Aston Villa - Carlos Cuellar In Stunning Parting Shot At Villa
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Carlos Cuellar In Stunning Parting Shot At Villa

Carlos Cuellar has had a parting shot at Villa and the board following his exit.

Strange one, he`s always seemed to calm before!

He told Eurosport that he didn`t blame the managers for not picking him all the time - which is strange because Martin O`Neill bought him and didn`t play him regularly, Gerrard Houllier followed suit and so did Alex McLeish. You would think the beef would be with the managers playing him out of position or not playing him at all wouldn`t you?

It seems from his swipe, that he blames the Club owner Randy Lerner and the board for his time at Villa.

Again, strange, they bought him for a massive fee and his pay can`t have been too shoddy could it?

Anyway, it is a pretty stunning rant at the Club to be fair.

He says the last few years have been stressful after a 'brilliant` start to his Villa career.

'My first two years at Villa were brilliant as I was playing regularly and we were challenging for the top four. We were a really strong team, and I still love the club. But in the last two years something changed, both for the club and me - we lost many of our top players, and had constant problems with managers. We had no stability, and we became weaker because of the change in economic direction. Also, I was not in the first XI. So a combination of the club`s troubles and my own lack of playing time made me quite stressed, professionally.'


This is where I find it a bit confusing, it is the managers who choose who plays and who doesn`t, so was it not about playing, was it just about money?

'I don`t think the manager wasn`t giving me a fair chance. Obviously as a player you want to play, but I had more of a problem with the way the board were dealing with me and others. Had the board come to me and said 'listen, we are not going to offer you a new contract because of your wages, or because you are not playing well enough`, I would have accepted that and looked for another solution. But they said nothing. And yet in the past I had turned down offers to leave because I was told I would be given a new contract and would play!"

Adding, 'The problems at Villa are political - you can`t blame the coaches because they have to deal with the same things too.'

Full interview: Eurosport

Would the board not take their lead from three managers not regularly playing the player and most preferring Richard Dunne and James Collins over him? Or pushing him on the right instead of the centre?


Surely his problem should have been at the managers not playing him? Or using him as cover and then dropping him straight away? This looks more that he wanted to stay and is angry that he`d not got a new contract? It does seem strange, looking from the outside in strange that he wasn`t offered a new contract, if only to put a value back on the player so as to enable Villa to deal him at some point in the transfer market?

Most unexpected swipe from one of the players who has always come over as professional before. All that time he was dropped/not used and never uttered anything but love towards the fans and club... Who`d have thunk it?!

No doubt everyone will read their own things into this.


Certainly does look like we need to pray we get a good, young, hungry and 'vibrant` manager to push Villa forward. I`d quite like to see some more of the MON players moved out and a fresh start for Villa, but it will take funds to do that.

Interesting and uncertain times.

I did say the other day in an article I wonder if our new manager might look at re-signing Carlos. I`d say probably not now eh?!?!?!


Be interested to see the reaction to this. Not really done anyone any favours this has it? Villa bought him for nearly £8million, he`ll have made a bomb signing on fee wise and will have been paid a kings (Carlos) ransom for being at Villa. So why the bitterness?

We`ve had one average season and last season was the worst one going, but that doesn`t wipe out the previous 6, 6, 6, Wembley final and a semi final does it? Hope not. Gulp. Can`t wait to see the new manager named and maybe we can get excited and move forward again. Going to take a bit of money to re-build this...

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 24 2012

Time: 4:03PM

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He'd have been at Rangers from January if McCoist had been prepared to pay his wages whilst he was injured. £2m fee agreed and it was their financial problems that stopped him going ultimately because they didn't want to pay him whilst he was crocked. I'd have thought that indicated his future at the club to be honest? Also clearly the board wouldn't decide if he played - but it wasn't the managers fault??

