Aston Villa - QPR's Arry Ready To Take Bent? Would You Sell Him?
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QPR's Arry Ready To Take Bent? Would You Sell Him?

The Darren Bent saga will no doubt carry on until January.

He`ll no doubt then be sold. Looks like Paul Lambert just doesn`t see him as his sort of player.

Shame the conspiracies are being made up to cover it all though. It suggests our manager is a patsy and that the board pick players. Sorry, no chance would Lambert stand for that. He`d not sit for it either.

I digress, for more on that, see: £6million Bent Rumour - As Usual - Nonsense!

Today`s story links him with QPR.

The Mirror have quotes from the London media`s darling, Harry Redknapp.

Lovely of him to talk about someone else's player eh?!

"We lack a bit of a cutting edge. It`s a lopsided squad, we could do with a couple of front men to give us a chance. I like Darren, I have no problems with him. I just made a comment that maybe I shouldn`t have. It was difficult, he didn`t like that and within no time he decided he wanted to go. But he`s a good player and he can score goals."

They also link, again, Liverpool and Fulham. Apparently he could be sold for as little as £8million although quite how they know that is beyond me, I can`t see our CEO or owner talking values to press, can you!?

Does look like he`ll be going though. Not sure where I`d let him go, certainly wouldn`t be to QPR though, we surely don`t need to send firepower to fellow strugglers? We want them to remain in the bottom three to keep us out of it don`t we?

Our poll asks, would you sell Darren Bent. Let us know! (bottom right hand side of site)

Seems 99% sure to me he'll go. I'd rather have seen him get a good run in the team with Christian Benteke.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 29 2012

Time: 9:46AM

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I'd rather sell to Liverpool than QPR, but overall I'd rather see him replaced than see him stay - especially as its clear Lambert doesn't want to use him.
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29/11/2012 10:09:00

I don't get what all the fury is about ?? Bent has only missed a few games and it's all become a joke in the press. He was playing and the team wasn't doing anything in the final third, I've watched every game home and away and with Benteke, Gabby and Weiman up front we look a threat .. a bit raw at times but its getting there. Against Spurs and Fulham Bent did zilch and hardly touched the ball, he is unwilling to move around and receive passes, he just wants to stay on the shoulder of defenders or stay in the 18 yard box. That's not the dynamic of the game any more, defenders are becoming more agile and more technically gifted. The team is being moulded to attack as a unit and defend as a unit . He can't hold the ball up, bring players into play, can't shift with the ball or cut in. Since Benteke has got going we have won at Sunderland, lost to Man Utd just, lost our way at the Etihad, drew with Arsenal and won a tricky and high pressure clash for the youngsters with a bottom table rival. 7 points from 15 with the top two thrown into the mix and Arsenal. Bent offers nothing to the way this squad is evolving, he isn't a lone striker, he isn't a striker with ability to link up in a forward line behind the lone striker. He is a 4-4-2 man and not many teams play that way any more. Sell him if someone is silly enough to take on his £70k a week wages. UTV
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29/11/2012 10:16:00

Theres a lot of virtue being made out of necessity here (in the "best of all possible worlds" as Voltaire might say). The sad fact is that if we were still challenging for top 4/top 6, no-one would be wanting to sell him, as we'd need two quality strikers. Ironically, back in the halcyon days of Martin O Nearly, those two strikers were Carew and Heskey. If we'd had these two in 09/10....... Lambert's challenge, other than having to relentlessly riff away on the beat he has been set by the management for another few weeks, is to find another decent striker for significantly less than a Bent sale would bring in. Not easy in January. And please dont try and sell me the platitude that the board never pick players when it comes to keeping them or not.
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29/11/2012 10:39:00

I think we're past "Would You Sell Him". I think it's more like who would you sell him to, how much would you expect for hm and would you sell him to a relegation rival..... What about a loan swop with Liverpool? Whatever happens, it's just a matter of time, but Lambert had better get someone in first, or pdq after he's sold him.
Pride of Lions
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29/11/2012 10:39:00

