Aston Villa - Lambert Talks About January Plans
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Lambert Talks About January Plans

While a lot of outlet's are making these quotes out to be proof of panic in the camp, we all knew more funds were available anyway - but let's not let truth get in the way of trying to get more hits.

The quotes appear all over, but I'm taking them from the Telegraph.

The paper says Paul Lambert's main target will most likely be James Chester from Hull, who was oft linked in the summer window but nothing concrete ever came from it. We know he was looking at Aaron Cresswell as well in the summer, but with Joe Bennett now in and Enda Stevens not looking too shabby, I don't imagine we'll be rekindling that interest, but known targets from the summer would appear to be the most likely for January, and I would hope a touch of experience to help carry the lads through.

Hey David Beckham wants a new challenge - he'd have that with us in spades wouldn't he!

'There's a lot of games until we get to January but there's one or two in our heads and every manager will tell you the same. This was never going to happen overnight, a lot of people just expected us to come in and see a real change in fortunes.'

Very few Villa fans did to be fair.

The rest of the quotes being bandied around about experienced players seem to be rehashes from earlier quotes where Lambert was asked about a potential return for Robbie Keane, but with the thrust being 'extra or more money' is now available in almost all the reports, that's a huge red herring.

Lambert will know how much of his initial kitty he has left from deals that didn't come off, and there's no way he wouldn't already know the ball park of any January budget, factors depending, so Randy won't have just found an extra few million from down the back of the settee.

As Lambert has already said, we are a long term plan and whilst I'd say it's important we do strengthen in January, I doubt Lambert is the kind of gaffer to panic buy - we will go after who he couldn't snare in the summer most likely, we just have to hope those deals are the missing piece for survival this survival IF we don't click properly in the winnable games coming up.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 20 2012

Time: 4:07PM

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Still optimistic for a 10th or 11th place finish... :) The major difference between this year and last is that the team are happy and that will count for tons over Christmas.. Well hopefully anyway :)
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20/11/2012 16:24:00

sorry meant to say the major difference after the difference in footy style.
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20/11/2012 16:25:00

We had a horrific run under MON in his first season and finished 11th, we had a horrific run under DOL in his first season and finished 6th; the key to both was some decent business in January (MON - Ashley Young, John Carew; DOL - Nobby Solano) and dare I say that Robbie Keane's goals against Wolves (along with that late save from Shay Given against the Baggies) were the difference between us going down and staying up. Hopefully we can do another bit of good business this year and get ourselves away from that damned relegation zone.
Sheriff Kimbo
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20/11/2012 16:32:00

Yeah, the only thing keeping Villa out of the top half of the table is another 500k second-rater from the Championship - NOT! When are Villa fans going to wake up and actually get angry?
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20/11/2012 16:52:00

We certainly DONT need the most overrated player in the histiry of "soccer" (Beckscum). I think we ll all take Keane before Olden*********. And Milner on loan (with his digs and baccy paid). Hilarious that Downing is apparently prepared to go to Mboro on loan.
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 17:18:00

OnMeHeadFred what do you expect us to do? Sepnd 200m on a new side? If so, you need to wake up as that's not happening. As Lambert has said, this is a longer term project and it needs to be. Look at Everton and how steady careful investment can move you on - and to a lesser extent the Baggies. Both have 'second-rater from the Championship' in their side.
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20/11/2012 17:28:00

When are Villa fans going to get angry? Anger is an expensive habit in the long run. Like in any economic climate there are winners and losers, at the minutes, we're losing. Will it be this way forever? I doubt it. How do you get back? Look at the last recession, the smart companies survive, the dumb companies spent huge amounts to try to buy a past that was no more. I'd rather be wikipedia than encarta. Can Lambert do it? Of course he can but he'll need luck, skill and backing, like any manager. Angry? No, enjoying the ride, so far yes in large part.
Mervin King's Pocket
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 18:00:00

You have to see the bigger picture OnMeHeadFred. Apart from the odd game, our team and football is progressing, certainly from last season. we can't click our fingers and suddenly have a team as good as '82 can we. We also cant spend 30 million on player and pay them 200k a week with a our current set up. We don't even sell out every week, it would be financial suicide. I'm not sure what you want us to be angry at exactly? Be patient and the short term struggle will pay ten-fold both on and off the pitch.
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 18:41:00

I know he treated us disgracefully, and I know not everyone would welcome him back, but I would really like to see Stewart Downing back in a Villa shirt. I think most of our problems stem from his departure, and the consequent lack of crosses to Bent. I think the loss of this service (and of course Ashley Young) was the difference between the mid-table finish under Houllier and last season's debacle. What do other fans think?
Mark from Dudley
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 18:48:00

If fans can't see that there is a middle ground between spending 200m and building a team from the flotsam of the lower leagues, they are either daft or in denial.
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 19:20:00

Agree with Mark...Dowing was a **** the way he left us BUT as a player he would be an excellent acquisition IMO
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 19:46:00

Downing was made to look better than he is by the team we had - which by and large turned out in much the same eleven every week. At Liverpool the line up has been nowhere near as stable and probably not set up the same way (I have no idea, really, as I have a life...its called a calculated guess based on snippets of scouse news that flash before me in a thrice....)
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 19:54:00

