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Lambert Confirmed - Welcome Paul

Paul Lambert is now officially our new manager boys, girls and gentlefolk of Vital Villa.

Expect interviews a plenty shortly, but a brief - and I do mean brief - statement on the Official Site reads:

'The Board of Aston Villa are delighted to confirm that Paul Lambert has been appointed Villa manager.'

Let the celebrations begin!

Bumper Paul Lambert Thread

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday June 2 2012

Time: 12:17PM

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Excellent news. I have to say that after the initial disappointment I felt when OGS wasn't coming, I think this is a very smart appointment. He's got the pedigree to do very well for us. Looking forward to visiting some more games next season already.
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02/06/2012 12:20:00

Rejoice, rejoice!
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02/06/2012 12:22:00

Great news!!! Welcome Paul! UTV exciting times a head!
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02/06/2012 12:24:00

he got 12th with a worse side i feel than villas - so lets hope we push for top 8 finish - a good set of key players and you never know where we could finish - think newcastle. ireland, bent, zog, makoun - that is a very good strong set of players - if we get a holding midfielder and a new back 4 and 1 more striker - we will be a really strong side
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02/06/2012 12:30:00

Been my No 1 choice since McLeish was sacked. Buzzing, absolutely delighted. Bring on next season.
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02/06/2012 12:31:00

Welcome Mr Lambert, here's your office, here's your squad and here is money to spend..........enjoy!! Got to be a step in the right direction again and back onto the road that MON had us on but in a more precise way. Looking forward to what he has to say and his first signing. Now we will definately be "doin the Lambert walk....oi".
holte ender 1969
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02/06/2012 12:33:00

Great news, really happy with this appointment! Fill up Villa Park again, exciting football, exciting times!
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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02/06/2012 12:35:00

Great news !!! I can feel all the posetivity running back in to the club again. looking forward to next season know. UTV
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02/06/2012 12:37:00

Well done to our board for getting a manager the majority of us wanted, young and hungry and done an incredible job at Nrwich with no money 2 successive promotions and get the 12th in the prem unbelievable, WELCOM PAUL lets rebuild Villa back up its going to take time but rome was not built in a dayGOOD TIMES!! UTV!!!
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02/06/2012 12:38:00

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02/06/2012 12:40:00

What good news! I do hope he has the courage to look closely at the players who were Mc Leish's first choice back four. The fans clearly do not want them c.f. the current poll and they have, in the past, destabilised the team with their disruptive behaviour. If they have done it once they can do it again. If we can I hope we get rid of all four. I know this is a bit negative at a time of rejoicing, but we must be realistic.
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02/06/2012 12:41:00

Looking forward to seeing a positive manager take the reigns and steer us back in the correct direction! Welcome Mr Lambert, over to you now, I've a feeling we might just enjoy it back at VP next season.
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02/06/2012 12:41:00

As many know, not my original first choice, but out of the names listed - even the dalliance with OGS - Lambert comes out on top. Very pleased with this, now back him sensibly and he should go far as long as we all give him time. Should benefit our youngsters more as well as Lambert's style is very much how they play at Academy and Reserve levels - certainly closer than the park the bus tactic! lol
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02/06/2012 12:42:00

Thinking back to carrow rd the other week how we sung for him and to now have got our wish feels great welcome Mr Lambert now let's get this Great club of ours bouncing again UTV
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02/06/2012 12:42:00

Not my first choice either but welcome Mr Lambert, it is time to get behind the new boss, unite the fans and get back to top 8. I doubt there will be many new signings though. Holt regularly scoring in front of the Holte would be good. Good Luck Mr Lambert and.... Come on you Lions.......
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02/06/2012 12:42:00

Top banana!
Windy Villain
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02/06/2012 12:46:00

Welcome to Mr of luck...let's get ready to rumble....
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02/06/2012 12:53:00

Delighted......welcome to B6
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02/06/2012 12:57:00

may i say Lambert MUST GO !!!!!!!! and now he has ,Welcome to THE VILLA ,,,we are ready to do our part ,,,we got the Villa back are you ready to go from a Lamb to a LION!!!!!!! O yes! Villa Villa Villa VILLLAAAAA
paul muldrew
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02/06/2012 13:01:00

I feel at a loss for something to moan about now!! Not used to feeling positive!!
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02/06/2012 13:04:00

Absolutely delighted! Can't remember the last time I felt so good about a managerial appointment. Performances will be so much more positive, crowd will respond - I see Villa Park bouncing around Birmingham every Saturday afternoon. He has all the attributes to sort out our awesome club. Can't wait to see how he alters the squad over the summer to get us competitive for next season.
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02/06/2012 13:06:00

WOOHOO, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army AVFC, Claret Blue Army, Claret Blue Army, Claret Blue Army, Claret Blue Army, Claret Blue Army............................!!!
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02/06/2012 13:10:00

*Villa board in correct decision shocker* Good news, hopefully this can be the start of a new era for the club.
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02/06/2012 13:15:00

interesting and good. well done the Board. welcome PL. very keen to see what he does and who he rates in the squad.
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02/06/2012 13:18:00