Unfortunate sour grapes for me. That said he's the centre half who shouldn't be leaving!
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24/05/2012 16:10:00

Amazed by that. One thing, it doesn't look like not playing is the main issue, it is no new contract. Also, looks like he wasn't bothered being played out of position under MON (as think ????) he was usually right back not central even with MON. He's right re: manager change causing problems it always does, hence lets hope the next manager brings in stability. But the board don't select who play, so ...? Amazing swipe that one.
The Fear
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24/05/2012 16:10:00

agree Fieldy, would have preferred him to stay and the other two to depart! Funny old game this footie mate!
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:11:00

doesn't surprise me if there is communication issues within the club... its well documented at this stage. maybe just slightly bitter because of no extension?? like you say who knows...
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:12:00

His reference to politics makes me think one or two defenders wield to much influence at Villa and maybe were unfairly picked ahead of him because of it. I've certainly heard rumours that Houilier was told he had to play certain players.
plastic villan
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:13:00

tawt , he was bleeding us for 40k a week and wouldn't leave . If playing was important to him he'd have taken a wage cut and moved to a championship club . 3 managers plus caretakers didn't rate you , says it all Adiós
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:15:00

So concerned that almost everythink coming out of the Villa is negative and the perception of our club is one on the decline!!!
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:19:00

I'm comfortable with most Carlos says. He too professional to rock the boat while at the club, but now he's not, he can take the lid off. It doesn't surprise me.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:24:00

The politics "thing" is interesting too. I don't think it takes too long to work out who runs the dressing room..... bit like Chelsea with AVB I'd say....
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:27:00

yup, agree astonsteve all seems so negative and it a shame. Lets hope we soon have something positive to discuss!
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:28:00

As I have said before, a few times, the club stinks from top to bottom at the moment. I think Randy needs to take a long hard look at what he is doing (or not doing), because we are going backwards in every area at the moment.
Class of 82
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:33:00

he is saying that there is no communication from the board , i think! thats about right really
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:38:00

'stinks from top to bottom' - does this include Doris the tea lady? I heard her tea is still top notch...
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:39:00

his agent must have talked with them at some point. But I guess it is the bosses prerogative to not extend an employees contract. Better communication agreed, but then, no manager used him regularly so he must (?) have been doing something wrong not to cement a place?
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:40:00

The suprise in the article suprised me. Who ever accused the board of being able to communicate? Sounds like the board are causing problems for players and coaches - smashing.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:49:00

Is it that much of a surprise? How many players on this level of wage fail to understand basic economics? They are overpaid by clubs that are going bust. Its the policy of a lunatic asylum. So a player has to be culled because he is at the end of his contract and other over paid 'stars' are untouchable and unmovable. It is pure practical common sense. Until we have been through the wash with all of our 'stars' from the MON era, this will continue to happen. I understand he is bitter on a personal level but Lerner had to regain the control he threw away through the lack of control of MON. We are still seeing the results of his waste.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 16:54:00

Errm ok what has Carlos really said bad about us fans? nothing its the board as many of us fans have been saying a while now, all's Carlos says it what myself and many of us have been moaning about us selling our best players, if anyone wants to disagree please prove to me we have not sold our best players, Barry Milner Ash Downing and so on, we have never had this quality replaced so Carlos is correct and i agree with what he says, we were challanging for top 4 now look at the club we are in great condition aint we?
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:12:00

Hes basically saying what we as fans already know since MON left. That the board are ******** useless footballing inept morons....
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:13:00

nothing bad about fans Clive, didn't imply he had (if you mean the article) he has had nothing but love for the fans.
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:30:00

one average and one bad season and you turn like that cross... bit strong for me to be honest. Was Carlos good? I liked him. Is he indespensible? No, if he was where are all the clubs signing him up? He has been allowed to talk to other clubs since Jan and still no takers? Sounds a bit bitter because they didn't extend his deal and is more interested in that than whether he was playing or not. Maybe they didn't think he'd been value for money (£8m of the 'deluded fools' money + massive wages)
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:47:00

