Aston Villa - Lazy Darren Bent? Don't Make Me Laugh!
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Lazy Darren Bent? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Seems that the post match comments from Paul Lambert and those from Darren Bent were slightly different!

Lambert was saying he had no problem with Bent, he didn`t drop him, he just made a different team selection!

bent close up

Seems to be the major talking point between fans at the moment, we`ve done a poll and an article or two re: who do you play up front.

One caller to the Radio WM phone in made me laugh on the way home, he said all Bent does is score tap ins.

SO? We surely need a poacher? Reason he has struggled in the last season or two is because our other players don`t shoot or set him up so he had very little to feed off. This season we are shooting and he`ll get plenty of re-bounds etc. He also does score more than tap ins. However, some fans miss the skill involved with these players being able to read the game and being in the right place at the right time. People say he is lazy. People said the same about Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Gary Linekar etc. All great strikers. We need a man who just puts the ball in the net.

He is the sort of selfish striker I think we`ve missed for a long time.

Bent said after the game it had been a hard few weeks first losing the captaincy and then being dropped. I`m not sure yet that this sort of man management is going to help us, time will tell. He answered his critics coming on and scoring. Both Kevin Phillips and Dwight Yorke said (yes, I'm sad enough to record the games to re-watch as well as going!) the goal he took was far harder to take than it looked and required good skill.

Hopefully he`ll not be dropped... sorry, not selected again. We might just rely on his goals to keep us in the league this season as we undertake this massive transition under Lambert.

On the twittershere: James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey
Bent was definitely unhappy & shocked at being on bench. But Lambert did warn him in Saturday's Mirror

When Lambert was asked, he rightly said there aren`t favourites and no one is big enough not to be dropped at some point.

"I don't have any favourites. Everybody is in the same boat. It doesn't matter to me who is worth what, it is who is performing. The team is more important than any individual - we have to get a winning team. Christian coming in has been a major help to us and been huge. Gabby getting back fully fit has been a big help as well.'

Been surprised personally - and obviously Lambert is only just through the door, he is going to have to 'play` around with things to get a full feel of this team, what each player is capable of etc, so this isn`t a criticism - that Benteke has been put straight into the team and not introduced a little more slowly. Massive jump up the Belgian league and Ghent to the Premiership and Villa.

That said, Lamberts side, in Lambert we trust... so !!!!!!!!!!!!

Must say I was surprised at the poll result: SO.. Who Do We Play Up Front v Baggies?

bent heading

And a reminder a post from holtelower:

Bent is our best forward by an absolute country mile - in fact - hang on five , I'll find the stats....

Darren Bent - 148 goals
Gabby - 54 goals
Weimann - 6 goals
Benteke - 45 goals

So Darren Bent 148 goals - the rest put together 105 goals

Or lets put Bent's Villa career into perspective - 43 games 19 goals -so a one in two strike rate, in the worst Villa team I have ever seen.

It is 100% obvious to me, we play this style of football and Darren Bent will get at least 25 goals this year - put it this way, if he was on the pitch on Wed - and Gabby's ball was parried - are you telling me Bent wouldn't have been there to tap it in ? He also set Benteke up 3 times in 7 minutes against Swansea. Then against Southampton he put us in the lead - then Benteke had the chance to kill the game off and put us two nil up and missed - and the rest is history.

Gabby and Bent showed under Houllier they can be a formidable combination.

And now we have a manager who is going to play to their strengths, people want him dropped for a player who has scored 1 goal ?

