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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

Villa CEO Elected To FA Council have announced that Paul Faulkner has been voted on to prestigious FA Council.

The 33-year-old Villa CEO said: 'For Villa to have a voice on the Council is great for the club. There is prestige but also value in having representation on the Council and I'm pleased and proud as Villa chief executive that our efforts as a club over a number of seasons have been recognised and rewarded in this way.'

Info on the Council:

FA Site: Click Here

Wiki: Click Here who state:

The FA Council consists of 92 elected representatives, from the FA Premier League, the Football League, County FAs, and the non-executive board of The Football Association. The council meets to decide the major policies of The FA, which is the governing body of English football.

Great news for Villa, representation at such a high level can only profit us and about time they started to get younger people in there. Paul Faulkner, if you remember, has started investigating the chances of bringing back limited standing, maybe this will help that quest as well.

See: If You Love Villa Safely STAND UP !

And maybe for just one day the haters can give it a rest! They`ve now managed to bring in the right manager, ok, a few rocky patches on the way but now we move forward surely? Plus, this CEO has brought in the biggest deal the club has ever had (Genting) and the largest shirt deal as well (Makron)

Congrats to Villa and congrats to Paul Faulkner.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday June 2 2012

Time: 6:08PM

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Good for Villa that, despite Ellis his involvement with the FA did work well for us in terms of hosting games and the like, some never will see what PF has done well for us because of the appointments and I can get that lol, just hope if we get it right on the pitch now the work that's gone in off the pitch will get the credit it deserves.
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02/06/2012 18:45:00

you do not simply walk into Mordor, oh hang on, wrong Council
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02/06/2012 19:30:00

Yes i had a moan about Paul Faulkner last season and the appointment of Mcleish and the over spending on wages under MoN etc but our wages are literally healthier now and we have a amanger the majority of us wanted so i have no problems in congratulaing PF on his appointment in the FA well done, he has done a lot of good work for Villa off the field there is no doubt about it, increasing our revenue year on year and pulling in big sponsorship deals is good for Villa, Its true what you say both Fear and Mike, all we need now is to get sorted on the field and i think and hopeful of that being the case in the appointment of Lambert happy days, hope the board players and fans can all be as one like this club was a few years ago now its all looking up for Villa!
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02/06/2012 20:21:00

lol Lost_In_Ca, classic!
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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02/06/2012 20:29:00

2 Villa fans on the F.A Council now !!
Stourbridge Villan
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02/06/2012 21:23:00

Lol@lost in ca
The fear
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02/06/2012 22:16:00

92 members on the council... thats more than one per club for everyone in the football league! Forgive me for not feeling too excited! PF did well at the business but wages and personnel choices were unwise. At 33 what can you expect. Mordor comment classic!
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02/06/2012 22:18:00

An amazing day all round................
Pride of Lions
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03/06/2012 00:56:00

Absolutely fantastic!!!!
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03/06/2012 06:31:00

I'm getting a bit giddy with all this. What next... Messi signs on a free transfer with wages of 30 and a curly wurly (his favourite I hear) a week?
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 08:54:00

Fact. Paul Faulkner became CEO in May 2010, MON left in August 2010. Whilst Mr Faulkner was employed at the club prior to this, he was not CEO. It is unfair to blame him for the wages that spiralled out of control under MON. Indeed his appointment would appear to coincide with the decision to address the wage bill, a requirement that most fans accept. The appointment of Gerard Houllier was not in itself a bad one. The managers gaffes proved a PR nightmare, but some of the football wasn't too bad, and we at least gave it a go against the big boys. The risk was Houllier's health, and this halted what was a work in progress. The appointment of McLeish was very unwise. as the fans were going to be on his back almost from day one. I was there applauding him to the dugout on that first game against Blackburn, but the man's reputation for dour defensive football, would be repeated at Villa Park throughout the season, leading to his and almost our demise. However Paul Faulkner and Randy Lerner acted swiftly art the end of the season, and have now appointed a manager that almost all of us find acceptable. We all hope that much of the damage McLeish did can quickly be reversed, and I for one will be applauding both Paul and Randy when the season begins at Villa Park. Let's give full praise to both of them, as well as the new manager, and I would like to congratulate our CEO on his election the the FA Council. Our club is back on track.....Proud History, Bright Future.
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03/06/2012 10:08:00

At least while he is away on his FA duties, he's not here meddling in B6...
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03/06/2012 12:10:00

Don't get it. He obviously knows ***** all about football. Oh, I do get it now. Same as the rest of the FA. Business men NOT football men.
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 12:45:00

2big - he was officially appointed, he'd already been doing the job though. It wasn't a role change, it was a title change promotion for him.

