Aston Villa - Odds On Next Man In The Hotseat
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Odds On Next Man In The Hotseat

As you can tell the bookies have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to following whichever speculation is repeated most.

Skybet odds include the obvious Paul Lambert and the more outlandish return to American Bob Bradley, who fans will be familiar with from previous manager searches.

It's a bit of a mundane list really.

Paul Lambert @ 6/4. Roberto Martinez @ 7/4. Rafa 'the waiter' Benitez @ 8/1. Alan Curbishly @ 10/1. Chris Hughton @ 20/1 and Bob Bradley @ 20/1.

There are far more links thatn that though. There are rumours about Roberto Di Matteo, Gus Poyet and even Paulo Di Canio.

Who's your tip for the hotseat?

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 14 2012

Time: 5:52PM

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Lambert probably looks the best bet. Wouldn't mind Hughton, but doubt if he will come after the McLeish experience. Curbishley safe, but possibly out of the game too long. Benitez would be another O'Leary, a cheque-book manager with little commitment to the club. Poyet has done well at Brighton but I think he needs to prove himself at a higher level first, we can't afford another Graham Turner; Bradley sounds pretty unappealing, and I've said on here before that I really don't rate Martinez at all - he dines out on the odd sensational result at the end of the season, but his record at Wigan is much worse than that of Paul Jewell or Steve Bruce. I also wonder how the big egos in the Villa squad would react to being managed by a bloke who struggled to break into Walsall's first team. One name not on the list is Sid Cowans - he would command respect and has done well with the kids
Mark from Dudley
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14/05/2012 18:12:00

pretty sure Rafa will not be in the running.
The Fear
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14/05/2012 18:15:00

Hopefully neither will Bob Bradey.
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14/05/2012 18:17:00

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14/05/2012 18:18:00

POYET OR LAMBERT. The fact I wrote it in capitals means you know I mean it.
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14/05/2012 18:19:00

Its a realistic list. The danger of us talking up high profile (not to mention expensive) managers is people feel deflated when more "mundane" names seem close to getting the job. Mind you, maybe Pep Guardiola would find a change as good as a holiday! :P
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14/05/2012 18:22:00

Lambert would be my first choice but I'd also settle for Poyet, Martinez or Rodgers. I just hope it's a young progressive manager and Randy gives him a few quid to spend. Hurry up next season.
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14/05/2012 18:29:00

Lambert, Rodgers, Martinez... Its probably safe to say thats the short list... Id prefer Lambert... Similar to MON, but he is better tactically and from what i can see doesn buy tosspots... :)
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14/05/2012 18:29:00

Benitez is a chequebook manager we couldnt afford even if we wanted him. Bob Bradley would be no less absurd than McLeish. Curbishley has been out the game too long and I'd like to see Poyet succeed at a higher level before risking him. I'd say Martinez, Hughton, Rogers and Lambert all have the potential to do a great job and would suit our mainly young, English (threadbare) squad. I'd love Holloway just because I love him, not because he's the best manager. Not even the slightest suggestion of a random European manager of course - thats not how we do business!
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14/05/2012 18:34:00

Collymore said on TalkSport today that he 'understands' the club have a shortlist of 2 current premier league managersd and 2 who are currently out of work. Hopefully its Lambert, Rogers, AVB and Capello. Lets be honest though, with the exception of Terry Connor & Steve Kean, we had the worst manager in the league so anything should be an improvement.
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14/05/2012 18:44:00

those knocking Martinez for Wigan's record since he took over should also look at the players that have been sold in the same time and the Swansea team that Rogers is getting so much credit for. Rogers has done brilliantly but most Swansea fans still acknowledge that the bulk of the side and the style of play was put in place by martinez. If we could get him in, get Zog playing like he did at Wigan with Bent up front we could be dynamite. Wigan create loads but cant convert, we have the firepower and players like ireland, bannan, weiman, delfouneso, gabby and bent would thrive in a style of play similar to that employed by wigan.
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14/05/2012 18:51:00

AVbornandbred - I take on board what you say about selling best players, but the same applies to McLeish, he had to sell Downing and Young which, in a nutshell is the difference between us this year and last. If it is Martinez, I truly hope you all prove me wrong. The present situation seems worryingly reminiscent of the end of Graham Turner's second season, when we narrowly avoided relegation, and Turner kept talking about the "potential" of the youngsters. We all know what happened the following season, and that is why I am worried about all this talk of young and progressive managers without a track record
Mark from Dudley
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 19:18:00

maybe we could add Lee Clarke to the list, he was doing wonders at Huddersfield and the fact that they are League one should not detract from the way they were playing
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14/05/2012 19:20:00

Mar from Dudley, yet you advocate giving Sid the job? His track record is what exactly?
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 19:22:00

I'm surprised no one has yet suggested Swansea's manager. Does anyone rate his credentials?
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 19:33:00

Kuffit, I take your point about Cowans not having a managerial track record, but he has done a good job at nurturing the youngsters at Villa, and the old "boot room" philosophy used to work well at Liverpool. At least his stature as a player means he would command respect in the dressing room, which is something Martinez would struggle with. It's a real shame Hodgson got the England job - he would have been out of contract as well...
Mark from Dudley
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14/05/2012 19:42:00

"Ranieri wants the AV job". No, no, no!
Mark from Dudley
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14/05/2012 19:46:00

Lambert has done well at Norwich, Colchester and Wycombe, but Martinez is out of contract, I think, so no compo.......and he has more PL experience. However, would AVB or Capello be worth going for????
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14/05/2012 20:03:00

If available in a few weeks time I think Di Matteo would be my choice.
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14/05/2012 20:38:00

