Aston Villa - Faulkner Looking For Improvement Under New Boss
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Faulkner Looking For Improvement Under New Boss

Paul Faulkner has said he is looking for steady improvement as the season draws on under Paul Lambert.

Speaking to the Official Site Paul talked about how big a club Villa actual are, and he said everyone's desire was to see us challenging up near the top of the league, and whilst nobody expects that to happen over night, everyone involved is looking for a far better season than last time round, and steady improvement by the end of the season:

'It's Aston Villa, it's a massive club, we're an ambitious club, and I think sometimes people forget that. We've had two tough seasons, no doubt, but if wasn't that long ago that we had sixth place finishes in a row, and Europe, and we were in Cup finals, semi finals and were challenging. People's memories have to be longer than two years.'

So that's clearly the aim for the club again, and rightly so. Faulkner continues to talk about the foundations being in place such as Bodymoor Heath but now we have to get it right again on the pitch:

'If you look at the infrastructure of the club, it is one of the leading clubs in the country with the training ground, the facilities, the staff, so we're absolutely right to be ambitious and we've got lots of ambition at this club. In terms of next term, we certainly want to be better than last season, there wouldn't be much margin for error if we weren't, but we're mindful that takes time. It's not something where you can just click your fingers and success or improvement happens overnight. But we've talked with Paul and we know that we want to get the club moving again.'

With Lambert being as ambitious as he is, I don't believe he would've taken the job unless he knew he would be backed, that he could draw a big line under last season by finishing far higher, and then ultimately have us challenging for Europe again and taking the cups seriously.

He hasn't come to the club to stand still, and the board clearly know after the last few years that we have to get back up there and start doing ourselves justice, so hopefully it'll will be a match made in heaven and we can all have some fun along the way.

On the subject of doing ourselves justice, especially after the McLeish error, Faulkner finished by calling for unity between the club and fans and said he was pleased that the board and fans saw the same thing in Paul Lambert:

'I think the fact that what we saw in Paul married up with what the fans saw is fantastic. We want unity at this club, we want everybody pulling in the same direction. If the fans are behind the team, behind the manager and behind the club then that can create a really powerful force. Villa is a massive club and we can use that size and really kick on and try to do something now.'

With Villa's link to El Ahmadi today, clearly Lambert is leading the way on targets and has been working nice and hard behind the scenes following his appointment.

Fingers crossed he gets the start in the league that we all deserve.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 26 2012

Time: 3:40PM

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Lambert will have, must have... WILL have... had promises of backing etc, he'd not have jumped ship without it and he knows the potential of this club if things go 'right'... I still think that last season we should have and could have been top ten as well if not for the awful tactics.
The Fear
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26/06/2012 15:46:00

Yup, being on such a high after Norwich he's not going to have come here to be middling. And yes, if McLeish had gone for games we would've finished higher and should've in all honesty.
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 15:55:00

Paul Faulkner has all the inate lovability of a haemorrhoid and could talk a glass eye to sleep. More lip service about ambition - remember how he said people would be pleasantly surprised about McLeish and the aim was Europe??? I would like to think that Lambert will get backing, but lets not forget that any budget will be impacted upon by having to pay compo to the last three (YES, THREE!) management teams. PF's role in recruiting the last two divs to Villa should not be forgotten. Let us also not forget that any compensation payments are covered by the club. Yes, TECHNICALLY Lerner pays by loaning the money to the club, but he then charges interests on repayments. He basically gets a risk free, modest return on his investment and gets rewarded if we are successful or not. Surely he should be personally liable to cover these debts as he flew in the face of anyone with any knowledge of the game or common sense by appointing Houllier (Health Risk) and McLeish (Anti Football/Useless T'Nuc) back to back, rather than limiting available funds to improve the playing staff. After them saying that they are reinstalling the big screen at the North Stand end after feedback from fans, rather than using it as a smokescreen to cover further delays in the redevelopment/rebuilding of the stand, this smacks of further PR propaganda from the useless ginger rugby fan. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS PAUL, AND FOOTBALL ISN'T PLAYED WITH AN EGG-SHAPPED BALL. The restaurant and pies might be award winning (NO FAN GIVES A MONKEY ABOUT THIS), but your tenure as Chief Exec certainly isn't.
heavy d
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 16:58:00

