Aston Villa - So, You Attending Now 'He's' Gone?
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So, You Attending Now 'He's' Gone?

A simple enough poll I think!

I asked with reference to whether you are attending, were going to anyway etc.

Season ticket/attending?
Poll Date: 20 May 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

Have to be honest, I`m still totally baffled as to the majority on this poll!

Still waiting to see who the manager is 59%

I always thought we supported AVFC. I could sort of understand those choosing to turn their nose up at the last appointment but...................... well, still? Really?

And the other results:

I was getting a season ticket anyway 21%
I wasn't but now will get season ticket 8%
I wasn't but will now attend 8%
I was attending anyway 4%

Season ticket forum thread: Click Here

Season ticket benefits info:


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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday May 26 2012

Time: 3:00PM

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Why would we come back now he's gone? I see no reason to spend such a massive amount of money on Villa right now. Look at the squad, looks at how we play, look at the board and listen to the atmosphere. Villa Park is not a fun place to be anymore and causes more trouble than good. I too am waiting to find out who we sign as manager, but right now, with this situation, I wouldn't renew at half price. These last two years have been a complete waste of money, I see no reason to give Randy Lerner (who hasn't got a clue how to make Villa successful again) anymore money, until he gives me a reason to spend it. Yes I'm a fan of the club, but so much of my love for Villa died last season, I wouldn't be too fussed if I didn't renew.
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26/05/2012 15:26:00

With all the deals & discounted tickets last season, punters can pick & choose. No sellouts to worry about either. Unless you have an emotional attachment to your seat then it just isn't necessary anymore & I can't see that changing whoever the new gaffer is.
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26/05/2012 15:55:00

Well I suppose those who do not invest any of their own money in their club will hoping somebody will invest millions of theirs. If you are not prepared to put your money into the club, don't complain if things aren't going to plan on the pitch. Leave the supporting/complaining to those who are prepared to invest time and effort and money in supporting the club. I am sure potential new managers are really attraced by comments such as 'I wouldnt renew at half the price ' or 'unless you have the emotional attachment to your seat'. Good to see the positivity around to help sell the club and attract a new manager. Who in their right mind would want to manage a club of half arsed supporters?
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26/05/2012 16:20:00

I think that poll and voiceoftheholte comments sums up why we arnt a big club anymore...
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26/05/2012 16:55:00

When Houllier was appointed I agonised long and hard before renewing my ST.

When McLeish was appointed I agonised longer and harder.

Randy, being an American, will understand the phrase, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' I have already been fooled twice. I am not going to be fooled a third time.

chocolate teapot
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26/05/2012 16:59:00

to be honest, I dont believe this poll, otherwise it really makes you as fans terribly fickle. I thought you were supporters, who loved the club regardless of success or failure, but if this is a true reflection, I think it is quite damning in stating that you are with the team in fair times, but are willing to walk away when things done go well.
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26/05/2012 17:24:00

I guess we just don't have the supporters we should have! My support does not depend on who is in charge or who is on the pitch, I don't understand that type of thinking, you either support your team or you don't, if you don't, fine, but stop having a pop at the real supporters, your negativity is not needed.
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26/05/2012 17:26:00

I wholeheartedly agree with chocolate teapots' sentiments. I've been a season ticket holder for in excess of 25 years and last season hurt! I can't help feeling cynical about the timing of the sacking on top of the unprecedented phone lobbying by the ticket office to season ticket holders this year. Season ticket sales or lack of, has (in my opinion) made Randy and Paul realise that something had to be done about Alex sooner rather that later. Let's hope the next appointment is made with the idea of regaining season ticket holders confidence in the direction of the club.
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26/05/2012 17:32:00

We have our wish. The next appointment surelycan't be as bad..... can it? If I was in the UK, I'd be going down VP again.
Pride of Lions
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26/05/2012 17:34:00

Supporting is one thing BUT continuing to support and in a way praising the actions of those who make decisions ( when they have NO regard for the fans) is detrimental. They need to give us something to support first. Fair play to those that support regardless, they're the lifeblood of the club but for those that find it a tight squeeze ( most ) then they've got to know that they're getting value for money. How do people know that the next man will be better?? It couldn't be much worse but after the potential publicity stunt of chasing OGS, most are still wary just incase.
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26/05/2012 17:58:00

