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Be Careful What You Wish For

Gordonsleftboot says: 'Be Careful What You Wish For'

So Villa supporters are beginning to think that maybe within days their Number One hate target will be gone. In many ways it may be a relief if this is the case as a major distraction will be removed.

But is it for the best longer term?

OK I can hear my usual critics getting ready to slag me off again and I will concede that Alex McLeish can be too negative on occasions. But consider:

1. He was appointed to accept the departures that had already been made and to cut the wage bill still further.

2. These departures followed even more high profile losses over recent seasons some of which had never been replaced.

3. AM arrived after a season of turmoil and had to steady the ship and bring through many young players some of whom are already being written off by some 'knowledgeable' fans on this and other sites as not good enough.

4. He has been hit with an appalling injury list and the loss of his skipper and midfield rock through illness (get well soon Stan!) Other clubs lose one or two players and say they cannot cope!

5. He gets no support from senior management and is left to take all the flak for their policies, decisions and wasted spending.

6. He was not to blame for working for the Blues. OK many now say that this is not the issue - but it was for many at the start.

7. The Blues are into the play-offs thanks to many of the new players he signed before he left and younger players he brought through. (No lists because I don't waste my time following them too closely, but I believe he signed 4 or 5 players before departing.) They have done little worse than any of the other relegated sides and have played many more games.

Before you cheer at his departure just ask: how many other managers would have got this debt - crippled club much further THIS season?

How many would have done worse?

Martinez is favourite to take over. What has he built in THREE+ seasons that is much better?

I am NOT an apologist for AM. He will find himself another high paid job should he leave - and good luck to him. I do have an awful feeling, though, that the next manager will face many of the same issues AND good candidates will look at the club and wonder if the fans are manageable?

Be careful what you wish for. This squad of players is not good enough to achieve what many of you think is our right. We have no right to a high PL position. The Directors have learnt one very big lesson this season - I hope, you cannot cut budgets and hope and expect support. AM may be the best we can get and maybe deserves more support than he is getting.


Andy Gray seems to agree in the Mercury:

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The Journalist

Writer: Gordonsleftboot Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 29 2012

Time: 12:34PM

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Sorry, but his record at other clubs show that the problems you mention are not massive factors in his record at Villa. He's been hopeless wherever he's been.
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29/04/2012 12:44:00

95% of fans are your critics mate. The article is nothing more than pathetic Eckscuses and completely pointless!!! There is no reasoning here as to why we have such negative tactics. Do you not understand?? What you've written is mostly correct but it doesn't explain the dire tactics, formations and "snatch a goal whilst defending for your life " approach. Be careful what you're prepared to accept.
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29/04/2012 13:00:00

I accept he has a tough job to do with no real money and having to get rid of players. But a team with the likes of Given, Cuellar, Dunne, Collins, Petrov (for most of the season), Ireland, N'Zogbia, Albrighton, Bent and Agbonlahor should never have been anywhere near relegation. We should have secured enough points in the first half of the season when we had a full strength squad to make sure we were never in danger of relegation. I didn't expect much this season but I still thought we would finish above relegation comfortably.
Lion Heart
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29/04/2012 13:01:00

sorry but his track record with a fully fit squad is dire...holds no water, he needs to go...
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29/04/2012 13:01:00

mr mcleish has no saving graces whatsoever. He is awful and needs to go. Gordon brown would have us higher in the league than him.
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29/04/2012 13:07:00

Andy Gray is best buddies with Eck and openly admits this. Eck will not work again in the prem. Why am I bothering explaining simple things to someone who seems intelligent so must have an ulterior motive as they surely can't believe what they wrote. Say hello to Eck when you sit down for dinner with him tonight and tell him to leave Birmingham.
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29/04/2012 13:07:00

Nah Villan444 whilst i agree Mcleish's tenure as manager of Villa is now unatainable and his negative style is no good for us, i have to agree with Gordon on the major factors which get lost in translation for many, Wage cuts, losing Downing and Young, Injuries no squad depth, some lazy overated overpaid players on our books, I have to say its right the Villa manager job was never an easy one this season and if Randy as i read a lot lately is planning more wage cuts and wants players here on no more than 40k week whoever takes over in the summer will look at all this and what has gone on and must think ''Oh Boy''. Spuds are reportedly in for Martinez according to BBC Teletext sunday Gossip page if Harry or when Harry leaves Spuds for England, Lambert Rodgers Martinez if we can get one of these these i think we couldbuild a long term project with our youth and take our time re-building this time for the next 3/4 years rather than what we did under MoN and go Gung-Ho for the top 4, But i hear ya Gordon and see where ya coming from with your points you have made!
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29/04/2012 13:08:00

