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Stick With Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert has come into Aston Villa FC and made a huge error of judgement. At short notice, he has constructed a young team almost devoid of Premier League experience. I expect he did so under instruction to move on the high earners, but also with a degree of deluded confidence after his inexperienced Norwich team did well last season.

The big difference is that Norwich did so with a settled team on the back of two successive promotion campaigns with all the confidence that brings.

If you look at Saturday`s line up, other than Gabby, the only players with more than 20 Premier League appearances are:

Delph, Herd & Albrighton, none of whom could be considered as established PL players. It is an unforgiving league and we look a very poor team indeed. Surely Lambert has been around the game long enough to realise his error, but he can do nothing about it now until January.

I suspect then that he will move Bent (who looks disinterested) on and look to replace him with two or three experienced heads. A centre half and a couple of creative players are a must.

One thing is for certain, if we do not change we will be relegated by Easter. I don`t think Lambert should be sacked - what good will it do?

If someone else comes in they can do nothing until January either and lack of funds will put most off anyway. One crumb of comfort from Saturday is that (Bent apart) the commitment of these players to put a shift in for the manager cannot be in question.

Hopefully, with more games, the likes of Holman, Vlaar El Ahmadi and Benteke can begin to adjust to the demands of the league.

It might just be enough… we can only hope.

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The Journalist

Writer: LW AVFC Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 29 2012

Time: 2:20PM

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Very harsh on Bent. He came on for 20 minutes when the ball was almost constantly in our own penalty area. Apart from that, a well thought-out piece which I agree with.
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29/10/2012 14:38:00

I saw the title and thought "a good positive post"...! I may be a deluded optimist but I have faith in PL. I like the fact we're blooding young and keen players, not just glory boys here for a pay cheque. It's clearly going to be a 2-3 year project and whilst I'd hoped for more progress early this season, this largely relied on Bent / N'Zogbia / Ireland being stand out stars as the others bedded in. Having said that, I still think this season has a lot of legs and it was always going to be a tough task turning around the travesty of last season. Keep the faith, UTV!
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29/10/2012 15:00:00

Bent seems to split opinion, I'm with you romanianvillan, I like the player!
The Fear
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29/10/2012 15:06:00

I am behind the manager and I do think he will turn it around. I like Bent - he kept us up the season before last - but he looks a shadow of that player right now. He seems to be a player who needs to feel wanted and to be fair he probably doesn't right now. As a senior player I'd like to see him taking a lead and driving the young lads on. I think November/December will be pretty grim but still expect us to climb the table in 2013. Fingers crossed that the majority keep the faith because we are desperate for stability.
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29/10/2012 15:12:00

It goes without saying that fans should be sticking with Paul Lambert...the vast majority wanted him in charge!!! The bottom line is that our squad is on par with those from 15th and down, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check. Our generation of youngsters coming through are not necessarily as good as most (myself included) originally thought. Albrighton, Clark, Bannan, Lichaj, the Fonz et al have 2 years of Premier League experience behind them now, we can't keep using the excuse that they are complete novices. Despite his excellent work ethic, Holman seems to be lacking when it comes to his skill on the ball, Gabby is a shell of his former self and Bent seems to be out of favour, which is no surprise when we have a team who has won 2 league games in 2012, and needs players who will graft and work to maintain a certain shape. Rant over, Guzan has proven that MON was right to bring him to England, he just needed someone to believe in him, Vlaar looks solid and Benteke is a handful, and every game so far has found himself in positions with a good opportunity to score. I still think we'll be fine, but more investment in Jan is needed I feel.
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29/10/2012 15:22:00

I'm behind the manager but I'm really getting fed up of this Bent knocking. I remember the saying ,feed the yak & he will score, well Bent is the same . It's no good lumping it up to him, he's not a Carew or even a Benteke . Jesus are we mad to even consider selling him ,we need a creative player to supply him ,not sell him & buy a creative player to feed nobody
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29/10/2012 15:49:00

AS Franco said it is ludicrous to even consider getting rid of PL even if the unthinkable happened Id stick with him... Its like anything if we can see it theres no doubt PL sees the problems we face I dont think he wants to get rid of Bent and I dont see him letting him go... I think PL looks at our team and thinks we are too weak to start Bent however we are getting to the point where he is going to have to bite the bullet and play Bent and Benteke together... B&B may not be as powerful as Cisse and Ba but they have that potential... All our problems lie in MF the backline is is not as strong as we would like but its better than the teams around us... Our MF is below par in both attack and defence and any attempt to make it better one way or the other makes it imbalanced... Losing Petrov has left a gapping hole in MF the time of Carruthers is among us Im not sure if he is injured or not but when he is fit we should give him a blast at RM... IMO Albie is useless to us when we are struggling...
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29/10/2012 16:37:00

