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Di Canio - At Least He Didn't Nazi Salute Us!

I`m in two minds about this.

On the one side I think, 'I could not give a stuff` and we did sing eff off Di Canio...

On the other side, 'what an absolute berk`!

Having a go at away fans? He just has to be the star and the centre of attention doesn`t he? I`m surprised he didn`t do a nazi salute to us. (See: Di Canio 'fascist but not racist' )

(go to 1m 50sec ish)

(As this doesn't show any play, I'm hoping I'm ok with this video, if not please contact jonathan at for takedown notice)

Some say he was suggesting we were going down, they were going up. The Swindon Vital ed pointed out that Di Canio actually said he was saying their fans were better than ours. Hard to judge as they didn`t sing much! ;o)

Shame that he has to be such a class clown because to be fair, Swindon put up a great performance and if not for the want of better finishing, they could well have beaten Villa, they certainly had the lions share of possession.

Decent side, nice football, just grow up a bit Di Canio... not that he ever will be able to and that, I would think, will (and he`s not bright enough to realise it maybe) mean he`ll never progress and get a top job.

Be interesting to see if he gets done by the football authorities!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 31 2012

Time: 8:51AM

Your Comments

I may be being a bit naive, but could it be that he is inferring to his fans that Villa are high up and Swindon are low - as in 'we may have lost fans, but that was still a great result'...
Di Canio is a real character, and I don't mind a bit of banter. But if we'd lost I might be saying something different!
Facist scumbag. Ignore him. 2 little ideas for you guys (not to do with this topic) 1. T-shirts with Benteke on and the line: 'BY EKE, HE'S BETTER THAN BENT.' 2. At the weekend (can't there sadly) sing 'You're just a ***** Paul Lambert' to MON. That is all x
I want to see those Benteke t-shirts Fear!
He was pointng to us saying either "youre on your way down and Swindon are on the way up" or, "you Villa fans are ***** and the Swindon fans are way above you". Either way the guy is a tosser. Mind you, I thought that before the match, so no change from me.
Class of 82
Errrr, just looks like he was saying his fans were great and better than the villa fans, i can understand that, even if they werent. He is of course going to big up his own fans, they are the ones he sees every week and will ultimately be the ones calling for his head if they fail. Nothing to see here, just a bit of banter and PR.
You do need characters in the game, but he does annoy me because he always has had to be centre of attention, he has little to no grace. I think if he was your manager, you'd love him. Sort of a 'he's a nutter, but he's our nutter' mentality!
the fear
Just a bit of fun! Football banter is great, as long as it doesn't go too far which this didn't. We'd probably be loving it if PL too the p*** out of our opposition!
The biggest ego at Swindon Town is Paolo. He will say that himself. He walks to the beat of his own drum,Ask a few Swindon fans, we do cringe at some of his actions but we love it. That said, if he was another teams manager I would hate him, He's a tit at times but he's our tit and thats why we love him! His reaction when we scored our second......
I suppose calling Di Canio a Nazi offers some consolation for Villa fans, on a night when they were lucky not to lose, but it can't cover up the fact that Villa collapsed once they were put under pressure. There is no doubting which set of fans were the happier and which fans took solace in their relief.
I think it says it all when, Villa fans set off a flare after scoring against a League One side and celebrate like they won the Champions League after beating a League One side. I know PDC may call us "the Barcelona of League One" but, honestly the reaction was a bit OTT. It was more relief by the looks of things from the home end.
It says everything when Swindon Town are "happy" just to lose by one goal at home to a big club. Get back to your 'plucky little underdog club' and your fascist, Nazi loving, manager.
Class of 82
Oh come on! He's basically thanking his own fans for their support! And saying they were louder than Villa's. Good on him. There should be more managers like him, who make a visible effort and interact with fans. As for 'attention-seeking' - it's called passion and he's at his own ground. People moan when players and managers don't applaud their own fans, and they point the finger when they do! haha. The world has gone mad if Paolo gets an hassle over this. UTV
The world does not need more fascists like PDC. The guy's unstable.
Class of 82
as long as the trains ran on time on the way back to Bham, who cares.
He'll never get a big job? dont be silly he will manage Lazio one day... Di Canio is a great character no point slagging him off if it was AF or Mancini go for it but not Di Canio...
Villa fans should really try to be nice to the Swindon fans because as things stand there is a good chance the two teams will be meeting in the Championship during late 2013. Being a bad loser in understandable but being a bad winner is just pathetic.
having now watched the video - I am a bit more concerned and would like to know what our odds are for going down with Italian bpokies - I am pretty sure he did the gesture for 100/30 Villa nudge nudge wink wink the vig is in.
STFC Gazza sums it up best.The Swindon fans know hes an idiot at times but he is there idiot. Swindon did themselves proud with there display but it was always going to be a no win situation for Villa no matter what we did.At the end of the day we avoided a bannana skin that other clubs have tripped on and are in the hat for the next round.
Couldn't care less what Di Canio says or does, we won the game and are in the quarter finals of the cup!! He is a passionate man who is trying to send his fans home happy, don't get drawn into it.
It doesn't matter if the jumped up little nazi was going on about songs or us going down the matter of fact is he should be fined for his behaviour, I'm pretty sure what he did regardless whether he was having a bit of fun or on the ***** take he could have caused a serious incident if that was the wrong crowd, imagine if he did that to Millwall. FINE DE CANIO!
Green Villan
Get a grip Green Villan why Di Canio have to 'curb' his antics for a group of complete idiots... What did Di Canio do? he merely indicated that we were going down or the Swindon fans were better if that incites you you're a silly idiot...
