Aston Villa - What Is Available For The Next Manager?
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What Is Available For The Next Manager?

What is available for our new Manager?

Two experienced keepers - Given and Marshall and a product of the youth set up Siegrist (may need looking at)

Two right backs - Hutton and Lichaj (both capable players)

Two left backs - Warnock who is solid and unknown Enda Stevens (not the greatest area of concern)

Four centre halves - Dunne and Collins and also Clarke and Baker (not the greatest area of concern)

Five central midfielders - Bannan, Herd, Delph, Ireland and Gardner (last season will have matured them enormously but that is lightweight) + Makoun. What is happening there?

Wide right - N'Zogbia, Albrighton, Carruthers (More than enough)

Wide left - errrmmm

Forwards - Delfouneso, Weimann, Gabby and Bent (we need another option I believe)

In terms of numbers that 23 should be OK for the first half of a season that doesn't involve Europe. There are players that can adapt to a range of positions to help give the team balance.

We are not in a position to sell anyone and anyone of the mind to sell Bent to improve other areas needs seeing to by men in white coats. When you have a goalscorer you hang onto them for dear life and get in the players to provide the chances. No point in getting rid to find players to create chances only to find you have no one to convert them.

It is obvious to all that there are areas that would need to be addressed immediately. It seems that the new man isn't going to be allowed to spend in the way that MON was and it is important that he identifies and spends any money on the areas with the most urgent need.

We probably need extra cover for Given.

We definitely need some attention in Midfield and maybe McMuppet identifying Karl Henry was not a bad thought. Right idea possibly but not enough quality imho.

We need a left sided specialist. How mad is that in that in recent years we have let go Barry, Downing and Young!!!

I believe we need an alternative strike option. A Carew, Dublin type of player.

And that as I see it should be suffice for a reasonable, if unspectacular season. Maybe the new man could even work with that squad and produce over and above what was expected.

It is not all doom and gloom. There is plenty there to work with. International Captains and leaders, a goal scorer of the highest quality, youth and endeavor. If you had compared that squad with Swansea or Norwich last season, you would have thought it more than capable of finishing above them.

Put the right man in place. Show him a little confidence with the money and in a season or two we could be Champions again. It is all to do with belief.

And before anyone comes on to criticise any of the players please read the article on positivity ( Time to be Positive!! )
. We are trying to attract a new manager, not put them off before they have even looked at the club.



The 19th Minute

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The Journalist

Writer: VoiceOfTheHolte Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 30 2012

Time: 9:27AM

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Voice not often i disagree with you, but imho we need 2 better quality centre halves, a better left back, 2 more wingers left sided, a top class centre midfielder, goalkeeper and a centre forward
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30/05/2012 09:47:00

No mention of Holmgren? A new CF definitely, at least one new CH and a left back for cover - OK Lichaz can do it BUT he needs a set position and is a RB. Yes another keeper as back up. Most urgent need though is a replacement for Stan. Those centre midfielders looked weak at times, Gardner was not ready, Bannan needs to improve the physical side of his game (can he do that?) We need a really strong midfield specialist. Henry? No, a Robbie Keane 10 years younger maybe. Manager thought: If RM is off the Liverpuddle radar, why has Motor Mouth not shouted from the roof tops? Is something going on there?
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30/05/2012 09:55:00

That midfield looks worryingly weak.
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30/05/2012 09:59:00

yes midfield needs work. But perhaps with the right manager our lads can really come into some great form. dare i say it but at the end there of last season we saw so many glimpses of a solid working team. bodies being thrown left right and centre to keep the ball out of goal which was great to see (and also quite terrifying at the same time). but if the new manager can get that sort of effort in an attacking motion also we could be well on our way back up the table.
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30/05/2012 10:05:00

Nice to see voice back on the positive vibe, however, Hutton I would not keep, sorry, just not good enough. Happy if he can shock this season and prove me us doubters totally wrong though, no issue with that. But some of his tackles last season were leg breakers.

I'd have both Dunne and Collins out straight away, sorry, but I believe they have become too influential in the dressing room and off field antics. I don't think they are right for us and haven't been since their great season under MON. Either that or it will take a very good manager needs to get them back fully engaged. Personally I think Dunne is too sloppy and too slow, look at the pen he gave away v Spurs for just one example.