Effort is not enough to guarantee success, you need quality too. I would put in a shift on a saturday if asked. That doesn't mean I deserve to play premier league football. Holman has turned out exactly as I thought - covering loads of ground and doing little else. He played like this at AZ Alkmaar too. He played off the strikers of a team at the top of the league and, even when given space, still failed to offer much of a goal threat. Now he gets pressed by the opposition and goes to pieces Westwood - What was the point in buying him? Bennett - The less said the better. Middlesbrough didn't seem too sorry to see him go. Lambert spoke about his deadline buys being able to go straight in to the side, yet they all look out of their depth - Benteke aside.
heavy d
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29/10/2012 16:43:00

Can I add that this isn't based on just the last game, this is based on all of the performances over the first 3 months of the season
heavy d
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29/10/2012 16:44:00

Some South American/Spanish influence in the side would be nice. A little imagination and flair. There are penniless people playing the game on the wastelands of Rio and Rosario who know more about football tactics and technique than many of the millionaire 'accredited' and 'Pro License' coaches in Europe. There are unknown players in Spain and L. America who put our current squad to shame. Look at the impact Michu has had at Swansea!!!
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29/10/2012 16:58:00

If they carry on the way they are, they'll be down well before Easter.... more like Burns Night.
Pride of Lions
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29/10/2012 17:21:00

If Villa try to sign unknown players from South america etc we always have problems with visas and work permits. It doesnt seem to bother any other clubs though !!!! I dont believe Villa will spend big in January. I dont believe the 'quality' players everyone calls for are either available or willing to join Villa's relegation fight, or that Villa would pay their wages. I believe what we have got is what we will fight on with (including Bent) I believe we will improve as the season goes on and we will be fine. We have to keep the faith and support the young players as they learn from their mistakes. Thats what supporting means. It's no good saying Bennett is cr@p and Westwoods rubbish etc etc. These are the players that we will sink or swim with. They will learn but you have to be patient with them and support them. Faith will be rewarded. There is no other option the days of the cheque book are over.
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29/10/2012 17:33:00

Who said we should sack PL?!? We are a very long way away from that right now. Also why are so many people so down on Bent? "Looks disinterested / Bent apart the commitment can not be questioned"?!?! Gob smacked.
Adam Deuce
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29/10/2012 17:34:00

Good article. Feel that Lambert had little choice with his purchases over the summer due to financial restrictions and lack of time to prepare. If a couple turn out well then we'll surely sell at an overall profit and reinvest the funds in similar keen youngsters from lower divisions. We do have the new chief scout though who will hopefully provide more class acquisitions. A Top team will buy Benteke when he's learnt how to survive in the prem although he's not far off at present. RE: Bent and his non supply from wingers, he's unlucky that Robertson isn't here anymore as I'm sure that he was a major force behind MON and his development of the likes of Young etc. As others have already said, a couple of experienced midfielders would help us no end but they will cost and there's no easy short cut to this.
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29/10/2012 17:42:00

444 -- Many of us are hoping that Lambo will turn Villa into a 'top team' so the club doesn't have to sell players like Benteke. Hopefully, the club will be attracting top talent not selling it. If Villa are going to be a feeder club for 'top' teams what is the point? This is Villa -- former champions of Europe -- we're talking about after all.
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29/10/2012 18:22:00

Delph is the problem, he consistently lost the ball on Saturday, he is a shadow of the player he was at Leeds, don't think he will get back to where he was heading. We need a ball winner in the middle to free up Ahmadi to spray the passes around. Bennet will adapt I'm sure of it he's just not up to the pace yet but he will grasp it, Westwood is a gem but not ready to be thrown into the Prem as of yet, he needs to play in a team stringing results together. Holman doesn't impress me to be honest and Ireland should be back in now to give us that experience in the final third. I think some experience will come in January, Lambert needs to see how they perform in actual Premier League matches and I think he is getting the picture now of where we need strengthening. I reckoned we would get 9 - 10 points from our first 10 games so we are struggling more than I thought, especially to get a formation right. I have faith it will come though and Benteke looks the real deal. This season is about setting a foundation to build on so safety is the priority. three points can mean six places in this league and I'm confident Lambert will get it right. UTV
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29/10/2012 18:44:00