Third time lucky, Randy. Right man at the right time. Delighted.
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02/06/2012 13:21:00

An excellent appointment. Would have preferred OGS, but this guy has a solid pedigree. so I am delighted. However please please let' not rush out and sign Grant Holt. He is exactly the type of signing we must avoid. Surely we have learned by now that signing players for a fee that are the wrong side of 30 is financial suicide. for those that haven't, let's use Emile as an example. signed for 3.5m, paid 9m over 3 years, then freed. Even if he had played 125 games over the three years and scored regularly, he would still have cost us 100,000 per game. we cannot afford that. Also with a player who signs at 31 they are unlikely to be playing as well in three years time, Richard Dunne for example. Only 20 somethings please Mr Lambert, and preferably 25 or under. (Ashley Young, Judas Downing, James Milner, etc - at least we made money on them)
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02/06/2012 13:28:00

OH, Yes!!!!!!! Didn't have a "Favourite" as I knew that several could do very well with us, but he was in that top 3-4 crowd. Well done to the board. 2 of the major steps to redemption are complete. Eck sacked, PL appointed. Now he MUST be backed moderately. Almost as pleased as the day that MON's capture was confirmed. And still the start of June, well done again to the board for not dragging their feet...
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02/06/2012 13:32:00

I reckon the club statement should have ended with a cheeky "You're Welcome" :)
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02/06/2012 13:36:00

LOL BigaFatRon your right, no more moaning just looking forward to the season lol can't wait for transfers to begin its christmas 1986 for me all over again ;)
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02/06/2012 13:36:00

Great news, well done Mr Lerner, now back him.
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02/06/2012 13:49:00

Good appointment. A British coach who earned his badges in Germany. Top notch, progressive thinking by the owner and his 'people'. For those who can't wait for next season a few words of warning. Lambert can only work with the materials at his disposal. The current Villa squad is very weak. It's unlikely he will have a lot of money to spend so that means the younger players are going to have to step up to the plate. Lambert needs time and patience from the fans. He is arguably the most significant Villa appointment in the post Saunders era. He and Brendan Rodgers (who is apparently a friend of Lambert's) are youngish Brit managers who have spent time on the continent and appear to be well versed in the current trends and developments of the modern game. They might not have AVB's looks or charisma but are arguably better coaches (at least as far as the EPL) is concerned. Both represent a new breed of British coach/manager. Again, we Villans should be realistic about next season. Mid-table and a good cup run would be an acceptable achievement given the ravages of the last two years. Anybody booing Lambert because Villa are not challenging for the top four should be treated with the contempt they deserve.
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02/06/2012 13:51:00

Love it love it love it
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02/06/2012 13:56:00

Fantastic news, so happy right now. Well done to the board for finally listening to the fans.
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02/06/2012 13:56:00

2big4seatswannastand: I don´t agree with your math if you sign a 31 year old for lets say 3.5 million and pay him 65k and sell him for zero whats the difference with signing a 25 year old for 20million paying 65k per week and selling for 16.5 million? Nothing. Who cares about sell on value if you pick them up for a song? Holt for anything under 5million would be outstanding value even if you sold for zero? Hesky is not a fair comparrion because holt scored more goals last season than hesky over the last 6ish!
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02/06/2012 13:57:00

Number one target wanted, number one target got. Next season will be such a joy after the last one. No more than we and the Club deserve, delighted!
The Fear
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02/06/2012 13:59:00

Welcome to the family Paul, grab yourself a cuppa.
Green Villan
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02/06/2012 14:23:00

Excellent news! Got the feel good factor back again! Up the Villa, happy happy happy days
Welsh Villain
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02/06/2012 14:25:00

Great news. Now we can start building again.
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02/06/2012 14:41:00

Great news, I'm ecstatic that it's all over and we can move onwards, hopefully leaving this cloud behind us for good. Lots out so expecting a few in, I don't believe anything more will be done once the Euro's start though, although, Lambert isn't doing any TV analysis is he lol
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02/06/2012 14:59:00

A great appointment.
J Dogg
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02/06/2012 15:19:00

Brilliant news!....... Lambo, Lambo give us a wave, Lambo give us a wave.............
Pride of Lions
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02/06/2012 15:28:00

Ironic that he managed Colchester then jumped ship to manage Norwich, the team that they easily beat, then does the same to us from them. Hope we don't hammer anyone easily next season, and that there's a good clausage in his contract!!!!
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02/06/2012 15:30:00

thanks to Villa, waited for me to go out before announcing! I had no phone coverage where I was, when I walked out the phone text alert went off 10 times, I turned to my dad, phone still in pocket (because it was vibrating and you take your pleasures where you can get them at my age!) and said, Lambert is the boss then!!!
The Fear
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02/06/2012 15:34:00

Happy days well pleased and got to say well done to Randy and Faulkner I feel they got their man. Will be so exciting just seeing people singing and smiling down at villa park will be amazing. Good luck Paul make our club proud again.UTV
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 15:47:00