There's a worrying trend developing here the diminishing fanbase. Our boys have just lost interest recently and who can blame them? Even if/when I renew they don't want to. Football as a whole has to recognise this. It takes generations to secure a fanbase, and only a few seasons to kill it off. The game, or those who run it have to recognise this and take responsibility. I've followed these sites for a few years now, and seeing the same old names losing heart is bad news. It's a pattern that looks like continuing. What will the clubs do if attendances really drop? It happened in Italy in the 90's, it can happen here. Footy needs to level out again or we'll be faced with a European Super League and little else. And that's just *****ing boring. Wake up UEFA/FIFA!!!
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26/05/2012 18:01:00

While i lost faith in the end under Mcdrainthewilltolive Manager, we must not get fascinated or hooked on who the manager is, look at Pardew at Newcsatle i bet the Geordies was moaning but they are not now, whoever is manager here will need time to rebuild the team, and get them playing in a good attacking way, lets give the new manager a chance ay lads whoever it is,
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26/05/2012 18:51:00

I agree with VOTH, first time in some time. Supporters support. Seems to me that some, not all, will find any excuse to continue to say they support but do little positive to achieve that goal. I understand financial hardship, I too have been made redundant at some point etc. but supporters work from the inside, not the outside. I did not agree with VOTH's actions earlier this year, but at least he still went and supported the team. Others who are very quick to spout forth their critical bile seem to have no intention of returning whatever the outcome of the manager search. OGS publicity stunt? Nonsense. They are canvassing prospects and the local press made more of it than was necessary. The club said nothing but in the eyes of the critical even that was wrong. What rubbish. Most of the time we criticise Randy for his lack of press, maybe given this response he is right to keep his mouth shut, he knows whatever is said will be taken wrongly.
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26/05/2012 19:27:00

I will attend if the club is moved to within reasonable travelling distance of my house.........OGS might want to be manager then too :-)
Villan Of The North
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26/05/2012 19:28:00

At the moment I just want to forget about football for a few weeks anyway (have a shifty on here every now and then), recharge the battery after attending every game last season it was painful to say the least...if I can support them during THAT season I can do it during any other one that comes along....I will renew but not just yet, I need a break! I was excited at the start of the season and all of that was drained away, at the end it was a chore to attend and come the last two weeks of July when the friendlies kick in then the excitement shall return (I hope).
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26/05/2012 20:09:00

Lol Gordon. You were happy with Eck. You'd turn up anywhere if you thought you'd get a glimpse of the ginger loser.
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26/05/2012 20:30:00

@ Steff_the_Villan very well put.
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26/05/2012 22:06:00

Fact is that peoples priorities are changing as football continues to price the real fans out. To watch football is an expesive outlay especially if its crap. Financial constraints for me makes it a no brainer but for the sort of money being asked these days i want to be seriously entertained. I wouldn't keep returning to a restaurant that served up *****e meals.
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26/05/2012 22:11:00

Eck has gone and he was 90% of the problem so we should stop bickering and be happy, time to bring the good vibes back to this club
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26/05/2012 23:56:00

I`ll buy one but take a refund if we get in a Manager that i know will just give me another year of misery and blag.Then i`ll pick and choose games as i miss so many in the week.
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27/05/2012 07:24:00

My trip to watch one friendly match in July will be costing me about the price of a season ticket. Always planned to go irreverent of who was/is in charge.
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27/05/2012 07:31:00

I said I would wait to see who is manager before I renew. This doesn't mean I wont attend. I will attend games whether I have a ST or not. Right now I can't really spare the cash so certainly will not renew until a new manager is in place. An exciting appointment may encourage me to renew. It may not. Either way I will ALWAYS attend as often as I can (which is most home games).
Adam Deuce
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27/05/2012 12:53:00

glb - it seems that our love for our club means we can often sing from the same hymn sheet, just sometimes the songs come out in a different order. Adam deuce that is a really confusing post. You say you don't have the spare cash to have season ticket, but will have if an exciting appointment is made??? How does that happen? Do you earn more money dependent on who the Villa Manager is??
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27/05/2012 13:34:00

