Aston Villa - A Mass Clearout Of Villa Players On The Cards?
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A Mass Clearout Of Villa Players On The Cards?

The John Wragg Express report, see: Lambert Deal Today Claim Press , mentions a potential mass clear out.

So, our front page poll asks, which of these players, if any, would you keep?

I`ve also set up a forum poll because in there you can do multiple votes, so to vote in there: Which of these players would you KEEP?

The report says that Lerner wants the under achievers out and 'big changes are expected`. Great news and I`m sure Lambert is just the no nonsense sort to do this.

The names mentioned are: Stephen Warnock, James Collins, Nathan Delfouneso, Fabian Delph, Alan Hutton and Barry Bannan. Even Charles N`Zogbia isn`t safe from the chop?!

By the looks of this report, he`ll get money up front to bring in the players he needs but the sales of the unwanted will be used to balance the books.

So our latest poll asks which of these players would you want to KEEP... or none? I`ve added Richard Dunne to the mix.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 1 2012

Time: 12:00PM

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Stephen Warnock, James Collins, Nathan Delfouneso, Fabian Delph, Alan Hutton and Barry Bannan. Even Charles N`Zogbia isn`t safe from the chop, how is he supposed to replace all those with 10-15 mill 7 players 2 mill a piece, I can't believe Lambert would take the job with those figures, what the ***** is going on with our club, LERNER has taken a Marks n Spencers style club and turned it into Lidal. what a shambles.
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01/06/2012 12:16:00

Keep Bent & Given and the kids, end of
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01/06/2012 12:18:00

Keep Ireland and N'Zog too. They can flourish under a new manager, IMO. Delph and Warnock squad players. Collins, Bannan, Hutton, Delfouneso, all have had their chance and for one reason or another, blew it.
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01/06/2012 12:25:00

Sell the lot except Bent and Given. All the 22 and 23 year old kids need to go as well.
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01/06/2012 12:30:00

Why isn't Gabby on the list?
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01/06/2012 12:37:00

calm down eltoro, it is just press talk ffs. Of course the manager will get backing, all of them have.
Gordonsleftboot, was really just going with the press article list but couldn't resist chucking in Dunne as well as obviously he's been another rumoured to be a bit wayward especially the Houllier away trip doo dah.
The Fear
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01/06/2012 12:43:00

Maybe this report from earlier today underlines our problems. Fans still talking about losing players because they do not fit their criteria need to take their heads out of the sand. The new manager has to work with what he has got + whatever Randolph can provide. And as for the comment about turning us into a Lidl, get a grip ffs. We are indebted to Randolph. He poured money in for M'ON and we are still having to recover from his failure to deliver the goods despite the biggest backing of any manager in Villa history. ASTON VILLA is still by far the largest football club in the Midlands in revenue terms, according to Deloitte’s Annual Review of Football Finance 2012. The accountancy firm’s table - based on 2011 accounts - shows Villa with revenue of £92m. The next nearest Midlands club is Stoke City at £66.8m. West Bromwich Albion’s revenue was £65.1m and Wolves’ revenue was £64.5m. However Birmingham City and Coventry City's failure to post accounts meant that they could not be included in the table. The Midlands’15 Premier League and Football League clubs had combined revenue of around £430m in 2010/11. Total revenue growth of 12% across the region was driven largely by West Bromwich Albion’s £37m revenue increase following their promotion to the Premier League. Villa's impressive revenue figure needs to be considered alongside more negative financial data. Its wage bill of £94.8m for the year was a large contributor to the club posting a pre-tax loss of £54m. More generally, Deloitte’s report reveals how top clubs in English football have continued to show impressive revenue growth despite a difficult economic climate. Premier League clubs’ combined revenue reached a record £2,271m in 2010/11, according to the report. In total, the top 92 clubs in English football saw revenues increase by 9% to £2.9 billion in 2010/11. However, it is not all positive financial news. Adam Bull, consultant in the sports business group at Deloitte, noted: “Despite the increase in revenue generated by Premier League clubs, operating profits reduced by £16m (19%) to £68m in 2010/11 and combined pre-tax losses were £380m.”
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01/06/2012 12:44:00

personally I think Collins and Warnock deserve a fresh start with a new manager. Nzogbia will hopefully come good in his second season so getting rid now would be silly. The fonz has definite skill but doesn't seem able to step up to the plate so I'd look to loan him out to another prem side as a final chance. Bannan, Hutton, Dunne, Delph can all go IMO. Albie has a year to prove himself as does Weimann. Oh and I'd keep gabby because for all his faults he gives defenders a tough time and is a good squad player.
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01/06/2012 12:52:00

*****in moaning already ................. stop doin the maths with sums that you don't know are available. Just support the new manager. UTV
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01/06/2012 13:19:00

Get rid of Warnock, Collins, Hutton, Delph and Delfouneso. Can't believe N'Zog would be on that list, give him another season at least. I'd keep Dunne because they're aren't that much experienced centre-backs around, everyone highlights his mistakes but all defenders make mistakes, nobody ever seems to give him credit for his defending, he might let one in, but he'll stop 3. Wouldn't be such a problem if we were scoring them at the other end.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
01/06/2012 13:30:00

