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Who Do You Play Up Front v Baggies Then???

A nice little talking point following a poll suggestion from Merlin128777

Who would you play up front on Sunday against WBA?

Gabby came on v Man City in the league cup like a caged lion... well, a caged lion who had been let out... err, I wish I`d not started on this talk about lions now if I`m honest with you!

So he has obviously been handled right and is hungry. Bent scored at St Mary`s but then, Benteke has been looking decent as well.

I`d hate to be a manager!

The options:

Bent & Benteke
Benteke & Gabby
Go for it with all 3
Other options/one up front
Bent & Gabby

Forum thread re: team selection dilemmas: Click Here

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 26 2012

Time: 5:00PM

Your Comments

well last season it would have been Hutton as a lone striker!
Normally I'm not shy about screaming my opinion to all my mates and telling them exactly who should play and why, but I'm very very glad i don't have to make this decision. I'm also very glad that we're in a position that makes us have to make difficult team selection choices like this.
Holte End Hero
Benteke and Gabby all day long. Bent needs a boot up the arse. Even though he scored last week, he misses FAR too many chances.
Bent and Gabby. Bring on Benteke second half. Make WestBrom adjust, he will course damage like he did against Swansea. Bent will be hungry to play and score. Weimann's due a goal up front also.
Gabby scores his first goals since November 5th and all of a sudden he is 'the man'? Lambert las t season showed he knows how to get the best out of his strikers to keep them on their toes. Grant Holt scored 15 goals but only started 24 games. For 12 games he was on the bench. If previous Villa Managers had benched our top scorer for every third game there would be a lynching, because apparently we know better than the managers. Personally I trust in PL to work with what he has to get the best results. There are arguments for and against all the options open to him. But as I have been saying for weeks now, get you money on Villa to be having plenty of goals in their games (both for and against) as the team takes shape. This season is going to have more ups and downs than whores draws and we should sit back, enjoy the ride and not get ourselves hung up on who starts, is benched, subbed or whatever. If you try to make sense of this season you will go mad. So get down to Villa Park. Enjoy the games. Play your part in making supporting the Villa fun again. UTV. The 19th minute.
Despite what I have said about not getting hung up on the options I am a little surprised that Weiman isn't one of the options available. I think he has looked as good as any of the other three.
Hopefully Liverpool take West Brom into Extra Time and destroy them :-)
I agree with Voice especially about Gabby its great to see him score and all but we shouldnt get ahead of ourselves...
Agree VOTH should add Weiman to the options, otherwise the vote of "other options" will not be very clear. WGB for me, with a B from Belgium.
Erm hard i go for - Weimann + gabby, benteke come on for weimann we need work sock off and supply full various range and gabby use pace to nightmare defence. Weimann can find space from no where and pop right place, find space for creative force use brain. gabby drag away or find space (use his bolt speed) plus chase no hope lose balls.his form are great kept it way. Benteke fake shoulder, control ball and big to wreck defence, and flick, aerial power, finisher, his skill striker better that all striker we have beside delfouneso benteke will come good when experience same to weimann. Benteke need time and use premiership and team first and he will big impact... seem like we can let bent goas he lack create for him that all he is good pop up and tap..but his tap goal will very very usefully. other 3 striker can find for create chance for 3 ie gabby and both benteke and weimann and fail converse chance to goals.I like both him more that bent. bent...stillfore we need ruthless and cunning tap expert if he find chance more that normal. By way we need one more striker who possese super skill and pass with trickery, finisher long range, creative for bent so will prefect various tactical option depend opponents centre half. i Prefer New creative + bent benteke + any striker, gabby + lone style (or weimann) weimann + any striker. Bowey I dont know him so I can't comment him
I agree with everthing Danny_villaman says... he makes some very valid points lol :-)
Onyx - NI Villan
VOTH: You know 444 is gonna kick your ass for daring to suggest Gab isn't the messiah don't you...also, don't you know that Bent is terrible at everything and the reason we lose games and the reason no-one else scores because he can't do the easiest job in the league and kick a ball in from 6 yards.....;-)
Eck out.
I personally would go for 3 up front and change it up later on. For me, Gabby, Benteke and Wiemann starting. Yes, I am very attacking minded :L I say Gabby for pace and splitting WBA's formation apart Benteke for strength and skill and Weimann because he has very good shot accuracy and can find space if not make space as well as be a handful himself. 3 troubling attackers that will rip the defense and maybe even midfield apart.
Avfc94 we do
Bent & Benteke with NZgobia in the hole, Gabby on one side and Holman on the other. Run them ragged!
2 Reasons for the poll Voice 1. A manager gets all the flak for making "wrong choices" so its interesting to see a diverse opinion on the options available and shows just how hard Lamberts job is . 2 If we dont discuss the team no point in having the site is there ? . For me personally more than happy to leave it to Lambert and my apologies for leaving Weimann out he deserves to be included, But what a nice problem to have after last season. UTV
I like the way Benteke holds up the ball, but as for bent or gabby, i'd rotate them. Just don't think they play well together. As for Weimann I think i'd play him out on the wing and let him come inside too. its good that we now have options. Either Gabby or Bent on the bench and with Weimann on the pitch we have Nzog or Albrighton as options to come on too. On a separate note, sort of glad Ireland is out and Delph is getting a chance.
Is Danny_villaman Garth Crookes in disguise?
koolbill - lmao. I am looking over my shoulder in case 444 ever decides to visit VP to give me his opinion.