what a load of tripe. Over rated player who has sour grapes because the board didn't offer him a new contract or take time out to molly coddle him and show him special attention by sorting out his personal situation. We were in a relegation fight with a threadbare squad (not to mention a clueless manager) but he thinks that the board should have told him he wasn't staying and allowed him to leave? Precious little premaddona. Good riddance. I don't rate Dunne at all, and Collins goes from the sublime to the ridiculous but Cuellar has looked like a liability since the day he arrived and its no coincidence that every manager we've had since he got to VP including the one who brought him (and who was happy to play Zat Knight and Curtis Davies!!!!!) didn't trust him in the centre of defence. Adios Carlos
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:53:00

will everyone who keeps harping on about the MON days and us challenging the top four get real. We didn't challenge the top four, not even close. Being there at xmas doesn't count. We spent a fortune and the only way we did challenge the top four was in terms of spending. We finished 6th and were lucky to do so on more than one occassion.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 17:57:00

If the board knew that McLeish was leaving, I can understand them not wanting to conduct much business until another manager was appointed. I'd hate to sign a player and then have the next manager not play him. Hmmm...that sounds familiar.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 18:06:00

In the main I never like to see a player talk negatively about a club that has paid him very handsomely for some time. This seems to me to be more about a man who was offered something, only to have it taken away.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 18:18:00

Nah Fear, didn't mean the article, i was just saying some not happy what Carlos says, i just wanted to point out some of what he said is what a lot of us have been moaning about for ages, Villa selling off there best and the board not running things that affect the football on the pitch, Oh and AVbornandbred if you think its a good thing Carlos leaving whilst we still have to pay to watch Dunne and Collins next season you are a nutter, Carlos pee's all over Dunne and Collins in defence all day long
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 18:36:00

I didn't see too much to offend in the article really. I can understand his disappointment at not getting a new contract and I can't really blame a player for hanging around on a contract like that. It's the clubs own daft fault for paying average players stupid money. He knows he's not going to set the world alight so he's carved out a nice life for himself on 40K a week. More fool us. The analysis of why the club stopped moving forward is fairly accurate to. We've become a selling club at the moment and are counting the pennies. We've lost a load of really good players and replaced them with youth and players who aren't up to scratch in many instances (as well as having a muppet as a manager). But although I think the club had to tighten the belt I don't think the results and the slide down the table are that much of a surprise. To me Carlos is pretty much stating the obvious.
Matt B
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 19:55:00

A great first two years? I must have missed that. MON bought him at a high price, well hyped, then never gave him a decent run of games. Odd. Maybe the interview took place in Spanish and has been badly translated?
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 20:32:00

Have a feeling Carlos's agent may be having difficulty in finding him employment on the same weekly wage he screwed out of Villa. A shame, no need to bleat Carlos youve had chance to make yourself "indispensible" or sought after by Chumps League clubs prepared to pay you fortunes and "BUY" YOU FROM vILLA, YOU FAILED ON BOTH.SORYY LEAVE WITH GOOD GRACE...ADIOS
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 20:34:00

andy3221 wrote "he is saying that there is no communication from the board , i think! thats about right really" - and that was the impression I got too. The board never tells anybody anything.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 20:51:00

Well I am definitely going to side with Cuellar. He WANTS to play for us (i am certain he will find another club). He never complained while he was here, played out of position most games and performed well when asked. Compare that to our board. Never talk to us. Don't listen to us - ECK. Don't accept the obvious mistake - ECK. Have sold all our top players. Etc. So when Cuellar says the board have been screwing him, I do believe him. Cause the board has been royally screwing this club!
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 22:13:00

the guy wanted to stay and was hoping that there might be some negotiation on his wages. Instead the club just wanted shot off the wage bill..I`d be bitter too.
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 22:19:00

What an odd blog. If your boss told you that you may or may not have a job tomorrow you'd be pretty hacked off wouldn't you. All he is comPlaining about is a lack of communication. Presumably he has a familyand wants to know whether he is going to have to move them or not. Personally i think to simply say nothing rather than yes or no about a contract, is a pretty shoddy way to treat an employee, regardless of whether he is a well paid footballer!
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 22:52:00

I think this is fabrication, probably a journo trying to ***** us Villans off.
Green Villan
Report Abuse
24/05/2012 23:35:00