Heavy d - lets get this payout for previous managers sorted- MON was on a rolling 1 year contract so wouldn't have been paid that much - houllier had a heart attack i'm sure insurance would have covered that - Mcleish was sacked due to poor performance and would have received some payout but i'm sure it didn't amount to much due to the fact our points tally reflected his management skill. Agreed on Faulkner, liked the glass eye quip also enjoyed the anger.
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 17:17:00

Randy chose the last two managers, Randy is da boss. Fact. And I know Paul, not once heard him talk about rugby over football. He's also brought in the two biggest deals in the Villa's history. McLeish was a cock up, no doubt at all, it has now been corrected, we hope for a better chapter. We've had this before, crap manager, sacked, new manager, some good, some bad, some fecking awful. It isn't anything new.
Still say he was right re we should have been pushing for Europe last year, just the manager wasn't capable (which to be fair, we had said!)
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 17:32:00

I agree with davey re: payouts. I wasn't a fan of Houllier but, given that at that stage they were hell bent on a manager with premier league experience and the short notice we had thanks to MON, I could see the logic. McLeish was a grave error we all saw coming but they will have done due diligence and he is only 32 - he'll learn from the experience and improve like the players do. Credit where its due, hopefully things will settle now and we'll get back on track
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 18:10:00

At least Faulkner has learnt his lesson. Instead of spouting off about challenging for a European spot like he did last year.... when they'd appointed a pillock, he now recognises we should be challenging near the top - but it's not going to happen over night...... Well Done PF, you're learning!
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 18:19:00

i have a question (apart from the one about Petr Cech potentially heading in a 92nd min equalizer with his helmet - excuse me, long time since I read my little A6 FA Book of The Rules but I clearly remember it stating on p1 - NO EFFING HELMETS. Or did FIFA overrule that one at some stage ? In which case - HELMET FOR MR HESKEY! Preferably with a 4ft vertical extension and a lifesize replica of Mr. A Lochhead' on the end of it). And the question is - is "PF" AV born & bred or what ??
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 18:26:00

steep learning curve Pride! I just hope this re-focuses the club and think it will. They've seen what it is like when the fans aren't on the same page and it isn't nice. Hope everyone now gets a break and we see where we go from here. I do understand the anger after last season but at some point we surely have to put it behind us and move on. Mistake made, mistake corrected.
The Fear
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26/06/2012 18:52:00

Whilst last year more than most still rankles and understandably so, I genuinly feel this has really opened their eyes and refocused all involved. I genuinely believe that we as a club are setting about having a proper go at things again with realistic goals set regarding players, wages, staff, structure, marketing, league positions, cup runs etc etc. Lets be honest, we've all learnt and improved our lives from mistakes and experiences, here's hoping anyway!!!
Report Abuse
26/06/2012 23:26:00

Well said marcobavfc, spot on. I have a feeling we will do very well in the next 12 months and a 6 or 7th placing is well in our means and thats with our current crop of players.
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 00:55:00

Sorry....but our current crop of players are partly responsible for getting us nearly how can anyone believe they are top ten class let alone 6th or 7th!!
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 07:58:00

