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Villa Fan Says Return For Roberto Martinez

Time to Act Now Lerner; Sack McLeish, Unite the Villa and Get Your Man Martinez

A Blackburn debacle can be avoided next season by the sacking of McLeish. It`s now time for our custodian Randy Lerner to reunite the Villa family by the sacking of McLeish. Fulfil the Customer Charter and get the Villa house back order in Randy Lerner we now lay our trust to put it right.

Quote from the Customer Charter;

Our Motto

Preparedů to play to the best of our ability; to involve our fans in everything we do; to champion the game of football

Link: www.avfc.co.uk

The Middle Ground

Let Martinez be our 'Horizon` his appointment will reunite The Villa on and off the pitch. Martinez was top of your list last summer get him in now for the good of the club. Martinez is ready and wants the Villa challenge. He was quoted to have regretted turning down the interview for the opportunity last summer which he admiringly did out of loyalty to his chair man Whelan. Martinez has been quoted as ready for a new challenge so let that challenge be Villa. His philosophy fits in with our academy and he has proved to have great motivational, man handling and coaching of youngster`s skills same as Brendan Rodgers at Swansea.

Most Villa fans will welcome and unite under a new progressive managerial appointment (Martinez) to lift these dark clouds hanging over our club currently. With an experienced respected football figure like Houllier who has been at our club and highlighted our shortcomings especially in regards to our squad, discipline and scouting network. He has been quoted to have shown an interest in taking up a DOF/Technical type of role in the near future. He has the reputation and respect worldwide to attract the kind of players that fit into his and a Martinez style of football philosophy. I can see nothing but success with the wealth of experience Houllier can bring joined in force with the youthful drive, determination and ambition of a Martinez/Rodgers. I can foresee great success and possible miracles being achieved with that double brainstorm of experience and youthful talent united in their philosophy.

Martinez and a director football like Houllier is what we need sack McLeish and GET YOUR MAN THIS TIME LERNER.

Link to Martinez regretting not coming to Villa: www.dailymail.co.uk

Click Here

On a Lighter Note to Lighten the Mood

My Suggestions on who should leave and likely highly rated Transfers that could prove a real bargain for us if pulled off;

Transfers Out

(Left back) Warnock, (Centre half) Richard Dunne, (Centre half) Collins and (Right back) Hutton.

Transfers In (All the below are very possible signings under a good DOF)

Nathaniel Clyne (Left/Right Back), Ashley Williams (Centre Half), Howedes (Centre half), Van der Wiel (Right back), Yoann Gourcuff (Play Maker), Victor Moses/ Junior Hoilett (Versatile Wingers)

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The Journalist

Writer: Shane Villains Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 9 2012

Time: 2:18PM

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What has he ever done but struggle with Wigan? Why can't he get Wigan playing until after Xmas? There must be better options.
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09/05/2012 14:23:00

Martinez is an overrated flavour of the month. He took a Wigan side that finished 11th under Bruce to relegation battles for the last few years.
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09/05/2012 14:37:00

I would agree guys he is not that quality they were lucky against Blackburn - I simply say aim high and get Moyes
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09/05/2012 14:38:00

Don't pin your hopes on anything coming out of a paper containing the phrase "and is believed to". Newspapers sell papers not news. They will not allow the truth to get in the way of sales. Newspaper GOBS***ERY.
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09/05/2012 14:42:00

Must sign him. He;s on a rolling contract so available for free. Get rid of that ginger clown now!
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09/05/2012 14:42:00

Must sign him. He;s on a rolling contract so available for free. Get rid of that ginger clown now!
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09/05/2012 14:42:00

Moyes has already said he wouldn't come to a club who'se fans treat their manager the way we treat ours.
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09/05/2012 14:46:00

Mr shane villans, i agree.
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09/05/2012 14:56:00

He takes so long to get his teams playing but so did Houllier last year. Every year he has to sell his best players (like us) and still does a good job whilst replacing them with unheard of quality. He is capable of doing all the main duties without a need for a DoF in the same way that MON did, plus he doesn't sign them up on extortionate (for us) contracts. Eventually he gets players playing his style and it proves to work. If he was given some stable backing then reckon that he could work wonders. Would he get that off Randy and Motley crew though??
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09/05/2012 14:59:00

astonvilla05 and jbd656 Moyes is too over rated he has the media work for him season in season out. What Martinez has achieved this season when he consecutively beat the top clubs Moyes could never do and has never done in his entire tunure at Everton. Moyes has falls out with every single decent striker they have had there FACT his. I give him his dues his an expert at negative defensive football and his successful at it. Moyes has the media wrapped around his little figure he is a good manager but over rated his brand of football does not excite me at all. Martinez is young and still growing Moyes cannot get any better as manager 'its hard for an old dog to learn new tricks'. Listen to Moye's interviews and actually watch all Everton's matches then actually speak to Evertonians to give you their honest opinion. Then you can make a sensible opinion on him.
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 15:10:00

