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Bent Shows Top Class + Linked To Fulham

I have to admit, I`m quite surprised by the quotes from Darren Bent today.

He has told The Sun that he will not request a transfer.

I would Darren.

The way this top quality, £24million striker is being treated is a joke to me.

He was our top scorer under Houllier, despite only joining us in the January. He was our top scorer last season despite missing half the season injured and he`s our top scorer this season despite being dropped over and over again.

Gabby? No goals in 28.

Why not play Gabby as a winger? Or behind the two? He has the speed and he has the love of Villa for sure.

And why not Bent and Benteke?

We are deep in the doo dah, everyone (surely?) can see that? You need to play your best players and Darren Bent is our best player. I find it incredible when people say he is lazy. Was Lineker lazy? Shearer? Fowler? Owen? No, they did very little, next minute they had hattricks. The skill is reading the game, being in the right place at the right time and for Bent to be able to do that, he needs a team behind him not afraid to shoot the bloody ball towards goal and for him to feed off the saves or rebounds.

Is it that difficult a theory?

Anyway, Bent in The Sun: 'If they feel in January it`s time for a parting of the ways then that`ll be down to them it won`t be my doing."

Does he think he is being forced out?

Adding, 'It won`t come from my side. I won`t ask for a transfer, of course I wouldn`t do that."

'Villa are a massive club and I always want to play for huge clubs. For me to ask for a move would be silly, especially at this stage of the season when there`s still a long way to go."

He also waxes lyrical about Villa, which is nice to see: 'I`m not going to go in and say I want to leave. I`m more than happy at Villa and to play my football here. The attraction is the size of the club, the history and a massive fan base. I`m prepared to give it as long as it takes.'

Maybe people can stop saying he is a mercenary and not interested in Villa now?

A mate of my dads was at the Belfry the other week. Bent was there. He started to talking to Bent and then asked 'I hope you don`t mind me talking football and Villa with you, just say if you want me to leave you in peace`

Bent was having none of it, said he was welcome to talk and loved talking about football and liked being at Villa. My dads mate when back to his friends and later they found that Bent had left some money for a round for them.


NOW PLAY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Already linked to Liverpool, now he is being linked to Fulham. Now there is a manager who does understand quality... See: The Mirror

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The Journalist

Writer: Villa_Grizzly Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 28 2012

Time: 1:40PM

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When will people learn that none of this guff matters in the long term? Players come and go. If it isn`t working move him on, they`re just employees. Every time it has to turn into some sort of ******** soap opera.
bikini inspector
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28/10/2012 13:45:00

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28/10/2012 13:47:00

bikini inspector
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28/10/2012 13:49:00

top scorer this season? are you sure?
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28/10/2012 13:51:00

In the Sun also there was an articl on age 3 that i accidently came acorss ;) which said Bent is getting engaged to Liam Ridgewells ex misses and there is tension there or somethng and a move away fromthe area may be best as its supposed to be distracting him being so close to Ridgewell, I like Bent think we should add players around him and Benteke but we all know what happans we get a good player what do we do??? We sell sell sell and ave all them lovely wages yum yum pffff
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 13:51:00

Come on Grizzly, what has Bent leaving a score behind the bar got to do with him being a valuable player for us?? 20 to him is nothing from his 50'000+ per week. Anyway, do doubt that he's a good guy etc. but he's not a modern day footballer. Why would he ask to leave?? He'd lose his loyalty bonuses for a start. As for being our best player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you quantify that please?? Best at finishing yes. Best at anything else NO WAY. That doesn't make him our overall best player. Benteke is a better attacker if you want to narrow it down a bit.
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28/10/2012 14:14:00

And that's best at finishing from 12 yards out ONLY.
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28/10/2012 14:15:00

I agree with Grizzly. Why the hell isn't he playing alongside Benteke. Agbonlahor is a much use as a chocolate teapot!!!!!
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 14:17:00

Villan444 what a fool
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 14:49:00

He's our best player because he's the only one someone in the top 6 would take off us as a starter...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 14:58:00

Like your reasoning flatley you loser lol.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 15:18:00

Who's queueing up for Bent then CDX??? Seriously, if a top 6 team wanted him then they'd have him by now. Spurs are top 6, they got rid of him as he wasn't good enough and couldn't get a game. The way this 24 million striker is being treated is a joke because he's not worth that and only a senile Houllier and a non football man in Randy were willing to pay the extortionate monies. He isn't our top scorer this year and we didn't even play football last year. Not saying that Gabby is world class but Bencht definitely isn't. We have been starved of decent football for so long that some of you are having mirage like hallucinations and Bencht is your oasis.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 15:24:00

Only one Bent worth his place and that is Bent eke. Sorry but DB9 needs to put in a shift , I think even he must know we haven't got the quality for him to lazy about for 90 mins, touching the ball every 5 mins . We need more effort from him , and that is the truth .
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 15:56:00

