals are important. We are not as tinpot a team to base all our attacking thrust in passing to 1 person who's goal hanging for 90 mins. Bent can't play with a partner. He sulked at Sunderland and left at the first chance when kenwynne jones was playing next to him.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 18:11:00

I agree entirely about this being tiresome. There is no conspiracy. PL doesn't rate Bent and rightly so. He is 1 dimensional and NO successful teams play in the SINGLE formation that would accommodate him. What do we do in 3 years time when Bencht is 31 and lost some pace and strength, (neither of which he's ultimately blessed with anyway)?? Do we buy a like for like because the whole team has been forced to play in this 1 boring formation and has been worked out by every other team or do we say NO ***** Bencht. We'll build for the future and get everyone working for the common cause ( rather than Bents cause.) I'm not saying Bencht is completely useless but we CANNOT accommodate him. What if he gets injured?? No-one else plays as singularly minded as him. We'd have to change the whole setup. Here's a good idea, why don't we change the style and formation now and get rid of Bencht as he's almost useless unless we do lots and lots of things to accommodate him. PL knows more than all of us about football. We've got to go with him and trust him leaving Bencht out. The man is no fool after achieving back to back promotions on a budget. Starting Bencht does not guarantee goals. We would not be top of the league if he'd played the last 3 games ( as some seem to suggest. ) very tiring. He's taking all the limelight and exhausting us and it doesn't matter what we think. PL is the manager and definitely not a patsy. He's not trying to "not win " games by benching Bencht.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 18:27:00

Oxfordspur, Bent is costing Villa 7.38m a year (3.38m in wages and 4m a year in amortisation). We are hoping that if he is sold Randy Lerner will have enough money left to put some petrol in that plane of his and actually attend a game.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 18:38:00

Thus endeth your lesson for the day onlyteam..... You are the one with a fabricated world where Bent scores and Villa win the Champions League every day. Bent is not in Defoe's league. How on earth is Bencht going to overtake Rooney, Defoe, Welbeck, Carrol, Sturridge and a generation worth of yoots coming through to get a place in the England team when he can't even get on our bench and NO teams have made any enquiries for him. Not familiar with N Bham div 4 mate, is it u16s??? And linesman or kitboy doesn't count squeak!!!!
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 19:21:00

There you go 444, getting allirate again and belittling...the previous post by you was actually quite good and balanced and then you ruined it...ho hum. Let's get Keane in for a few games and a new winger so we can finally sell Gab too.
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 23:53:00

I think its someones bedtime dont you?
Report Abuse
30/11/2012 23:56:00

You can tell Lambert is starting up the Bull***t, when he says he thinks Agbonlahor is playing at the top of his game.....whatever game that is, 'cause it ain't scoring goals.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 03:23:00

I still don't get it... What are strikers supposed to do besides score goals?????? Would Messi be the world's best player if he only scored 10 goals a season. Even if he kept every other attribute? NO! So why sell the best player in the squad at scoring goals!? Bent has played less games than any of our other strikers but has the same goals as Weimann and more than gabby. I don't get it. I don't care what his work rate is. We bought him to score goals. Bent has PROVEN that he can score for this club. So why sell him when he has done exactly what we need him to do??? I still have not read one statistical logical or intelligent comment from 444 that justifies selling Bent. All I hear is "I don't like Bent because he gets paid alot of money and is lazy but scores more goals than the rest of our team". We have the 18th WORST attacking record in the league.
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 09:00:00

koolbill, I know that you work with kids but do you not see your comments belittling. Do you speak to everyone like that as if you're their dad???? Not the first time that I've picked you up on your hypocracy sunshine!!! onlyteam..... started the missus comments a while ago.....
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 10:19:00

I've tried explaining Astriel but it's not my fault that you can't understand. BENT DOESN'T FIT INTO OUR TEAM AS HE WON'T GET THE SERVICE AND CAN'T CREATE FOR HIMSELF. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE IN THE NEAR FUTURE UNLESS WE SPEND 50 MILL ON A COUPLE OF PLAYERS. That makes him worthless to us. Support your ******** team and your manager. He will prove over time that he knows more about football than you know about anything.
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 10:22:00

I find it amazing that some are taken in by Bent's stats and performance under GH. He may have kept us up but that was nearly 2 years ago with a totally different team. His 1 goal every 2 games was based on penalties and his stats are misleading as he plays up front on his own and all goals go through him. If he plays, no-one else on the team scores so his 1 goal every 2 games is basically what the team scores. It really isn't that hard to comprehend. Forget about him scoring 2 years ago with Downing and Young setting him up 10 times per game. 2 years is a long time in football.
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 10:28:00

sorry, vitalfootballadmin posts should have been through my TheFear username.
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 14:31:00

cut out the personal bickering chaps, no real need, we all want what is best for Villa.
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/12/2012 14:33:00

V444....Erm, nice try but largely, I don't work with kids but I regularly am fortunate enough to deal with critical emergencies involving heart attacks as they happen (2 this week) so let's not get started on amateur psycho-babble profile nonsense, we're better than that....I am like you: outspoken and point, re-worded for you, as I actually like you ya big lug, is: you make intelligent and brave points about Bent and others, not always right but always clear...then you go and ruin it and get involved in petty arguments, sunshine. I think they're beneath you. It's not just you, but you're nearly always involved. Just a real pity that you seem to inevitably end up posting in arguments that are personal and in doing that, your experience as a player and views as a learned poster are diminished and tarnished. Also, if you feel belittled, that wasn't my intention, don't take it personally and accept my apologies. Also, the comment had no foundation in hypocrasy as I haven't contradicted myself and did not set out to be sarcastic or belittling, but let's not get pedantic about semantics eh...have you guessed my job yet? ;-). Send me an email at and we'll have a proper convo.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 12:14:00


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