If Lerner sells or even loans him to slack Arry then its time to get the coat.
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29/11/2012 10:41:00

Im really not sure on this one, i think he is giving Wiiman time as he does expect bent to leave... something must have happened behind the scenes. @astonmilan, i cant agree that 'defenders have become defenders are becoming more agile and more technically gifted' especially in the last 18 months, football does not evolve that fast. Especially not that fae that a striker who banged them in every where he went, including here under GH, is deemed too poor...
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29/11/2012 11:11:00

if he is sold, be interesting to see what is done replacement wise. As we all know, it is up to the manager, not us. We have opinions but their jobs are the ones on the line (and their reputations). I can't see him staying now, he has ambitions and they won't be fulfilled from the stands.
The Fear
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29/11/2012 11:29:00

d8ost defenders are becoming better at the upper level, Vidic, Kompany, Luis, jones, even our own are more comfortable with the ball at their feet and this has slowly happened over the last 5 or six years not 18 months. As for bent banging em in, 42 of his 102 Premier League goals are penalties, the rest tap ins and he only has 18 assists in all that time... compared to Rooney, Drogba, RVP, Tevez etc ... this is poor and why in the 7 years or so of his 'prolific' scoring career he has never been approached by Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and was sold from Spurs . He is ok as a big fish in a small pond where he is the out and out main man, he served a purpose and helped keep us safe under Houllier, which would have cost us far more than £18m had we gone down. Sell him on, wish him luck and keep the revolution going under Lambert.
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29/11/2012 12:41:00

............. ask yourselves a serious question (and yes Mr Fear that includes you), do we step backwards and accommodate a player that doesn't suit the way the club and not just first team are being coached and transformed just to try and stay safe, or do we push on and trust Lambert, who's forgot more than anyone on here knows about the game, to bring in more good value quality buys such as Lowton, Westwood, Benteke and Bowery ? Bent in my opinion would not of changed the outcome of the last 5 games, in fact I think we would have been worse off had he played. Lambert says he still has a future, so that's up to him, but that £75k a week would be best spent on two more quality players for the team. UTV
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29/11/2012 12:47:00

All true for me astonmilan. Sell him, good luck to him, preferably not to QPR, but one player doth not a team make, especially one of such specific (ie limited) talents as Bent. Buy in key positions in Jan and I'll be pleased. We looked rough against Reading, but with fingers and toes crossed, I think we're getting there.
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29/11/2012 13:11:00

Would have to disagree astonmilan and 144. Really think Bent would have scored from a couple of those whipped in corners on Tuesday – certainly the chance Weiman missed he would have pounced on. Ask yourselves why people on here don’t want him going to a club that’s in the relegation dogfight – because even the Bent haters know he will always score goals. Whether he goes to QPR and scores a hat full to save them, or to Lpool and scores against us home and away, it’s really not helping. To think Bowery is a readymade replacement is somewhere between optimistic and fantasy land. Perhaps he will be a good player in a few years (the stats suggest otherwise, but they’re not always a good guide) – we need good players, with goals, right now. Without wanting to dredge up this £6m transfer clause any more, if that’s at the heart of this then we really are being led by idiots – getting relegated this year will cost £7om in one fell swoop. Amazing how this polarises opinion – many on here clearly want rid of the big earners (let’s assume Bent, Given, N’Zog, Ireland and Dunne). What sort of squad does that leave us with? What will these £20k/week players people seem to aspire to bring to the table? Sadly in life, you get what you pay for. I what way are we 'getting there'?What I saw on Tuesday was dire, wih had stayed at home. And what makes you think the players we buy in Jan will be good enough, or will settle in time? Would love to share in the optimism, but getting increasingly difficult.
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29/11/2012 13:14:00