TelfordVilla calls it right. We have who we have until January at least and so all we can do is support the manager and the players. Post-mortem in May whether we do stay up (and 17th would do for me) or we drop. Having said all that we should not be having these sort of discussions about A.V.F.C. We are in a p*ss poor position and oh so predictable once Lambert and his bargain basement boys were in place.
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29/10/2012 18:45:00

I think with the German scout in charge we will find some talent I mean Moyes has been at everton long enough to have his scouting set up well thats a big issue we are only really getting sorted now... there are some good players in Europe playing for clubs who cant offer what we can offer our position only becomes an issue if another EPL club comes knocking... Mirallas was a star in Greece but they have serious financials problems if broke everton can pay his wages so can we... So i think we will bring in some decent players if we actually want to... I suppose thats the thing will the club be willing to actually willing to go out and sign players on a par with vlaar?
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29/10/2012 18:59:00

The salient point of all the troubles at Villa Park this season isn't whether we stick with Lambert, it is whether the chairman backs him. It should also be stated that, although there is never a good time to be relegated, this is the absolute worst season to get relegated. TV revenue goes up 70% next year and any team that ends up missing out on that bumper payday will end up playing catch up for about 10 years afterwards. The only way to address that would be, assuming promotion was achieved fairly soon, for said clubs chairman to dig deep in their own pockets to close the gap and try and recoup at a later date once the club is stable in the Premiership again. Based on recent behaviours and attitudes can anyone see Randy doing that? Or is it more likely he, or should I say his mouthpiece Pork Face Faulkner, will keep rabbitting on about things like record kit deals (which I assume have clauses in reducing the money paid to Villa in the event of relegation, likewise the shirt sponsorship with Genting) which have nothing to do with the players in the squad and quality of football on the pitch. I find it ridiculous that everyone at the club had a look at our playing squad and thought 'They should see us safe this year', when anyone with a modicum of common sense could see an inexperienced lightweight squad that was likely to be in the position they are now. Their collective lack of nouse in the transfer market has been evident under the last 3 managers, always being reactive and buying late (meaning we have had to pay a premium to get the players in - Bent for £24million anyone?) rather than planning ahead and allowing players time to bed in in pre-season Randy seems to be trying to replicate Man Utd in the mid 90's, but without putting his hand in his pocket. Man Utd may have won stuff with a team which included plenty of youth players - Beckham, Neville x 2, Scholes, Butt et al, but these were supplemented by high quality senior players - Schmeichel, Irwin, Keane, Ince, Giggs, Cantona etc, and did it from a position of strength having won plenty of trophies in the preceding years. The senior players in our squad are not of this quality and Albrighton, Herd and the new arrivals are never going to be as good as their counterparts. If you want to improve Villa, try doing something other than reading Fergie's biography like appointing a Chief Executive who knows something about football and backing your Manager. A conservative estimate of the interest paid on your cash wealth is between £25-30million per year, yet we are unable to match the wages paid by teams like Fulham and QPR?
heavy d
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30/10/2012 08:49:00

Suberb read heavy d.
Report Abuse
30/10/2012 10:01:00

Thanks VillaWillRiseAgain. If he isn't willing to put his own money in he is as much use as a chairman as you or I.
heavy d
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30/10/2012 11:18:00

Would again say I support Lambert regardless of what happens this season. He took over a sinking ship full of holes or should I say *********s. He has tried to shore up the numbers on the cheap with some speculative buys from the lower leagues but as heavy d point out the base on which to fit them around (existing players) was poor in the first place. Bent with the right mindset is a player I admire, should Lambert have taken him aside and told him in advance he was going to be dropped ? I dont know Lambert probably has it in mind that he can lose his job based on players not performing so why should he as the Boss have to massage their egos. There is the problem in the modern game managers including the previous occupant get the boot but the players dont lose their jobs for equally inept performances. If they are unhappy they moan about not enjoying their football ? You dont enjoy it ? for gods sake we pay to watch it!!! The bottom line is either Lambert can work a miracle with what he has or Randy breaks the bank in january to sign some quality players which wont be easy because how many will want to come to Villa at the moment?.
Report Abuse
30/10/2012 11:50:00

Don't think that we're that far off Merlin. 20 mills worth of experience will repay itself by being passed on to the kids. I concur VWRA. Good post Heavy D!!
Report Abuse
30/10/2012 17:15:00


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