daveyboyr - I really do hope this is an improved season and will back them to the hilt, but just to clarify further the compensation payouts...........Villa's accounts for the last financial year confirmed that these payouts were around the following: O'Neill paid around 1.5million, with a around a further 1million for Walford and Robertson to leave (these were delayed due to a tribunal). Houillier was paid off to the tune of around 2.5 million (this was reported as a debit from the clubs accounts, and was not balanced against a credit from an insurance payout), with around 500,000 to McAllister and Leverne. Add to this around 3million compensation to Blues to bring in McLeish and Peter the Pointer from down the road, then add in an estimate of around 2million to tell them to do one. This add's up to a combined figure of over 10million. When we need a player in Jan and are told the coffers are bare we will know why. Fear - The two biggest deals in the clubs history........ that would have become void if we were relegated and, but for the fact other teams were a couple of points worse than us, was almost exactly what happened. Yes we need to increase revenue on the commercial side, but the loss of match day revenue due to the poor football would negate any of these improvements. I also agree the playing squad should have done better last year but it was evident that we would struggle after about 5 games to everyone but the Chief Exec, who gave that interview and quote to the press about Europe in November! Hope your health is improving too chap! I respect everyone's point of view on here because we all love the club, but will not respect someone like PF who is at our club because he is paid a wage. Someone who is quick with sound bites when the pressure is off but is strangely silent when the club is struggling near the bottom of the table. It's a bit like having Mr Bean on watch on the bridge of the Titanic - "Oh look. An iceberg". **CRASH** Now that is off my chest (Phew), let's all get behind the team. UTV!!!!
heavy d
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 08:29:00

steve64k. Time will tell. The previous season we came 9th. We sold a couple we bought a couple. Lets not underestmate the power of a united club and this season I think we will be pleasantly surprised. I also agree with many of the comments about PF. The screen returning is a cover story. It basically says the North Stand redevelopment is not happening anytime soon. As we can't fill the ground we have got and have a more pressing need for playing improvments this isn't a surprise. He messed up with the previous Manager. Mistake made, he has shown he has learned. He is a bit of a coma inducing public schoolboy type, but I do not expect a CEO to be cool, rock star!!! I want him networking in big business circles, bringing in the money and generally keeping his gob shut. He is getting parts of this right. The season after M'ON wasn't so bad considering the sh11te he left us in. Last season was the worst in my memory and we all knew it would be that way as soon as watsisname was appointed. Again, mistake made, corrected and lessons learned. I agree with the comments about steady improvments. Anymore than steady must be seen as a bonus. Now PF, shut the fluuck up and let the managers and players do the talking until next May.
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 08:48:00

It's unclear what Paul said and what is opinion from the article gents.
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:23:00

the speechmarks are the clue Villan444! ' '
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:25:00

fingers crossed he proves you/other doubters wrong then heavyd, as that would mean success and that is all we all want obviously!
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:25:00

Faulkner ( or Paul to his friends lol) is just saying what fans want to hear. He doesn't know enough to be able to make predictive comments. He can't say that we've got short memories about 6th place finishes and cup finals as this was ALL MON's doing. Randy obviously backed MON financially but he's taken all that away now so we SHOULD have memories over what's happened over the short term also.
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:28:00

The speech marks blend into each paragraph mate. You seem to have drawn conclusions and then suggested them as fact without making it clear that it's an opinion ;-)
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:32:00

Maybe a little harsh from me as bits of the article weren't clear on my iPhone. Apologies Fear.
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 09:35:00

LOL... not a problem mate, wasn't my article anyway! Must admit, I don't think it was all MON's doing, I think Randy who supplied millions upon millions. Personally I think MON made a bit of a hash of it, but yes, PF and you are right, that was the last time we were close to 'anything'. For me it is that mess they are still clearing up and again, yes, if they are to take part of the praise for those days, they have to take part of the blame for the spending but a) PF wasn't CEO for most of MON's time b) I'm not sure what this point was going to be c) now I'm just compounding the problem
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/06/2012 10:05:00

As far as I am concerned let PF do what he does best concentrate on getting the money in and by what I have read so far he is good at it. Leave the football and talking about it to Lambert we know he will have to act within certain financial constraints but I still see a bright future ahead with us all as Fear puts it "reading from the same page"our job as fans after last seasons horrible football is to get behind and support the team and give them the confidence to play. UTV
Report Abuse
28/06/2012 11:19:00


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