I bloody hope Benteke goes on to be a Villa legend, however at the moment, he reminds me of Heskey, but he came from abroad, not Leicester so people somehow think he is fantastic. Unbelievable

Yup, I often wish he`d come off the fence and say what he really thinks as well!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 1 2012

Time: 1:03PM

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how could benteke remind you of heskey!!?!?
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01/10/2012 13:28:00

Think we all better get used to the fact that Lambert will try out different formations throughout the season as he did at Norwich. He is looking for consistancy of performance and against different sides I am sure Bent will again be first choice, in some games I am sure Benteke will drop to the bench at least rotating the strikers will keep them hungy and determined. But yes I do trust Lambert to get it right we needed the boost in numbers which we now have hopefully the next step will be to add less bodies and more quality.
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01/10/2012 13:48:00

Darren Bent should be first choice striker. Villa simply aren't good enough at the moment without his contributions. His goals -- arguably -- kept the club up last year. However, eventually Villa will be built around Benteke and Weimann and strikers of that ilk. Owen, Lineker and Fowler wouldn't get into the first eleven of the big five (Man Utd, Man Citeh, Arsenal, spurs and Chelsea) today. They probably wouldn't even get into the squads. There are reasons Owen is currently at Stoke, no longer plays for England and rarely started for Man Utd even when fit. Poaching is dying out. Few -- if any -- of the top European club sides use one. Lambert might have put Bent on the bench because he wanted to try a different system without him. If he did it was probably a mistake. Bent is experienced and a team player. His type of striker though is on the way out in the medium to long term. Villa can player a system with DB9 at the focal point -- for now -- but if the club wants to get back into the big time then new ideas and approaches might be needed.
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01/10/2012 14:10:00

Yep Merlin you're correct Iv said it a few times in the comments Norwich started with more different formations than any other team in the EPL last year... It amazes me how people criticise DB9 the most difficult thing in football is putting the ball in the net we have a player who does it on the reg and people think he brings nothing to the team... Amazing absolutely amazing... I remember a game against Liverpool a few years ago he did jack***** for the game and ended up scoring the winner... Now I know they are vastly different players but the end product is the same... Goalscorers are like this they can do nothing for 85minutes then bang theres the late winner or equaliser your team never looked like scoring... His all round game has improved since he came here he isnt great in the air but he does enough to win a few and put defenders under pressure... He has flaws in his game I think he will even admit that he isnt the most technically gifted player his touch can be found wanting at times having said that striking the ball and hitting the back of the net does require significant skill so he clearly has ability... DB was the missing piece in the puzzle when we were top 6 too many games Carew and Gabby missed chances DB would have scored... We have finally have a 20 goal a season striker and a proven goalscorer and people complain... Top managers have said he is one of the best off the ball strikers int he game and people complain... To any doubters would you have Hernandez in your team and over DB9? If yes why?
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01/10/2012 14:22:00

I don't disagree with much of what is said above, but I think we need to stop thinking of rotation, team changes, experiments - whatever - in terms of being 'right' or 'mistakes'. Managers simply have to experiment with different personnel and formations in live Prem matches - there is no other way. Sometimes it will go well and sometimes it won't, but a decent manager will learn something every match. It's more complicated than that, though - the manager also has to find the right personnel and formation for every different team we play. Isn't that complexity what makes football the beautiful game?
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01/10/2012 15:09:00

Ahem. Let me clear my throat pre-rant about DB9...... I've said it all before and can't be bothered to repeat as it offends some for various reasons. VWRA ( I think) put it well in another article. Bent's time is gone. We need a multi talented striker/attacker/finisher/holder upper etc. he wil do we'll as a solskjaer type player and may well start in some but should DEFINITELY NOT be the first name on the team sheet or captain....
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01/10/2012 15:10:00

Agree 100%, Bob the Builder. Brendan Rodgers stumbled upon some answers to his many problems when he was forced to field a second string against WBA who played better than the first team. You are absolutely right there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers. Just results. Win, lose or draw.
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01/10/2012 15:34:00