Still don't what know the trimming of the wage bill and the fact we lost a few players had to do with McLeish. Was he the only manager in the world of football that would accept that position? I just don't see how the 2 go together. The fact that they went from Martinez to McLeish shows how little they understand football and it has almost been disastrous. And as for Martinez, he laid down the Swansea "way", and he has always played great football with Wigan. He would have been perfect, and with the players we have (if fit) we would be a far better team than Wigan ever would be. I really hope we go back for him in the summer. No more clueless appointments.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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29/04/2012 13:25:00

AM is not the best we can get. I'm not arrogant, the Ancelotti talk last summer was ridiculous. But McLeish is NOT the best we can get. Robbie Savage summed it up yesterday - we don't have any tactics. We don't play on the break, we don't build from the back, we don't even play longball. McLeish picks 11 names out of a hat each week and hopes for the best. We've got Ireland, Bannan, Gardner etc but yeah we'll give Warnock a go in midfield. Why not. And dont dare even think about saying "but he scored last week". Right place right time. I could've done that. It doesn't make him a midfielder. For you to suggest McLeish is the best we can get makes me feel sick. I dont give a **** what Andy Gray thinks.
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29/04/2012 13:29:00

So surprises from Mcleish's biggest apologist, but while most of us accept that with the necessary restructuring that had to be done, that we were never going to be challenging for the champions league - but we should have done MUCH MUCH better than this with what we have available. If he'd played players in their proper positions, and maybe - just once, accepted responsibility for his mistakes instead of blaming anyone and everyone else, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess, and the hatred towards him wouldn't be as it is. No - completely out of his depth, and a complete mistake to hire him. Good Riddance when he goes.
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29/04/2012 13:42:00

Thanks Clive. Villan 444 good to know you are still around, thought your blinkers may have caused you a problem by now. I'm equally sure as most that AM is yesterday's news BUT just stop and think before you believe that all of the problems we have will walk out of the door with him. They won't. Lurman: I'm not sure that Robbies is a tactical genius either. However its onvious to most that Warnock is playing midfield for his energy levels and experience, albeit as a left back. Gardner is not ready to be a midfield player struggling with a relegation theatened team in the PL. At Wigan he and Bannan proved they are not ready. Herd is better and we play better now when he is in the team. But without Petrov we are so short of midfield players its a joke. OK before anyone mention McKoun, or whatever his name is, I was Everton last season when he was also a nonentity in midfield lacking a tackle and bite. Nowhere did I say AM is the BEST we can get. Read my words if you want to criticise me. I'm saying he has had a hard job and it ain't going to get easier when the next manager turns up. He will need the support of the fans - and the board.
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29/04/2012 13:43:00

Completely agree with Lionheart - our first-choice/full-strength side was available for most of the early part of the season, and we were still struggling to score and close out games we were ahead in. His tactics are diabolical and simply cannot be defended (ha ha much like our leads...)
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29/04/2012 13:45:00

FFS Clive. I already said that I agree with most of the points. These are all irrelevant RE: playing dire football though. Doesn't matter which players we've got, Eck will always play in the same way and it's not easy on the eye.
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29/04/2012 13:46:00

I think most of the Villa fans are realists and fully understand the club's financial issues. I'm certainly not looking for top 6 finishes at the moment as I think it's beyond our financial means. But what I am looking for is hope. To see some entertainment, to see a side that is attack minded, to see the next big thing come through and make an impact in the team. That in a nutshell is exactly what the Alex McLeish appointment wasn't. Even his promotion side at the Blues only scored 54 in 46 games!!! There is no worthwhile product being sold at the Villa. The loyal fans will still be there but the rest who make up the missing 6,000-7,000 are not going to come back with what's on offer. That number will probably increase to well over 10,000 next season. You can criticise us for loyalty but ultimately if Villa are to succeed in the long term it needs those extra 10,000 fans to want to come down the ground to see a little bit of hope. I would say though that I believe our best bet to stay up is to keep Alex in place for the remainder of the season and then get shot straight after the Norwich game irrespective of what happens. Getting rid now will probably make the fans feel a lot better but I personally think it would be very destabilising for the team at a critical juncture.
Matt B
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29/04/2012 13:47:00