Di Matteo would overlook us now, surely? I suspect a host of affluent Euopean clubs offering champions league will be sniffing around him after the last few months
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:28:00

One name has been mentioned and I pray it doesn't come off and that's Bruce. Hopefully Randy will not offer him the job as in no uncertain terms he's *****. As for Martinez, Wigan play some really good football and totally destroyed Newcastle, Ferguson even commented on how good they are technically so if he can bring that style of play to VP and get Bent firing I think a top 10 finish with a good cup run is a certainty next season. I hope he brings Maloney with him as well,although not the complete package for us he's been Wigans star player since joining them.
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14/05/2012 21:28:00

Got to agree with briann11, certainly don't want Bruce. Will just end up being a rerun of this season.
Block K5
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14/05/2012 22:04:00

He won't stuff it again boys, I'm sure he has spoken to some people that know football this time. Randy's manager list - Martinez, Lambert, Rodgers, AVB, Poyet and maybe Raneri. Let's just get the new man in ASAP so he has good time to sort this mess
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:53:00

briann11, Maloney is injury prone and likely to get homesick like when he was at Villa Park in the past, but if Martinez comes he can bring Moses.
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14/05/2012 23:01:00

There are pro's and con's with all of these but I would be happy with pretty much any of: Lambert, Rodgers, Martinez, AVB, Di Matteo, Solskjaer, Laursen, Poyet... Certain negatives with all of them but enough positives about all of them too. It's a much healthier list than the last two times we have needed a manager anyway.
Sheriff Kimbo
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 23:31:00

Ranieri might be good, don't know if he'd be interested. Di Canio has done well for the Robins as we know, promotion to League 1 (woo) and got them playing well - what could he do with Villa ? Still not sure about Martinez; Wigan have flattered to deceive on a number of occasions, I still think they've been rubbish for huge chunks of this season and last. Get John Gregory back :)
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15/05/2012 03:18:00

Let's face a few facts. The team has gone rapidly downhill since the idiot Frenchman took over and Alex McL came from across the city. While the latter certainly hasn't done a good job, it has to be said that many fans never even gave him a chance because he came from the blue side of the city - not a very good environment to to work in. Now we are without a manager, let us take stock. What manager in his right mind would take us on. Mr McLeish was told he had to cut the wage bill and still our Chairman and CEO expected European football at the end of the season. There stands another major factor in our demise in such a short time, blinkered, short-term thinking, offering feeble excuses for lack of funds being provided. Don't expect anyone of note for our new manager, the restrictions place on any candidate will be too great.
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15/05/2012 04:19:00

Call it a gut feel - but i know being a half decent player does not guarentee being a good manager. BUT MARTIN Laursen would be a outside choice for me. This man has had tenacity against extreme setbacks, he played with love for Villa. for me the respect and passion he as are the 2 biggest factors that can drive Villa forward. JUST who he is as a person and his time at villa will let true VILLA fans give him an opportunity to prove himself - This is just my opinion btw
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 07:52:00

AVFCinOz - yes we had restrictions for this season, but i would expect RL to pump some cash cash in this season...
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 08:00:00

Why is their not more noise for Capello?
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 08:36:00

I would be happy with any of the following. Ranieri, AVB, Holloway, Guardiola, Benitez, Sven, Lambert, Poyet, Laursen, Benitez or Rodgers. Lets face it, before people turn their noses up at managers think about what we have just had and any of those would be better by far!
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 08:58:00

Or Capello
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 08:58:00

AVFCinOz. Houlier had to pick up the pieces of the fallout from MON doing one days before the season started which was only made worse by the faffing of macdonald. He made a huge mistake trying to change the culture of the club and the playing style far too quickly but the potential was there to see towards the end of his time in charge (and Lerner showed his support by making funds available Bent, Makoun). Mcleish was given a tough job to do, cutting the wage bill and rebuilding a side. He failed during his first summer when he didn't move out some of the high earning trouble makers and bring in some hungry younger players. He also had 20M to spend (more than many of the mentioned managers have had at any time in their careers). The course of the season has given many of the younger players a chance to gain experience, we have one of the best keepers in the league along with one of the best goalscorers and have had such a bad season that it is almost impossible not to do better. Without improving the squad at all, a half decent manager who could motivate the players, boost confidence (or at least not send them out in the second half of every game in fear of losing) and encourage attacking would have won far more games last season. I lost count of the number of times we had the lead or were dominant only to sit back and desperately try to hold on. As far as targetting europe, do you really think that was the aim? The club said what the fans wanted to hear but I am certain everyone would have been happy with a mid table finish, reduced wage bill if the football had at least been watchable and the fans hadn't voiced their displeasure so obviously (especially with season ticket sales being as low as they are). Every half decent manager in the game (along with pundits, players etc) who looks at the stats or watches any of our games from last season will feel confident that they can do better.
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15/05/2012 09:05:00

Rogers, Lambert, Martinez, AVB my preference, other possibles AVB, Capello, Holloway and Mcdonald
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 09:21:00

those saying lambert over Martinez and Rodgers ask yoursekf do you want a big target man like Holt/Morrison upfront type of downgraded football we got under Mon? quite frankly i prefer the slick passing and Victor Moses and Sigurdsson's of these world than that. Lambert would suit the baggies i can see Holt playing there and fitting in but at Villa expect a downgrade of Mon Part 2 performances
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 09:48:00

From Barcalona to Villa Park cant see that for a minute of the others Capello cost to much Benitz as rightly pointed out cheque book manager these high profile managers we dont need . Would be happy to see many of the names listed AVB although high profile would have somethiing to prove not sure we could afford him but interesting. Would be extremly happy with a Lambert,Poyet,di matteo,hughton etc
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:48:00


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