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Open Your Ecking Eyes!

It was inevitable that Alex McLeish would eventually re-tell his story of his time at Villa Park, but I never quite expected him to claim we remained competitive! Although I did guess it would be the fans fault.

Speaking to The Mirror four Ex intimates that the majority of Villa fans were against him from the start and that was why the club struggled as he tried to cut wages.

'There were a few difficulties, but I don't think the Villa fans totally accepted me being in the job.'

A minority never accepted him because of a mix of his Birmingham ties and the fact his record at the point consisted of two relegations in three seasons. The vast majority, like we do for every manager or player, were prepared to give him time...and time he had. More than an ample amount and nothing at all changed.

scratching head

'It was a massive challenge for me and made even more demanding because of the fact that I worked with the club on a project to reduce the wages.'

Yet it was under Houllier that big earners left. Under McLeish's time he unexpectedly lost Stuart Drowning after he proved to be the mercenary Boro fans told us he was, and he actively sold Luke Young. John Carew and Brad Friedel were out of contract, and he had the already planned transfer of Ash Young after he gave us the final year under Houllier.

Hardly really trimming the wage bill as he tries to claim here. Especially when you factor in the signings of N'Zogbia, Hutton, Keane, Given and the total disaster that was Jenas.

So you could argue he not only failed at reducing the wage bill but he failed on the pitch aswell.


'Not every Villa fan will agree I did a marvellous job, but I did manage to reduce the wage level and at the same time remain competitive.'

Eck off did you you, deluded fool. The choices of wage reduction were nothing to do with you with players out of contract and wanting moves and you spent shed loads on Keane and Jenas.

1 win in our final 16 matches.

2 points above the relegation zone.

4 home wins all season.

Worst ever points total in the league.

Were there more? I'm pretty sure there were but I'm doing this from memory.

Non of that references our performances, or lack thereof, our tactics, or lack thereof, our lack of fight, effort, battle and self pride - which yes the players equally bask in the unreflected glory of - and at no point does that even reference the fact he lied blatantly to fans in pre season, and during the season with gems like 'I always play four forwards'.

'But I must say that a great number of young players came into the game and they had great education - maybe not ready to play every single week but they fought a really good fight and managed to finish above some more experienced teams.'

Yes the youngsters did come in from the reserves, they were played out of position, told to play in a way world's apart from how the played in the reserves and yes they probably did learn a lot, and yes the youngsters were the only players to show any fight last season.

But the squad wasn't littered with them, unlike McLeish rewriting of history he still had plenty of senior players to call on and he did in every single game. Had we led with the youngsters we might have won more bloody matches, but to finish that off by saying we finished above more experienced teams...who?

QPR, Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves.

Really Alex...are you that desperate? Can you take the blame for anything you did during your tenure here?

Do you lack the humility and honesty to even do that after all these weeks.

Sad and pathetic - the majority have accepted it simply didn't work out for a wide variety of reasons, wished you well and wished you good luck for the future as nobody deserves the vitriol you suffered as the season drew to a close.

And that's how you repay them, disgraceful.

Crawl back under your rock, and enjoy your pay off you abject failure.

Still look on the bright side, you've now only got a 50% record of relegating teams in the Premiership, so it can't be all bad.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 18 2012

Time: 2:24PM

Your Comments

His very name should be stripped from memory. In fact, wsimplye should all agree never to mention him again. From now on he shall be known as 'he who shall not be named.'
I take it you disagree with him then !!!!
Funny that, as I recall it he (can't recall the name - but i think it rhymes with anchor?) said throughout the season that the majority of the supporters were behind him - that alzheimers is a terrible thing! Time to move on and forget we ever had to suffer him now that we have a decent manager and new players - even selling off ones that HE brought in..................anyone hear that this will be a transitional season yet?
McLeish should stay away from the Midlands, he may well need those bodyguards if he did.
Green Villan
complete and utter *****er. A delude fool that should never work in the game again. The worst manager in our history and a complete **** to go with it aswell.
We're Not Fickle
I pity the poor club that he resurfaces at, I will be happy to pass on to them though
We're Not Fickle
Yawn.......Eck who?
Funny how he wasn't in the frame for any of the pre season managerial vacancies at any level of the game in the UK. But only a few short months ago the likes of Andy Gray, Stanley Victor (previous Villans supposedely on our side FFS) and Chewalot were trying to tell us what a good manager he is. Haven't heard these same people putting his name forward for any other jobs since. Can't think why? Also agree with Grizzly, it is the duty of every Villa fan to never mention his name again, So Mike Field and Green Villan going wash off your keyboard with soap and water.
Somebody please humour me. KNOCK KNOCK.
I've just had an industrial shower Voice.

