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Club Statement - Alex McLeish Departs

Aston Villa can confirm that Alex McLeish's contract has been terminated with immediate effect.

The club has been disappointed with this season's results, performances and the general message these have sent to our fans.

The board wishes to assure supporters that we are conscious in every sense that Villa expects and deserves more and we will strive to deliver this.

Villa chairman Randy Lerner said: 'We need to be clear and candid with ourselves and with supporters about what we have lacked in recent years.

'Compelling play and results that instil a sense of confidence that Villa is on the right track have been plainly absent.

'The most immediate action that we can take is to look carefully at our options in terms of bringing in a new manager who sees the club's potential and embraces our collective expectations.'

Chief Executive Paul Faulkner said: 'We'd like to thank Alex for his hard work and efforts throughout this tough season.

'We are mindful of the club's need to prepare thoroughly for the new campaign and for the new manager to be able to begin working with the board so that he is quickly immersed in these preparations and also in the long-term objectives of the club.

'Our focus now will be driven by these imperatives and we will update when appropriate.'

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 14 2012

Time: 3:33PM

Your Comments

ciao! As long as we are clear of Avram and "Flippen Eck" McCarthy!
I am the most relieved, happiest man alive...This is the best news anyone could of given me, Villa fans can finally come back together and look to the future, new manager, new start for Villa...Lets hope the board make the right decision, give the new guy a chance, see some good football at VP finally and lets renew our tickets. Have a good day folks, celebrations are underway.
Di Matteo or Matrinez .
YES get in!!!!,,,,,,,no i mean out!!!! yessssswhoooooo
paul muldrew
Feels like we've won something!!!!!
I just don't have the words, this is wonderful news!
Thank McGrath for that! Let the re-building commence.
Get in, think its gonna be Lambert!!!
brilliant news!!!! was hoping that if I refused to believe it, it might actually happen. Just paid out a few bets and donated to charity and despite being in pain from walking 26 miles yesterday I am the happiest I've been since last summer! Lets hope Randy learns from past mistakes, please get a committee of Villa men to help select the next candidate
An apology from the club for doing it in the first place wouldn't go amiss either.
I bet it took him a long time to clear his stuff out with all those draws !!!
He was a shocking appointment in the first place. Seems your fans knew more than the board. Your great club deserves far better. It'l be tough getting in the right manager but a bold appointment needs to be made. Brendan Rodgers? Roberto Martinez? Ranieri? Benitez might be able to breathe life into your great club
I could not be happier to hear that. Sorry Alex, nice guy you may be, but you are NOT Premier league management material. They could get the chuckle brothers in and I'd still be happy. This has to be the worst decision Mr Lerner and Faulkner have made. Beers will be drunk tonight!
Finally, hope he does well at his next club.
I'm so happy I could cry!! Please please get in a great replacement
A perfect way to end the season, I now have excitement for my club again and can look forward to a summer and new season of progress!
se5 villain
I feel sorry for McLeish who was the wrong choice by the Board right from the start. All the fans knew it and sadly he has spent the last year proving it for us. Still the six months of abuse he has has endured and such a public dismissal must hurt very much indeed, so I feel for him. He should never have taken the job but, then again the rewards he was offered were enormous. However initially it was the Boards mistake. They must not make the same mistake again. We wait and see! I hope McLeish recovers from the battering he has received, he is after all another human being. He may have something to offer football, but not at Villa. He has been so out of step it is almost unreal.
heard on the grapevine that Lambert has already agreed to take the job
Madirish - it was your posting the prompted the decision to fire him. well done :-)
thanks Strawboy, nice comments. We've been so starved of success lately, could be time for an open top bus parade...
The board need to look at themselves too, its not just McLeish's fault, though no doubt he will carry the full can. I just hope he has bought the club some time by keeping the club in the PL, albeit only just, whilst some cost cutting has been done. I also hope the club realise that just cutting cost is no strategy for the future and people need resources to do their jobs. Some of the players need a damn good shake too. Another summer another big manager payment out of transfer funds. Just hope we don't have another season of learning what some of our limited players cannot do - like run and put in the necessary effort. Is Ron Saunders still available?