Would he really wanna go and play for Arry again after what happened between them last time at Spurs??? I reckon if we sell him he will go to Liverpool. Not that I want us to sell him mind... I think its madness personally....We need all the firepower and experience we can get at the moment so selling him and buying some more unknowns isnt the way Id go at this present time. In the summer then maybe... But not in January. No No No No....
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29/11/2012 13:22:00

As I like Lambert and believe in the medium term he will prove to be a good manager for us the only question mark over his previous career is could he handle dealing with top class players lets face it there were no big international names at his previous clubs.This point has still to be answered but with his determination I believe Lambert will improve us. Just a thought would you swop Bent for Andy Carrol ? ok I will get me coat .
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29/11/2012 13:42:00

I'd say Benteke is a better version of Andy Carroll, whereas DB9 is something we don't otherwise have - an out and out goalscorer. Most teams in the world are crying out for one - but we seem keen to offload ours. Agree with Merlin - it must be about PL's inability to manage big name etc, no other logical explanation.
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29/11/2012 13:48:00

I think OnlyT is the one I can agree with here you may want rid of Bent for whatever reason saying he's this and he's that well if you truely believe that sending him off to a rival shouldnt matter... Its utterly stupid to sell our record signing for less than what we paid considering he is in his prime and will be in his prime for at least the next two and half seasons... It would make more business sense to bring in a couple of players who can create chances which Benteke, Weimann and Bent can get on the end of... I believe thats what will happen in January I dont think we are going to sell Bent I think PL will bring in a couple of guys capable of making a few chances and then Bent and Benteke will properly challenge each other for starting places...
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29/11/2012 13:49:00

Hope you're right CDX, that would be great. UTV!!
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29/11/2012 14:00:00

Got to agree CDX theres a lot of talk focused on Bent but its the midfield where we are weakest.
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29/11/2012 14:14:00

Another one bites the dust, Im absolutely livid, Lambert has been forsced his hand here imo, whilst i respect Fear and Mike etc i just for one can not see why Lambert would not even put Bent on the bench as another striking option whilst in the bottom 4?? Sell Sell Sell we are good at that under Lerner, this is the final straw for me under this ownership we have gone from mid table team to relegation battlers in the last 3 years and all we do is flog any player that we can get some money for no matter how good they are or can be for this club, sad sad times this club deserves top finishers and England international's,,,Sorry but if you think its ok to sell yet another quality player to save wages then you will get what and where we deserve!
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29/11/2012 14:21:00

Benteke and Bent is the best combo imo....i really do not rate Weimann in the slightest. Against reading and arsenal he is slow to react and takes too long to feed in players running either side of him...he does have a decent shot...but just before half time he was un-composed and smashed one over the bar. Benteke is everything the player Lambert wants and needs, he wins 99% of balls in the air, chest, control, lay off and run....with bent along side he would be ideal. They looked good against Swansea and have never since played, barr Southampton, when i feel that was an OFF game all round, not just those two. I wouldnt be desperate to sell, and we don't have the biggest squad. If its not working by the summer, then ship Bent out.
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29/11/2012 14:43:00

Lol Clive. Why can you and a few others not accept that people don't rate Bencht??? It is obvious to people who've played the game. Doesn't make someone less of a supporter if they haven't but if you had, you'd know that you don't want a self serving goal hanger with ONE, yes I said ONE attribute playing alongside you as it's a team game. Anyone could score as many as him if they limited their skills and training to ONE thing. He can't header as Sandra Redknapp is better. All his assists are mis-hits. PL has won the Champions League and is his own man. People need to respect his judgement andBencht needs to respect his Authoritaaaah.
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29/11/2012 14:44:00

444, you've just described a whole host of one trick, goal scoring ponies - bent, michael owen, lineker to name but a few. The British Isles produces few barnstorming all round strikers, and few of them are also prolific - maybe somebody lke Mark Hughes would be an exception. I was a rubbish (although dedicated) player and bow to your experience here, but I would take a 20+ goal a season striker who does nothing else but score goals, any day. His team mates don't have to like him - they probably thought the world of hard working Emile Heskey, but so what?
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29/11/2012 14:51:00