Who's there?
Cannot stand him...Every word he says fills me with anger, he is complete poison.
Alex Who?
Come on Mike. Knock knock. Who's there? It's Alex.
Thats the spirit Mike. You have learned your lesson and the industrial shower has worked. Alex Who? That is exactly the right answer.
Boo, hiss! lol
I am writing a book on the history of our club it is called ' Aston Villa, the complete History from 1874 to June 2011 and from June 2012 onwards'. I have no explanation for the missing year!!!
The bit that baffles me... the few bits actually... Ok, when he came he told me and five others he was excited to work with the squad, he knew Ash was going and there was a chance of Downing going (who he replaced HE replaced with Zoggy, wouldn't be massively different wages) and he replaced Brad with Given, again similar wages one would think... etc. So where did he radically trim the wages..? Just Ash and that was a done deal.

He also promised us a change in style, he didn't do that, he didn't even try.

He says we remained competitive last season? We didn't, it was our worst home season on record. Hey ho, he's gone, good for him and good for us, was not a healthy place to be last year.
The Fear
What a fool, he knew how the fans would react from the start and before he signed the dotted line, to use it as an excuse shows what a weak man he is.
he should of been sacked for signing hutton !!
Ok so he trimmed the wage bill by abit and kept us in the premier league. He did his job, and now he's gone. Looking forward to the next season with Lambert!
Stop please stop its like a flash back to last year. No more articles on the filthy one I cant take it. Oh the pain the memories are etched firmly in my mind. We must never talk about what happened. Its our little secret. UTV
Next thing he'll say is he's strawberry blonde!!!!
Voice 2011/12 season is cancelled from history as far as I am concerned. I don't know who this EcK bloke is who is popping up talking about Villa however I think it's time he got taken back to the nut house as I have never heard of him
Don't agree with you JF when you say he promised to change our style. He did actually chande it - from a decent footballing side under McAllister to total and abject rubbish.... Good point griff griff, I've not seen or heard PL mention that "this coming season is a transitional one" etc as PL doesn't need excuses.
Pride of Lions
Utter garbage Mike, best manager to set foot in Villa Park from what he is saying,what a deluded **** he is.
25 posts and only Green Villan mentioned the name of he who can not be mentioned. GV I hope you did as previously instructed and went off and washed you keyboard with soap and water? It seems as if this man will be removed from the history of our great club. Fear - you have a challenge!!! Is it possible to never ever, ever, ever, ever have an article that has anything remotely to do with the manager who replaced Houllier but who in turn was sacked and replaced by PL.
voth -- I know you are being generally tongue in cheek. However, a few things to consider. The previous manager -- like it or not -- is part of Villa history. As is his shambles of a reign. In China the word for 'crisis' also means 'opportunity'. Out of the nightmare of last season a new progressive era has seemingly arrived. The appointment and mediocre reign of You-Know-Who was a catalyst for Villa fans to really articulate their views on the club, the owner and the direction we want to go in. Without that catalyst the fans, supporters and club might have continued plodding towards the Promised Land with our fingers crossed. At least we still have our original club. We've not becoet Villa Newco in the manner of that club in Glasgow. Now, that would have been a disaster.
vwra. I am nearly always tonge in cheek, but I agree with your point totally. The fans have been massively influential in 'guiding' Randolph back on to the path indicated as 'Glory this way'. I never agreed with the personal and vulgar abuse the previous manager received, but I am proud to have taken part in the protests that help remove him from our club. Opportunity? Crisis? Forget China as we say in blighty 'every cloud has a sliver lining'.
Well la di da rise again! Even chucking in a mandarin reference. With the risk of this forum becoming a philosophical and historical debate I will get it back on track. Eck you gave us our least exciting and overall worst ever season. With about 7 games left in the season i was sure we would go down. We were for many parts of the season the worst team in the prem, and this is with some SHOCKING Blackburn and Bolton performances (not to mension wolves). Gotta agree with rise again though, shouldnt be forgotten otherwise we might appoint another useless ****er that will actually get us relegated. Eck really did try! Close but not this time!
Not him again! Pff - thought i'd heard the last of his useless ECKSCUSES! The only place he belongs is as a school janitor somewhere - he kinda looks like one :s Please never let his 'strawberry blonde' bonce be shown on the homepage again!!!
thorpy - Amen to that!
The second 'Oliver Hardy' pic is quite amusing. Who is the picture editor at VV? Why is Bannan --seemingly -- always pictured with his mouth open?
Overlooked -- I thought the Mandarin reference was quite apt. This poster isn't a pseud or cod-philospher. VV attracts serious footie fans with brains. Judging by the high quality of your grammar and spelling you are also one of them. VV isn't -- thankfully -- The South Bank Show but it isn't Football Focus either. I am well aware of how bad You-Know-Who was. I didn't post on here for ages or watch the Villa last season because of my dissilusionment. The destructive influence of You-Know-who is arguably still with the club via the ongoing Makoun II saga. OK, Makoun II shouldn't have stopped learning English but why did The Joker send him out on loan anyway?
Why waste so much time and space on the useless one. He's gone and should be well forgotten. Look to the future guys
He's like Hitler. Should always be mentioned and talked about incase the same sort of person gets a position of authority again.

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