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Pot Calling The Kettle Green

Some humour now, newco Rangers Chief Exec Charles Green has decided to open up the debate about a new super league, presumably oblivious to his own club's position...oh and by insulting Premiership clubs.

Seems a novel way of trying to get support for Scottish clubs to enter a joint league so they can share the money. I might try that next time myself when I go shopping, see if I can get somebody to give me a discount if I call them 'useless' and then talk total rollocks about the original price, showing I clearly don't understand what I'm talking about anyway.

Oh well, enjoy - quotes from EPSN:

'There will be a European league because big teams can't keep subsidising small team like Southampton for the next 10 years (still bitter about losing Steven Davis maybe?) because they will go stale. Arsenal don't want to play Southampton or Swansea, but ask them if they want to play Celtic or Rangers, it's what the fans want to see.'

With the movement of players between Southampton and Arsenal, I thought their recent match took on quite an interesting dimension myself. But then again in all my years of talking nonsense I've come across very few fans who want a European Super League.

I also very much doubt Arsenal want to play a third division Scottish team twice a year, or maybe they would, maybe they'd find it Sterling?

Oh he continues to blubber:

'Fans across the world want to see Manchester United play Barcelona, not just once every few years but every season. If there are two divisions of 18 clubs, how could Rangers not be part of that?'

Quite easily, I don't think Tamworth (and no disrespect to Tamworth) would be invited either. Interesting to see that worldwide fans take on more importance than a clubs own fans as well.

'I'm convinced it will happen because otherwise where will the revenues for the top come from? These days Arsenal are struggling to sell out their game against West Ham. How can Manchester United's revenues be 320million and Aston Villa, who are completely useless, get 250million?'

I'll ignore every football related revenue stream that ticket figures eclipse because all we know it's about sponsorship, corporate and TV money thesedays now but amazingly he clearly knows nothing of our revenues by spiff balling 250million. Blimey if they were that high, I doubt O'Neill would've walked!

Maybe, just maybe, he should concentrate on getting Rangers back to where their fans believe they belong before chatting utter tripe about other clubs.

Difficult to argue that we have been useless for the last few years, but at least we didn't almost not get a licence to exist and have to accept being dropped to the third division.

But then again, look what happened in a three team league at best, how would Rangers cope with a more balanced league?

Forum Thread on this very topic.

And what's the consensus:

'Rangers? That Highland League Team?' - Nimmo

'Remind me which division Rangers are in and how well they are playing, and how well they managed their money, and when they last won something outside of Scotland, and...' - Rev

'I think that Rangers should be put in a league with all the 'big hitters'

We could all have a laugh when they get hammered week in and week out.

Only then would that plank Green realise that Rangers, even of old, were only ever good because they had only 3-4 proper games a year.' - hanboroughvilla

And you know what, very little support for a super league unless it means we have a more balanced and competitive domestic game. Interesting, these fans are not the fans you are looking for Green.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 12 2012

Time: 7:24PM

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I know charlie green can come out with some cracking statements at times but I have to make a point here inregards to some of your comments. 1, rangers are a far bigger club thanmost premiership clubs, with a bigger fanbase, bigger stadia etc. they are in Div 3 through mismanagement but even though they are we can still sign playersthat are spl standard. 2, they recently broke the world record for thehighest attendance for a 4th tier game with just under 50000 at the game (villa can only dream of these figures). We had the highest attendance in the whole of the uk a few weeks ago again as a div 3 team. 3, if we were in the EPL we would have a higher revenue and would attract top players and within 5 years we would be a top 4 team easily (sir alex has said this many times in the past) The fact is rangers and celtic for that matter are huge no matter what division theyr in as they are 2 of thw best supported teams in the world....... Ask yourself how many fans would be at a villa game if they ended up in league 2???????
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12/10/2012 20:33:00

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12/10/2012 21:23:00

lol what a mug the guys vindictive rangers will never be back on top again and why should they be involved in a super league they cheated broke rules to win things and now Charles green is moaning because we make 250m in rev just because they cant make 20m id take this with a pinch of salt guys jealous
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12/10/2012 23:12:00

Rangers fan - it really doesn't matter what you think your club would do in the English Premier League, just as it doesn't matter what Aston Villa would do in La Liga or the Bundesliga - it is irrelevant. After years and boring years of there being only two clubs in Scotland with any chance of winning anything, simply because nobody else has any cash, you now have a league with just one team with any chance of winning. You have no clue about playing hard games every time, week in week out. Half of your games are Sunday league standard. Finally, nobody wants Scottish clubs in the Premiership except the only two Scottish clubs of an significance - Celtic and Hibernian.
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13/10/2012 00:03:00

P.S. If you are going to use big words to describe your big club, do try to get them right. The plural of stadium is stadiums, because it derives from Greek, not Latin. And you'd need more than one to have bigger stadia.
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13/10/2012 00:06:00 "league 3" we got thousand vs Bournemouth. Crawl back up Fergustein's cavity Mr Asshole
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13/10/2012 00:56:00

I hope he took his trousers and underpants off before he cleared his throat............
Pride of Lions
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13/10/2012 01:25:00