Please look at the main statement in that report. TURNOVER £92M. WAGES £94.8. Comment all you like on players and who you want in and want out, but very simply the new manager has 2 years minimum of sorting this mess out. Randolph did what all fans want their chairman to do - spend and spend big. He provided funds for a manager idolised by most, especially in the first 2 or 3 years. if he hadn't spent as much fans would have been hounding him and saying we only need a couple more players. He couldn't win. But we have a Chairman respected by the entire league, a little less communicative than most would like, but one that has bankrolled our club and is covering the club to the tune of £130m in personal loans. And still some Villa fans slate him??? He overspent when M'ON was in charge, he has made a couple of managerial errors and his decision to Americanise Villa Park last season and prevent any protest against his authority are his mistakes. But he has shown an ability to listen, respond and deal with every challenge thrown at him. Personally I think fans talking about which players they want out, when we are in no poistion to choose that and before a new manager has had a chance to work with them are uncalled for and damaging. Please please please when are we going to start talking our club up instead of looking for things and people to critisise? And Fear I do not think you are exempt in this. What a crap poll!!! Which players, if any would you keep??? Give me strength. By clicking on one of the players it automatically assumes you want the rest gone. Crap poll. And totally negative as we look to move into a new era of positivity. UTV. Prepared. The 19th Minute.
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01/06/2012 13:32:00

VOTH, please remember McLeish took a lot of stick last year for operating under the very constraints you now trumpet. I made the point last year that here was a man who was doing his best with little financial or other support. I know you do not want to hear this but given the resources you now refer too, the man was not a disaster. No I still haven't married the man but can some at least see what the man did in keeping us up, negative football or not. Certainly not now, but one day the job he did may be recognised.
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01/06/2012 13:51:00

GLB - Can't disagree more. Pardew, Martinez, Moyes all operate under similar constraints. McMuppet had to sell a couple of players, but still spent £20M. There are certain ways to go about the challenge that he accepted and was paid handsomely for and HIS way was woeful, inadequate, negative and could have done lasting harm to the kids coming through. In time mcMuppets reign will never ever be looked upon as anything but a total failure. He has taken over Steve Hodge and billy McNeil as the most unpopular employees in the history of our club and no sentiment is ever changing that. The man robbed us of millions and will never ever be forgiven. Nice man . . . possibly. Thief . . . without a doubt because he burgled Randolph. Football Manager . . . . . . . .hahhahaahahahahahahah . . . . .what was the question again?
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01/06/2012 14:08:00

I'll never agree with anyone that says McLeish "kept us up". The correct way of putting is he "almost took us down".
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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01/06/2012 14:17:00

GLB, i've considered your argument often in the past, but Mcleish was a disaster. Even if we'd attacked the fans would have had something to see. Players like Nzog were totally stifled and were wasted. For that reason I'd prefer to see how ALL of the players can do under Lambert first. He might even bring Makoun back. Unless good offers come in for Villa players, and I very much doubt it after last season, then I think Lambert will use the preseason to confirm his ideas on the squad before he sells. I actually think with Dunne/Collins, Clark and Baker we can focus elsewhere first. I'd like to see if Warnock can improve, but I'd look to sell Hutton for £1-2m as I don't think he has the capacity to improve.
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01/06/2012 14:42:00

I thought Makoun looked like a tidy player - who didnt get enough of a chance
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01/06/2012 14:51:00

We have to hoof Hutton, Delph, Fonz and Warnock. Dunne & Collins I've never really rated, either. Bannan & NZog just might come good under the right mentoring, but the others are a waste of space to me. Hutton with his thuggish, unskilled play. Dunne, Warnock & Collins are troublemakers and seem to hold too much sway. Delph seems too fly and the Fonz, for all his chances, never takes them by the scruff of the neck.
Windy Villain
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01/06/2012 15:33:00

Well, as we are poised to (fingers crossed) fill our managerial vacancy, it's good to see we have something else to fight about!
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01/06/2012 16:13:00

certainly think whoever Lambert says stays needs a clean slate from us as well. Not easy to do but worth it to all be on the same page and help get the atmosphere and excitement back. He'll know by Jan who is and who isn't up for it and be able to shift and make even more changes next summer.
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/06/2012 18:19:00

LOL. Gordon, will you keep your bull**** thoughts about Eck to yourself please. He's gone FFS. Take the poster down from your wall. He was pony. No-one can argue that. Get over it. FFS........Anyway, I reckon bornandbred got it right except giving Delph another chance to get fit and prove himself. Could be very good with a bit more luck/better guidance.
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01/06/2012 20:20:00

I am calm jp, haven't really said anything over the months that this club as been on it's arse, and if you don't like my response then don't print the *****e in the first place, FFS.
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01/06/2012 22:21:00

Clean slate for some, bring back Jean II for another look, he could be ideal for a Lambert style variable system. Warnock gives 110% all the time imo, despite being error prone, so would keep him. N'Zog should get another chance, as should Ireland and Bannan. I remain unsure about Delph and Fonz, Weimann having overtaken the latter. Dunne should stay, purely because of his experience and ability to raise his performance against good players. Collins' off field activities wont help him on it. That leaves Mutton, who is useless and should go. We need a back up/future keeper (Hennessey??), one centre half (Baker and Clark will be OK long term, re-sign Cuellar????), a left sided midfielder (???), and a striker to replace Heskey (Holt???) That is only one extra over and above the three who left, and not including Holman who cost nothing. Humour me for a minute re Holt. Lambert played in a Celtic system he sometimes tries to mimic where the target man (Sutton) played 20 yards BEHIND the main striker (Larsson). This works because the Centre backs get drawn out leaving space behind for the finisher (Bent /Larsson) or wide players to run in to, Lambert sometimes did this with Holt and Morisson if he wanted to shake things up, particularly using Holt from the bench to good effect away from home. He may be 31, but could be a good asset, a better finisher than Heskey and less wages. Jordan Rhodes could be worth a punt too.
Report Abuse
01/06/2012 23:12:00

Mark my words, NZgobia will be one of our best plays next season, you'd be mad to get rid of him, Ireland will be also. Can't judge anyone that played under the ginger one, worst tactics ever.
Report Abuse
02/06/2012 01:11:00


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