It takes a lot energy to argue with you V444 I dont want to get to into it I realise top 6 was a bit high we'll say an aspiring team like Fulham/Everton would take him no doubt but they wouldn pay anymore than 12m for him... Dont get silly with Houllier he had the team to play DB and they were perfectly set up to do just that... 9 in 15 I think under Houllier you shouldn call it 24m either it was 18 Sunderland wont ever see the 6m if we sell him and that extra 6 would have been extreme value for money too because that they can only get it if Villa are somewhat successful... Im sure you're not trying to be ****y it just always seems that way I dont know why... We've had a couple of little exchanges before and to be fair we both took some points from each other as I remember... I like DB I think he is very important however against certain teams he is a passenger... For me he should have played yesterday WITH Benteke, Gabby looked fired up yesterday and put himself about but in a team struggling for goals its hard to make a case for him... Gabby was found out under Houllier IMO its frustrating considering what he can do but in recent times Im of the opinion that he is winger... Anyway as for Bent we know what he can do, he doesnt offer anything near what Benteke does but in certain games they should both play... I dont think there would be any question over Bent if we had some description of a MF...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 16:00:00

I didn mean to write an essay but it seems it always turns that way when we talk villa ;)
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 16:02:00

He could be our season saviour as long as we change our style of play. In the current set up he will never be a prolific scorer as he was the last two seasons.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 16:17:00

All fair points CDX. Wasn't arguing just with you or just for the sake of it. Normally agree with Grizzly recently aswell but you can't please all the people all of the time. If we had internationals on the wings then Bent would score loads, but as we haven't, he needs to be able to adapt his game. We're never going to have that class on the wings whilst he's here again and unless we spend big, we'll never be able to dominate midfield so we can have the luxury of playing to Bencht's forte. I really think that Gabby could do as good a job if all he had to do was smash the ball in from 6 yards every game and when he got accused of being lazy, someone would just say " yeah but he scores goals". Sell him up. He'll never fit in again and he's useless in our squad of present matalan players
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28/10/2012 16:35:00

Yeah you're right argue isnt the word its more like Banter ha... It really is just like Hansen says how do we move forward Im not willing to completely disregard Bent and I think even if selling Bent was the right thing to do it fans wont see it that way... Gabby is frustrating figure he has it in him to be unplayable but those moments are becoming less frequent it must be team pressure and confidence... If we return to the top half maybe we will see Gabby capture his form again...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 16:47:00

Excuse me, Mr Pride of Lions. I take deep exception to that remark. Kindly withdraw it.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 18:21:00

And anyway, the phrase you were groping for is surely, 'As much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest'.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 18:25:00

Gabby will go the same way as Darius Vassell.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 19:44:00

Lol!!! Some of the comments on here are priceless!!!ROTFPMSL!!! Not literally of course. A lot of great humour and banter on this thread. 444, Bent might be a bit of a Ye Olde Centre Forward, true. However, Villa aren't Barca. In order to get to where we want the club to go --The Big Time -- the club need to stay in the EPL. Whatever DB9's percieved limitations he gets goals. If you have read the book 'Inverting the Triangle' by jonathan Wilson you might feel vindicated. There is a great description of the requirements of a modern day striker in it. Bent isn't a multi-functional modern striker but Villa aren't a modern multi-functional team/club. Maybe the new scouting system will get the club to The Big Time maybe not. Agree, RL's lack of football knowledge -- and perhaps lack of genuine passion -- remains a problem. Calling Bent 'useless' isn't very nice. OK, he's an overpaid mercenary but few players aren't.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:15:00

can't understand why lambert took benteke off and put bent on yesterday. we stopped winning the long balls from guzan after that! he has upped his work rate but we just can't justify having bent on the pitch especially when down to 10 men (thanks bennett!)!!!
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:22:00

Lol. I read inverting the triangle years ago when I used to manage a football team VWRA. Excellent literature. Things have moved on more from that though with teams playing with NO forwards. Can't be bothered to explain my opinion about Bent for the hundredth time. Others are seeing it more and more now. We definitely aren't Barca BUT Barca definitely wouldn't employ Bent as he has trouble passing, moving, in fact trouble doing everything except scoring from less than 12 yards. He has only got 2 goals in 9 games this year so this is surely a myth that he just gets goals for fun. He was top scorer last year. Yeah, he played 90 mins every week on his own up front until he got injured. There's something wrong if he didn't score a couple!!!!!!
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:28:00

......and when houllier left we lost our wingers and never really replaced them so the goals dried up....
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:36:00

....lets face it, lerner is assembling a championship team because that is all he's prepared to pay for!
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:39:00

The only major sides who play without strikers, 444 are Spain and Barca. They can and others can't. Bent should be seen as an intermediate player for Villa. The link between the Stone Age of Eck and the -- hopefully -- free flowing tiki-taki Villa of the future. Trends come and go in football. A decade ago the future was supposed to about about atheletes (E.g. Usain Bolt) who could play a bit of footie. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and the Barca side have thrown that on its head. CR7 at Madrid fits that initial description though. (3000 sit-ups a day ???). Miroslav Klose is regarded as a Bent type player in Germany and yet is still a top striker for them and they are a creative side. Give Bent a break. He's still a Villa player and he doesn't come across as a real muppet like so many footballers (even ones more talented than him).
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:40:00

