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Villa NOT Up For Sale

Villa`s CEO Paul Faulkner has said that the talk that Randy Lerner is also looking to sell Aston Villa is 'absolute rubbish`.

Paul points out, (as others have in our forum thread: Click Here ) that Randy CHOSE the Villa, he inherited The Cleveland Browns.

Since our first article, (Click Here) it has become clear that Randy IS selling a majority stake in the Browns, before from their statement, it was clear if it was an investment in or acquisition of the NFL team.

So, although it won`t affect our balance sheet, it should free up Randy to enjoy Villa more, get to more games etc.

Paul told the Daily Star: "The Browns situation means absolutely nothing with regard to Aston Villa - neither good nor bad. The big point that people sometimes forget is that he inherited Cleveland - he bought Villa. Any rumours that he could be thinking about getting out or losing interest is nonsense."

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 31 2012

Time: 10:33AM

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if he is getting 900 million odd for the browns, there would beno real harm in chuking us 30-40 would there? please!
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31/07/2012 10:54:00

So the point of the story is what??? If it means Randolph is around B6 more then great. If he isn't around more then what is he doing and what does PF do exactly. Never really took to the fat controller (PF), sorry.
holte ender 1969
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31/07/2012 10:55:00

Surely he could part with a little sum of that money to bring us in a marquee signing, so we'd have more chance of doing better in general and, uh, make him more money?
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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31/07/2012 10:58:00

The one thing guaranteed to hack RL off is Villans moaning he hasn't spent enough/isn't spending enough on the club. He's spent tons, most of it squandered by MON on overpriced, overpaid journeymen. Spuds got into the Champions League with a smaller wage budget than Villa. The main issue many had with RL was his appaling managerial appointments (Ollie Hardy, Houllier). He appears to have learned from his mistakes. A high profile expensive 'superstar' signing to pacify the crowd could A) Disrupt the current squad B) Set a precedent where fans are always moaning that the club needs 'just two more quality players'.
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31/07/2012 11:29:00

I agree with Stephen Jay, Randy should invest in Villa if he really does care and want the best for this club really, Lambert needs more financial support than he has got already if he is to really be a success here IMO and a couple of big name signings would go a long way in helping achieve this, Randy has chosen a manager that has galvanised this club together agin and caught the imagination but Lambert is only human and needs backing, although its up to Randy what he spends i just hope he realises fans will not turn on Lambert if things go wrong again if money has not been made available for him or not very much, but lets wait and see and hope we get a big name or two to add some much neede quality UTV!
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31/07/2012 11:30:00

VWRA its not a case of fans moaning Randy has not invested in Villa as he has done, but this squad needs quality now as we have had one of the smallest experianced squads in the prem league recently plus we have lost Cueller and the signings coming in is good but with players also going out its going to be one heck of a job if this stays the same to propel Villa up the league don't you think? Like i said Lambert needs to be backed its ok signing bargain players but we also need quality to help get us back up the league time will tell i suppose.
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31/07/2012 11:35:00

Why is it such a crime that people make money? Depending on it being an investment or an outright sale of the Browns randy stands to make anwhere between 600m and 950m UDS whi9ch means that no one can then accuse him of trying to strip the Villa to recoup losses, why would he need to when his father's investment has just about doubled. In addition it will hopefully mean that Randy is able to dedicate more of his time to Villa, in particular to show his support at matches, which in reallity is what is important as he has well qualified people to handle the business side of things. He needs to step up and fill the vacant leadership possition at the top of teh club (althogh PL seems to be doing a decent job of that where it's his remit) and now that opportunity looks to be coming.
Villan Of The North
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31/07/2012 11:37:00

We need to also remember we have to stay in line with FFP that starts this season so it isn't a question of how much RL can put in the club in your opinion. It has to be in line with FFP
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31/07/2012 11:39:00

KEFKAT What actually amazes me is do you actually realise how few experianced players Villa has? Also what happand when Dunne Bent Gabby etc got injured last season? Its all well saying FFP rules this and FFP rules that but please understand m8 we need players lol if the new FFP rules stop us buying players even though we have one of the smallest squads and a drastically reduced wage bill and still reducing wahe bill then we really are in the poo. Randy is ok to back Lambert as we need experianced and quality players now a few bargain buys is great but Quality is required also otherwise don't start moaning if we struggle again as Lambert can only do so much.
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31/07/2012 11:55:00