This is the happiest I've been for about a year!!! Great news. Now let's all keep calm and not discourage decent managers to apply by writing people off before they've thought about it!!
very Well said Fear on Sky sports news now i would like Martinez, Rodgers or Villas Boas and Houllier/Van Gaal as DOF
Shane Villains
Yipee I can now return to Villa Park . Just hope they keep stum until they get the man they want & please pick someone who believes in playing football & that the best form of defence is to attack.
Mcleish and Lenny Henry both go in a week...YES!!!
Wow, does anyone else feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off their shoulders. What an awful season, get the new man in quick as they have a lot of work to do!
Chelt Villan
YYYEEESSSSSSS!!! Will this will be the first message board on VV to be 100% positive and everyone in agreement? Okay, maybe not ;-)!! Great news though!!!
Bobby Norman
This was the only good thing to come for this season I can't believe he actually got the sack the board finally did something right, can't wait for next season already, just don't get McCarthy or Curbishly or Bruce PLEASE RANDY BUILD FOR THE FUTURE WITH A MANAGER THAT KNOWS HOW! Martinez is my 1st choice and Lambert after that because Rogers is just not going to come I feel.
Got to agree with P.Avfc, let's throw our collective weight behind WHOEVER is the new man and raise the roof for the first home game...and every game after that!
Brilliant - Heskey and Mcleish gone - time to move forward villans! :D
Yaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss!!! Ya lil' rippah!
Smell The Glove
Ding dong McLeish is gone!! Happy happy happy..
Thoryuk: Heskey for manager?
GLB -- What are you gonna do with the seven figure pay off? ;)
Arise Sir Paul of Lambert, Your Villa awaits ....
Seriously though, what a waste of a year. Of two years if you take into account Houllier too. Sixth place and the Europa League under MON and the seems like the stratosphere now. How the EPL has changed in that short space of time. I'm not too confident about who the club will bring in as a replacement for McLeish. A structure, values and a long term plan would be a good start. I don't think we'll see Dave Bassett or Peter Reid at VP but do the board really know what they're doing? Hope they'll suprise me and prove my doubts to be unfounded.
The dark cloud has finally been lifted. Feels good to be a villa fan again!
Randy bollox
Best day of my life.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Thank goodness. Hopefully RL & PF have learnt from their naivety and arrogance. Let's make the next one a good one that shows promise and excitement, then I/we'll forgive you. Make another mistake that's as bad then you should pack your bags too.
Windy Villain
GLB - lol, i think i'd sooner have him on security!!!
this is so obviously the right decision, but the decisions of your board or whoever they put in control of the managerial appointments, have to be questioned. this and the lasy appointment oif Houllier were plain stupidity in my opinion and doomed to fail. this has not only cost your club two opportunities to rebulid and grow, but also tens of millions in compensation and wasted purchases. make another mistake and it could cost you your place in the Prem next time.
Gutted... I liked him! ;-p
The Fear
For the first time in god knows how long some hope has been restored! Absolutely delighted, there was a point when i thought we would never get rid of him. Lambert, Di Matteo (assuming he doesnt get Chelsea job) or Poyet would make me a very happy fan.
Lion Heart
VWRA - Yup, I said Lambert as soon as MoN left; think where we'd be now if Randy phoned me instead of his 'special advisor's', or magic 8 ball or however he does it.
Lambert is potentially a good appointment but I'd hold off the 'Sir' Paul of... nonsense until he a) is appointed, and b) becomes a Villa legend a la Saunders, Mortimer or McGrath
Agree oxfordspur for me a director of football is just as important as a new manager now or the ruderless ship that is Villa at the moment will continue ...
Villawiilrise: Agreed.
Wait a second! Does this mean we're not going to get Karl Henry after all!? Disaster!
SBE -- The scary thing is you, I and most of the people on this site know more about football than some of the jokers who have RL's ear.
i am interested to hear the players reaction as they "backed" him all season. still looking forward though provided we get it right ... poyet, lambert, martinez, AVB, clarke or howe would all build. ranieri or benitez would do a MON and anyone who has been sacked from prem this season need not apply. UTV
deaf dean
