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Ole! Ole! Gunnar Solskjaer Linked

The rumour mill continues, this time Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the latest being linked. Apparently Randy flying out to Norway. He might just be after a penguin mind you?

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In 2007, Solskjær announced his retirement from football after failing to recover from a serious knee injury. However, Solskjær remained at Old Trafford in a coaching role, as well as in an ambassadorial capacity. In 2008, Solskjær became Manchester United's first full-time reserve team manager since 2006, taking over from Brian McClair and Jimmy Ryan, who had filled the role in a caretaker capacity. In 2010, it was announced that Solskjær would return to his native country to manage his former club, Molde FK, whom he led to their first ever league trophy in 2011. He also supervises a training academy for young footballers in his home town of Kristiansund.


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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 17 2012

Time: 1:48PM

Your Comments

bugger and damn, went to put a nifty bet on as this was being whispered and found out it wasn't a whisper any more! He was 40/1. Damn! lol
The Fear
I would be happy, a bit of a gamble but isnt every manager. Plays 433 attacking football, would have good contacts both abroad and in England woulsd also have the players respect!!!
history of working with the kids both at Utd and for his current team Molde, attacking football is always good and a point to prove in his first role...happy if it is him.
433?? omg villa playing 433... am i dreaming???? bring him on i love it
If the others have turned us down then i suppose so. But i am dead against this. He has done nothing but manage in a glorified pub league.
He is also Man U through and through. Will it be another case of oh well am not fussed about loosing to Man Utd as i like them ....
Well said Lerner AVFC. No experience.....
A glorified pub league where he has taken a village team to their first championship win for 100 years. #justsaying
Seems risky, but I'd like to think that Randy is out there listening to what he has to say. He could be exactly what we need and I would be very pleased to see us give him a go.
I'm still hoping for Lambert or Rodgers but I'd be willing to give Solskjaer a chance if neither of the above two are available. (Perhaps Fergie sent Lerner another letter of recommendation?) Ole set himself very high standards at Man United and although his managerial experience is limited he's got vast Premiership experience as a player.
To late MR.Fear Randy had 5 mill at 40-1 lol . Bet he has a good budget to spend :)
Fear if you can get the link Gunning for Glory on youtube, Ole looks very impressive with his football beliefs. Worth a look. Leelinday and Lerner look at our other managers with experience in the prem they didnt do well also look at Pep at Barca he didnt have much experience!!!!
Someone who ACTUALLY learned from Sir Alex! Big shout!
I wouldn't care about experience. Houllier and McLeish had loads of it. Nuff said.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Go watch the youtube video Gunning for Glory, well worth a watch on OGS footballing pyilosphy.
the problem that faces us now is that the poo are looking for a manager as well... Dalgliesh going could be our undoing with a good manager!!
i wouldn't worry about liverpool - its an awful job with massive expectations that just aren't even realistic. they won't have money to spend because they spent **** loads last season on overrated players. horrible job
On second thoughts sod it, i will get behind whoever they appoint next. He might be good you never know.
ole gunnar solsjaer or OGS as I shall call him is certainly a manager when he gets linked you can accept and think, that could be good. My main concern would be maybe he doesn't have that nasty streak that good managers need to shake up those players who drift along on big wages and defend set pieces half-heartedly. Brendan Rodgers looks like he's murdered someone even when his side are winning.
anyone but bruce or big Mick ...
All great managers must start somewhere, he cannot be worse than Mcleish. If the people saying they don't want him because he has no experience then is Bruce, McCarthy etc fine then because they have plenty? The likes of Lambert and Rodgers have one year in the prem, hardly experience, they worked wonders in their first year and you never no it could all go tits up for them. If we got OGS i will support him as he tries to get his teams playing Football the correct way...Only annoying thing is trying to pronounce his name!