I'm sorry but we definately need DB9 in the team. We do need a multi talented striker/attacker/finisher/holder upper etc but we haven't got one. Given the chances DB9 will deliver. No one else can regularly score for us. Gbby may chip in with the odd goal here and there until Xmas but that ain't good enough. Midfield won't be scoring much, so where is the goals coming from if DB9 isn't in the team. Some times I despair...........
Pride of Lions
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01/10/2012 15:38:00

correctomondo, PoL. Bent isn't world class but he does the job for Villa. Time and time again. He and the club are made for each other. He might not be with the Villa when they get back to the big time but he'll have helped them get there. And the fans will remember.
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01/10/2012 15:45:00

Most of them!!!
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01/10/2012 15:46:00

sorry for essays :)
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01/10/2012 15:48:00

V444 I would prefer a striker like Torres who can do a bit of everything and gets his share of goals but a player like that costs hefty money... If Gabby and Benteke guaranteed 15 goals a piece each season you would have a valid argument but the fact of the matter is goals push you up the table... With our current strikers DB is first name on the team sheet I will grant you he's no captain... May be Im a little too close minded but I cant see how DB is not key to this team... I dont want to use the take Bents goals away argument because it is a little invalid but the fact is we have nobody replace his goals and similarly we have nobody to replace Irelands link up play... I dont think you can discount Bent as bringing nothing to the side except goals anymore either his link up, hold up and winning the ball back is much better... Why you would want Gabby in the team ahead of Bent is strange Gabby isnt being considered for the England team where as Bent is I think that says it all... Bent unfortunately is one of those players that people have an irrational dislike for... Bent coming on as a super sub does not validate your claim either... I respect peoples opinion as that what football is about but this is one of those opinions that baffles me... I totally understand your arguments even if you dont believe that but his goals alone render outweigh your argument not to mention the performances of the men that replaced him... Gabby had an ok game at best he went large periods without so much as a mention similar to your criticism of DB and to use Nevilles word of the day Benteke was erratic... His performance was a clear indication that he needs more time to adjust... DB has his flaws but they do not justify him becoming third similarly DB goals do not warrant him playing every single game despite me saying is first name on the team sheet... I suppose all I can say is each player will get their fair share of games to show what they can do... regardless of whether they take their chances or not the Witch-Hunt against Bent will continue...
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01/10/2012 15:48:00

Does anybody remember Warren Aspinall at Villa (late 80's)? He was the same as Bent, would do nothing all game and then in the 89th min up he would pop and score the winner. However I'm a big fan of this new system of packing out the midfield with talent, like Swansea did last season. They only had Danny Graham as a striker ( Lets not mention Luke Moore !!). Instead they had talented midfielders like Dyer, Sinclair and Allen. We are starting with Holman and Ireland (to a certain extent), but we need more players like Lampard, Milner, Gerrard, Bale .... the list goes on. Why have a defensive midfielder ? I'd prefer 5 attacking midfielders and 5 across the back. It's definitely the way forward.
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01/10/2012 15:59:00

Up until last season, i always felt that Bent would run all day to chase any lost cause and press the defence, whether as a lone striker of not. I had massive respect for him during his time with Spurs because he worked so tirelessly. The same seemed evident at Sunderland. Last season I dont think he even had any lost causes to chase and was always far to isolated to be really effective. I havent seen his this season, but I do wonder if his days with you are numbered, based on what is or perhaps isnt being said
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01/10/2012 16:10:00

Benteke is no Heskey totally unfair imo, Benteke is 21 and causes havoc amongst defences like yesterday barging an Albion defender off the ball like he wasn't there yes he could have scored but he is still adapting to his new team and country in time he will be great for us, As for Bent this may be what he needed a kick up the backside back to reality knowing now his plaice is at threat, in Lambert i trust!UTV!
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01/10/2012 16:11:00

I think the idea behind keeping a DM is to give protection to the backline allowing the FB's to attack with more freedom... Even Barca play with a DM teams essentially play a loose 3 man backline...
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01/10/2012 16:24:00