Yes Mark mate i would like to see him back here myself even though ive called him all the things under the sun when he left lol we need that creative spark back and he would be cheap i reckon 6/7 million, or maybe a loan deal with a buy on OnMeHeadFred your right there has to be middle ground what concerns me the most is not so much the transfer budget as i think Randy will backLambert with a decent amount its the wages we have gone from too much down to too low but we should be able to pay a few decent players 60/80k week now surely after all the cutbacks we need some quality not loads but just a couple or three experianced players as you can pick some up for cheap fee's these days but you have to pay wages like Fulham Berbatov etc
Report Abuse
20/11/2012 19:54:00

It's a fair point OnMeHeadFred, but I think we've got that middle ground in Vlaar, El Ahmadi, Benteke, it's just with the new financial fair play we can't afford to support this with a next Young, Downing or Milner. Our squad was thin in the summer, and still is, PL was given 20 million which was more than most outside the 'rich clubs'. His task was too great to fix overnight with the funds provided, it will take time, and we've already seen the improvements albeit slowly. He's working the best he can under the financial restrictions that we, and many other clubs face at present.
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20/11/2012 21:09:00

Mike , Just read an article about Beckham and it crossed my mind if he'd be any good for us . Laughed so loudly I scared my baby son when I read your 'challenge' quip . Well done sir !
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 00:55:00

Also if we take Stuart Downing back then it'll probably be for half of what we sold him for . So for 10 mill profit , let's forgive him . I like Albie but he's no Stuart Downing .
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 01:03:00

IMO, we don't need another "nobody" from lower divisions. Itis too much to ask for someone like that to come in and help us survive! I go along with Lambert so far in trying to turn "boys into men" but how many more times...... buy championship players and that is exactly were you'll finish!!!!
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 01:27:00

I think he will be after new targets and not guys he couldnt get in the summer... He has had time to fully assess the squad now and he will have asked our new head scout Henke to keep an eye certain things he wants and what have you... I reckon Henke had a role in the Benteke move those Germans are crafty... If we are getting another lower league guy Id like to see Tom Ince and not Zaha... While Iv not watched Zaha too much from what I do see he is little more than a Walcott and the English media has a habit of overrating young English players... Iv seen Ince play alot and he has more technique about his game than Zaha and would cost significantly less... Il have another CM too because Bannan still has alot to do to convince me but the guy I want would play the Ireland role and challenge him... If he successfully takes Irelands play Id drop Ireland back in beside Westwood... Anyway my top pick for Villa is a move for Adam Lallana PL was at the Southampton game recently and he's the type of guy we are missing a highly technical player with creativity and good movement...
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 03:25:00

Can anyone help? Just before the season started, did Lambert ever come out and say he was "happy" or "satisfied" with the squad he had assembled? I remember there was talk of "more money" being available and my belief is that this was true.... but did Lambert express his happiness ?
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 07:19:00

CDX_EIRE, you took the words out of my mouth, A double swoop for Tom Ince and Matty Phillips from Blackpool would give us great creativiy. Both are versatile and now Holloway's left I think they'd leave. I also agree about Bannan, think he can play the Ireland role, but we'd need someone else to play in CM. I genuinely think we have some really talented players coming through academy, so maybe this is when the loan system can benefit us to allow them to gain experience ready for next season.
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 09:17:00

I also have faith in Pul and the Villa, we get 8 points from our next 4 fixtures and all will see a lot better. COTVABU
irish villa
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 09:39:00

Tom Ince would be a briliant signing, he certainly is showing great signs. Another one is Robbie Brady on loan at Hull from manure, Chew a lot will not sell him I would not think as he sees him in the first 11 before long. COTVABU
irish villa
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 09:43:00

BBC saying PL handed one match ban and fine!! WTF?
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 11:11:00

Dont think I am ready to panic just yet once we have played Arsenal That will be last seasons top 3 played which most clubs considering anything you get off them to be a bonus. It then gives PL a run of games to really measure us before the transfer window.I feel the same as most a couple of experianced heads in midfield would make all the difference not a fan of Loans but needs must,as Man utd are reported to be preparing a bid for Ince cant see us getting him.
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 12:02:00

More inexperienced players? For Christ Sake we could get relegated! Bring Scottie Parker in to sure up the midfield, get Sigurdsson on loan and go buy Hangerland who's only months left on his contract. That will sort us out - and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to find those 3 players who are more than capable of getting us out of this mess!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 13:41:00

It sounds like the fans are about as ambitious as the club.
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 13:42:00

Would love to see a loan deal for Milner for the rest of the season. Exactly what we're lacking in midfield - guile, tequnique and creativity along with hard work. he would also bleed for the cause too, but would city allow it? For me Westwood isn't good enough. He was the only player on the team who for me was invisible against united... at least PL will have a good run of games to really work out what he needs to get in Jan. As for the centre of defence, i think we should have Heskey & Mcleish. With them two at villa, no goals will be scored...
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 13:48:00

Somewhere in Europe there must be a good creative cheapish midfielder lurking who's sole desire is to play in the Premier league . I just hope we find him . We got the big striker now the midfielder. Lets all send a note to Santa
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 13:57:00

LOL CA I do my best mate.

Some good shouts in here in terms of players.
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 15:43:00

James from Hull? You spoil us Mr Lambert! ;o)
The Fear
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 17:12:00

My brother has touched David Beckham's *********. Fact.
Report Abuse
21/11/2012 18:16:00


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