Aston Villa - Lack Of Respect From Fans. What Is With That?
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Lack Of Respect From Fans. What Is With That?

This article will probably go down like the proverbial... errr, something that goes down badly... ahem...

We talk about respect for the #19th minute quite rightly, loving it when away fans join in the clapping and when on the road we sing to those who don`t join in (and to be fair, a good few are probably in ignorance of what we are doing and why, otherwise they would clap) 'no respect my Lord`

However as two tweets from yesterday`s game show, respect is a two way thing?

Tom Ross ‏@thegoalzone
Well done to Baggies fans for joining in with Villa fans on 19mins for applause for Petrov

A baggies fan then tweeted:

@thegoalzone I'd like to congratulate villa fans on being morons for cheering Chris Brunts obvious injury. Shame class didn't work both ways

Can`t argue with that really. When did we start cheering injuries as I must have missed the memo? And then instead of the usual clap as an injured players leaves the field of play, he was getting red card esque cheerio waves.

Has respect gone now? It bloody well shouldn`t have, surely we can, as a fan base, do better than that? Bad enough the constant songs about a team who aren`t even in our league (in more ways than one) but you don`t cheer a player being injured? WTF?

Ramble over, just found it off and most surprising, we`ve usually more humour and grace.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 1 2012

Time: 2:40PM

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The "majority" don`t do it,but you will never eradicate this sort of thing. Like it or not,it`s what some supporters do.Anything to ridicule ,take the ***** and generally annoy and antagonise the opposition.
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01/10/2012 14:49:00

just looked classless. Agree the majority don't, but there were a fair few yesterday with the waving (which I love when a player is sent off, but not injured ffs!)
The Fear
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01/10/2012 14:51:00

Hmmmm. Recall the death march being sung and chant's of he's going home in a f@@@@@ ambulance in the good old days! A little booing seems mild in comparison but I wouldn't personally do it. Even though I have a totally irrational dislike of Chris Brunt.
Cheshire Villan
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01/10/2012 14:57:00

Yeah thats poor.. really bad taste. absolutely no need for it at all.
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01/10/2012 15:00:00

I'm 110% (a la Wayne) behind you on this. If we fans don't keep our chants focused on 'football' issues i becomes an arms race, with each set of fans trying to out-do the other in ever more degrading chants. You only have to look at Liverpool/Man U crowds to see what it can develop into, with certain sections of fans crowing about the Munich air disaster and Hillsborough. The answer is for our own fans to stick to what is decent banter and keep off the rest - no matter what the opposition do. As an important fan grouping, perhaps we should apologise to Vital Baggies, pointing out that it is only the morons, and that they do attach themselves to every club.
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01/10/2012 15:01:00

Having said that there is quite a difference in Petrov's life threatening situation compared to a player picking up an injury in a match.. To compare the two is also completely wrong in my opinion
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01/10/2012 15:02:00

There was waving at Chris Brunt but it's not like he was going off on a stretcher with a broken leg, it was clearly a pulled hamstring. I would rather this didn't occur but talk of apologies is a tad dramatic.
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01/10/2012 15:09:00

a twisted ankle or Luekameia.... can you even compare them????
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01/10/2012 15:13:00

As for bringing Hillsborough and Munich into the debate, that is absolutely ridiculous.
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01/10/2012 15:17:00

I did cringe a little when the cheers erupted for Brunt going down. Thought that was quite unusual for our lot...
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01/10/2012 15:29:00

Morons ?? ..... have you ever seen the baggies fans away from home at The Molineux ? ...... he pulled up with a hamstring gone during forward play ! hardly a catastrophic terminal disease like Acute Leukaemia ..... moronic to suggest such a thing. UTV
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01/10/2012 15:45:00

lets face it, almost anything is far better than you had from fans a few decades ago. all abuse is mindless, but to many of us it is banter and a release from our own lives. it is when that mindless becomes tasteless that we have a problem. Re the Brunt injury. I wonder how many of those who booed, would have done so if they knew he was seriously injured instead of blindly assuming he was facking? I remember the Spurs fans who behaved superbly to a man when Fabrice Muamba collapsed. It was clear that he was in serious trouble, but you like to think that though banter and a bit of niggle will and should always remain, we also have the basics od human compassion in 99% of us
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 16:06:00

