Aston Villa - Why Are Fellow Villans Just Standing By?
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Why Are Fellow Villans Just Standing By?

Well, it is a quiet news day and a thread in Vital Villa`s forum has at least kicked off some passion. So I might as well link to it!

He`sbiggerthanyouandme posted Will we just stand by and let this club sink?:

"As a fan of this wonderful club that's the question I'm asking myself and I'm wondering how many other fans are too? regardless of who's fault you think it is, the fact is we're getting worse and worse every year, nothing this administration has tried is working and the new manager is struggling, we've hounded out the last two managers but we've had a worst start this year than we did under them, so what's the message with that? is Lambert a worse manager than Houllier and McLeish? or is the board sucking the life out of this club?

Right now we seem to be accepting the situation because of the tough run of games, but when do the excuses stop? we've got another tough run soon against Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs so are we going to sit back and say 'oh well we never had a chance anyway' while our club still remains in the bottom three?

Whether you love Randy because he took over from Doug or like Lambert because anything is better than Eck, i think it's time we PUT THE CLUB we love first now, because what they are doing just isn't working and we're being made to suffer week after week, i think we as fans need to start putting pressure on the club, what have we got to lose? an owner that can't even be bothered to attend games anymore? a manager who is getting outshined by his replacement at Norwich? i don't think we have anything to lose at all."


It all gets a bit heated in the forum thread, but hey, at least the passion is there from the fans. Thread: Will we just stand by and let this club sink?

For me, it is totally and utterly the wrong time to even think of protesting and far far toooooo early in the reign of Paul Lambert to be losing our nerve or looking to move him on. I didn`t share the excitement of some this summer and did say that I feared with the sort of purchases we were making, that we might once again be in a relegation battle. However I can see the longer term gains of what they are all attempting. For me, it was just a bit too quick and the main worry is the lack of experience and leadership. The young lads needed some older heads to steer them through surely?

But then, there is January transfer window to look forward to!

It is our worst start in over four decades, however I must say, the positivity of so many fans seems unshaken by this start, looks like Paul Lambert really will get a period of grace. How long for? Depends on results I guess.

Never dull being a Villa fan is it?! The main focus for me is Reading, QPR, Stoke and Wigan games. If we get anything from the other matches, fantastic, but we simply can`t lose those games.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 22 2012

Time: 10:31AM

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Personally, I appreciate the passion and desire but its a non starter. WE all knew this was a complete rebuilding job in footballing terms. We were not going to be mid-table after 12 games, given that we have rebuilt our back 4 and brought 6-7 new first team players in. We were well on our way to rock bottom and now we are feeling our way out of that. It will come and I still think we will finish around lower mid table\mid table at a push. If we are bottom after Christmas then time I''ll put my hands in the air then. The manager has my complete backing at least until January the 31st, after the transfer window has closed. Until then I'm Claret and Blue, singing for Paul Lambert's Claret and Blue army wherever we go.
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22/11/2012 10:45:00

I am not sure there is much the fans can actually do. Lerner wants the club to make a profit and that is that. I thought last year's protests were a bit pathetic and contributed to Villa's problems. The -sign protest was at least clear and avoided too many offensive close-ups of Villa fans, but last year - yuck! So protest are best avoided. The only thing I would like to see, hear and read, is the fans not sucking up to Lerner. I just can't stand that. The honeymoon is over and he just does not love us any more. I am fed-up with people qualifying every criticism with some reference to what he did. No manager is gifted such sentiment. Doug Ellis never is and he achieved more. So less syrup and spin from those who say the opposite when they think the club aren't listening. Villa's predicament requires grown-up realism not stupid sentiment and recycled spin from the club. These are bad times for Villa and the future does not hold out much hope for much better.
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22/11/2012 11:19:00