It was all a bit of fun. Who cares what point he was making, it was entertaining and the Swindon fans loved it. If we had PL in front of the Holte End conducting the singing we would lap it up. Some people need to grow up. It is football, it is meant to be fun. We scored the last minute winner on the way to the quarter finals, just enjoy it. As per normal though some fans are only happy when they are moaning.
CDX you get a grip, what Di Canio did is against FA rules, if a player goes up to opposition fans and tries to wind them up then they get a yellow card and fined, why is it different for Di Canio? Don't try and be a smart arse this is a genuine question.
Green Villan
VOTH, I'm more *****ed off with double FA standards than Di *****tio, and shut up moaning about other Villa fans!
Green Villan
what a great character Di Canio is. he just thanked the fan. it was a great run for them in the league cup
I'm just glad we *****ed on his chips. I bet at 2-2 he was preparing himself for talking more ********* to the press about Swindon Town's glorious future. Get back into the shadow of Bristol City, where you belong.
Class of 82
Good stuff from PDC, I think some of you take football a bit too seriously.
Well I thought it was quite funny. A bit of fun to finish off the night. We won, they lost. He did a bit of arm waving/walking like an Egyptian with a smile on his face. What's not to like?
Are we really that precious that we can't take a bit of banter gents or should that be ladies??? Why has Nazism been mentioned?? A thumbs down is definitely NOT going to cause a riot.
"PAOLO DI CANIO, PAOLO DI CANIO" Sounded absolutely amazing after our second goal! I actually though both sets of fans were good. Villa were loudest we have had in ages (even without a roof), we are redeveloping our ground soon so hopefully away end will have a roof as lets be honest, would be a great end to make noise. Nice to see both sets of fans clapping on 19 minutes, nice touch, we all had fun, respect etc all at the same time. A good night for football IMO. PAOLO DI CANIO HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS!!!
It really doesn't bother me as we won the game so who's laffin now?? Anyway GreenVillan has a point if what Di Canio did was a player like Adebayor etc in the past they would fine them and ban them, Di Canio i like as he is irrational spontanious and a nutter but one rule for one and one for another here if the FA don't act imo
green Villan who cares man, lighten up...we won the game, in the next round so leave them to compete in league 1.
Liked Di Canio as a player but my impression of him went downhill rapidly after the Nazi salute and fascist bit. No problem with what he does in the vid though. The game is far too sterile these days; the game needs characters.
I like Di Canio, I like his passion, his drive and also the fact that he is off his nut : ) and he was half decent on the pitch : ) His match antics just bring a smile to my face, I see nothing malicious, in fact I wish more would share their love of the game, his political affiliations IMHO shouldn't really come into it, this is football.
I just think its silly Fans let the FA have such stupid rules doesnt matter what it is you put someone in power they make dumb nanny state rules... like not letting players put tape on their socks... I didn mean to get thick with GreenVillan but I did it just annoys me when people support stupid rules...
I mean Adebayor should be allowed to run the length of the field to celebrate in front of his former fans shouldnt he? ;)
CDX i agree mate the FA and all the cronies do my nut in, they after allhave turned football into this expensive fanny tackling sport it is today,
Agreed the same has happened in most leagues in Ireland we cant wear undershorts/shirts unless they match the kit... We wear white and yellow and they made me take off my undershirt because it was sky blue... my mates team wear green/white he had white undershorts on under green shorts made him take them off... so stupid... the best was my brother rolled up the undershorts and half way through the game the ref spots the black shorts under the blue orders him off the pitch to change... so stupid and you cant protest unless everyteam in all leagues do it...
Agreed Steff, but he did make his political affiliations known whilst on the pitch.
He never ran and antogonised the Villa fans. He didn't run to us and taunt us. He never did anything that could in the slightest way be considered confrontational. He stood on the half way line in front of the dug out and conducted a bit of a sing song for his own fans. Great entertainment. And some people want the FA involved, they want him charged, they want him hung drawn and quartered and they want him fined. He didn't do anything wrong ffs. But the keyboard warriors think that it is acceptable to call him a 'jumped up little Nazi' whislt wanting him find for having some fun. The irony is funny.
Well said Voth. PC correctness has taken over and gone mad. This is football banter. Please people, don't make anything else from it. Smile and laugh it off. It is really nothing.
Do non fascists do nazi salutes ( repeatedly) then? And why are people who don't have your point of view keyboard warriors? ( and it was you I waved at last night wasn't it!? Lol)
The fear
Best bit of the chanting was the villa fans in the stand with a roof singing 'where's your roof my lord' at us lot and the retort, 'we love the villa more than you' ! Reminded me of the left side/ the right side in the old holte. Shame the banter didn't continue, could have been a laugh!
The fear
We Aston Villa fans are a proud race. PDC was suggesting that the STFC race was of higher standing than our race. I therefore put it to you that he was being racist! I propose a 4 match ban and a small and practically irrelevant fine! Come on guys lighten up. This is just banter - the manager playing up to the crowd. Nothing wrong with that. No harm done. No one has been or should be offended.
I'm all for PC correctness, but I agree with VOTH (again). This is crazy. He stood on the half way line and waved his arms about to mainly his own fans. Good God, what's it come to if someone puts in complaint about that?? Get a grip. He's just a cheeky monkey! Oh ... I'll get my coat.
I love him, makes me howl watching him and more should have his passion
Passion? Fascist nazi salutes and hatred? See: Click Here ;o) I do love stirring the pot when news is quiet! But come on, the bloke isn't stable!
the fear
OK , you love Di Canio so much why don't you protest Lambert out and Di Canio in! VOTH can ***** off, all he does is moan about other Villa fans.
Green Villan

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