Not going to criticize your view and opinion Gordon, that's what you think at the end of the day but if Mcleish goes im afraid i can't see anything coming back to haunt us, no one can be any worse, it is just going to get better from there im pretty much certain. I think this article is much more suited to when people wanted MON out before he went tbh. The best thing to do is for Mcleish to go, it's never going to work, the fans have been proved right...he needs to go, he will go, thank the lord.
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29/04/2012 13:49:00

glb highlights the problems that were going to face any manager taking over at VP so we must thank him for stating the obvious. McMuppet has never shown an ability to overcome similar problems when at Small Heath and Rangers and his record of failure should have eliminated him from ever being on Randys shortlist. But glb still asks us to be careful what wish for and if getting rid of McMuppet is better in the long term, a statement that implies that we are better off with McMuppet than without. The next manager will have to face the the same challenges and that is why they are so highly paid. But providing Randy employs someone with potential then they will have the goodwill of the fans. So we do not have to be careful of what we wish for because the alternative is too difficult to even contemplate.
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29/04/2012 14:25:00

Gordo you just judged a champions league standard midfielder in John Makoun from one game you saw as being not good enough... no wonder you think mcleish is doing a good job... yes mcleish has had extremely bad luck but you seem to forget Houllier had terrible luck and managed to persevere... I just dont think Mcleish has what i takes to build our club anything beyond lower mid table mediocrity... his concern with making us solid is the problem and for that reason he is negative and (apart from set pieces) is the primary reason we have lost points... our team is certainly not good enough for top 8 but we should have done better this year... Iv learned over the past two years that many of our fans seriously need a change in attitude... it was an absolute disgrace to get rid of houllier... he played good football and was going to ship out many of the high earners that werent/arnt good enough (dunne, collins, warnock, heskey, etc.)... then you look at who he was linked with and well they are doing now... Morgan Amafiltano - OM, Demba Ba - Newcastle, Cabaye - Newcastle, Rosicky - Arsenal...
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29/04/2012 14:40:00

points well made cdx. GLB - Everybody wants mcMuppet out. We have suffered the worst home record in our history. The football is dull and negative. The fact they we have conceded 21 goals from set pieces an scored none indicates that the training methods he uses simply do not work. McMuppets league record at Small Heath and Rangers show that the longer he in a job the worse his teams get. You have now grudgingly accepted (I think) that it is right that he is being sacked. But still you can not help yourself in having a 'dig' at fans by trying to put a positive spin on one of the worst managerial appointments in our history. Why? Just why?
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29/04/2012 15:27:00

I wondered where Gordon Brown went to after he left No10. Seems he's here winding us up.......
Pride of Lions
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29/04/2012 16:11:00

VOTH: Not sure where my dig at the fans is. Please read what is written and not what you think is being said or whatever suits your continuing and boring rant against McLeish. The point I'm really making is that unless the board get behind the new man we may well find ourselves in a similar situation next season. Think it through: the board decide to make a change; to date it has taken then 4 to 6 weeks to make a new choice. That's half the Summer over and the best available players will be gone. So for the third season in a row we head into next season with little pre-planning. Given those circumstances who will we get that is any better than AM? Hughes after he has been sacked to taking QPR down, Martinez who only gets a team to play for 10 games a season after 3 or 4 years? A change will only work if it is done quickly and effectively: actions that are not associated with our board to date.
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29/04/2012 16:19:00

glb - It is the "continuing and boring" rants against McMuppet that have led to his downfall. Without them and without every other Villa fan, except you, doing the same we would be stuck with him for next season. You will probably be able to work out that most fans have wanted to get rid of him for a while and that the 'continuing and boring' aspect is actually what most users have thought of your support for McMuppet against the wishes of 99% of Villa supporters.
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29/04/2012 17:30:00