He has looked very impressive at Molde i must say it would be interesting to see how he could cut it in the premiership but any one who gets him will have to understand his heart remains at united so he will end up there if he is successful Fergie already tipped him to manager united in the future. He is a Ferguson protege and none of them so far have a good record against him. Maybe he would break that trend but i doubt it but it would be interesting none the less. Esprecially how competitive he would be against them in a match against united with all their fans singing his name. Would he set up his team to go all out to win if its a title deciding match for United??
Shane Villains
Good work Fear
Shane Villains
Just watched Gunning for Glory... well worth a punt I think.. good philosophy only concern is he has two good seasons with us and then heads to Manchester !!!! Certainly ticks all the boxes the Lerner outlined.
Eddy1 2 good seasons would be great, not a certainty he would get the Man Utd job if he did well for us!!!
I really, really, really do not understand the 'no Premier League experience type comments. Really! McCarthy has loads. McLeish had it. As for Lambert and Rodgers, they have had one season. They both appear to have great careers in front of them. But then I remember Mike Walker doing pretty damn well with Norwich. I also remember George Burley's stock being very high after a great season with Ipswich. Funny, Alex Ferguson had only managed in Scotland. Arsene Wenger come from what, Japan or something? Jose Mourinho had never managed in England for that matter, albeit with a very credible career behind him. For some people, if Premiership management experience is all that matters, then I guess the likes of Curbishley, Bruce, McCarthy are high on your list? Sorry but I would much rather take a punt on someone like Poyet or OGS than those tired names. Both played at the highest level, both doing well, both potentially got long successful careers in front of them. Maybe they haven't, but wouldn't it be wonderful for them to come in and be talked about in a few years the way that the likes of Ferguson, Wenger and Moyes are now, as people who have built their dynasties? Not saying Poyet and OGS are the only options I would like to see, but the 'no Premiership experience' thing is a non-starter for me. I have not seen one valid argument for it, nor do I believe that I ever will.
Sheriff Kimbo
I'm sitting on the fence until we get something a bit more solid......
Pride of Lions
So he comes to Villa as training for when SAF retires in 2 years time, and if he is successful with us they'll take him off our hands? rather not!
well said sheriff, i never understand this unproven tonk. its too much chicken and egg, only in narrow minded england do we think that managing in the prem means you can do it again and again, those out of work who managed in the prem are out of work for a reason. grow a pair and take a chance. it will be fun. if you look at the top of our league, apart from cit£h, fergie came from the north, arsene came from japan, harry went bounemouth, wet spam then around the south coast, pardew came from league one, di mateo was from within and moyes came from preston. nuff said i like the thought of our own adventure with a manager who wants to come for the ride rather than someone who has seen it, done it. ole, lee clarke, eddie howe, karl robinson, chris powell, gus poyet, imagine all these in the prem in the next 10 years hopefully one of them enjoying success with us the futures bright
deaf dean
The whole "experience" thing is rubbish. Lambert and Rodgers had no experience at the beginning of the season and look how well they did. Mcleish has loads of experience and look what hes achieved in the premier league.....I wouldnt careless if we got Mr Bill no name in charge aslong as we played good stuff and won more than we lost.
this is a great decision i think - young and hungry. forget PL experience. we need new ideas and fresh ideas with an attacking mentality. looking at this - he does exactly that.
Has he still got his boots ??
wow.. the negativity of this link is unreal... I'm glad some of our fans aren't making any important decisions in this club. from how people react its like they want a "proven" manager.. so that trims us down to fergie, wenger, guardiola, mourinho???? get real - we need a young fresh manager now.
Very Simple, not good enough, no experience was only a bench player at Man U, why on earth would anyone think he could manage Villa
don't like it but will get behind him if it turns out to be true. Wouldn't mind him as a number 2 but would prefer Lambert. To those citing other managers as having no experience but still being a success, not one of the managers quoted above had as little experience as OGS.
lambert = boring dull predictable appointment - that would get in league 1 players - wonderful... NOT. no imagination at all and doesn't excite me. yes done well to get norwich mid table but i still pick them to be in relegation scrap next season for sure.