I think those who appreciate we are in transition are the ones showing "grown-up realism". Randy, unlike some chairmen and owners outside the rich 4 or 5 has realized that throwing money at the situation would put the club at risk. I totally agree with OnMeHeadFred in as much as protests are best avoided. He`sbiggerthanyouandme - name one example where protests have had a positive effect on the club long term?
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22/11/2012 11:52:00

I don't want to get in to an argument with other Villa Fans about loyalty and all that other crap (I'm a better fan than you yada yada yada....)because ultimately we all want the Villa to be successful. We all want to be able to watch games without peering in horror through a gap in our fingers. However. it was obvious when the window closed we lacked the experience or nouse to do anything but struggle this season and I stated it at the time. There is nothing wrong with buying lower league/young players if they are supplemented with quality and experience. Ours aren't! Several times this season these players have appeared to be 'star stuck' by the opposition. Imagine the scenario if you will - A team of established premier league players is drawn in the cup to play a side containing multiple football league players that has a couple of older foreigners in the side with little experience of English football. Who would you expect to win? That's right, 9/10 times the established side wins. On the other occasion the football league players can raise their game and pull off a SHOCK win. We were even played off the park by Norwich and Southampton for Christ's sake! (Sorry for the blasphemy). The fact that we have had our expectations lowered so far, and that any victory we pick up is viewed as a shock by everyone including Villa fans, is a disgrace. I want to believe in what is happening at Villa Park and will always support the club. But if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck you need to call it a duck! This current side/squad is nowhere near good enough and unless this is addressed early in January we will be down with the scum. Arsene Wenger gets grief about his vanity project at Arsenal. For refusing to buy established players and trying to win with players he has developed. How long can Lambert continue with his budget version of this at the Villa? His hands may be tied by Randy but if this is the case he needs to say so. They both have their hands on the tiller of a ship heading for a huge iceberg and will both be accountable if the worst happens. VTID!
heavy d
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22/11/2012 12:06:00

Can't even begin to judge Lambert until the end of the season, and it will probably be unfair to judge him in less than two seasons. Fans are fickle idiots (no offence lads :) we win one game we're great, we lose the next game we're terrible, a player has one good game he's brilliant, he has one bad game he is woeful.
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22/11/2012 13:20:00

Its silly to even suggest this is PLs fault or that he is a contributor to any of our problems... I like Chris H partly because he has some Irish in him but he is a good manager however he took over a diverse and capable Norwich side that PL had TIME to BUILD over THREE seasons... Im with Grizzly on this one as well but Im extending my support to mid-feb... The problem for me is RL is placing too much emphasis on being financially right and looking too far into the future those Financial Fair Play rules are a joke and next season we will see serious money from the TV... But then he owns the club and has every right to say we should be more sustainable... Unless some minor miracles are performed we wont challenging for the title because football is money driven these days so sit tight and hope being smart with money pays off...
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22/11/2012 13:24:00

Agree with Grizzly and Fred. Fair play rules will not affect us even slightly as we're never going to get near the European spots for a few years at least (and that's with major investment.) PL has shown that he has what it takes. Randy has shown that he has enough monies but doesn't want to spend it on us. Did the he naively really think that he'd make money from a soccer club. Villaiain, Randy has stopped spending because he's tight and not a carefree billionaire as he led us to believe once upon a time. Nothing to do with realising that he'd put the club at risk or he would've done that before he wasted loads on MON's players. By taking all the assets out of the team (including the panic buy of Bencht,) and therefore nullifying our ability to get to 40 points comfortably, he is putting the club at risk.
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22/11/2012 13:42:00

We can either be like Chelsea & sack managers. Have you heard Benitez has gone, hasn't won a trophy since last night ! Or we can be like Everton & build a decent team even if it takes a while. I personally will back PL even if we go down. I'd rather go down ,let Lambert build & come back stronger (even if it means losing marque players) than carry on as we have been doing .
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22/11/2012 13:44:00