Bent played at the start of the season and did zilch and little effect or contribution, he had no effect from the bench at Spurs and made us worse, he had zero effect at Fulham and balls were played to him, he's just too static. we are building a team from scratch and a team ethic right through the club from academy upwards. Go watch the reserves and judge Bowery for yourself, he may not make it who knows, but he's showing signs of a good powerful forward for the future. We are finally on our way from the last two years of nothingness and all people can moan about is no Bent ? we got 7 points from a tough 15 average age of 23 yrs 238 days and have only just started. There is an old saying in football 'if you stand still, you'll go backwards' .......... If Bent stays the good, he will have to earn his place like everybody else in the squad. You don't take the training sessions and you don't see what Lambert sees every day. He isn't afraid of big ego's, he hasn't had any trouble with Ireland, Nzogbia or Given .... so why is Darren Bent so different ? UTV
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29/11/2012 14:58:00

onlyteaminthemids ..... Bent is not a 20+ goal a season striker ... 05/06 was 18, 06/07 was 13, 07/08 was 6, 08/09 was 12, 09/10 was 24, 10/11 was 17 for Sunderland and us combined. When he scored 24 for Sunderland 9 were penalties.
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29/11/2012 15:09:00

................. not saying he is poor, just need more than one man scoring in a team, very dangerous tactic and screws the team up if he gets injured ie: last season ?
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29/11/2012 15:11:00

PL might not be ‘afraid of big egos’ – the problem seems to be he has to prove to them who’s boss. Doesn’t seem to have got the best out of any of our ‘big’ players. Whether that’s his fault or theirs we’ll probably never know. Do I watch them in training? No – if you’ve got that luxury astonmilan fair play to you. But I have seen a bit of the reserves/U21s and thought Bowery looked alright – no more, no less. Bent could be a 20 goal a season player in the right team. We probably aren’t it right now, but could be with the right additions. Whether we make those additions is another thing. And I’m 100% in favour of him earning his place – I’m not even saying play him – but a few of us on here certainly don’t want him going on the cheap (or to another Prem team).
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29/11/2012 15:26:00

Lineker could score with any part of his body and played 20 years ago when there was a need for poachers. Owen had much more before he lost his pace and became injury prone. Bent scores with his right peg if you give him the ball in the 6 yard box when there's no defence too close to him or from the penalty spot. Seriously, anyone could do that if they practiced all bloody day and nothing else. A paltry talent in this day and age. It really isn't fair to compare him to other decent strikers. He can't even take a touch before shooting, it has to be first time as he isn't good enough. Glad that fellow Villans are supporting one of our own but your support is misplaced.
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29/11/2012 15:42:00

Can't see us selling him to a rival unless its for £13-£15m to be honest. As for him being in the right team ? he's coming on 29 now and first appeared in the Prem for Ipswich in 2002 ...... I'm sure the wealth of world class managers that have graced the Prem over the last 10 years would have bought him if they thought the same mate. He did a job for for us and we should be grateful to him, but players have no loyalty and only think of the pay check. In my honest opinion I'd like to think he would stay and chip in his bit and work harder for the greater good, can't see it though plus not many can match the wages he's on so he can only go backwards. We won't loan him out that's for sure. The only problem I can think of is that Bent's agency have been touting him about and Lamberts got wind of it so is not bothering involving him in the matchday squads, it has nothing to do with cash payments to Sunderland or wages as we are good on that front.
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29/11/2012 15:49:00