When will he be qualified then 444? Does he have to work in football for 50 years before he knows something about it?
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 15:44:00

2big is right though Mike, we had Richard FitzGerald and the second one whose name escapes me before Paul started doing the role, then as you say, the role was defined as CEO (which he'd already been effectively doing a while) But much of MON spending was before Paul.
The Fear
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 16:15:00

The FOOTBALL MANAGER IS THE FOOTBALL MAN. I can't see how people don't get that. You don't want a fan type like Ridsdale on a board, you want people to be a bit more cold light of day than that. Fine, last season, yes, we know (not as if we've not had crap seasons before mind you) but ffs, talk about some looking for the bad in everything!
The Fear
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 16:18:00

EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR A FOOTBALL CLUB SHOULD KNOW FOOTBALL FFS. It's bad enough having an owner who knows so bugger all. It's ridiculous Fear that he's been appointed to anything to do with the FA as he knows so little about football. But then again, the FA is ridiculous. Don't get how you don't get it. I obviously understand that there's more to be done than kicking a ball around and washing the kit etc. but why him?? What do they talk about on this council?? It's clearly not football and is more commercial but they should have their own guys and don't need someone like that there. They're a bunch of crooked cronies anyway. He's never going to be as qualified as someone who has played the game or watched it for their whole life like us real fans Mike!!
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 19:04:00

So the answer there 444 is you don't like the bloke, so you won't acknowledge what he has actually done at the club because you're annoyed about Houllier and McLeish. Fair enough. I agree the catering staff should hold coaching badges as well. But what do we know about football, never played professionally either lol

I know JF, I was just pre-empting the 'he has no experience of the role and has never done anything like this before his promotion' rants lol
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 20:03:00

LOL Mike. You're making yourself as ridiculous as him mate. Faulkner has gladly taken the plaudits for being instrumental in persuading Lambert to come here. He was obviously instrumental in getting Eck in also but doesn't like to brag about that for some reason?? If the bloke had a clue about football and indeed ASTON VILLA, our history and the way that we play, then he would know that it would never have worked. He was a mug for being taken in by GH and ECK......... The catering staff make massive decisions about the future of our club do they??? LOL. We almost got relegated FFS. It wouldn't be very funny then would it!!!!
Report Abuse
04/06/2012 13:00:00

You said EVERYONE so don't go changing the goalposts when you are called on it. Yes he's taking the plaudits for Lambert, he also took the blame for Eck. So is it that difficult to have some balance? And where exactly is he bragging, show me the quotes would be interesting read.

Afterall if Paul and others hadn't worked so terrifically hard on increasing our turnover the Messiah would've thrown his toys far earlier than he did because the club wouldn't have been able to sustain his spend and burn policy on people he'd never play for as long as they did. But for many it's still the boards fault that Monny walked, yet it was the board that did the work to enable him to have the crack.

Some balance would be nice mate, this is a fantastic appointment for the Villa for the kudos, the involvement we can have to get decisions through that aid us as a club, increase our profile and as said already Dougie's involvement helped when it came to hosting events and the like, and that's exactly how Villa can capitalise on Paul's involvement now, even if it's only hosting local FA meetings at the Holte or the Suite's in VP. It's a win, win for us if done correctly and overtime. But in your mind that can't possibly be true because Paul's a mug, and all the FA are mugs - only businessmen and know nothing about football, but you still won't answer after how many years of working in football are you qualified to actually erm work in football?
Report Abuse
04/06/2012 15:22:00

Idon't get you at all 444, to be fair I don't think I've ever seen you say in all these years anything positive or constructive, just LOL at anyone or anything with anything other than a narrow opinion that matches your own.

I don't see Faulkner (as you address him) try to take any plaudits for anything, maybe you are viewing him as having an open top bus parade somewhere to herald the arrival of the new manager? They made a mistake, it was a big mistake, they saw what we saw, they corrected it. I'd rather the mistake hadn't happened, obviously, but takes big people to admit their errors and move on. They have and hopefully the new manager is exactly what we need.

I'm just slightly tired of the very few who seem to see bad in absolutely everythig. Not saying to be positive just for positives sake either, last season especially there was little reason for joy lets be honest, but the way you seem to slate pretty much everyone and everything just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe it does to you, some are half full, some half empty. As I say, the managers are the football people, not sure if you were a fan or not of the last regime, or if you were old enough to know the regime before. None of them were football people either. Most clubs dont have out and out football people (whatever that is) or indeed footballers on their board of directors. Hey ho!
The Fear
Report Abuse
04/06/2012 15:34:00

I was ultra positive under MON gents. Much more so than Mike anyway ;-D. I was also positive under JG, BL, GTmkI and Atkinson but not just because we had a modicum of success. We played some attractive football at times and you always thought that we had a chance of winning when we played. O'Leary, GH then Eck tenfold have put us fans down by telling us that we're fickle, we expect too much or we just don't know as much as them. Sounds like you guys know Faulkner, or at least that you've had some sort of communication with him. Therefore you obviously know much more than me about what he does behind the scenes. I don't care about that. What has severely *****ed me off is the appointment of Eck in every way for many reasons that you agree with that I don't need to go into. I'm all for forgive and forget but not after 5 minutes FFS. This could very well be a smoke screen and I know that sounds pessimistic but they've given me reason to be so. I'm 34 which is older than our CEO and have been playing football since the age of 4 FFS so I think that I'm entitled to an opinion (whether that's right or wrong.) I have my own views and won't follow the crowd just because someone says so. Sorry if I'm overly negative but I see things in a certain way. Football is a simple game. Eck made things very hard by overly complicating things and confusing or scaring the Villa players into losing most weeks. Anyway, the main point is that, Faulkner was not fit to appoint ANYONE last season because of his ignorance. After a year or 2 of cockups, they seem to be getting it right but after sooooo much good will and promise when Randy first arrived to have been thrown back at us, it will take time for the likes of me to get over it. I assure you that I will given a few half decent aquisitions and watching a team that attacks. You're right in the fact that my glass is nearly always half empty, that's because I've drunk the other half and I'm queueing up to get another though!!! UTV
Report Abuse
05/06/2012 17:50:00


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