Bang on Saurat - PL was the man most on here were shouting for, and PL we were given, and i'm confident that he is the man to bring the club forward - slowly. Unless a minor miracle happens, we wont jump up the league 10 places a season - Eck left us with a club, not just above the relegation zone, but bottom of the form table in the second half of the season. That means in real terms we've actually improved 2 spaces with a slightly weaker team than last season. There are however green shoots (Irelands form, Benteke & some of the younger lads looking promising), but it will take longer than most fans are prepared to wait. I'll give PL my full support for the minimum of the rest of the season. We will be ok, but dont expect eurpoe anytime soon :/
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22/11/2012 13:48:00

Understand the writers sentiments but as heavy d says we all want the best for Villa. Am not going to limit my support for Lambert as I believe he is a good manager with a hell of a difficult job to do given what he was presented with when he came to the club. In my many years of supporting the club can only think of one chairman I actually liked Mr R.Bendall . Big problem at the moment in football is there are not many billionaires floating around and there are far to many undesirables looking for a fast buck. We have chopped and changed managers at Villa over the years how many were good or great apart from Saunders not sure but given the financial backing and our support I feel Lambert will at least prove to be a good manager. Heard a few opinions now on how Randy is "supposed" to feel about us e.g. no longer cares truth is we dont know because RL doesnt say a lot to the press,but it wouldnt hurt to let us know if he does now and again and preferable not via his mouthpiece.
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22/11/2012 14:00:00

I am more than prepared to wait for improvement but there need to at least appear to be signs of encouragement on the pitch, or an appetite at board level to address the clear deficiencies at the club. 2 wins, a draw at St James' and a galant loss to Utd aside (inexperienced players being unable to hold on, well I never!) we have been bummed by most opponents this year. Even by newly promoted sides like West Ham and Southampton. Going down this season should not be considered acceptable! Any side that is in the premier next season will benefit from double TV money (70million instead of 35million) meaning we would be even further behind the pack, even if we returned straight away which would not be a given. Leeds thought they would, so did Sheff Weds and Forest. Easier said than done. Randy Lerner, the fiscal hermit crab, thinks he can keep doing things on the cheap. Penny pinching now that could lead to relegation will ultimately cost the club (not him as his money, loaned to the club, is guaranteed to be repayed with interest as a football debt) far more in the long run. I've said it before - What is the point of a Billionaire Chairman if he only wants to spend the clubs money? You might as we'll let The Fear run the club if that is the case :-) I am not saying he should blow hundreds of millions a la Cheski or *****ty, but he needs to do more than he currently is. Stop reacting to situations like now by promising money in January. How about spending in the summer to ensure the team/squad is strong enough so we aren't near the bottom of the table for 3 consecutive Christmases? Not to much to ask is it?
heavy d
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22/11/2012 14:29:00

Iwas all for PL and I'm still behind him. However, Jan. 31st will have a huge bearing on if I continue to do so. I myself firmly expected he would go back to Norwich not just for his back room staff etc but a couple of players too. What does he do though.... well we all know. So come Janary, i he does the same thing and finishes up with a whole squad of Championship nobodies,then we all know where we will finish don't we? The premiership is NOT the league to attempt to knock into shape a group of championship at best players, the first division is the place to start and move through the championship onward to the Premiership whilst adding and fine turning. This season could turn into a total nightmare, whilst playing better football than last season...........
Pride of Lions
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22/11/2012 14:41:00

Short term struggle will prove fruitful long term - be patient, we are and will improve. Which of our starters this season played regularly last season? Gabby, Bannan a bit? This is a new team and will take time to gel. Villan444, Randy gave so much to MON to waste because we were so close to top 4, something Doug Ellis never did - just ask John Gregory. And as for selling our assets, did you want us keep Young, Downing, Barry and Milner if they wanted to play for someone else? heavy d, we were shocking against Norwich, Man City, Everton, and second halves against Southampton and Man Utd. But we've passed the ball round well and deserved more points that we've got from other games. I know that wouldn't be any consolation if the unthinkable happened, but it shows that the team is beginning to adapt to this league and each other. We're one creative player short of mid-table in my opinion, which I would be happy with if it allows the other players to gain experience. To fair we all want the same for our club, I guess we just have different ideas of how we should try and get there and in my opinion, this soon into PL's reign, it has to be done through support.
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22/11/2012 15:04:00