I don't give a monkeys about who our manager is ,you are either a Villan or you're not and those who have to wait to see who the manager is are simply not. A club is for life if you want glory every season bog off to Manchester and take the rest of the fickle Fokkers with you. Half the stay a ways never went anyway and what is the point of supporting a club you never go and see, explain that one to me .
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27/05/2012 16:47:00

Villan57 I agree with the sentiments for those who need to see who the manager is before deciding if they can be bothered or not. However you also have consider that some people have to travel for hours to get to Villa Park. Matches are scheduled at all sorts of funny times and that makes it difficult for some. There are family, work and health commitmentss to consider and that is before the finances come in to the equation. That said, as the biggest club in the countrys second city, with a huge catchment area to work and reasonably priced in comparison to most other clubs in the league, our support is distinctly lacking in numbers when times are a little tough. Some of the comments on here are simply proof that many are fickle. A true supporter, with the financial resources (proper die hards would sell there grannies silver for the price of a ticket) would get a season ticket. Those arguing as to why they are not getting one, despite the means are simply no longer as passionate about the club as others or as is often the case, as they once were themselves. Maybe there will be a day when after years of putting my money in I will simply have to call it day and watch from afar. Should that day come, and I doubt it will because I hope to die watching the Villa from the Holte with my family alongside me as we parade the CL trophy around VP, then I will not be making excuses. In life you are either a doer or an excuse maker. I believe we are a great managerial appointment away from becoming the Worlds greatest club again. Randolph. Get it right and lets see all the doomsday excuse makers eat their own words. I will take great delight in calling those who return for the good times 'fickle gloryhunters'. Once a Villa Man - Always a Villa Man. UTV The 19th minute. Prepared.
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27/05/2012 17:37:00

Once a Villa man - always a Villa man is quite correct , but once a season ticket holder always a season ticket holder is not! I can understand some people's reluctance to renew prior to an appointment being made, we were shafted last season! That doesn't necessarily mean they won't still be going to VP only not putting their hard earned dosh up front.
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27/05/2012 17:49:00

Agree totally with VOTH. I took the stand that I wouldn't renew until Mcleish left. He's gone and I've renewed our season tickets. I was prepared to make a stand / sacrifice to get rid of Mcleish but it was always going to be hard. I look at some of the comments posted on here and can't help but notice that alot of the negative stuff is always posted by the same few who coincidentally don't even attend matches.
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27/05/2012 19:00:00

If you consider how much money now comes into the club from Sky (over 50mill every year), which is 5 times what is raised from gate receipts; they should freeze the tickets at the price for every sth to the price each of first paid we paid for our first season ticket. This as well as giving more tickets to the local shools every year, which I thought was a great initiative.
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27/05/2012 20:54:00

I'm buying and will buy a season ticket whatever state we are in. I can't function when Villa are playing any way, I have to know whats going on. I'm villa through and through ALL YOU fair weather fans make me sick.
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27/05/2012 22:27:00

chocolate teapot, I like a lot of your posts, but really am confused with your one on this subject. You say you agonised long and hard before buying a season ticket following Houlliers appointment??? Hows that? M'ON left 5 days before the season started and GH was appointed several games into the season. How were you still thinking shall I or shan't I at that stage?? I also understand passions ran high on McMuppets appointment, so maybe some fair weather fans had a decision to make then as to wether Randys snub of fan opinion meant that they would snub their club. It just seems many have got into a rut and are simply looking for reasons not to support.
Report Abuse
28/05/2012 00:04:00

To be honest VOTH I wouldnt read to much into the poll its a bit like baiting you have got rid of the problem because we waited now lets see you do it right this time and we will renew. The truth is most will anyway they are just trying to make sure we dont get another wally.But come the start of the season what would we do without our weekend fix, of joy or misery. lol Will be there regardless UTV.
Report Abuse
28/05/2012 11:06:00


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