Pleased he has gone the negativity was stiffling, on the basis the club has not Spent loads in recent seasons, randy has to stump up some cash in which case I would go for Capello ( spent loads of time at villa when england manager)but if it's still budget time then Martinez. Lambert needs to prove more in my opinion.Whatever it's got to be third time lucky for randy, the pressure is on him now
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, finally
Right! The Board have done the right thing now can Villas PR dept. do the right thing and issue a statement saying we will interview a list of candidates and not nail our colours to one man e.g. Lambert untill the deal is done. Seen a lot of good names listed poyet ,martinez, AVB, etc other than Benitez fine let the Board do their job. LOL Fear bet you will be glad not to be listening to us lot moaning about Mcleish. and VOTH you were on the money mate.
Pablo1978, thanks, but I can't take the credit, I think it was a done deal.
A massive sense of relief all round. Roll out the welcome mat for Paul Lambert and get your self a drink.
I liked the statement the club has made, it apologises and says they understand we deserve better and they know fans want to see Villa do better and play attractive football thats apology accepted from me lets all move on together can't wait to see VP rocking next season again UTV!
I will now be purchasing my season ticket!
I'm disappointed. Like Houllier he was riddled with MON ***** and many of our problems were not directly his fault. I would of liked to see him rebuild as he has a very good record in the transfer market. But I'll accept it and move on - at least we will be united as fans once more and I hope the people who have decided to not renew will reconsider. But - and it's a big butt - the new manager needs at least 50m to even get near the top 7. Thanks Eck, thanks for Shay Given, thanks for all you've done.
Lets hope he gets the west brom job!
Villa b
... And relax. The weather forecast said rain today but I can see a bright ray of sunshine across Birmingham from my apartment. Happy days. So long and thanks for... Nothing!
Adam Deuce
No, let's hope he goes back to the scum. As a couple on here have said, this is a big chance for us all to bury the hatchet and start being on one side again. Memo to Randolph Lerner IV - you've done a good thing today, please don't blow it now.
Proud history, bright future again!
Just a thought, didn't Lambert get the Norwich job after beating Norwich with his old team on the first day of the season. This time he beat us on the last day of the season. There's a certain amount of symmetry to that. It's his destiny. :)
Adam Deuce
I actually dont care who the next manager is just so pleased not to have to see or hear that mug again. Anyone will be an improvement and it will be nice to hear a managers name sung again down the villa not happened since MON. Got that lovely feeling of hope again. UTV
I can't get excited at the firing of a manager. It is always a disappointment. The Villa board have just conceded that they wasted a year. To be fair, they didn't follow the footsteps of Wolves which is a nice sign. Getting rid of a manager mid-season is nearly always a sure way to add turmoil to a club. And just as a fellow villa friend of mine has stated, this gives us the entire summer to look for a replacement. Now, hopefully the next manager can take off from where we are now. We have a handy squad; there is no need to go fighting players like Houiller did. I understand McLeish attempted to shore up the defence and "start from the back", but performances and style of play were matched only by Birmingham's terrible season last season. I think there is only one man that Villa should be interested in. And I think he'd accept the role as it would certainly be the most challenging of his life. Come on Villians get behind me in pushing Randy towards appointing Peppy Guardiola.... Lolocaust.
Just to add... I hear Pep is free at the moment...
About tme too
Well that's the happiest news of the whole season!
It was my birthday on Friday and now this. It's like two birthdays in one week. Thanks be to Hercs, Mike Field, The Fear and all you regular contributors to Vital Villa. You are the only way I made it through this ridiculous season. Dear Alex, Get the 'Eck outta here!!!!!
Fantastic start to the week!!, the sun is shining outside and to read all the comments of the fans makes me feel like we are all as one again!!. We all know theres a lot of hard work ahead, but with the right appointment we can start back on the road to better things again.Would love it if mc Cleish went to the albion, after the ribbing from a baggie at work!. I don't feel sorry for a.m, i think he was greedy, he thought he'd have a go at villa and if it went tits-up (which it did, big time), he'd walk away with millions.Will he care tonight?, i dont think so. I know the fans don't pick the manager, but hope the board take our thoughts into the equation next time, as a fan of 46 years (first attended in the old 3rd division, 1972), i have never witnessed such ill feeling at villa park, not even through the dark days of billy Mc Neil!!. Randy, you have done the right thing, we know we aint Man City, but we are the Villa and we deserve better!!!, have a drink tonight everyone. Yippee- ay- aay, Yippee-ay-ooh!!
