Aston Villa - Nightclub Brawls.... How Very Embarrassing
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Nightclub Brawls.... How Very Embarrassing

Well this is impressive, Villa are sinking like a ship and the fans are worried and stressed. What do the players do? Go to a nightclub (Gatecrasher) in Birmingham and get thrown out!

The full video is on the Birmingham Mail site:

Makes Villa look wonderful that does eh?

Not the first time either, I`ve heard some awful reports. One of the members on here had to put up with, along with many other neighbours, late night parties and all sorts of noise keeping them away thanks to two of our younger players. I also know a bouncer at one of the Clubs (not into football so no allegences) who branded some of our players conduct 'totally disgusting`.

Whether they like it or not, and on their money they bloody well should like it, they are representing Aston Villa.

Frankly at the moment, with an awful manager, an awful season and players like this. I`m ashamed. Shame they aren`t.

Do they really not realise just how lucky and privileged they are?

The one good thing to come out of it is they are being fined and the money goes to Cure Leukaemia and the Anthony Nolan Trust.

An Aston Villa statement said: 'The Club dealt with this matter internally on Tuesday and the players in question have been disciplined, with the fines being split between two charities the club are promoting at the game against Spurs on Sunday - Cure Leukaemia and Anthony Nolan. Our players attended the club`s end-of-season dinner on Monday night and training on Tuesday was limited to players who did not start in Saturday`s Premier League game against West Bromwich Albion and those not carrying injuries. As a club, players, management and fans are completely focused on Sunday`s game against Spurs at Villa Park.'

To be fair them being out on a Monday night isn`t that bad BUT we are in a relegation battle, could they not be better served being at home resting up and being in a fit state for training the next day?

Time to shift some of these players out of Villa, the drinking culture there is a joke.

The players have apologised:

James Collins: Click Here
Chris Herd: Click Here
Fabian Delph: Click Here

It is only fair to say that we don`t know what kicked this off or provoked their actions, however, it does appear it was them not others thrown out.

Collins admits he is a senior player, he should know better, also, 28 and being thrown out of a nightclub? Oldest swinger in town? Isn`t Gatecrasher a club for the youngsters?! How very embarrassing. You`ve got to laugh, yet more embarrassment for the Villa fans. Lets hope they make amends on the pitch on Sunday eh?!

Can`t wait for this season to be over, hope to God we get rid of this embarrassing manager and that we get a new one in who can a) kick out some of the bad apples b) control those remaining!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 4 2012

Time: 10:56AM

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Utterly utterly disgraceful. I am sickened and enraged. The disrespect leaves me shuddering. My shirt is bloodied and torn this morning.
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04/05/2012 11:03:00

Confidence and moral must be at an all time low for this kind of caper to go on. This is not what we need when we need to win at least one of the next two games (if not both!!). Pull yourself together chaps...
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04/05/2012 11:04:00

Heard they are at it all the time maigrait, they don't realise that fans (and non fans) see and talk! They don't care though I would think. Not against them goign for a drink, but ffs, fighting in clubs etc? Grow up!
The Fear
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04/05/2012 11:05:00

Fancy James Collins being involved in a ruck at a nightclub! Could be the final nail in the coffin of his Villa career, at least I hope so. The behaviour and attitude of this man is deplorable and insulting. I don't have a massive issue with players being out on a night off, although under the circumstances, they maybe should have thought twice about the effect their actions might have. Such behaviour, though, is what we have come to expect from modern-day 'professional' footballers, so I guess their performance of the pitch is at least consistent. Shame they don't show the same commitment and fight ON the field eh?
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04/05/2012 11:07:00

Appoint Delio Rossi, he'd sort them out ;]
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04/05/2012 11:08:00

And what is perhaps worse for me, once I would have been ashamed by this type of news. Now, it doesn't really mean anything. And that's the really sad thing for me.
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04/05/2012 11:10:00

new manager needed for sure - and new players needed. if we arent already a joke enough as it is - very low times indeed for villa. if i don't see any change in the summer with at least a new manager... then villas name will just be destroyed in my opinion. were allowed to get away with a poor season once - but if you carry on being poor then clubs just see you as a small time club trying to stay in the prem.. joke
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04/05/2012 11:11:00