Villa are always getting patronising rubbish from other clubs 'fans' and the media. Lots of stuff around about how Villa are a 'small' club, how Lambert's moved 'sideways', how Villa's history is irrelevant etc etc. The ignorance of the average football supporter in this country is breathtaking. What do they want? Maybe they think we should all support Spuds, Manure, RedScouse, Gooners, Chelskov and Citeh. Maybe the EPL should be comprised of those clubs and those clubs only. It isn't gentle ribbing its full on hostility and utter ignorance. The thing is even if Villa won the league or made the hallowed top four, the general sentiment outside of Villa circles would probably be, 'now Lambert has shown what he can do with Villa he should now take a step up and manage a big club'. Pass me a sick bag. 'Objective' media? Lol.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 16:13:00

Welcome King Lambert!!!! I can't wait to watch our boys fight for a victory home or away, no matter who we are playing. UTV!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 16:14:00

Great news. Welcome to Villa, Paul - and you've got some work to do ! UTV
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 16:25:00

davyboyr. In your example financially there is no difference. However if a 31 year old is a success, you will still be left with nothing at the end of his contract. If a 25 year old is a success you may well be able to sell on at a profit, or extend his deal. The younger player is far more likely to hold his form throughout the length of his contract. In the case of Holt, Norwich are refusing to extend his contract which is why he wants to leave. see bbc website). Scott Parker would have been an expensive mistake and so would Grant Holt. Only opinion and I'll agree to disagree if you like.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 16:25:00

Best news I've had in ages. Pleased that the Solskjaer situation didn't materialise, he's only been a coach for 5 mins (credit where it's due for winning the Norwegian league) but was a horrible long shot for me. Would have been happy with Martinez to be fair, think he is much maligned for no good reason, but with Lambert, he really has shown his potential over the past three years. A winner for me, not a massive name as a player, but McLeish (correct me if I'm wrong!) thought he wasn't up to the job at Motherwell, so off he trotted to Dortmund and promptly won the bloody Champions League!! Did well at Celtic as well, and has had a great start to his managerial career. Let's hope he can become the 'new' Sir Alex or Wenger and stick with us for the next 10-15 years. Welcome Mr Lambert!!
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 18:27:00

Buzzin! :)
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 18:48:00

The fuse is lit... please give him time Villa fans he needs it but it will come good. Paul Lamberts Claret Blue Army!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 19:01:00

JPA-- I'm fairly certain Lambert is here for the long haul. He'll probably be given the freedom to shape the club in his own image. The football side of it at least. If you look at the so-called 'big' clubs that I mentioned above, only RedScouse and Citeh have managers that could currently be regarded as being there for the long term. You could probably count Toon and Pardew, too. The point is if Lambert is a success at VP -- and I believe he will be -- then I can't see him moving on.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 19:22:00

Excellent news, now lets just hope that he gets the funds & the backing to get this club rocking & back to where we belong. Welcome Paul & all the very best. UTV.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 19:46:00

Brilliant, looking forward to the new season ahead, wasn't able to say that last year
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 20:32:00

Villan444 sums it up for me. I hope your laywers have Lambert tied down to a contract he can't break. He walked from Colchester at the whiff of better money and he shafted Norwich by breaking his contract. I have no axe to grind with Villa but hope that Norwich sue Lambert's backside off him for breach of contract.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 20:33:00

QPR4Me, I guess your average punters like you and me will never truly know what goes on with Football contracts but for what it's worth there seems to be something about him being allowed to talk to other clubs in the Premier League but hey who knows really? After all I'm still struggling to understand how MON can threaten to sue us for breach. He walks out and we have to pay him compensation!!!!
Matt B
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 21:22:00

Great news! Very happy with the news :) Lets actually try & win games now!
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 22:03:00

Elated, jubilant, ectastic. God it feels good to be a villa fan again. Credit to the board for admitting they made a horrendous mistake last time round and for getting pretty much on the money at last. Happy days are here again !!!!!
Randy bollox
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 22:44:00

Welcome Paul!! I look forward to us having a go at all teams he or away no matter who we are playing or where!! Onwards and upwards yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa UTV
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 23:28:00

And relax! Great appointment, the sky's the limit (well Randy's ambition is!) Lambo is as good as MON, has more potential and will play more attractive football. HAPPY DAYS
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 00:33:00

Very positive from everyone. Can't wait to see what he' says in his 1st press conference, then see who goes and who comes, I'm of the thought Holt is too old , need younger signings, for now though can drink to a great appointment. UTV
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 02:24:00

This is the man.UTV
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 07:04:00

Grant Holt might want out of Norwich as well - snap him up ! I reckon he'd do a good job for us for at least a year or two, Norwich must be mad ??
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 07:10:00

QPR4ME, Your club as i recall shafter Warnock and replaced him with a manager that walked out on Fulham Mark Hughes, so don't try and make out its shocking news Lambert has left Norwich for Villa as it happans all the time players do it managers do it, We Villans are happy for the first time in ages, we are going to enjoy the ride and start to look towards the future again by maybe taking QPR's best players if Lambert fancies one of them ;)
Report Abuse
03/06/2012 10:46:00


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