I was one of the 3% or 4% that voted for him in the poll....will be absolutely loving it if Ole gets the gig. Now THAT will be one to get excited about....! Lambert and Martinez both horribly overrated in my mind.
Only a bench player at ManU...chortle...
This appointment would represent a serious risk on the part of the board. Not that every manager isn't somewhat of a risk but the last thing the Villa hierarchy should be doing at this point in time is gambling with the club's fortunes.
My intial reaction was wrong, i would rather martinez or rodgers, but this guy seems to have similar ideas. I would welcome him.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no and, erm, no.
Im with Sheriff Kimbo, look where Moyes came from, Preston! In fact nearly every successful manager in the last good few years took their posts without any Prem experience, Wenger, Benitez, Mourinho etc, the exception is Harry and he's had his fair share of ups and downs. OGS is probably not my first pick, Brendan Rodgers plays football the way I reckon it should be played, but if thr board do decide on Ole then we HAVE to get right behind him 100%, otherwise we might just get accused of being fickle.....
Stourbridge Villan
This would be a good appointment IMO Solskjaer has experiance abroard and at Man Utd reserves and coaching at Man U, as astonsteve says good contacts abroard a new fresh aproach for Villa as ive been moaning for too long as many have we always seem stuck in a time warp here only signing british players etc times change so maybe it would be good if we moved with the times NICE 1 Randy!! UTV!!!
Anyone will be better than you know who.
Give him a pair of boots and play him.... Peace, Love and Laughter Captain Reg
I would rather place my trust in the hands of a manager with a lot more experience, not just on a managers tactics and on pitch history. Nice guy, good coach and maybe a great assistant (?) but for me, Lambert, Rogers or Martinez. Or even more elite than them. But maybe in a few more years where he has proven himself in higher tier, well know, harder league than a Norway league.
Avfc94 we do
Just chucked a cheeky fiver on AVB now that Liverpool are closing on Martinez. Would be well pleased with OGS though.
This was my comment yesterday on the Martinez article. And damn it I didn't get on at 33-1. "My criteria for selection of the new manager is as follows. 1. Someone the majority of fans will get behind. 2. Someone who can work well with and develop young players. 3. Someone who would have the respect of any senior pros left. 4. Someone who would really want the job. 5. Someone young enough to stay at the club for a long time if things go well. I am less concerned with having years of management experience. All of the current fan favourites for the job, (Martinez, Rodgers, Lambert), had little management experience before there current jobs, and none in the premier league. Therefore I suggest three names. Gordon Cowans, Stuart Pearce, or Ole Gunnar Solskjær. I would be delighted if any one of these were given the job". I am surprised at some of the negative comments on here. OGS was a model professional, and served two years as reserve team manager at Old Trafford. Molde are not a pub team playing in a pub league. They are a 100 year old club, with a 11,500 capacity modern stadium. A club who had never won the league before. OGS wins it in his first season. What titles or trophies have Martinez, or Rodgers won? Yes Lambert has done well at Norwich, but even he only has one season as a premiership manager. The other comment that struck home was "Why should we groom the next Manchester United manager". If OGS does so well at Villa that Manure want him for their next manager then I suspect we as fans will be a lot happier in the next few seasons than we have been in the last two. Finally the man is a very sensible fellow, and is very very financially secure. If he decides to come to Villa it will be purely because he is ambitious. Trust me, from what I saw on the youtube video, Molde is a much nicer place to live than Birmingham. Here's hoping we get him!
The man was a silent assassin. Big student of the game and worked out how to demolish teams from the sidelines, then took to the field and personally did it himself. Great shout if true and attacking football will be to the fore. Bent would be deadly from the bench under him (best role IMHO for him.) Then again we had a few of these false rumours before landing the golden turd last season.