Some sort of vicious circle here: Club has no money because it pays too much to players, as well as on players. Players have too much money and don't know how to treat it/ use it. Until football gets its house in order and players get paid what they are really worth, which is less than now, I guess these stories will continue to to occur. Difficult to image Sid & Co acting like this in their day. Yes they should be ashamed, but I doubt they really are. Maybe we are the mugs for helping them to afford these habits in return for ... what?
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 11:25:00

Appoint Jason Statham..... he'll knock 'em into shape and get some discipline back kinto the club
Pride of Lions
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04/05/2012 11:29:00

Boys will be boys. Can't believe that people are more worried by this than our performances on the pitch. Can't see a link between the 2. This sort of thing goes on everywhere that people who don't just sit at home on their computer frequent.
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04/05/2012 11:29:00

They are obviously taking the *****, picking up the big money and doing ***** all on the pitch. We had bannan at it earlier in the season, dunne last season. Im sick of the whole club at the moment. It needs a clear out.
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04/05/2012 11:40:00

Now it's to gingers I want out of the club, utter disgrace
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04/05/2012 11:47:00

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04/05/2012 11:48:00

seriously what a big deal, haven't u or any of ur mates ever had issues with bouncers?
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04/05/2012 12:05:00

Hmmm. Bit of an over-reaction methinks. If they were doing a Lee Hughes, Marlon King or that idiot goalie who killed the family in a car, then yeah, would be ashamed. But rich young men having a night out, is it really that bad? Yep, there's a recession on and lots of us are suffering, but if they pretended to share our pain, on or off the pitch, it would just be patronising. Two wins and all is forgiven. Two defeats and relegation, and I'll be happy to personally nail 'em upside down by the gnads!
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04/05/2012 12:07:00

I saw collins and hutton in the honey club in solihull after the arsenal game getting totally leathered and having dance after dance with those mingers. This was also the same day that Hutton was badly injured. Yet same night out on the lash! No discipline in todays players.
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04/05/2012 12:13:00

Love how herdy is relly getting stuck into it. I applaud the team spirit actually. Collins is right there and not going anywhere, delph is trying to protect Herdy, and Herdy is going right off! nice! someone set them off. they would not have done that unless provoked. hope Chris takes that passion to the spurs match!
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04/05/2012 12:18:00

they have the wrong people - they should turn around to the manager and give him a good kicking
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 12:40:00

haha thats definitely not the worst brawl ive seen outside of gatecrasher... broad street is a lawless place
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04/05/2012 12:59:00

Certain players pi.ssed before the Newcastle thrashing. Same ones before WBA away last year. Do they not learn or do they genuinely just not care? ********s, this is OUR CLUB
The Fear
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04/05/2012 13:45:00

This was 6 days before a game Fear!! Are they supposed to drink water at an awards celebration?? No-one was hurt, no arrests made, even though there's clear evidence of criminal damage from Herd at least. Feelings are high this season but let's blame the right people and not take our anger out on basically Herd with 2 standing next to him. People should be venting their anger at Eck and Randy. They're the ones that have *****ed our club up. Not 1 youngster kicking a door FFS. Who cares what people think about us ?? We're Villa. More worried about getting ripped by other fans for absolute atrociousness on the pitch.
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04/05/2012 14:01:00

Mixed feelings. On the one hand they shouldn't have been out drinking - Yes 444 they should drink water, or any other soft drink of their choice. They are proffessional atheletes, show me a boxer or sprinter etc etc who goes drinking 6 days before an event. I have a major issue with Herd kicking out like he is with what in effect are the tools of his trade (I used to work the doors and I've seen a few nasty injuries where folks have pur feet etc through glass doors or had them slammed in doors). But in defence of Collins and Delph they don't actually appear to be doing anything other than standing there lending support to / controlling Herd. No excuses for Herd's behaviour and I guess we'll never know what kicked it all off. For me this comes down to the culture at the club, its the latest in a long line of poor behaviour and I just hope that if we get a new manager he has the gumption to set a few ground rules.
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04/05/2012 14:25:00

