Aston Villa - Some Man Utd Fans Shame Their Club
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Some Man Utd Fans Shame Their Club

Great match yesterday v Man Utd.

Obviously there were a couple of fan issues that slightly tarnished it though.

It is however, I think, important to note the indiscretions were from SOME of the Man Utd fans, not ALL.

The first embarrassment to their Club (and country) was not respecting the minutes silence in honour of our fallen heroes and current forces, tasteless and classless and I am quite sure an awful lot of Utd fans would agree.

The second they should be totally ashamed of. Booing, heckling and even singing 'we hope you die' during the 19th minute tribute to our club skipper, Stiliyan Petrov.

Seriously? Why? How could anyone think let alone sing that?

The balance is a comment from a Man Utd fan left on Sky Sports. I hope I'm ok lifting this:

'I'm a life long Utd fan, long before Sir Alex Ferguson became manager. I was at today's game and what a great game it was, full of energy,spirit and entertainment. The Villa fans were tremendous, they got behind their team and I give them and Villa full credit today.'


'Some of our fans on the other hand were nothing short of a disgrace!!!! During the 19th minute tribute to Stan Petrov, a number of our fans decided it would be a good idea to chant 'Let him die!'. I was ashamed to sit amongst them. These idiots let themselves and our club down today with a display of sheer lack of disrespect and compassion for a man who has been fighting for his life. On behalf of us 'respectful' Utd fans, I apologise for the small number of morons for their behaviour at today's game. Best of luck for the rest of the season Villa and get well soon Stan.'

Nice to see that comment. As Tom Ross said in the phone in on the way home from the game, banter and rivalry aside, football is a community we ALL belong to.

Strange how the press didn't pick up on this isn't ?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 11 2012

Time: 3:05PM

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And to be fair, Red Boy on Vital Man U has also come out and apologised
Football is Life
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 15:47:00

Well, you wouldn't expect the National Press to pick up anything like that against Manchester United would you?...... come on....
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 16:05:00

Not good but heard far, far worse this season and over the last 30 years. Storm in a tea cup. More concenred with United's dozy performance again.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 16:06:00

Yep storm in a tea cup...really not sure how disrespectful something has to be for it to be converted someone's life and that of men and women defending our country disgraceful...Utd fans have gone down a long way in my estimation.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 17:34:00

Not converted considered disrespectful!!!
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 17:35:00

Let's print T-shirts with Crumpsall's address on. Prize kn ob. The title belongs to City now!
Windy Villain
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 19:23:00

Same old Manure fans. They always blame everyone else also. There was probably as many sat in home seats though and it is the hardcore of them that's the problem. Was by the away pub when they trashed it a couple of seasons ago. It's not fashionable to have a go at them though. Millwall fans in the paper today in Her Majesty Pleasure.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 19:25:00

they are scum - hence the name - Scum.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 19:41:00

Totall lack of respect for a fellow human being yet all we ever hear is ''Arr its a shame for Man U because Liverpool fans sing nasty things about them'' but we never hear about enough o what sick things these lot do at Manuire, i hope that club rots to the core when Fergie goes, who do they think they am bigger than respect and humanity azzholes!
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 19:52:00

Looks like Roy Keane was right about the prawn cocktails, probably radioactive.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 20:14:00

Any way the one fan that cheered in the upper holt near the end won't do it again arse holes all of them !
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 20:21:00

I didn't hear any of that yesterday. Truly a disgrace, sadly all clubs have a smattering of idiots such as these.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 21:05:00

It's just Man Utd have more fans full stop therefore more idiots. I've met a few good Man U fans - I've met more idiots.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 23:19:00

I have to say I am not surprised. I find SOME of the Man Utd away fans aggressive and confrontational in the way I don't experience with other fans. Last year, one of them walked into the Mrs on purpose. So pathetic it was unreal. Booing and heckling for a man to die from cancer and then heckling through the remembrance silence is disgraceful, in any definition of the term.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 23:45:00

It was difficult to tell how many Man Utd "fans" booed and heckled during the minute's applause, but no more than 5% of their contingent joined in the applause. Every other away contingent over the last 8 months or so has joined in the applause, almost to a man. As much as Villa and Blues fans dislike each other, I am confident that the majority of Blues fans would be far more respectful of the minute's applause than these ignorant fools.
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 01:01:00

Man Utd fans are the low life jumped up morons from communities around the country (mostly from down south though), normally the inadequate type who support a massive successful club to make them feel better than everybody else, whilst offering very little to society other than loud mouth rudeness, arrogance, disrespect and petulance towards it ..... think about it, we all have one or two in our local pub don't we ? every community does. The incident was bad enough during the minutes silence but to chant what they did during the applause was lower than low. UTV
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 13:47:00