Vill444 whislt i respect your opinion mate i really do, i can not see how a team like ours who has only scored 11 goals in what 14 games that we can afford to flog a striker who has good as 1 in every two games approx its madness we are in the bottom 4 teams just above the relegation zone, goals win points not work rathe, im sorry but if we were in the top half and could attract other quality type strikers i would be a bit more relaxed, but we ain't and can ill afford to lose the one prolific striker we have who has already fired us out the relegation battle before, Benteke is class yes i rate him but he has scored what 5 goals some of those in the league cup, so he has 3 or 4 goals for us in the prem league, Gabby has what 1 in the prem league weeman 2 is that really suffice to say we are covered by flogging Bent to another prem league team no way, thats why im livid Bentekers is for the future not to rely on as our saviour and get us 15/20 goals its madness but we are a selling club any quality that comes here soon departs thats why ive had enough Villa is bigger and better than this and Randy/Lambert are playing with our premiership status while QPR Southampton sign £12million players we don't we sell em!
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29/11/2012 15:52:00

Something for your consideration V444 because I dont believe we need to keep going over the same points... The first touch thing with regards to shooting I found a little silly I mean would you not agree that shooting first time is more difficult than taking a touch and shooting? Which brings me to Jelavic how do you rate him? Now obv he has much more of presence about his game than Bent but I think he had a run of 17 consecutive goals which were all first touch finishes your judgement there is slightly misplaced ;)... I can understand 100% anyone who wants more from their striker they want a guy who can do it all and so do I... Torres in his prime was the perfect striker and that is what everyone should want but I dont think there is another striker around thats like him... The only reason(s) I dont want to leave is because nobody with any sense can say Benteke is a goalscorer he may well prove to be but its far to early to call him that (and put that much pressure on him)... I think he might become one he has enough about his game to suggest he will get 15 a season at least... I just think it would be silly to let Bent go at this stage in the season I would be more open to letting him leave in the summer results, performances and transfers pending... My other reason for wanting to keep Bent is because I actually like him and when we signed him in January Villa felt like a big team again and then the 1-0 win over City when he scored when I think about Bent thats what I remember and Villa playing the best football Iv ever seen them play and a goalscoring threat that we never had 7 games unbeaten sweeping Liverpool and Arsenal aside in the final two matches... Thats what I think about... I should add Im not calling for Bent to start every game but he should be an option and I trust PL 100%... I dont know if my comments are on this site or a different one but I wanted PL as manager when Eck was coming in because I know alot about his career and for me is incredibly underrated...
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29/11/2012 16:21:00

And the more this saga goes on the more the press will take the ***** - if you read the two transcripts that were published yesterday they were having a field day. It doesnt make the club look good. If he is on 47 appearances and it is a factor ( and based on revelations from the Telegraph and others today, there is still £3m in addons in play...this time I do believe the reports :) - then play him a couple times to get the *****ers off our back. If we are going to lose say £5-6m on his fee in January 2013 vs Jan 2011 (and as we already paid £21m, thats a conservative estimate), that will have worked out at £120K PER GAME. PLUS WAGES. c.£200K PER GAME. And then we will all be playing the guessing game again too. To start him against QPR would be a laugh given the huge chunk of humble pie slack Arry just ate in the papers today.
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29/11/2012 16:40:00

Bent should be sold to Fulham. Certainly not to QPR for obvious reasons. Liverpool won't want him unless Rogers has lost the plot. Bent is another Carroll and Rogers doesn't want Carroll at Liverpool so why would he want another player who is the same type of player
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29/11/2012 17:50:00

I was in the minority ( in not rating Bent) although not the only one by far but after seeing Benteke, that's the type of player who could become a legend ( if he doesn't move on too soon!!) We deserve more as Villa fans and Randy has given us Bent but NO team to accommodate him. I just think that we can't rely on him and we can't rely on playing that style every week. He was never good enough to base a team around. I hear what you're saying Clive but I just don't see playing Bent equals goals?!?! If he offered anything more then I'd give him a lot more respect and time but it just seems to be about him in his mind. Never met him and I could well be wrong ( not the first time lol) but Ihave full faith in PL and can only fault him on a few substitution choices this year. He has a choice, cater for Bent and put all his eggs in one basket OR try to bring the youths through and start a new era in which all the players know their jobs and when rotation happens, it's like for like or at least very similar. None of our players are as 1 dimensional as Bent and I'd be glad to see the back of him, especially now he seems to be taking all the limelight!!!!
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29/11/2012 17:56:00