I agree with everything you say Gordon, I have taken stick and told I know nothing about the game for daring to have had a think about things and put them into perspective instead of just chucking in the stereotypical McLeish is negative so everything we do is obviously crap that a lot seem to be doing. Even when we won at Chelsea some fas said it was lucky and were not prepared to give any credit at all. Anyway, I for one believe he should go in the summer. Not because I dislike the bloke at all, I happen to know he works damn hard to put things right at Villa Park, has sleepless nights trying to get it right and work within the limits he has been set by the board. This wont wash with most as its easier to just slag off than take a step back and have a look at things and what has gone on at this great club in the last 2 years. The fans got their wish with Houllier although his health ultimately meant the end was inevitable. Whether tis was due to the awful treatment he ot from his OWN FANS will never be determined but it cant have helped can it. The fans will get their wish with McLeish as well. I wonder how long the new manager will be given before those in the stands will decide again that they dont like the new bloke and start giving him grief?? I give it till Christmas at the latest. I have been ashamed by the antics of some of our fans this season. I never thought I would see our fans resort to the sort of antics seen at St James Park and Ewood in recent years. Unfortuntely we will be hounding out yet another manager, something I am sure will be in the back of a new managers mind and questioning whether he wants to work for fans who will treat their own in this way. The chances of a Moyes or the like wanting to expose themselves to such abuse are slim in my opinion.
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29/04/2012 18:05:00

Did anyone see Randy Tuesday with his head in his hands? He looked on the verge of crying! I believe he is as shocked as us with this season, he doesn't won't to change things to quick. Eg Wolves? Why go solo when we have a manager with relegation experience, maybe the players won't him? We can't speak for them, I ain't seen 1 player yet come on apart from gabby saying he can't wait for the season to finish. Anyways "Be Careful What You Wish For" There's only 1 thing we can do worst then this season and that's Draw less, Loss more. 1 positive to take from this season if we stay up, after today We Should! Is the youth played, they've gained a lot of experience.
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29/04/2012 18:27:00

A bit of mid table mediocrity would have done for me this year even tho we lost young and downing the squad was still good enough to have finished half way in the prem with the right manager. I honestly cannot believe anyone can defend this man anymore the stats dont lie. Lowest goalscorers and only 4 home wins and thats with a good few poor teams in the league this year. Mc**** clear your desk and go
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29/04/2012 18:39:00

Some decent points there but it still has not made me think he is getting a hard time. First of all the injury problems which you point to dont just happen. Petrov's absence is no ones fault, but over all training methods play a major role in the number of injurys a team gets. Looking at last season Blues were largely relegated through a mix of a lack of goals and injuries. I believe these problems are not just freak events. He brought them with him from Blues. His tactics are not designed to get the best out of the squad. Yes our squad is not a top 6 team but I would say at least top ten if he had set us up correctly. Yes we sold some key players but the money he had he has wasted. Charles yes looked a good signing to us all, but has been a waste of 10 mil so far, jenas in on loan (very injury prone), Makoun out (more expensive but can pass, has cl experience and will be fit far more often) and Hutton I think we all know was just a bad idea. Simple to me. He wasted the money he had, ensured our team would not play to its best, never even tried to win over the fans. Is a nice guy but is just not up to the job. We need to rebuild, with a talented young manager able to unite all involved and be here for 10+ years.
Tallaght Villan
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29/04/2012 19:11:00

Gordon mate, you really aren't all there. This article is a clear dig at the fans who want Eck out as Voice says. You're suggesting that you're right even though we can hear the reverse warning sounds throughout Birmingham. You are as bad as Eck and Randy in failing to admit that you're wrong. You've just listed a load of pointless points. You say that you aren't going to bother wasting your time listing Bloose players bought by Eck because it doesn't suit your argument and you've wasted all our time by listing commonly known facts that have NO ******** RELEVANCE to playing anti football. FFS.
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29/04/2012 19:13:00

And while I'm ranting WTF are you on about whvilla?? How the ***** do you know for a fact that Eck has sleepless nights etc?? Do you share his bed?? How can you accuse the fans of causing GH's already bad health to recurr?? There must be people that don't like Eck because he managed bloose but the vast majority just don't like his football and eckscuse making/squirming in interviews
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29/04/2012 19:31:00