Exactly Oxfordspur. I was extremely close to the incident and it was clear he wasn't seriously injured. Unfortunately, due to players constantly feigning injury it is difficult to know when someone is hurt. Obviously, when he was going toward the tunnel he was hurt but you could see it wasn't the most serious of injuries.
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01/10/2012 16:15:00

The thing about this that grinds my gers is i like how Neil at the goalzone says ''the villa fans'' that booed err it wasn;t every villa fan unless i was transported through a parralell universe into the twilight zone, as to me some did yeah not all pity Neil at the goalzone didn't find time to put a few extra words into his paragraph and say ''A SECTION OR SOME OF THE VILLA FANS BOOED BRUNT'S INJURY'' The moron!
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 16:15:00

In almost total agreement, I ALWAYS expect Villa fans to be more intelligent than opposing fans so, at the very least, I expect any negative comments on an opposing injured player to be funny.......the song about Adebayore was in very bad taste - it was also very funny
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 16:19:00

Oh I'm not talking about apologising notthedougellis, I am like homer simpson in that respect "I'm sorry, I don't apologise, that is just the way I am!!
Wasn't really compariing danceoftheshamen, the article just sprung up having seen the two tweets, was sort of comparing fans reactions, certainly not the illness/injury comparisons!

You miss the point of the article astonmilan, or you might be addressing your comment to the Baggie fan I quoted I guess. I just think a bit of sportsmanship in the game makes it all the better.

Agree clive, trouble is ALL fans are lumped with such things, no matter what. Not fair, not right but it is the presses way (and to be fair, us fans do it as well!)

YOu could very clearly see from where I was notthedougellisstand (half way line by bench) that his hamstring had gone. Not that difficult. If it was just falling over and then the next minute runnign around, fine, but as said, it was fecking obvious even from a slight distance. I just expect better I think!
The Fear
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01/10/2012 17:23:00

A lot of difference comparing brunt's hamstring strain to petrov's cancer battle !!
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01/10/2012 18:05:00

Fear dude i admit i was really shouting ''WEHEEEEY'' and all that myself to Brunt, but if thats me a moron then i don't know what the feck some of the Baggies Small Heath Athletic fans am over the years the things they sing n do, I aint gonna hide the fact i took the pizz out of Brunt stuff it im comin out i ain't lying no more hehehe
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 19:38:00

At first i thought i will deny i took the pizz but why should we be ashmaed of doing a bit of banter, cmon lets get real here, we aint exactly Manuire or Liverscouse fans singing about the dead in tradgedies are we?? Anyway Brunt is a noob ;)
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 19:40:00

Whoa - nobody was comparing Brunt's injury with Hillsborough or Munich - if that's what you read you aren't trying very hard. What I said was questioning where you draw the link between good old banter and something else. Am I the only Villa fan who remembers the Austrian crowd throwing stuff at Andreas when he was injured over there? I didn't like that and I don't like it when Villa fans do something that isn't too much different. You could say that apologies are over the top maybe, but for me cheering when players get injured isn't what football is about. And the fact that the Baggies or Citeh morons do it is no excuse - it just means we are as much morons as they are.
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01/10/2012 21:12:00

"draw the link"? = draw the line ...
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01/10/2012 21:13:00

I remember against Hull a few years back when Jimmy Bullard went off injured and it looked serious and I think every Villa fan in the ground clapped and cheered him off. We're not all that bad....
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01/10/2012 21:41:00