Its a laft aint it - if i remember correctly Rangers could not enter any European compo this year because they cheated (i.e. wrote checks that their 50,000 plus gate a week could not cash) there way to success for a good few years. - hopefully it will be a good few years before they get anywhere near the SPL or European football again.
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13/10/2012 07:31:00

I am still surprised that UEFA havent adopted a league format for the CL. drop the deadwood and makeweights and base the competition on ability and no doubt financial consideration. If for example, they "invited" the biggest and best 32 clubs to take part and build the format around that, for example four leagues of eight teams, and the top two making a quarter final knock out comp, would probably have a greater interest for the paying public and also make them more financially as there would not be so many mis-matches and also everyone would have to fight for their places, as you could in effect have a promotion and relegation, based on performance from those involved and those looking to get in.
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13/10/2012 13:44:00

This is desperate selfish talk. The bloke only bought the club to make money. He is bitter because most of the players walked for nothing. The fans don't want him there either.
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13/10/2012 17:59:00

If they had Bent they'd have had a 100,000 crowd. Also, having a gve following means ***** all as Wet Spam, Newcastle, Leeds, Somali Heath, Liverpool (recently), have all found out. The tit is out if his mind if he thinks being the second biggest fish in a two fish pond means anything - especially if the pond is Frankley reservoir (SPL) and not Lake Windermere (EPL). It's like Porto comparing themselves with anyone outbid the Spanish or Italian or German league. Pathetic. Ferguson recommended Eck and probably recommended Djemba x2 as well!!!!
Report Abuse
14/10/2012 00:28:00

gve = huge. Outbid = outside.
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14/10/2012 00:31:00

Think that 3rd div of Scottish league would be Bent's level Bill. ;-D Looking at today's papers, he may well go soon aswell. In all seriousness, I appreciate Bent's ability but just don't think that he's what we need.
Report Abuse
14/10/2012 09:24:00

Obviously he utters these incoherent jibberings for the consumption of the Rangers fans, but he should at least base his rhetoric on fact rather than fantasy. It sounds like he's blaming the English for the fact that his club, which despite enjoying every advantage of the SPL's duopoly, including automatic qualification to Europe's present super league, was sent down the toilet by criminal mismanagement. What he fails to acknowledge is that unless he gets to choose the qualification criteria himself, there is no reason to believe that Rangers would automatically qualify for a European super league. Presumably, places would be allocated based upon a country's standing in the FIFA world rankings, just like the Europa Cup. With Scotland presently standing at 56th in the world, why would they be invited?
Steve Wade
Report Abuse
14/10/2012 09:43:00

You may think rangers are a big club rtid in the footballing world but here in oz they are no bigger than villa and that's fact,so please get off your self imposed big horse! Your find that the only recognised Scottish club here is Celtic! Not one of your points stands up as historically villa have won so much more than you in a league regarded as the best,even before the prem lge was invented, and that is my are just bitter. You will always be in a crappy league that only a few have an interest in. Or is it because we have a strong bond with Celtic that bothers you,players and coaching staff wise? You are struggling in the park lge,no one likes you as you are cheats and more arrogant than spurs least they can back it up! Big in your own world small in ours!
brisbane lion
Report Abuse
14/10/2012 12:37:00

'We can still sign players that are Spl standard'....not really a boast that. Its a bit like Fear saying he's the best looking bloke in his shoes.....!
Report Abuse
14/10/2012 18:56:00

What utter crap u talk brisbane lion! Rangers and celtic are in the top ten supported teams in the world. Their derby is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. To suggest that villa have achieved more in football than rangers is hilarious. As for malacaxeta, google it. Rangers smashed the world record attendance for a 4th tier game by having an attendance of 49714 beating the previous record of palace v millwall in 1961 which was a measly 37774. Also the fact is the top epl teams would love rangers and celtic down there its just the small teams like villa that dont. Recently gazza was asked who was the biggest club youve played for and his answer was rangers by a mile and thats from an english legend. My point was if rangers had the tv money that comes with being in the premiership they would be challengers. One last point. A few of you were going on about the spl having always been a 2 horse race, big deal, what about spain? What about the mighty epl for that matter? Realistically 16 of the teams are there to make up the numbers.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 02:47:00

Sorry just had a good giggle at the fact that you're trying to validate your statements with a "Gazza said it so it must be true" argument!
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 06:00:00

Excuse me RTID ...what have Rangers won of any significance?...And don't say the SPL...that's a just a poor sub-standard pub football league...
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 08:05:00

I think Gazza might have come out with that statement when he went with a couple of cans and a fish supper to help raul moat. Rangers have never done anything in europe at least Celtic can say they won the big one just like us. So maybe they should just invite previous winners of the european cup into the european super league.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 09:53:00