At least under Martinez we'd play nice football, but its irrelevant as Mcleish will still be in situ next season
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09/05/2012 15:17:00

I thought Houllier would 'move upstairs' at the end of last season and would have welcomed it. I can't see it happening now. Martinez WOULD unite the fans, and I would support his appointment, BUT is he the best man for OUR club? Not sure. Definitely better than what we have! Lambert would appeal a little more to me. Gus Poyez also. Paulo Di Canio would be VERY interesting!!! Quite entertaining I think, but I have a particular admiration for Lee Clark...However, what odds the 'safe bet' of Alan Curbishley? Better than McLeish but still not an exciting propspect.
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 15:19:00

Can't see the point, he only gets em playing for the last couple of months of the season. Ok, it's a couple more months than Idiot does, but really, whats going on???? He's already refused an interview once, so why waste time going back.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 15:20:00

What did Moyes do at Old Trafford? Does he ever finish outside top 8? Did he get them 4th Spot? Did they beat Spurs and Chelsea? Do they score goals? do they play attacking footbal? Does he buy great players very cheap? is he a team motivator? does he get the best out of younger players? Think about the bigger picture before you comment about him being over rated mate
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 15:20:00

not convinced with Martinez, still can't be any worse than McLiesh....can he??
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09/05/2012 15:23:00

That article is the biggest load bull***** ever it was written to stir up ***** bobby has two years left after this year on his contract and no way will he be coming to you lot, when he has a better team at latics.
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 15:27:00

I would be very happy with Martinez!!!
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09/05/2012 15:29:00

Haha, Moyes to Villa? If he rejected Villa when your lot was kind of decent, what are the chances now? Is Moyes over-rated is an interesting question, for me, is he over-rated for the likes of Manchester United? Yes, I still don't think he has what it takes to cut it at clubs like United, the Wembley appearance this season has me confident of that. Is he over-rated for clubs like Villa and Everton? Hell No, I don't see how he could be over-rated for clubs like ours.
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09/05/2012 15:30:00

Moyes is quality but no way will he be coming to Villa. Can't agree with Legolad at all. If Martinez had been Villa manager with our squad we would have been in top 8 and if McLeish had been Wigan boss with their squad they would have been worse than Wolves. IMO we have better players but Wigan have the better Manager
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09/05/2012 15:37:00

Seriously, have any of you lot seen or read anything this season? Martinez? Moyes? Why go from a manager who has been relegated twice to a man who has nearly been relegated twice? Wait wait, I know what you'll say, "he'll do better with a better squad." We thought that about McLeish!!!! As for Moyes, why would you give Moyes a chance when he finished 15th in his first season at Everton and has also narrowly avoided relegation there? Read what you write!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 16:28:00

C'mon everybody, you know that only good things come to us from Wigan. How could we go wrong.
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09/05/2012 16:42:00

A few statistics. In 2008-2009, Wigan finished in 11th place. The following season, under Martinez they finished 16th, a fall of five places. Birmingham City were in 16th place when McLeish arrived in 2007, and they finished the season in 19th place, a fall of three places, which I would suggest is not quite as bad a record as Martinez's first season at Wigan. The following season Birmingham were promoted, and in McLeish's third season they finished ninth in the Premiership, before being relegated last season. Under Martinez, Wigan have been involved in a relegation battle every season he has been there. I would suggest Martinez's record at Wigan is worse than McLeish's at Blues. He has transformed a solid, mid-table side into perennial relegation fodder, whereas McLeish took a yo-yo club up and down a couple of times. I personally wouldn't mind seeing Curbishley; no he's not exciting, but he's got a solid track record. Moyes would be the best bet, but he's not going to come. I wouldn't mind seeing Sid Cowans being given a chance, either. But Martinez? No, no, no! And while talk of a young energetic manager all sounds very exciting, I remind Villa fans of the last time we tried that. Graham Turner, anyone?
Mark from Dudley
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:06:00

calm down legolad!
The Fear
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:09:00

Mark from Dudley i think you should revisit your stats again mate
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:11:00