LoLBob what you on about lol im not on about you or anybody comparing Brunt's inury to Hillsboro or Munich tradgedy im merely saying its not as if we did anything that bad is it thats all, the way the media jump on these things is ridiculous, Football is tribal its us against them as BCV says in the forum the day fans all go arrrr its a shame towards the opposition team football dies its that simple, it was a derby game them and us one of there better players had to go off arrr shame erm nope it wasn't it was a good thing tbh ;)
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01/10/2012 22:17:00

To be fair when the cheers went up from the Holte End, it looked like he just fell over. No idea at that moment that it was an injury.
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01/10/2012 22:25:00

Lack of respect, lack of class, alcohol obviously plays a part.
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01/10/2012 23:35:00

Two things - one is perspective. Stan has a serious, life-threatening illness, whereas Brunt tweaked his hamstring. Secondly, if you take away the non-PC elements of football, the banter, and yes, the abuse, you will be left with a sterile middle-class environment populated with serious-minded Guardian readers. Do we really want that at football matches?
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02/10/2012 08:55:00

Your argument doesn't hold, itplowe, because it misses the fact that we aren't talking about 'banter' here, we're talking about cheering injuries. I date back to the days when the Holte End had running battles with Blackburn, Tottenham, Millwall and just about everyone else, but I don't remember cheering injuries. And to throw your question back at you, instead of serious-minded Guardian readers, how would you like a ground full of yobbish morons with knives in their pockets? I thought football was supposed to be more family-friendly these days?
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 12:03:00

Well tbh i only had one beer before the match when i shouted ''WHEEEEEEY'' i really don't see that as being classless nor nasty, these are grown men ffs earning thousends a week ad plus they are our rivals, so i was happy they lstan influencial midfielder for them tbh it was an advatage to my team thats how i saw it, if that makes me a nasty classless moon then so be it, i also hope any team we play has to sub off there best players when we play them, im all for Villa gaining any advantage possible we need points simple as that for me as long as noone is seriousley hurt i will join in taking the pizz as they would also do!
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 12:08:00

The way Bob you are making it out is as though it was a Muamba incident that fans cheered about, its was a bloodey hamstring injury wow thats really terrible, nah for me the day we lose banter and our vocal fans the day i would prefer to watch Villa at home on TV and im being serious.
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 12:11:00

I fear the game is turning into a soft touch tbh, im amazed our fans are getting stick from our own over this, i forsee a dull atmosphere at games in the near future if the Vocal fans that luv a bit of banter and singing are moaned about as the club will end up looking out for vocal fans weve heard stories already about fans being targeted by the club who stand up and sing etc i hope we can all realise football is tribal rivalry not hooliganism but this is not that ffs.
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 12:40:00

Ultimately, it was obvious it was a hamstring injury. This isn't a serious, career-threatening injury. Whenever players have suffered serious injuries and gone off on stretchers I have only ever seen/heard fans clap the player. I think the majority of us know when an injury is serious.
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 13:13:00

BobTheBuilder thinks that the alternative to a sterile, PC middle class atmosphere, is "a ground full of yobbish morons with knives." That's an argument as childish as his pen name. Football stadiums can be loud, boisterous, humorous and partisan places, with non-knife carrying ordinary people letting off steam and supporting their team. Nothing to do with yobs and violence, and let's not take the cheering of an opposition player's tweaked hamstring as a cataclysmic event. If Suarez falls over in our penalty box should we applaud politely, and say, "Oh yes referee, that's a clear penalty. Good show you Reds."?
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 16:50:00

itpowe agree Bob along with a few others are way overeacting to this incident, i mean i have one eye lol that works and soon the vision in that will disapear so im not exactley the yob cheering Brunts injury and a threat to anyone lol im a dad of 3 lads also but banter is not serious its a bit of stick thats all, there may well be some nutters at VP but there are nutters everywhere in life lol lets keep this real i say it was nothing imo
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 17:48:00


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