It's a big denial of love if you ask me!!!
Bent scores a tap in from 2 yards and we lose the game. Agree with all the points on the others. I'm not a hater. Just don't believe the hype that some see in bent. Benteke has missed a few that Bent would've buried NO DOUBT. BUT, he gets himself in the position through his hard work, physique and talent that bent will not. Everyone knows that getting the chances is the hard bit as was proved last season. That was a lol as you did what you wanted and wound me up last week Voth. You can take the wing mirrors off your shoulder pads. We all love the Villa and we should be able to voice our opinions without people taking it personally. Gabby has done more for us and will be Villa forever unlike some. Wiemann and Benteke are the future.
444 and VOTH, sitting in a tree A.R.G.U.I.N.G. See what I did there? That was ace. Agree with 444 though, all opinions are wanted and valid, as are goals from whomever they come...equally though I hope Bents upturn in teamwork ethic and Gabbys upturn in fitness and hardwork ethic are rewarded with an optimal rotation scheme between the trilogy of Bent, Benteke and Gabby with Weimann and Bowery eventually stepping up to the plate. However, in my heart of hearts I truly believe that Weimann won't stay and will eventually be replaced by Bowery with a view to him stepping up to the plate when Bent leaves...The real future ladies and Gents is Benteke, Gab and's all folks ;-)
I do laugh. When Bent scored a tap in to beat Man Citeh on his debut everybody said that we had finally got the goal poacher we had been missing. His goals were an important reason we stayed up when he arrived. Last season he was on 9 goals despite being played as a target man by the previous manager and not really adapting to his strengths, before he was injured. He played half a season and was top scorer. He is the only player to have scored in more than one game this season. However the discussion is not about the good and bad of a player, it is at the stupidity of some fans that choose to slate players rather than support. We had a great win the other night and the first comment by some was to slag off the players who were not playing. It is that mentality that makes some people think we are all whingers. How about in the future when we go to the home of the team who bought the League and beat them with our team that cost 15% of theirs, that we just sing praises and raise the feel good factor, rather than use it as a stick to beat other players with. How can we move forward, create a feelgood, confident atmosphere that will in turn encourage greater effort and confidence when we are having to fight against our own fans who are intent on dragging us all down?? Be positive. Talk positive. Talk us up. I am pretty sure there will be enought times to debate rights and wrongs, but not straight after one of our best victories for a while.
Some can't see what is obvious to everyone else. Bent playing takes away from everyone else as he's too much of a focus every attack as he can't do anything else other than be the final touch on a move. Others can do that and a general job for the team. NOT all of us wanted a poacher, not everyone wanted bent or got a boner when we signed him. Not everyone thinks the same believe it or not. The current poll puts you in the minority. A re-evaluation of who is stupid in your eyes is seriously needed. Stuck in the past where Bent would've thrived. You need to open your mind to 21st century football. No-one plays with someone who "just poaches " anymore. Bent needs a time machine.
The only reason bent was slagged off the other night is because it allowed everyone else to play. Nzogbia's best game by far. He doesn't have to support bent and did what he does best!! Some foolish supporters would rather slag off other fans as they don't agree with what they foolishly think. Everything claret and blue isn't always perfect. Wish it was but everyone needs to question things rather than brushing them under the carpet or we'd have had Eck for years. Some are too long in the tooth to change their views or tricks.
444 you are tiresome now. I am not saying whether Bent should play or shouldn't. Some think he should some think he shouldn't. Everybody has their own views. The issue is the negative attitude of some fans to a great result. I never even mentioned you 444. We win at the home of the team who have bought the league and scored 4 goals. A local lad who hasn't scored since November 5th scored 2 and assisted for another. And all some fans can do is use this as a stick to slag off a player. However I will correct things and say that people who actually support the club actually were positive and talked in glowing terms about the result and have strived to bring about the feelgood factor. It seems that those who do not support the club and want to see us mired in negativity and a blame of 'it's your fault' culture, are the ones who couldn't wait to bring down the happy feeling with an attack on the clubs own players. Supporters support. None supporters slag us off. That is the way football is. One day 444 maybe even you will be Villa supporter.
If Villan444 and VOTH get divorced, do we all have to choose who we want to live with?
Lol. Me getting tiresome!! I don't slag "US" off. Just bent and Bannan. I support them when they're on the pitch and far more than most, had to move from the trinity as it was so quiet, just rather they were replaced with better players and discuss it afterwards. No-one will change the others POV or format for supporting and Bill will never take his Darren bent mattress cover ( with the hole in it) off his bed at his parents house so there's no point going on and on (even though I have.)
Will bill stay kool or take the bait??
They do Darren Bent matress covers? I have the douvet, pillowcase and matching curtains (still got my Sasa Curic wallpaper) but that I don't have. Right, I'm off to the CLub Shop then, what size do the holes in the cover come in?
Lol Juddy, think that the hole in Bill's is man made ;-)
Well my duvet cover is an Ivo Stas one and my pillow cases are Bosko Balaban so you can all shove that in your pipe and smoke it :) UTV 444. We are all one and the same.
Fair play Voice, agree entirely.
My duvet hole is OLYMPIC size fellas. Eck out. LOL 444, p.s. I'm 35 years young and fit as a fiddle.

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