Martinez has done brilliantly keeping Wigan up in an ever increasingly challenging financial Premier League evironment. They lose their best players each year, hre replaces them on the cheap, and it takes time to gel, but he perseveres and they come good in the end - rather than start average and get worse and worse as per Villa, or no doubt Sunderland will prove too. Swansea success was started by him, he is a thinker with attractive football allied to the ability to change tactics from game to game and during a game as required. And he trains the players to bring out their best, is positive, encouraging, and speaks with pride and authority. YES PLEASE!
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:14:00

Mark from Dudley you can hire Alan Curbishley for yourself every club he has been at they got relegated after he left he is a pre Madonna. Those at the club originally wanted Martinez and they should go back for him originally The Majority will support Martinez guaranteed and he will be a success
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:15:00

stennyvilla well said mate he did struggle in his first season with out a doubt but he has got better every season after with a good DOF like Houllier to work with and attract the type of players he needs for his philosophy i can only see good times ahead
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:18:00

Mark from Dudley. Say what you want mate but it looks like Martinez's Wigan will finish above McLeish's Villa this season. I'd take him over what we have any day of the week.
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 17:59:00

I would happily take him. Build the Villa around him!!!!!
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09/05/2012 19:29:00

We will never get to a situation where we all agree to a suggested new manager, but I'm sure the sane majority would agree that bobby Martinez is a hell of a leap forward from mcidiot! Right now pretty anyone but mcidiot would give me back my optimism
Randy bollox
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 22:51:00

Just saying like, but: In 2008-2009, Wigan finished in 11th place - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008%E2%80%9309_Premier_League - The following season, under Martinez they finished 16th, a fall of five places - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009%E2%80%9310_Premier_League - I could go on but everything Mark from Dudley says is correct and verifiable, so why does he need to "revisit his stats again" ? His opinion, that Martinez is probably a worse manager than McLeish, is his own opinion but it is based on solid facts that anyone can look up. I'm not sure he'd be worse than McLeish. I've flushed better managerial talent than McLeish round the U-bend. But Martinez is not the new Messiah, just like McIdiot I reckon he would be a very naughty boy. He's been fortunate enough to avoid the drop and get Wigan playing (very) well towards the very end of every season, yes, but after they've been mostly cack for the majority of the season. I say get Benitez or Sparky.
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 23:04:00

Martinez ALWAYS improves his players and their team regardless of stats. You can get stats to prove anything. Fact is that he has to sell his best players but always finds another replacement and they adopt to his GOOD style of football. Think what he could do if the team wasn't sold underneath him every year and he got a chance to build. As said, he started the Swansea revolution.
Report Abuse
09/05/2012 23:42:00

Maybe we should just take a risk and go for a decent, upcoming manager. One looking to make a step up, rather than one that's been around the block and failed a few times but is still considered just because he has "Premier league experience". Di Matteo if Chelsea don't offer him the job, i'm sure he'd love the chance to get into management after getting a taste for it and needs somebody to give him a chance. Slaven Bilic? he seems to have always been quite successful wherever he's managed, currently managing Croatia, he might be willing to make a switch into club management after the EUROs this summer? And of course, I long for day Laursen returns!
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 00:15:00

You never know until you try, give somebody a chance. I'd rather take a risk on somebody that could become a brilliant manager, than settle for and average one just because he has "premier league experience" - where I know this person won't lead us to success, but just has slightly less chance of doing badly.
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 00:21:00

Agree 100% with this article, Martinez would be brilliant and could re-shape our club and style from top to bottom. I believe this move is on the cards, Randy will get him this time. My back up would be Poyet as you always need a backup. There is no way in the world that Moyes would ever come to us so forget that one, it used to be a step sideways now it would be a step back, Moyes will got to Man U when Fergie goes. Hopefully by this time next week we have a new manager in charge and we can start talk transfers!!
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 01:22:00

He is my first (realistic) choice. Bummed when he turned us down last year
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 06:10:00

Moyes is a good manager but think he will only leave Everton for a top job. Martinez hard to judge given the financial restrictions hes under at Wigan would rather swop him Nzobia for Moses right now. Cannot see RL approaching him twice. Randy Bollox The Fear would be an improvement on Mcleish and have you seen his stats in the Vital Villa fantasy league ? :)
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 10:49:00

Boby would be a good manager for you, but I suspect (and hope) he'll stay with us for at least one more year. What the statistics don't show is that we're now pretty much breaking even over the season, whereas at the time of Jewell and Bruce we were making significant and unsustainable losses. The problem with nZogbia is that your system doesn't suit his play - Martinez got the best out of him, and reportedly managed his very difficult personality. I'd have him back like a shot.
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 12:44:00

Martinez wont go to Villa, Liverpool different story but not Villa, he's already said no once. Is he destined to be a top manager? Without a doubt
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 20:18:00


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