Aston Villa - Villa Players - SHUT UP & Talk ON Pitch Please
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Villa Players - SHUT UP & Talk ON Pitch Please

This is insulting.

Shay Given says in The Birmingham Mail that Alex McLeish has the dressing room and is indeed, a 'fantastic manager`.

Shay, you get paid to be at Villa. WE PAY to watch.

This season start to finish has been an insult to us and OUR club.

If McLeish is a fantastic manager then the players must be totally crap?

'Does McLeish still have dressing room support? Yes of course he does, he's a fantastic manager and we're all right behind him but we'd obviously like results to be better this season.'

It is also strange to hear the above line, it certainly is not what 'some` say out of the press. It is clearly not true otherwise we`d not be in the position that we are.

I do wish the players would shut the hell up, especially the lecturing idiotic comments from Alan Hutton (thread - Click Here - adult language) whose conduct isn`t exactly one to make him listenable to is it?

Fans don`t need to be told that managers or indeed players are fantastic, we are actually fairly bright. We look at the games, we know the style of football, we see us losing and drawing, we then look at the table and see the likes of Swansea, Norwich and WBA above us and we conclude 'we aren`t actually very good`.

In other words?

Shut up, get us out of this mess and if you have nothing better to say, sod off. Most fans appear totally fed up to death of this rubbish. Talk on the pitch (which to be fair Given does) and if you can`t walk the walk, leave the talking to the fans who live and breath this club.

Hutton said in The Sun 'We understand what the fans expect of us. Villa is a massive club. They want to see us up there challenging. But they have obviously sold a lot of big players. We understand where they're coming from, we're trying to give our all. You want the fans to get right behind you.'

When aren`t we behind them?

When do they start getting behind us and giving US something back? Like effort? Like desire? Like passion? Hey, like a bloody shot?

I don`t think the fans can be questioned one bit. We have put up with a ridiculous tenth rate managerial appointment, a manager who couldn`t even really hold his own in the average SPL league. We pay good money and watch dross and still turn up in our droves.

I don`t need players telling ME what to do unless they are doing it themselves. They haven`t this season, so why do they feel they can lecture us as to our conduct?

He added, 'No matter what goes on or what is said outside the team, everyone is 110 per cent behind the manager. We are all fighting for him, fighting for each other and fighting to stay up.'

Behind him with knives no doubt. How about being behind the fans and showing us some respect? If they`d been behind him, there is no way in hell this team of supposed internationals would have embarrassed us so many times this season (and not just since the injuries)

So where is the fight? Blimey, it was too much for our manager the other day to even go on the touchline, apparently it was a chore. (See: A Chore For Alex McLeish.. A Chore For Villa Fans )

Sorry for the rant, I`ve been at too much maybe. I cannot stand halfwits who are paid more in a week than what most of us get in a year telling us what we should think about our Club and how we should conduct ourselves. We`ve been there through thick and thin (thin and thinner?) and know what is acceptable. This season, start to finish, has been far from acceptable.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 1 2012

Time: 2:13PM

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I SO wish it didn't matter so much! I just fume when we get these lectures!
The Fear
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01/05/2012 14:15:00

I`m just worn out with all of this ********* now, will the new manager whoever he is please clear out the brainless idiots like hutton and sign some decent players who aren`t dickheads. Thank you.
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01/05/2012 14:21:00

I agree with you Fear that the players have no right in telling us how to act, but I could see myself if I was in their position saying something similar to what Shay said. In my interpretation of what he said, I am pretty much hearing "Management is not going to change before the end of the season so we need to put all the negativity (No matter how justified) to one side and stick together (together with AM since he is not leaving for 2 games) and fight tooth and nail for the last two games.. For all we know he is saying this to us but could be meaning this as a message to his fellow players who may be growing sick of AM too.. And there is no point in the players fighting AM for the last two games... Not sure if I am explaining myself correctly but I suppose what I saying is next year I think we need to give the players a clean slate when we get rid of AM as they are just trying to do what is best for Villa, AM is incompetent not the players.. UTV
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01/05/2012 14:29:00

I too wish I didn't care so much. I wish I was on tens of thousands of pounds a week only to be less than half decent at my job. I wish players would shut the **** up and play like they care about the club and us, the supporters. I wish the media would finally grasp that we don't care where he came from, its where he's taking us. I wish Martinez had taken the job. This article in The Guardian shows that maybe the media do finally get it.
Adam Deuce
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01/05/2012 14:33:00

I hate this team
Green Villan
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01/05/2012 14:35:00

The only players defending him are the ones he brought in or are crapping themselves they won't get another lucrative contract like they have had at Villa ie: Given, Hutton, Warnock Dunne ....... don't here Nzogbia, Ireland, Bent, Cuellar sticking up for him do we ???
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01/05/2012 14:42:00

*hear ..... pardon my grammar Mr Fear
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01/05/2012 14:43:00

TOTAL agreement JF - spot on!
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01/05/2012 15:30:00