As you say, Makoun, he might well be brought back in and be able to be the asset we paid for, we do need fresh blood in midfield, we need a playmaker, can Ireland do it? he should be able to but....

Striker wise, at all costs we need to keep Bent. Fonz I'm not so sure, I'd send him on a season long loan to prove himself. Weimann looks a nice solid developing player. Gabby? I would be tempted to sell if the right offer came in, mix things up a bit. 9 goals (?) in two seasons whether played on the wing or not is nowhere near good enough. Or they get sorted (it seems obvious to me that he isn't keen on Bent) but if they can play together and a manager can make Gabby feel important again and he starts to shoot, let alone score, then he might once again be on the right path.
The Fear
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30/05/2012 10:20:00

looking for a new team !!there mr astonsteve,.......think you mean Brett holman ,mr Gordon,,,,,,anyway we live in hope ,,,,anyone want to manage us ?,,,,,,,anyone ???
paul muldrew
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 10:21:00

astonsteve - I can't disagree with that. If truth be told we need improvments everywhere. I was only trying to see what a new manager might see when he has to make the most of a limited budget. You are asking for 8 players. That almost certainly isnt going to happen overnight. I am looking at the immediate requirements for the next few months to give the new man time to make long term plans.
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30/05/2012 10:23:00

Have to say from what we saw last season several of those players are not good enough for a top half finish. Hutton was woeful at times, Warnock inconsistent, Dunne a liability when he wasn't concentrating, Collins a bit rash, central midfield looked weak, N'Zog was only at the races for 2 halves of two different games, Gabby scored 6 goals, Fonz has not looked capable since breaking into the first team, Gab was terrible last season. I'd say we need a new spine.
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30/05/2012 10:30:00

thats 9 ,,,,but who`s counting
paul muldrew
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 10:39:00

sorry i`m not,,,
paul muldrew
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 10:42:00

Is Jean Makoun II not due back from his loan spell in greece ?
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 10:52:00

Paul Muldrew: Thanks, I stand corrected!
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30/05/2012 10:54:00

Yikes. Is that really all we have?! So in almost every positiion we are banking on our youth becoming premier league quality. That seems like a massssssive stretch. Our midfield looks criminally short of premier league experience and quality. Outside of Ireland none of our midfield players have even cemented a place in our rather miserable side last season. As last season showed - without Bent we have 0 goals in our strikers. Weimann has shown glimpses but Gabby has run dry and Delf just doesn't look like he can make the step up. Makes me hell of a nervous looking at our line-up...
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30/05/2012 11:14:00

Voice, i think its possible to get 5 or 6 signings in this summer, there are some great free transfers out there, but at least now we are talking about stuff that is more positive.
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30/05/2012 11:23:00

I'm sure that herd and Gardner will improve but we definitely need a bully in midfield. Personally I don't think Hutton is that bad. Warnock might get back to what he was when we bought him. Lichaj is a cracking young player for either full back position. Clarke is quality and will mature into an even better player. Maybe Dunne needs to move on because of a perceived negativity in the dressing room at times? I agree with sending the Fonz on an extended loan. Gabby........ I'm not sure, maybe give him until Christmas. Andi Weimann will get better. I think Holman will prove to be a good signing, the Aussies do not like being second best.
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30/05/2012 11:38:00

IMO the MAIN problem area is CENNTRAL MIDFIELD..We need TWO quality experienced players, and whatever funds we do have available that area should be our priority..fill in other areas with 'Bosman' players.
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30/05/2012 11:42:00

Forgot all about Holman. Is he the answer for our wide left void?
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30/05/2012 11:57:00

Deffo need someone to win and hold onto the ball in midfield, someone who can pass, doesn't need to be fancy, leave that to Bannan. The evidence is that the defence just ain't good enough, set-pieces, resorting to the boot .... There needs to be much better understanding in pairs, but that can't be bought.
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30/05/2012 11:57:00