Okay celtic won the champions league 45 years ago. We got to the european cup semi final in 92 and got put out by marseille who were found guilty of bribing refs that year. We also got to the uefa cup final a few years ago and took 200000 fans to manchester. We are the people. We follow our club through thick and thin. Wer far more loyal than most epl fans. Wer far more loyal than the self proclaimed best fans in the world (celtic) who when the trouble hit them in the 90s were achieving crowds of 15000. However u all seem to keep missing the point that we ARE a far bugger club than most premiership clubs and thats why they are scared to have us in the epl. I have to laugh at the excuse that was used for years that 'epl is only for ENGLISH clubs' then what happens? Swansea get in hahahaha. Either english people are ***** at geography or they see swansea as a small club with no hope of winning the league so let it be. Their will be a european super league sooner rather than later we WILL be in it, Villa WONT. Plus I used gazza as an example because hes an english legend. Terry buther, mark hately, trevor steven, chris woods, brian laudrup, the de boer twins, gio van bronkhorst, mikel arteta to name a few always go on about the size of us and i'm sure they know alot more about football than you lot who have probably never been to a game in your lives. Also please stop trying to compare us with celtic as much of their history is tainted with ****philia. Also we have a uefa elite 5* stadium and the only old trafford and hampden park can boast to having that in the uk, this is another reason we'l be invited into the super league. Their are only 25 of these in europe.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 10:48:00

RTID if another unknown league got the money the EPL got I'm sure they'd become big clubs too however the reason you don't get it is because of the standard of the SPL, look at the players in SPL compared to EPL there all championship mid table standard at best and theres your reason for the money in SPL compared to EPL, Villa have acheived 10x anything Rangers ever will, have they even acheived anything coz as far as I'm aware Newco Rangers have no history? we can only go by the last time Villa were that far back and Division 3, 3rd tier is the best of my knowledge and we got them kind of attendances that your bragging about, while them fans put up with a couple of miserable years of football, misery of getting relegated etc. you were just put there as a replacement of Rangers, what would you expect? If your club become crap and a few seasons later was fairly relegated to tier 3 you'd get attendances of 2000 up there let alone if you went to tier 4
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 11:06:00

RTID. Villa have won the European Cup Rangers have simply won nothing outside Scotland but I have no reason to insult the scottish teams or the SPL with the chairman you have he can talk the SPL down quicker than anybody. I would guess the vast majority of Rangers fans are totally embaressed by him.As for quoting history and players at us you could not pick a worse team to do that to as one of the original founders of the football league.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 12:01:00

Rangers v Celtic is only a big game in Scotland and Ireland you miss guided man.lived in Spain, it was only watched by scot expats.the only games watched are barca and real.its only watched around europe by again a few scots ,as I said its the prem here in Australasia, china,Japan, etc. It's only you lot up their who rave about it,and its not for football reasons ,maybe in Boston you might get an interest but please,it's not the biggest game in the world football Calander. And your comments regards what gazza said,,,,,priceless .....what did you say you won in world football??? Nothing! And the reason so many fans travel out of Glasgow is because its the most depressing place outside of Coventry..... Fact.. And yes ,I have been their a few times.....
brisbane lion
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 12:32:00

RTID you have lost the plot, great rant tho I really enjoyed it. Have rangers won away from home yet in the highland division 3. I noticed Celtic won away in the champions league the other week so it is totally unfair to compare you both now. As they say your leagues apart. VTID
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 19:38:00

Avdomfc Technically ur full of pish. Rangers won the cup winners cup which of course is a european trophy............also rangers fc history is intact, only deluded celtic fans and clowns like u say otherwise and we have won more trophies than any other club on the planet........FACT. I know the spl is ***** but that makes us getting to the semi final of the european cup in 92 even better. When villa and celtic won the european cup it wasnt as difficult as half the teams were part time back then
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 20:06:00

RTID, your lot brought 200000 fans to Manchester and they wrecked the place, Celtic brought 200000 to Seville and had a ball. The only common denominator: both teams were beaten. Nobody doubts the passion of Glasgow as a football city, but Charles Green comes in to the category of throwing stones in glass houses with comments like those. The nearest Rangers are going to get to playing in England in the near future will be your trips to Berwick Rangers. Enjoy the rebuilding, RTID, the long way back not the fast track to the top.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 20:07:00

As for u brisbane lion. Our games this season have had reporters from the u.s, australia, japan, canada, france, spain, brazil, and many other countries such is the interest in us even at the lowly level we find ourselves so to say theirs no interest is a load of *****.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 20:10:00

Madrish celtic took 60000 to seville........also we will be in the spl next this space
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 20:12:00

Also their were a few fans that wrecked the place who are total scum, i know because i was there and i can assure u the vast majority of fans were great. Plus that comment is a bit rich from an english fan-are they not the most hated fans around europe due to their hooligan element????????
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 20:20:00

RTID, I'm Irish (take off your blinkers and look at my username), the most loved fans in Europe, proud to have been born in Birmingham to Irish parents, living in the emerald isle and passionate about the team I love, Aston Villa.
Report Abuse
15/10/2012 22:20:00

Isn't there a Rangers site you should be posting on pal, because look at the start of this article 'Some humour now'....this whole subject is what it is...a joke. Who give a monkey's what the boss of some team in the Scotish Tampax Unibond Highland league says.....nobody on here love.
Report Abuse
16/10/2012 09:10:00


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