I suppose I should be more vocal on forums but I've been talking about this a lot on Twitter. It's constant, it's not the players it's the PR of our club, it's an absolute joke and verges on non-sensical propaganda. The players are used as puppets, as mouthpieces to quell whatever negativity shrouds the running of the club. I'm sick to the back teeth of it. I made light that one week Gabby was telling us to get behind the players the next week he was saying how "loyal fans" would be rewarded with good performances should we buy season tickets of course Don't get me started on the ridiculous over exposure of NZogbia and Given when we signed them without the merest mention we were selling off and letting go of our best players hand over fist. Is it any wonder Zog was struggling at the beginning of the season he was exhausted from all the smokescreen interviews! Then we have how all the players are going to "fight" I've seen more fight in a feather duster, week on week a different player saying how good a manager McLeish is and how much they're going to battle it out. Good managers DO NOT break 138 year old records for being bad and a team of our quality and we do still have quality despite the excuses if "battling" should easily be higher in the table than we are now
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01/05/2012 15:39:00

BOOM! Well said, it was reallllyyy *****ing me off too. Given is my player of the year for us, I think without him we'd be doomed by now. But the whole Hutton lecture was ridiculous.
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01/05/2012 15:56:00

BOOM indeed!! Well said Mr Fear
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01/05/2012 16:04:00

Fans care about this club, and THANK McRATH THEY DO! Thats why Shay and Nutter Hutton we voice our concerns at the state we are in and faced with relegation winning only 7 games all season only more than bottom club Wolves winning only 4 games at home all season etc etc what do these players think we are? Robots or fans who should just be quiet and pay to support your club? Yeah right aint gonna happan, im glad Villa has fans that will not let this poor manager carry on any longer and fight to get Villa back to where she belongs. Oh and nice rant Fear!
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01/05/2012 16:37:00

If the players are going to be "used", they are going to be used for propaganda purposes. They are not going to come out and say Idiot is Crap are they. But as the headline says, it's best to shut up and try to do some talking on the pitch.
Pride of Lions
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01/05/2012 16:48:00

Thanks Clive, obviously with a great manager in place and all going so well, there is less to rant about these days! Honestly, these players need to walk in a few fans shoes for a day or so, they might revise some of their opinions!
The Fear
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01/05/2012 17:00:00

35 years old. 5 year contract as the top earner. Mmmmm . . . .let me think. Shall I slag off the bloke who give it me or shall I blow smoke up his ginger ass??? Tough call. Shay stop being the PR frontman for this failed regime and get back on the training ground. I am more interested in you learning to command your defence so that we don't concede 21 goals from set pieces and that you learn how to command your box.
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01/05/2012 17:29:00

get real folks. Its part of every player's contract to do media work when requested by the club. I would much rather hear positive, scripted on message stuff from the players (even if i don't agree with it and think its tosh) than hear whinges in the french media, or quotes on twitter slagging off the club/ manager/ fellow players, or photos of unacceptable behaviour etc etc etc The propaganda might be hard to swallow but at least one part of the club is working properly and doing its job.
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01/05/2012 22:12:00

Well said Fear old chap marvelous. AVbornandbred you no doubt part of that club PR you defending never have i ever met a villa fan who said what you just said
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 22:58:00

Well said Fear old chap marvelous. AVbornandbred you no doubt part of that club PR you defending never have i ever met a villa fan who said what you just said
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 22:58:00

Well said Fear old chap marvelous. AVbornandbred you no doubt part of that club PR you defending never have i ever met a villa fan who said what you just said
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 22:58:00

Read that three time and it still reads as good as the first time I ever read it. Think AVborn.etc has a point to be agreed with though
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02/05/2012 00:28:00

AV is right, It's part of the job, part of the contract, so to jump on the players over what is club PR is pointless, do you really believe that Shay would say that the team are behind him and MEAN IT, when they are so obviously not? Not the players fault, but their lack of performance on the field is.
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02/05/2012 01:43:00

The big difference is : The manager gets paid to manage the players get paid to play and the fans PAY those wages. Got to agree tottally with Fear on this one the team have been backed by the fans all season if we are not loud enough maybe its because we have been given very little to shout about.Have said for last few weeks Mcleish must go but there are a number of players who need kicking out of their comfort zone as well.
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02/05/2012 10:20:00

A sterling piece. Perhaps we should all go down to Bodymoor Heath and give them a lecture instead. The nerve of it. Grrrr
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02/05/2012 13:56:00

A sterling piece. Perhaps we should all go down to Bodymoor Heath and give them a lecture instead. The nerve of it. Grrrr
Report Abuse
02/05/2012 13:56:00

If the manager is fantastic, it is the players fault. so is shay, hutton and anyone else defending the manager accepting the blame for being poor on the pitch rather than the poor instructions off the pitch? i am more intrigued to next season what the same players say once he has gone? will they be blaming the fans for forcing their fantastic manager out or will they be viewing him how we all view him? at the moment you cant bite the hand that feeds you, i accept that but you could just acknowledge the pickle we have found ourselves in and speak positivly about how the players want to turn it around for the fans rather than making the fans the enemy. UTV
deaf dean
Report Abuse
03/05/2012 17:46:00


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