Hold on - we are a Prem ever present. Without DB9 we wouldn't be....that's gotta be worth £200k a game.
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29/11/2012 17:56:00

I rate bent. He's a goal scorer full stop. Given chances he will score but he certainly doesn't offer as much as Benteke and isn't as versatile as Gabby and Weimann. If we still had the likes of Young, Milner, Barry and Downing who create numerous chances he would be perfect for us, they would do the work and leave him to be in the right positions and add the finishing touch. However with our current side he's a luxury we can't afford. Lambert clearly don't fancy him so its pointless paying him to sit in the stand. Get the money and buy a midfielder and a striker. Contrary to what some think, this club was here long before bent and will survive without him.
Lion Heart
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29/11/2012 19:40:00

Lion heart you are correct, it seems some of us have a short memory as Bent was bought to keep us in the premiership when it looked like we were going down and he did a great job because he had great players around him. After watching the last 2 games I have to say we don't have any great football players, non at all , Benteke is good but let's hope he doesn't get injured as Weimann and Gabby can't score goals regularly . If we manage to survive this year and after seeing the Reading Game I really feel we won't , we will have another 2 years of the same before these players get any where near good enough, Benteke will be sold of course when we are offered some stupid money. I really don't know why Lambert is not honest and just says the reason why an England player who has premiership experience is not on the Bench as backup. He will go in January as I would if it was me or any of you, how can a 20 year old nobody from chesterfield be on the bench above Darren Bent its crazy and does Villa no favours at all
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29/11/2012 20:01:00

Hey mala you share the same feelings as myself towards seeing Bent at Villa, when you said about seeing him score against Citeh on his debut and beating Arsenal with that lovely angled finish we did play some great stuff, really hit the spot for me that well said dude, i just wish MoN signed Bent when we had Young Milner Barry i really do we would be on clud nine by now
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29/11/2012 20:21:00

Agree Clive, back then I was screaming out for Bent or Defoe, we world have taken 4th.
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29/11/2012 20:58:00

He's going nowhere unfortunately. I wouldn't be surprised if he started on Saturday. He's been given a reality check by Lambert who is getting inside of his head. This will be a psychological master stroke.
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29/11/2012 23:37:00

Except Mala didn say that Clive I did but I suspect his feelings are still the same ;)
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30/11/2012 02:18:00

andy3221couldn't agree more mate except you have more optimism about Benteke than I do.
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30/11/2012 08:00:00

Hmmmm PL is a champions league winner and his own man - so is Roy Keane that creme de la creme of premiership managers. Bent is a one trick pony who has a paltry talent of only being able to score with one foot - shame none of the rest of our strikers manage to get themselves into the same positions or finish with the same composure with either leg. A Villa legend who's name is still sung at VP made a habit of of being in the right place at the right time through his reading of the game (at the other end of the pitch) he hardly trained but was a match winner, good job big ron was in charge and not PL. I do agree though that we should sell Bent,and Ireland for that matter. Villa will be in the championship next season and for a long time to come after that. After relegation the value of big earners will be significantly reduced so it makes sense to cash in now.
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30/11/2012 08:20:00

i rate Bent - to a point - but something went down between him and PL some time back and it ain't been mended.
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30/11/2012 11:00:00

LOL AVB+B, You're not stating fact atall. Bent finishes with his right foot and not his head or left. He has 2 goals this year. And RE: being in the right place at the right time, I repeat, he has 2 goals so that's obviously wrong. I try to explain but some just don't understand, if the whole team's goalhanging then who's supplying or keeping goal??? Bent's paltry talent is soooo easy to defend against, 20 years ago, it was just accepted, in this day and age they don't let attackers have 5 yards freedom in the 6 yard box. This infatuation with a second rate striker with a handful of caps for his country and the myth that surrounds him is highly irrational. He kept us up but that's because GH insisted on passing the ball about 50 times on the halfway line and .....
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30/11/2012 11:28:00