Understand where VOTH is comming from we cant replace wholesale because of funds. Wonder where we stand on numbers at the moment ? (wages) having lost Heskey,Cuellar,Guzan and Beye ( see holman as replace for Beye in numbers & wages terms.) If we could afford to add 3 players I think a solid back up to Givan is needed , I agree with those looking for a Parker type of player in midfield, then a toss up between a centre half and a centre forward . And of course there could still be a couple of diamonds to come through from our youth set up.
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30/05/2012 11:57:00

I think the cry for positivity is a good one Voice, but just listing our players on there reminds me of why things have been so depressing lately. If the mystery new manager is somebody who fancies 4-3-3, he will REALLY struggle to pick any three in midfield who wouldn’t be over-run by any half decent Prem (or even Championship) midfield – let’s put it like this; if we’d been relegated and started next season with this squad, no way would it have got us promoted. Goalie – Yes, Shay is brilliant, but as he gets on a bit he’s starting to have more injuries than he ever used to get. Marshal was with us when Guzan deputised last season – he is NOT good enough to be the keeper no.2. Right backs – Hutton must go, Lichaz needs cover (and in fairness, might not quite be good enough). LBs Warnock – too inconsistent. Stephens, too early to judge, but looked woeful against Spuds in the Europa. CB – Dunne to go, Collins to be a squad player. Clarke/Baker have loads of potential, but we need a new CB right now. Not asking much but they’ve got to be strong, quick, experienced, hard as nails and able to play the ball out. Answers on a post card please. Midfield – dreadfully lightweight. We need a young Roy Keen/Patrick Vierra, but show me a team in the World that doesn’t. Up front – sorry, I think Fonz has had enough chances with us and various loan spells to say he isn’t going to do it. Another Stephan Moore/Martin Carruthers (showing my age?) for me. Gabby? What an enigma – just don’t know, do we? Realistically after the last couple of years he wouldn’t even fetch £5m, and that doesn’t even buy you a Jay Rodriguez, so we may as well keep him as an impact sub. In answer to the point above though, about him playing with Bent, he was thrown into the role of main man for the last 2 months of the season, and achieved precisely nothing. We need somebody bold enough to come in and do what Big Ron did – a complete overhaul this summer, to be continued/refined over the next couple of transfer windows. It’s all going to require a lot of money and/or knowledge of the lower league and international transfer markets. I’ve seen nothing in B6 in the last couple of years to suggest we have any of these things in place.
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30/05/2012 13:09:00

The squad we have was good enough for the Premier League, just, with the worst manager in our history. With a shrewd operator pulling their strings . . . who knows? A few additions as I have mentioned should be enough to give us a platform to go on and build in the coming years. The Villa are a long term project, not a short term fix. We simply need the man in place to lay the foundations and then build the finished article.
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30/05/2012 13:33:00

I like the sentiment VOTH, but I think Collins and Dunne have to go. Collins has confirmed his reputation as a boat-rocker and Dunne, while not lacking heart, has been known to try and out-dribble forwards on the edge of his own box. Not good enough any more. I'd also let Delfouneso go; the Premier League seems to be too big a stage for him and he hasn't cut the mustard since he stepped up. N'Zogbia can surely play on the left as well as the right, but we could use a couple more experienced midfielders as well as another proven goalscorer. I like your thinking with the Carew/Dublin mould. It has to be someone who will create his own chances, the opposite to Bent's fox-in-the-box approach. I'm sure we'll have a more entertaining campaign next time round whatever happens.
Turkish Penguin
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 15:09:00

lernerselves I would assume Makoun is due back or looking to get a permanent move away. With the right manager/system, he might be ok for us, did well enough on loan I believe.
The Fear
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 15:09:00