I dont think we hounded out GH, we looked good towards the final part of the season when things started to 'click'. The performances have started to pickup, we look more balanced and organised, we have also been a little unlucky against a couple of Top Top teams. We have not played any bottom half clubs since we have started to pickup our performances. I believe that the next 4 games will define our entire season if I am honest. We need a minimum of 7 points out of the next 4 games, any less than this I can see us going down. A true perspective we will soon have ending with the Stoke home game. 3 home games out of 4, 3 against lower table teams. I personally believe we will draw with Ars, and beat all 3 QPR/Reading & Stoke but thats just me.
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22/11/2012 15:33:00

No one likes where we are, but what the heck is this on about? We are not standing by and watching us sink, we are standing by and watching the pieces fall into place again. It seems some fans are not watching the same games. The defence IS being sorted, and just needs time to improve further and it will. Our marking, coordination as a unit, 110% effort to close down, and a level of quality that was absent last season have all been there to see in the last few games, including against City until the officials buggered it up. The three up front have worked better too, and the midfield is the most difficult to crack, but is also improving. We will be ok, and the best thing everyone can do is get behind PL and the team 100%. We are upwardly mobile, but up against it for now. Enjoy the ride and we will come out the other side a whole lot better. Rocking the boat will sink it not support it. All hands to the paddles, mid-table ahoy, and next season we can maybe set sights on more distant lands. Up the Villa!
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22/11/2012 15:45:00

We were outplayed by Fulham, posed no threat against West Ham, siege of Rourkes Drift against the Baggies. 2 experienced players in the 8-10 million-ish bracket would give us the extra quality we need to increase chances of survival, ensure the club get the extra 35 million tv money next and give the younger players someone to learn from. Cheaper, lower league players can flourish if surrounded by quality and allowed to develop. Chucking them all in together is asking for trouble. The other sides at the bottom will strengthen in January too, and those chairman seem more than willing to invest to survive. I remember Swindon playing passing football with lower league players in the 90's and they probably deserved more points than they got, but they were relegated with a record low total at the time. Being linked to a Charlton midfielder and a Hull Defender, rejected by Man Utd when Johnny Evans manages to earn a living there, does not fill me with confidence that this situation is being taken seriously.
heavy d
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22/11/2012 15:53:00

fair points Iain. I'd have kept Milner as rumour has it that he wanted to stay though. We should've invested the monies into more players of similar quality when they left also. Benteke seems of that quality and at a third of the price but as some have said, the experience (which we should've got when they left, or the quality would have by now,) is vital and lacking!!!
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22/11/2012 16:42:00

My concerns regarding Randy turning the tap off and owning us as a burden to himself rather than of willing too has easd off as he will back Lambert in January aswellas the 23million he spent in the summer so lets be fair here that means the so called tap being turned off by Randy will equate too 23million plus whatever spends in January 10million or 20million? Thats not Randy abandoning us thats a heck of a lot of money, have patience in Lambert aswell this is rebuilding not short fix time like before, all good things come to those who wait but do you have the patience??
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22/11/2012 18:09:00

"Never dull as Villa fan", no but it does make you depressed and angry, something that will not go away soon. As much as I hate Lerner now is not the time to give the stick, I say if we don't beat Reading at least then it's time to sharpen the blades up for Lerner.
Green Villan
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22/11/2012 23:27:00

Another Knee Jerk response from an idiot to say the least. WTF is wrong with some people? stennyvilla you are absolutely spot on mate & i applaud you. We are not Chelski we are the Villa and I for one want to give this manager a decent chance at turning this ship around
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23/11/2012 14:27:00


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