Im with villan444 its no big deal really, does anyone know what caused it? The chances are its some blue nose door man trying to make a name for himself. I feel sorry for players they earn all that money and people think they should live like monks if I was their age I would definately be out spending my money. I think its because of our situation that people are upset over this it was different when it was John Carew in a lap dancing club and that was the night before a game but we were doing ok so no one was bothered. UTV
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 14:41:00

The poster above said it all. The 'culture' @ Villa is defeatist and has been for the best part of thirty years. Those -- I wasn't one of them -- who got rid of 'Deadly' are absolved of blame. The rest of us, the board, coaches/managers and most of the players over the last three decades (McGrath, Laursen and some others also also absolved) are also all to blame for the current sorry situation. Look around Europe. Look at Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Sporting Lisbon, Porto, Bilbao, A. Madrid, Napoli and a host of other 'small' or provincial clubs playing in Europe and giving the fans and supporters something to shout about. Why aren't Villa there too?
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 14:47:00

AVbab was the above poster.
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04/05/2012 14:48:00

No way in the world it will happen but Don Fabio would sort our club out from top to bottom. Get him managing for a few seasons then move him upstairs in an executive capacity. The more I hear about the Bannans, Herds, Collins of the club, even Albrighton has become a complete tosser according to my Tamworth based mates, the more I'm convinced we need a foreign coach who will absolutely not tolerate the drinking culture at our club. Houllier had his problems but you cannot knock him for trying to deal with these overpaid, under-educated, louts that infest the first team.
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 14:55:00

Eck says, "It happens at every club. It happens at even the top clubs. It's the culture of one pint too many." Pretty sure it doesn't happen at Arsenal and it seems to be controlled quite well at United. They are supposedly professional athletes... is it any wonder the Spanish, Italian and Germans always seem to be ahead of us in terms of attitude and application?
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 15:05:00

Just seen the video. Silly boys, but nothing different to what most people have done at some time in their life. Haven't seen or heard anything about what actually started the incident. Maybe that had just been informed that McLeish was in the club and about to sign an extended contract and they were trying to prevent it happening!!!! Maybe someone from Small Heath gave it a bit of anti Villa verbal and they were simply doing what the rest of us would do. Anyway it's done. Move on. Nothing more to see here folks.
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04/05/2012 15:20:00

Well herd is Australian Rawlie. Next you'll be suggesting that we start diving because they do on the continent.
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 15:20:00

Eck on SSN. Apparently the same stuff happened to his lot at bloose last year. He has the cheek to suggest that the three are a disgrace to the club. Pot and Kettle.....
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 15:23:00

Can't believe I'm agreeing with V444. Looks like press gobs**tery set up to me.
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 15:24:00

444 we already do dive, if you hadn't noticed. What's Herd being Australian got to do with things? It excuses the behaviour, does it? I listen to your Eck out rants and I don't disagree but if you think the sun will suddenly shine once he leaves B6 you are going to be seriously disappointed. The club needs a good clear out and a culture change of significant proportions and that won't happen over night.
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 16:02:00

was only meant in jest Rawlie RE: the diving and your suggesting that we do things the European way. I sort of agree about Eck not being the only problem. He treated R. Keane like a demigod when he turned up and likes to think of himself as one of the lads rather than a manager. We need someone who commands respect and isn't afraid to step up to them, but they have to have some sort of proven track record or trophies, otherwise the players will think that they know best. They do in Eck's case and that's why I'm reluctant to rant about them as they've served us well under MON, Collins was immense for us. Eck has done absolutely nothing. Randy lent us a load of money but now wants it back and is hardly ever here. A stern manager will have the players doing as they should but he'd also not take any sh11te from Randy and Faulkner similarly to MON. Can't have your cake and eat it unless you get rid of all the senior players....
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 16:14:00

Shame they can't show the same fighting spirit ON the pitch!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 17:48:00

VOTH, there was bound to be a bluenose muppet there to stir it.
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 20:34:00

I agree no big deal for the general punter, most bouncers are fools. But these are on big money to do the correct thing, party in the summer boys
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 23:01:00

Still want Collins out though
Report Abuse
04/05/2012 23:02:00


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