I don't think anyone is asking Randy to splash out on the likes of Benzema or Kaka, a marquee signing for me would be when the likes of Newcastle bought Cisse, or Everton bought Jelavic, and even then they were risks at the time. Or how about the fact that apparently Ipswich want 6m for Cresswell, whereas we will only go to 3m? We seem to be on a serious budget and maybe Randy could make it a bit better. As ClivetheVillan said, we lack quality, we have absolutely no strength in depth at all, and when the injuries to the key players come calling (like they do every season), we're no more than Championship side.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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31/07/2012 12:13:00

Clive, we may lack experience but we don't have a small squad. Remember that manyo fthese so called youngsters are now over 21 and as such are either part of the senior squad or may as well leave. Each player over 21 takes up one of teh allocated places.
Villan Of The North
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31/07/2012 12:38:00

SJH why do you assume that Randy is the one setting the value we ar willing to pay for Cresswell? how do you even know what that value is? Lambert knows how much he has to spend and may want o save some until xmas or until he's had a good look at the current squad and the youngsters coming through.
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31/07/2012 12:53:00

Villa have been here before under DD. Whatever his aaleged faults he ran a tight ship financially. Managers like J. Gregory or Benitez will always argue ' a few more players and we'll make a breakthrough'. a good manager uses the tools at his disposal. Fergie and Wenger haven't got astounding squads. take RVP out of Arsenal and Giggs, Scholes and Rooney out of Manure and those teams would probably finish much lower down the EPL. Clive, Villa have got a fairly small squad that has been exposed through injuries. (Like last season). However, I can't see how PL and RL can do anything other than what they're doing. We don't know how many players they are planning to sign/offload. Agree, with SJH that a 'marquee' signing at Villa would be a 'Cisse' like player not a 'Neymar'.
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31/07/2012 13:02:00

RL could do a lot worse than look at B. Dortmund as a model of how to take a historically successful club, with a big fanbase and in an unfashionable provincial city into a success. B. Dortmund are -- unlike Villa -- a public company but have punched well above their weight. Bundesliga Champions and the highest average crowds in all of Europe. They've done this without shelling out squillions on 'big name' signings.
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31/07/2012 13:07:00

I don't know Avbornandbred, I said "apparently", all of the signings so far have been between 3m and 4m, so we presume Lambert is bargain hunting on the budget he has and doesn't want to pay over the odds for a player and rightly so. But Cresswell is supposed to be a very good player and as he's a left-back, very much needed. If it was the case that Lambert really wanted him, but needed to spread the money over a couple of players, I just hope that Randy would make it happen by providing him with a couple of extra million.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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31/07/2012 13:13:00

I for one believe this to be good news. Randy has been nothing but good for this club and long may it continue. He was naive with mo'n and made a bad choice with Mcleish but with this appointment and the backing he's already shown the future looks bright. Bring back the USA chant!?!
Aussie Villain
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31/07/2012 13:28:00

Whilst i am a happy Villan at the moment like 99.9% are right now, i just worry as others have said like myself as soon as the suspensions injuries to key players like Bent Vlaar etc happan which they will Villa go on a bad run and play poor, as for saying our kids have grown now im all for playing them but chucking them in is one thing and gradually easing them in is another, just look at what happand when we had to play them last season thats all im saying i do noot expect 20million players but just for Randy to back Lambert more so than just a few bargain players, we need experance now and a few quality players unless Lambert gets the backing to do this it wouldbe miracle to expect anything other than finishing above the relegation places mid table at best, Lambert i worry wll get moaned abou as soon as the injuries start and we have no experianced players to fill in, this is all my point is. UTV!
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31/07/2012 13:41:00

we need investment in appreciating assets ie adding 10-15k to the capacity of the stadium, that will generate income in future, not in depreciating assets such as a donkey farm, for example. Personally I would like to see the club buy all the houses in Holte Rd and have the players all live there and come out together every morning like the Beatles in Help.
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31/07/2012 13:49:00