3 out of 11 if you include the cup games. If you play someone and pass to their feet in the six yard box accurately and all they have to do is finish once or twice then Wiemann has already proved that Bencht isn't the only person in the world that can do this simple task that some believe to be nearly impossible.
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30/11/2012 11:31:00

Vill444 Bent has 3 goals but 2 in the premiership this season, but also Benteke has 3 goals Gabby 1 and Weeman 2 in the premiership and yet Bent has played far less than all of em ;)
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30/11/2012 12:43:00

sorry cant let you have the last word on this. Its spelt Weimann. Weeman is the No. 15. Also - to my point above, if we still have 2 goes on the machine with Bent for the money we have already spent (which represents £200K a game all told) then we should use them. Lamberts problem I guess, is if he uses them now and the situation is not resolved til end-Jan, what happens if Benteke was not able to play for whatever reason during that time? its a shocking situation that Lamberts been put in and I dont think its of his making.
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30/11/2012 12:53:00

They've played a similar amount of games Clive. Bent was Bencht against arsenal and the 2 teams from Manchester which are obviously harder to score in. The other 3 have all created chances for each other and done various other jobs instead of goal hanging for 90 mins mate ;-)
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30/11/2012 13:01:00

Villan444 - for somebody who was a top player/knows lots about football blah blah, you've got a strange take on things. As Weimann being able to finish if you put a ball in front of his right foot, that's exactly what Benteke did for him early on Tues night, and it almost cleared the stand. What you describe as being easy - tucking the ball in the back of the net, is the most valued attribute in football. Tackling, passing, dribbling, saving the ball, heading, etc - they're all great, but it's goals that win games and get recorded. If DB9 was restored to the side and got 15 more goal hanging efforts on the scoresheet this season, I for one will be able to live with it. This will be my last contribution to this thread as it’s becoming boring; we’ve all got our views on this and nobody will change anybody else’s, so why bother. Problem is, opinions are like areseholes – everybody’s got one, but most are full of ****. A closing thought – someone on one of these threads suggested DB9 might be having to go in Cantona-esque circumstances, having ‘had knowledge’ of somebody else’s missus. Wasn’t yours was it 444?
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30/11/2012 13:03:00

Lol onlyteam. Which of my missus' are you talking about?? Never said I was a decent player. I played for over 25 years for teams of different levels. It's not my fault that you obviously didn't and are incapable of working things out for youself or having your own opinion. Ask most pros what they think of Bent and if they're honest they'll tell you how it is. You don't have to have played the game for long periods or at any particular standard to know what you're on about but it's obvious that some people don't because they haven't. Similar to having refs that are ex players being a good idea.
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30/11/2012 13:32:00

Wiemann scored 2 scorchers against Manure and was unlucky not to get an hattrick. Bent never missed any chances ever though. That's fact don't you know!!!
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30/11/2012 13:36:00

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30/11/2012 14:18:00

The Bent - Benteke partnership is worth trying again. Bent played his best at Sunderland when up front with Kenwyne Jones who is a similar, if worse, player to Benteke. The mix of physicality and finishing could be very potent.
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30/11/2012 14:42:00

Dont have a problem with Bent nor do I think Lambert has what I do think is that Villa do not have the midfield players to supply Bent so Lambert has to manage the team with whats available which means Bent good goal scorer that he is has to be sacrificed to a team work ethic,which is not Bents strong point. Do not think we would be arguing the point if the midfield wasnt so insipid.Said it before we are going to struggle while we persist with Bannan Ireland & Nzobia. Dont think PL needs telling the real question is can we attract or afford better replacements.
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30/11/2012 14:50:00


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