Why do the board need to communicate with every person they employ Carlos?most companies don't talk to staff,that's what managers do!the same managers who never fancied playing you week in week out! You took the money and ran so please shut up and bow out with some grace!
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 03:41:00

Must learn to love directors. Must learn to slag off Villa players at every opportunity. Must learn to be good like a good boy should.
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 07:44:00

clive its you who is a nutter mate. As said above I don't rate Dunne and Collins blows hot and cold, but Cuellar has never impressed (in fact with the exception of the odd game he's looked a total liability, unable to mark, out of position and prone to diving in) and that's proven by the fact that every manager he's had since leaving rangers preffered everyone else they could possibly play including kids. Of course it could be that you're the only sane one in the asylum.....
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 07:55:00

¡Adiós! ...... lol
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 09:45:00

Cant understand what he is aiming at ? Bad news to hear a player bleating about not being offered a contract AND not complaining about not being played as the article says weird rant. Does he not understand that had the managers picked him on a regular basis he would probably have been offered another contract?.
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 11:08:00

AVbornandbred Comment is free but facts are sacred. In MON's last season were were in fifth place, level on points with Spurs, who were in fourth with three, YES THREE, games to play. Not at Christmas but at the end of April. You need to stop confusing your opinion with facts.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 11:44:00

*we were*
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 11:45:00

Ok teapot i'll give you one season, and we almost managed to sneak fourth but but missed by two places does that constitute challenging the top four or does that equate to over acheiving and still missing by a dsitance? You are entitled to your opinion but don't try to pass it off as fact, saying we finished in the top 6 is fact, challenging the top 4 is an opinion. Challenging the top four IMO is what spurs have done for the past few years where they have done it more than once, had the potential to finish well and truly in the top four, been in the top four for most of the season etc etc I don't disagree that we performed well or that we were close, but challenging the top four? I don't think they lost too many nights sleep over us in fairness.
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 12:37:00

agreed merlin12877 ... would have liked him to stay as he did always look interested when playing unlike many but that is damning with feint praise really and with the lack of action and a lot of injuries, I'm not shocked he wasn't offered a new deal. What he has done is alert other club chairmen (the people who pay the wages) that he might slate them in the future! lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 12:44:00

How the hell is he slating the club there ? He's given his honest opinion on what we all already know about the club, no comunication with the players and more importantly none with the FANS. Is he wrong that we've allowed our best players to go ? No, is he wrong that unless we have drastic improvements in both management and playing staff we are going to struggle ? No, fair play IF he has come out and spoken, I think he's quite entitled to his opinion after the fantastic service he's given us and the sometimes poor treatment he's been given in return. UTV
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 13:36:00

Whatever is said it does mostly come down to the fact that under 3 managers he was never really rated by any. As posted above had injuries and looked reasonable around other poor performers though at times early on in their careers where performing superbly. I dont feel he's as good as many make out, and has not been taken up by anyone as yet which might suggest others feel the same, although will be useful freeby for someone. Should other players have been at the end of their contracts they may be in the same position, timing is everything. We have had to cut our cloth and have really needed a clear out not just for financial reasons either, and when negotiating a contract it is not likely a player will ask for the same or less money now is is. I also think that when our new gaffer is appointed cash will be made avilable to begin the clear out/rebuilding process. Cheers though Carlos, you came across a decent bloke and always gave your all when in the shirt and on the pitch, good luck to you hombre...!
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 13:39:00

Same old people STILL defending the owner and board. ******** pathetic. Same people who sang Carlos' praises and slagged off the other 2 CBs. Now it's Carlos' fault for not cementing a place????? Never said that at the time. The board have still not done anything good since MON left apart from sacking Eck which was their fault in the first place and their error to correct. When they sign the next manager and most are happy is the time to be defending and praising them. NOT UNTIL...
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 17:42:00

Also, Carlos' skills are the only thing in question . Definitely NOT his attitude, how people can turn on him just because he said that the board are dicks is disgraceful.
Report Abuse
25/05/2012 17:45:00


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