He has almost no choice but to sell the Browns or sell a stake their fans dont like him and he's always voted as the worst franchise owner in the NFL... Which I find funny because he's probably one of the best Owners in the EPL despite the ECK fiasco...
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31/07/2012 13:52:00

Clive -- The two players from Feyernoord look/sound 'quality'. Are Manure and Arsenal spending shedloads on young superstars/household names? PSG, Chelskov and Citeh aside, can't see/think of any clubs that are doing/will be doing that during the close season. PL will no doubt give the youngsters a chance and get them playing. Randy Lerner would be wrong to try and spend a small fortune to appese the fickle (Not you, btw). If you gave those people Messi, Xavi and Iniesta they'd still say 'Just three more quality signings'.
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31/07/2012 14:31:00

VWRA i amall for our youngsters being given the chance i really am, i rate Albrighton and still believe he can our right winger, Clark should be partnered alongside Vlaar, Baanan is ok in a five man midfield Weimann and Delfounseo can make there mark this season but if we take a look at Manuire Fergie adds quality alongside the youngsters to aid them and learn them on the field and off the field, also we have already seen playing too many all together youngsters does not work as it happand last season and the season before under GH when we had injuries, im not saying spend silly money we aint got that but just some experianced quality which unfortunetley costs money if not transfer fee's it does on wages these days, i dunno we will see what happans i have full faih in Lambert and am excited but still think we need that bit of quality to help the kids out.
Report Abuse
31/07/2012 14:57:00

VWRA, Randy has lent the club the money. Not spent. He only learnt from his mistakes by making horrendous ones and listening to the Villa faithful chanting PL's Claret and blue army at the Norwich game. PL can work wonders on a budget but to do well we will need to spend. We need about 18 players that can rotate and do a job in the Prem. Got about half so far and just a case of how much extra he can get out of some or the youngsters...
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31/07/2012 15:15:00

Clive -- We are both singing from the same hymn sheet. Vlaar and El Ahmadi both qualify as 'experienced' and 'quality' in my book. In which case PL has done what we would both like him to do. Agreed, that Villa need more of the same during the close season. Also, agreed that injuries exposed a threadbare squad last year as did absence of seasoned campaigners (Young, Milner). 444, again we both seem to feel that more players are needed. My general point is that some Villans seem to want a 'surprise' or 'marquee' signing to inject the proverbial 'feel good factor' into the club. Toon and Spuds have done OK without big name signings. Modric, Bale and Cisse earned their 'big name' reputation on the pitch. Some Arsenal supporters --or fans -- are forever slating Wenger for a percieved lack of big money signings despite continuous Champs League football. At least Villa are in good company. RL might have lent the money to Villa and his first two managerial appointments have been, respectively, bad and awful, but as CDX has pointed out, he's still one of the best owners in the EPL.
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31/07/2012 17:05:00

VWRA Amen to that, i must admit its easy to forget what Lambert achieved with Norwich and there small squad getting them punching above there weight in the Prem League and even in the championship when other teams like Blackpool etc were favourites for promotion yet he got them up and playing good football aswell on a limited budget, so what can he do at Villa? I think we are lucky to have Lambert here and would not be surprised if he smashes the top 7 clubs aside soon either this or next season! UTV.
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31/07/2012 17:38:00

Report Abuse
31/07/2012 17:40:00

Is the Brown's value already included in Randy's fortune of 800m ?
Report Abuse
31/07/2012 20:57:00

Sorry guys, where do you get your figures! Someone said 900m for the sale!!!! That is more than Randy's entire assets! His share in Cleveland is estimate at 50m pounds. Be happy if 2m came our way.
Report Abuse
31/07/2012 22:33:00

see the forum thread thekentvillan. The Browns are valued at just under $1b
The Fear
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01/08/2012 09:57:00

Do not have anything to complain about so far so good so we arent paying multi millions for players so what ? how much good did it do liverpool last season? Rather see some honest players trying 100% than jumped up gits who only worry about their wage packets. Dont expect Lambert to turn us into top 6 material overnight but if he is selling the likes of Hutton then he is doing little wrong in my eyes . And Randy has restored my faith in him with the change in management so UTV
Report Abuse
01/08/2012 10:22:00


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