The picture of Randsy private jet on a runway in Norway is going viral, every one is MMS the picture around. Get your money on the Silent Assassin asap.
No thanks, rather have a Villan than a Manc, How's about Collymore while we're at it, he's got loads of experience via talksport! Total bollox the lot of it. We need someone who's either already at Villa, Kmac with some help or someone who's coming up through the leagues.
just looked at Molde FK who he is with at the moment and this month they have played 5 games winning all 5 and scoring 15 goals and conceding just 3 i would like to give him the chance to build us a team and give him a few years to get thing right . and not get rid of him after a year . he was a true winner on the pitch and im sure that would continue as a manager
I'd love this appointment. I'm really tired of hearing "no premiership experience" Who cares! That's what makes people great at what they do, unearthing people with no experience and having them turn out great. So give the board a chance to become great. Same goes for players. Even if it's not at top level, great managers only become great by being given a chance and taking it with both hands. Take Moyes for example, or Lambert, Rodgers, Martinez, AVB, etc... I don't think anyone is going to please most people here because no one is good enough except Jose Mourinho for you. Paul Lambert has had one season in the Prem, but if this was a year ago you would be laughing at the link saying the same thing. However he was given a chance and took it and now everyone wants him? Ole Gunnar could be the same way. A year or 2 ago Norwich were a pub team too, so don't knock his current team Molde. For me, this is the perfect appointment. He's well respected by players, has loads of experience as a player. Learned, and more importantly ,absorbed everything from arguably the best and most successful manager of all time. I say get him in before his stock rises.
And stop with this "I rather have a Villa Man in there. He doesn't have Villa in his heart".....Worked out well for Liverpool, eh? That doesn't matter. He doesn't have Villa in his heart...YET! This is a big opportunity at a wonderfully big club for a young manager to make his name and turn this club around. If i was someone like Ole, my mouth would be watering. He could be a legend at Man United AND Aston Villa. Who wouldn't want to become a legend in several places?
The plane looks as though someone has super imposed Randy's plane's number on the James Bond rocket firer on the top of it. LOL, bookies having a field day and rolling in it.
Press picking up on Randy's plane now aswell.
Come on there must be someone on here from the Norwegian villa fan club? Or failing that someone who has seen so of Molde that could give some more detailed information on him. I keep hearing he plays great football and likes to use a 433 but nothing more than that, what kind of play. Is it along the same lines of a barce ticke-tacka style or far more a quick wing based style? What have his transfers been like?
Tallaght Villan VERY IMRESSIVE
Here you go Tallaght, have a watch of this: if it works!
I think this is fantastic! borderline genius and certainly unexpected given our boards track record (of course it could all be a load of tripe) but if its true then WOW I am exctied. 12 months ago if we had said "rogers" or "lambert" most would be screaming NO! they are both good and have good records but they are used to managing small time players. We need somebody who can instaly command the respect of ireland, zogbia, bent and whats more, attract others! i mean if you were a young up and coming attacking player you would come to Villa just to learn from Ole!!! Yes yes yes randy get over there and bring Ole back
los angeles mate norwich were never a pub team. I will back OGS if we end up with him but I would much rather get someone who has made a promising start to their managerial career in a competitive league like england, spain, germany, holland, france or italy even in the lower leagues. However if Randy is truly there then it looks like its his if he says yes and so as I say I'll get behind him. It just frustrates me that like our scouting system we are only capable of considering candidates that are linked to the prem in some way.
AV, Randy is still over here, it's just his plane in Norway mate.
He is about the only Man Utd player I didnt dislike, so thats one thing on his side the likeability factor. If you asked me a month ago if Id want him I'd have bitten your hand would be a gamble and to be honest I just dont know? But Its an improvement on our last manager and I would be behind him 100%!