I think Lambert knows everyone's limitations and in some respect I understand 444 and apparently so does Lambert given the latest selection. It does good to rotate and it injects freshness all round. But until we have 35 mil to spunk on a striker who can do everything...anyone?...then we have to stick with using what we have - Gab will have to be the foil as he has the pace the others dream of, Benteke will develop nicely towards what PL/444 wants and DB9 will do what he does with a bit more linking - like he did when he set up Benteke. Ibrahimovic and Rooney are the only link strikers I can think of but they are out if our league - even VPersie doesn't do that much team play...Messi is a one off and Henry was unique in his shot accuracy. I think too many people think that DB9s type are long gone - its more to the point that a new type of MF has appeared in the shape of Xavi / Fabregas / Iniesta - who are interchangeable with the striker...this doesn't work unless the whole team is built around this took nearly a decade (?) for people to cotton on that Middlesboro had the right idea with Juninho - just the wrong manager.
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01/10/2012 16:34:00

koolbill and tvrwhitey you both make some good points. Yes, some of us might have got it wrong about the 'poacher' being on the way out. After all a decade ago 'passing' aka 'Tiki-Taki' football was supposed to be dead. The footballer of the future was supposed to be an athlete who could play football (E.g Cristiano Ronaldo) and not a footballer who had athletic ability. If you told a footie 'expert' in 2002 that the some of best players in 2012 would be midgets like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta you'd have been laughed out of town. If you told them that Spain/Barca would dominate European and world football playing an intricate passing game you'd have probably been certified. Those sides are so talented that they can play without strikers. Other sides can't. They need a focal point. Lambert is trying to find out what works for Villa -- on a budget -- and he need the support of the fans. Agree with The Fear -- on another thread -- that we should back him even -- unlikely as it is -- the side go down. He's deffo the right man for the job.
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01/10/2012 17:02:00

Was a very good finish through several players yesterday and especially seeing Benteke had easier chances BUT that's only his second this season gents. We shouldn't get carried away thinking that he's a guaranteed 20 per season player just through playing him. There's a time and a place for all our strikers and they offer different threats to opposition defences. The trick is to get them all playing well and having the next one ready from the off as soon as he comes in because another is off form. I have a lot of faith in PL being one of the best men around for the job....
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01/10/2012 17:17:00

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01/10/2012 17:18:00

some interesting opinions (and differences of opinions) here, fascinating stuff. I love Vital Villa! Then again a) I'm biased b) I don't have a life! ;o)
The Fear
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01/10/2012 17:31:00

Dont agree with the Lineker comment - hes arguably the best English player ever, after Gary Shaw. I have played against a few pros and semi pros before but he was like a ******** alien, even at 14-15
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01/10/2012 18:11:00

I vote the two inexperienced forwards for a try, Weimann and Benteke. Why? Wiemann is good at finding, as well as making, space and has a brilliant shot on him, whether in or out the box. Benteke for any corners, holding up defenders, skill involved and the obvious, scoring (when he does). I sound like a numpty, yes, but I would be willing to gamble. Maybe not against spurs, but certainly I would give them a run. Start N'Zogbia too, I am fed up of Delph even being in the squad now and I just want to see two natural wingers with the snake charmer and hyper ozzy in the middle.
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 18:50:00

And no, I do not rate Delph what so ever,
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
01/10/2012 18:50:00

Benteke and Gabby were the strike force that led the team against Man City, in which we won 4-2 and created numerous chances to score. As a result, they were kept in the team against West Brom with Bent on the bench. THAT'S THE STORY!!! Nothing else. Shame the parasites in the media are claiming 'Bent is sent for showdown talks!' His exact words were "we'll probably talk next week".
Report Abuse
02/10/2012 15:53:00

Villa444 like your rants but your nuts :]
Report Abuse
03/10/2012 00:27:00

Regarding Delph - I had previously not been impressed but when he has played this season he has been pretty good he has more touches than most of the other players and his passing accuracy i think so far has been consistently around and above 90% no problem with him being in the team at all.
Report Abuse
03/10/2012 13:30:00


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