Brendan Rogers would be my first choice. Plays the game the way we want to see it and would hopefully bring Ashley Williams & Sigurdsson with him. We desperately need a centre half. If not, Lambert, AVB, Adkins or Martinez would be quality replacements. If we cant get any of those then we really must be $h!t. Over the moon though. Just hope the board don't make it a never ending saga like the last 2 pre-seasons. Act fast and get the squad settled for next season.
I have to disagree - this isn't happy news... Wait till we appoint Steve Bruce and then remind yourself about how happy you were that we sacked McLeish, when we get relegated next season............... I have to say I believe MON ran the club into the ground by spending some outlandish money (signing fees and wages) on reasonably good, top side of the table, players. Not to mention leaving the club 5 days before the start of a season......... So we need a man manager who is willing to get the best from the current team (with the exception hopefully of a couple of reasonably good acquisitions). Does that manager exisit? I'm Irish so I seem to continuously favour Irish goalkeepers (Given), defenders (Dunne), midfielders (Ireland - though I have been hugely disappointed so far though he has improved this season) and forwards (Keane). So, please forgive me when I suggest... Chris Hughton - Another Birmingham manager I know (but one who seems to know his stuff and work with squads and funds at Newcastle and Birmingham).... Maybe not Pep Guardiola but hopefully, God forbid, not a McLeish or Bruce either...... Also Just read Hughton wikipedia page about his time at Newcastle and Birmingham as manager ( - it is impressive.
Rejoice! Randolph Lerner has become Gandalf Lerner (momentarily at least) and extinguished the insidious, all pervasive evil of the one that shall not be named from Middle England. Seriously, I feel enormously relieved and hope that we can put this excruciating season behind us. Due to the unmitigated misery we have suffered, along with many others, I was not going to renew my season ticket until he was gone. However, this is just the start Mr Lerner. I have supported you, as I feel that you have the best interests of the club at heart, but you made a misjudgement of monumental proportions with the appointment of Mr McLeish. I disagreed with the appointment but decided to give all my support to the team and to you. Now it is your turn to resolve this situation by making the appropriate appointments to ensure that the club develops how we all believe it should and we establish much needed stability within the club. This necessitates not just the appointment of a progressive manager but it is essential you appoint someone with the prerequisite football acumen and experience of the football industry.
Rowley Villa
Hu feckin ray. Good ridance you useless tw*t
credit to the board for acting swiftly and not dragging things out. Like the way they've extended the ST price freeze as well. Hopefully they'll already have their short list drawn up and we can watch the euros wondering who might join the Villa revolution.
ding dong mcleish is gone, long live the villa, now we can all move on!
Johnproche - I was feeling ok until you said 'Steve Bruce'
From that list on the right I'd take any of the top four but would like to have AVB with Lambert a close second. Whatever the board do they most definately need a man who will turn us around and stay for minimum of 3yrs whilst rebuilding the squad. UTV. No more Eckcuses.
holte ender 1969
Just need to get the replacement correct this time now
Block K5
As soon as I heard the news all the tension disappeared from my neck and shoulders, it had been cramped up all season. I think Randy has learnt his lesson, it's nice of him to speak. Now we have to get the right man and we can all move forward as one big Villa force!! So so happy yeeeeeehaaaaa!! Martinez, Lambert, Poyet, Zola any of those will do but I think it will be Martinez, let him build a new an exciting Villa!! UTV!!! Well done lads
Feckin brilliant news. Goodbye Alex, sorry but you weren't up to the job. A career in Scots div 2 awaits I think. Onwards and upwards for the mighty Villa. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders; anyone else ?? UTV
Piper UK- Good record in the transfer market??? He was looking at Karl Henry, Danny Guthrie and Leon Best for Christ's sake! That would probably have helped him implement his expansive, free flowing philospohy wouldn't it.
heavy d
Better late than never...........
Pride of Lions

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