All this "naughty manure" fans business then one of you goes on to say how a United fan in the holte end got battered for cheering his teams win. Kettles and pots me thinks. PS Nice to be back MUFC (Birmingham Branch)
Brummie Red
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 17:33:00

He shouldn't have been in the Holte End "brummie red". Some manure fans I meet in the real world are OK, apart from the whole glory hunting thing, but lots of their away fans are a disagrace. That said, I've got one bit of mitigation here - the whole 19th minute thing really means something to us and rightly so, but we haven't got any right to expect anything of the fans of any team - other than perhaps not to boo/insult Stan. We don't have a right to get po face if other fans ignore us or carry on with their own songs etc through it - life just isn't that simple and there are no rules governing this. Great when other fans are respectful to it and credit to those who have joined in etc, but let's just have a reality check. Footy fans are like any other cross section of society - some tossers, some saints and a lot of nomal people in between.
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 21:28:00

Unfortunately there are morons on both sides of the fence. The attitude of a minority of Man-Ure fans was a disgrace, but then so was the attitude of some Villa fans that thought it was okay to throw coins and a Mars bar at Rio Ferdinand in the dying moments. Passion was running high after the blatant hand ball missed by the linesman, I swore at him and the linesman which I'm not proud of in the cold light of day, but there's no need for throwing missiles at any player (even Joey Barton) And Brummie Red, why the hell was a manure fan in the Holte end. While I agree there is never any need for violence, sitting in the home end as an away fan and then taking the pi$$ by celebrating the win in front of said home fans is almost a candidate for the Darwin Awards. I have met decent United fans, I was talking to some after Phil Dowd's Carling Cup final. They might be rare, but there are some
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 12:31:00

I used to be a season ticket holder, in the days when you could stand up. I very seldom go nowadays due to cost, and the fact that I dislike immensely all seater stadiums. A lot of that is due to the conduct of some Villa fans. I did go a few years ago when we lost in the cup 2-1. I seem to remember Scholes scoring. I took a female friend of mine with me, who had wanted to go to a major sporting event with a capacity crowd. We were sat in the Holte End. Inevitably there were a few Man Utd fans in the Holte that day. The way some Villa fans behaved that day was disgraceful, baiting the Utd fans, using foul language, and goading stewards to have them evicted. These Utd fans were not misbehaving, chanting, or doing anything but quietly watching the game. Due to the company I was with I was ashamed that I was a Villa fan that day. And whilst I can appreciate the upset this chanting caused on Saturday, (and it was disgraceful), we have more than our share of morons at Villa Park. As I said my visits are once or twice a year now, and I will never go in the Holte End again. That atmosphere is something I can do without. Oh for the days when you could just move away from an idiot if he came by you, and how I used to love the paddock areas where you could mix with opposition fans to discuss the game in a civil way.
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 15:12:00

Do any of you lot realise how hard it is to get tickets for United away games? We have to enter bloody ballots galore and this is no good unless you are a season ticket holder, and even then that may be no good as you sometimes have to be a club class member and even that does not guarantee anything depending on the opposition Liverpool away for instance. So taking this into consideration does it not go some way to explaining why some United fan's were in the Holte End? If you did not want the tickets then why should we not have them? Have a think about a cup final at Wembley for Villa how would you get one? and if you managed it would it bother you sitting amongst a support that outnumbers you or would you do the honourable thing and shout "No, I should not be in here" Please get real chaps.
Brummie Red
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 18:33:00

Some of the worst things I've ever seen from some of the united fans. Walking up aston lane goading villa fans to fight was great for my 4 yr old nephew to see at his first match!! They were a disgrace.
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 22:16:00

Brummie Red, you are a clown, simple, and your quite happy to prove it, well, done well done indeed. JP we should have a clown of the month award, and the winner gets a free ticket in the upper Holte, would be great fun, and this months winner IS, well we all know who:)
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 15:02:00

I must say eltoro to be called a clown is something rather new to me but I have been called worse things, My wife could give you a run for your money on calling me names lol. Don't really see anything in the posts to justify me as a clown though, perhaps you could elaborate.
Brummie Red
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 18:11:00

Brummie Red, I couldnt care less if an away fan sits in the home stands to watch the game. However hard it is to get tickets is irrelevant, the point is, if you must go to a game as an away fan in the home end and you do win. When you start bragging about it, you can't really expect all of the fans to take a defeat light heartedly and say okay that's fine. Rubbing peoples nose in it is likely to draw the wrong attention and result in a kicking, right or wrong. So at the end of the day, the man-ure fan involved would not have been hurt if he had kept his gob shut, would he.
Report Abuse
16/11/2012 11:59:00

And 'you only live round the corner, live round the cor-ner' lol
Report Abuse
16/11/2012 12:01:00


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