VWRA have you been reading Zonalmarking dot net? You shudn hold anything against C. Ronaldo thats the athlete example you should have gave ha... And we wont be playing any tiki-taki football unless we get a guy who has that type of guy in I had a wet dream when Marcelo Bielsa was linked with us but I knew it wouldn happen... PL did do some work at Barca apparently my mate said he was there with the players when he went to the nou camp a couple years ago and hes not a villa fan...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:53:00

oh wait you did say that skimmed thru what you wrote too quickly my apologies...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:55:00

CDX -- CR7 WAS the example I gave of the prototype athelete-as-footballer. He is a gladiator. He could play rugger for the All Blacks or Springboks. He could be a decathelete or Olympic swimmer. He's the sort of footballer-of-the-future that the theorists had in mind ten years ago. He's at least as good as Messi as a footballer. If Pele, Cruyff and Maradona had had the benefits of modern sports science and coaching imagine how good they would have been???
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 20:59:00

No problem, CDX (read your last comment).
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 21:00:00

*'Inverting the Triangle' should be 'Inverting the Pyramid'.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 21:49:00

For me thats why I consider them the best they really had only the ball and their ability to work with... Everyone wore hiking boot, on pitches you woudn see in sunday league football and when it rained that ball decent to gain a couple pounds ha... I may check that book out Iv seen it before but never bothered picking it up... The guy on zonalmarkingdotcom has a great set of articles on 'how tactics changed in the 2000s' I think they are excellent they were written in 2010 the most interesting one is the fall and rise of 'Guardiolaism' in 2000 Pep didn fit the style of tactics at the time but he is the type of player everyone covets these days... He was playing football in the wrong era similar to Riquelme when he came to Europe... If you're interested in tactical stuff I seriously recommend that website (Villa are never on it tho only the giants of Europe)...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 22:20:00

I know the site, CDX. Would love to see Riquelme at Villa!!!
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 22:22:00

I really should have read that before I posted it Im not having a good day so many mistakes...
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 22:22:00

Talking of the risk of sounding controversial - when Maradona expressed a formal interest in managing Villa we should have bitten his hand off lol. Regardless of the fun & games that would have ensued, the amount of global visibility he'd have given us is enormous - and thats how clubs make money now, shirt sales and tv deals outside of the UK, Spain etc. He could have brought players here (on 3-4 year contracts) that would never come in other circumstances.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 23:02:00

The problem is we still aren't getting enough men forward - a point raised by many. The Norwich fan said he was surprised in fears interview. If we did that it would t matter what style we played, bent would score. And the one time bent and bent eke did play together we all said how bent worked his socks off, winning headers and flicking on- it was good to see. If any team in bottom half had to choose between a goalscorer or striker with a solid all round game, they'd take the proven scorer. It's absurd. We're not good enough in midfield yet, that's the prob. Holman industrious but ineffective, Delph just isn't good enough, el ahmadi inconsistent. No width, no class. Ireland and esp N'Zogbia should be put down, such potential but complete losers. That's what has cost us: if those two had played anything like they did at their old clubs we'd be in a totally different place. They've not done it under 3/4 different managers so have to blame them. Gutted. And financially this really isn't the season for getting relegated. Bent-bent eke all the way for me with experienced quality midfielder to pull strings in January
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 11:19:00

I'm sure when Learner took over we were a bigger club than Fulham....
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 11:59:00

Agree with the Maradona comment. He couldn't have been worse than Eck and most players would love to play under him. He isn't a tactical genius but managed one of the best sides in the world -- Argentina -- and that says something.
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 12:03:00

Ref Diego - its not too late. He's 52 and doesnt appear to have a job right now.
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 14:45:00

As a neutral, i have never understood the blind loyalty for Agbonlahor, how if he was a yard slower would be playing in the non leagues. Bent is a class player, but he looks totally disinterested at VP and in truth I cant blame him the way he has been treated. He was quite similar to this in his final months at Spurs, when despite actually playing well, working hard and scoring, wasnt getting game time and knew he wasnt fancied by his manager and would be sold once someone made a sensible bid. As for Fulham, I fint that quite interesting, as he was supposed bot to get on with Berbatov and apparently Berba didnt like playing with him. In saying that, I always felt they had the mix of qualities to become a very good partnership
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 16:44:00

PMSL at some of the comments on here. Bent is lazy but Benteke isn't lol Benteke is the laziest of the forwards at the club. If I was Bent I'd be off asap. Interesting to see that folks are starting to snipe at Lerner again, but he isnt the one who leaves Ireland and Bent on the bench and plays a niaive kid at full back despite having Lichaj on the bench and having hounded out our only experienced left back.
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 17:07:00


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