Sorry Voice I cannot agree that 'The squad we have was good enough for the Premier League, just, with the worst manager in our history.' Not even: Clarke, Albi, Herd, Weimann, Lichaj, Bannan or Delph have yet proved themselves as first choice players. Yes we hope for to of them and young Gardner & Carruthers to break through but hope is all it is - these are not proven premier league players - jury is out on all of them. Marshall is here as a coach he's far too old to be backup keeper if Given is injured. The senior players are woeful in terms of skill, control, passing ability, football brain, concentration - do you really see: Hutton, Collins [3rd choice for Wales and we don't even have a defender worthy of the name], Dunne or Warnock in any top 8 team? Our experienced midfielders are: Ireland [one good season once] and Zoggy. Gabby can't score in a one on one. So we have Given, DB9, the 'kids' and 'ex-kids' plus the Hoofers. From our top 6 side we've lost: the England midfield, Petrov, Luke Young, and the monster Carew from our first team, not to mention: Guzan, Heskey, Cuellar, and loanee Walker. Only Friedel & Carew have been adequately replaced. There are good experienced Bosmans available, there are good young players available from France [Arsenal & Newcastle example] or Africa, young loanees from Arsenal, Barca and United - I know people don't like us to be a finishing school but Walker was a real asset but the new manager needs £30m + really good market skills [Moyes, Pardew] as well as tactical nous [Mourinho] and motivational powers [Fergie, Redknapp, MON] if we are to avoid another relegation struggle because our present squad are not good enough unless the 'ex-kids' really step up big time. If you were manager of Liverpool or QPR with money to throw around which of our players would you want? DB9 yes or perhaps or a punt on Gardner or Clarke emerging & remember Clarke didn't even make the standy list for Eire.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 15:36:00

What can I say. Only that I disagree with VOTH and agree with the majority. We need some quality right down the spine of the team. CBs, CM and a decent forward to play with DB9. Fonz and Gabby just ain't good enough. This season will be big for Weimann.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 15:45:00

IMHO, 1. We need a skilled/passing CB to pair with our 2 not so skilled CB's. 2. We need a holding CM to boss games. No one on the roster can control the game start to finish. Unfortunately, every team needs a player like this and they are few and far between. 3. We need a left-footed wide player. Brek Shea would be my first choice followed closely by Jarvis.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 16:00:00

Distefano - you are missing the point and are just ranting in negative mode. I agree with most of your points. However the squad we have isn't going to change drastically before next season. All I have done is identified the three biggest areas that will need addressing on what is likely to be a limited budget. Warnock, Dunne and Collins have all been part of a top 6 let alone top 8 set up - with us. As has Gabi. We know the limitations. we all know the changes that are needed. My point is that we can't be shouting this negativity all the time. We need a new manager and negativity isn't going to attract them. Lets talk our club up for a change. I am fed up with our fans talking us down.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 17:08:00

A new forward thinking dynamic manager will certainly improve us almost immediately. We still have a a few decent players who have clearly played within themselves for whatever reason & the younger generation used in bit part roles over a full season with cups can be adequate. The new gaffer will have funds and will bring in players, with just a few astute signings can make quite a difference. And no I'm not talking miracles, but a reasonable placed mid table finish with better football after the last copuple of seasons and whilst the manager settles in his first season is achievable. As with any team the spine is the most important and needs to be addressed immediately, with a couple of midfielders straight in and defo a new centre half to braek up the Dunne Collins mould. I beleive a good manager is worth his weight in goal and the right appointment will see us okay in his first season...!
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 18:09:00

Big Ron said the squad is threadbare. Morty said the senior players are selfish. Graham Taylor said that the Zog is a disgrace. The Fear said that Dunne and Collins are bad apples. Everyone says that Hutton is rubbish. Alan Hansen says you win nothing with kids. The club is losing a million pounds a week. And the manager's job has just been pinned up in the local Job Centre. Apart from that its looking great.
Steve Wade
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 18:49:00

Gawd blimey Steve, shall I fetch you a rope??? Big Ron is senile and thought Carlton Palmer was World class. Morty sees everything through the bottom of a glass and said Ashley Young was rubbish. Graham Taylor showed 10 years ago that his judgement as a manager had long since gone. Fear is a top bloke, but Dunne and collins with the right guidance can be immense, we have all seen that. Hutton is - ok I will give you that one ha. We will win something with Kids, Manure did. We are no longer losing money and the manager will be sorted this week - gulp. We are Aston Villa. We are on the positive train to the next stop - Glory. Negativity will only slow us down so all negative passengers please leave the train immediately, we are trying to gather speed not slow the bleeding thing down. Try talking us up for a change.
Report Abuse
31/05/2012 08:48:00

Wholesale change of senior players over three years. Central midfield and a striker imperative. Holt and Howson from Norwich maybe?
Report Abuse
31/05/2012 22:40:00


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