I all I cant see him being any worse than eck (note that comment now to throw it back in my face when I call him the worst villa manager ever during the season). I all he would be a risky appointment but I would rather we gamble on someone like him (young, passionate, seems to know that teams can try to attack not just curl up into a ball in hope the match is abandoned or scrape a draw).
Tallaght Villan
I cant see him being any worse than eck (note that comment now to throw it back in my face when I call him the worst villa manager ever during the season). In all he would be a risky appointment but I would rather we gamble on someone like him (young, passionate, seems to know that teams can try to attack not just curl up into a ball in hope the match is abandoned or scrape a draw), than someone like Mick, Bruce or someone expensive and (IMO) overrated like Martinez.
Tallaght Villan
a vote of confidence from fergiescum - just like big eck before him...
I think it could be a masterstroke.
Matt B
Yayyyy I'm logged back in despite the same pw not being recognised earlier. Now, to business...I'm so happy McRelegator has gone. Good God I didn't think Faulkner and Randy would have the stomach for such humble pie but they clearly have! Now for dessert and desert must be either Rodgers - love his style of football - 2nd highest passers in the PL last season......or OGS - he has all the pedigree and if you expect him to not have his finger on the pulse and not know a Baines from a Cole - then you're wrong! I'm so excited. Not felt this good since MONs second season. villan444 "golden turd" remark was so funny I actually hate you for thinking of it before me!
i liked OGS when he was at Man Utd - went about his biz in a positive and happy way - and destroyed the opposition. out of the box if we get him and a smart decision.
I think Olr has a great future, he always had the right head on at Man U, you could tell then he'd make a good leader, I'd take him. I think we will still get Martinez, don't think Liverpool will offer him the job but at least we have 2 or 3 good names being linked!!
Why get hung up on his Man Utd past, if this guy can re invigorate our club from the bottom up he will be solid gold. Can be no worse of a gamble than Martinez, Lambert or Rodgers, who are good young managers, and remember, OGS PLAYED premiership football and coached at Man Utd reserves. I would not be against this idea at at all, it may not be that big a gamble.
Oh, by the way, Fergie may have employed the Tartan turncoat as a player, but never as a coach despite all the **** he spouted about his ability.
Good point Madirish. I think this isnt the big gamble everyone is making it out to be. The guy know the PL inside out, but for me knowing the PL is common we can find a host of manager who know and have experience in this league, what sets Ole apart IMO is that this guy is a winner, straight out of the fergie school of management he transformed Molde, if we dont snap him up somebody else will. Martinez managed to avoid relegation tiwce ...wft thats not something to be celebrated, winning is something to be celebrated , Ole knows how!!
The more I think about it, the better I like the idea. I just hope I'm not trying to convince myself like I did when McLeish joined.
Hmmm, i have always liked the image of OGS, the likeable guy, the smile, the last minute winners but my immediate thoughts when watching this video (Gunning for Glory), is Aston Villa F.C, The *Official feeder club for Manchester Utd F.C. I would like to watch an independantly made video on him as this is Leary By Man Utd for Man Utd and is bordeline propoganda ;-)
Hope it works out if true. I bet he has a brilliant letter of recommendation of Sir Alex that Randy will but in his safe next to the one for McLeish. Deja vu anyone??????
heavy d
This will be a step in the best direction FORWARD i can see it now VILLA WIN THE LEAGUE (maybe abit too much there) but all seriousness i feel he would be ace as our manager as his got a very good style of play and would work well with Cowens and McDonald as coaches - i think i can see somthing beutiful at villa now
Ted 369
Exciting times, brought a smile to my face this morning. Im happy for him to be our manager.
Did ManUre reserves beat our lot when he was in charge?
I believe every manager is a gamble and this one at least implies atttacking football . Lets face it if Mcleish had come in played decent football got us halfway up the league we would have fully supported him which is something the press and tv pundits just dont seem to get.
He's not in yet but a very exciting choice if you ask me, polar opposite of old boring and dull

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