There's a time for getting behind the team and manager when times are tough - the job Mcleish has done at Villa far surpasses any patience any decent football fan would normally tolerate; so to sum up this article... utter *********. Who could have done a better job? My little 2 year old boy could have for a starter.
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29/04/2012 20:05:00

Gordonsleftboot, Your argument seems quite tenable but personally I think your points about AM's performance at Birmingham divert the focus of your argument and distract from your general thrust. Leaving you open to the accusation that your argument is vexatious. I don't think Lerner or McLeish are beyond reproach even considering some substantial bad luck. But the question which remains, is whether the fans have anything to be proud of, or not?
Steve Wade
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29/04/2012 20:28:00

Join the club WH, join the 1% according to VOTH, though how he knows 99% want McLeish out is not known. Pointless points Villan 444? Why is that? Only because I don't stick to a single mantra of McLeish out? I'm not all there? I don't normally resort to personal comments, unlike others, but if 'being there' is being in a place where alternative thoughts are not considered as a principle, I'll stay where I am thanks. Sacking McLeish will NOT solve all of the problems, it will simply enable them to be swept under the carpet again. Tallaght: injuries brought from Blues? I doubt it, he brought his doctor but employed a new fitness coach to replace the one who upset all of the players last year.
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29/04/2012 20:35:00

Gordon, if all the fans said that Eck should stay and he was doing well, I reckon that you'd go against the grain and argue that he should go. You must just like an argument. You're making points which are nonsensical and irrelevant to your argument whilst there is still an underlying tone of "Eck should stay and I was right really". Didn't mean you to take that as offence but you really wind me up with the same old rubbish which you've been coming out with for months that you've now changed your tune but it's really just a rehashing of the same old tripe. As Steve says, your points divert attention from your theme. It's all over the place and you're trying to suggest something without actually saying it. You MUST be on the board...
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29/04/2012 20:46:00

Gordonsleftboot. I am aware he has not got exactly the same back room team but his word is still final on the squads preperation, so to suggest that his methods (both in style of play and on the training pitch) played a part in the large number of injuries at VP is more than fair. The fitness coach that wound up the team also got results, even some members of the squad said at the end of the season his work was a key to them going on that great run at the end of last season and one reason he wound them up was that he made them work hard. I see you also ignored the vast majority of what I said. Also I should include he has made one good signing in Given. I am not saying your wrong in what you said, but that there are more things to consider you did not even mention. Under GH I stuck with them all the way and never called for his head as I could see a method to his madness and towards the end of last season we began to see the results. I was giving McLeish a chance but at no point could I see what he was trying to do for the medium/long term. That is another main reason I now feel he should go at the end of the season or once we know which league we will be in next season.
Tallaght Villan
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29/04/2012 21:12:00

I think we can all admit that everything that has happened this season is not McLeishs fault... however i think he should take the lions share of the blame... i gave eck a chance until the spurs and utd games then just after xmas i had enough... the players we have are overrated imo... they are excellent in the right hands but the average manager will do little with most of them... i think as fans we have done ourselves no favours... the treatment of GH which i feel was not warranted and the treatment of eck has been far too extreme... the biggest problem was the small minority which didn want eck because he was from bham... i think those fans seriously discredited our protests until recently...
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29/04/2012 21:58:00

Facts of the matter are that the Tartan Turncoat and his negative tactics, combined with a late season injury crisis and a sulky star signing (Hleb) condemned our lovely neighbours to the drop last year. This season has been an exact replica, with N'Zogbia being the player in a sulk until he finally woke up a few weeks ago. I wonder about training methods, why do attacking players get p1ssed off, and why do so many get injured? It's not because he came from Small Heath (he will always be revered for taking them down twice), it's that he seems to have a major problem stifling attacking players because as a player himself he was a no-nonsense stopper and maybe he knows no other way than to teach his teams do do the same. As for Martinez, at least Wigan went FORWARD when they beat Man Utd, Arsenal and Newcastle just like we used to in the days when we could beat those teams ourselves. Goals win matches and put fans on seats.
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29/04/2012 22:48:00

I see you have steered well clear from making any comments on the story - "A Chore For Alex McLeish.. A Chore For Villa Fans" - which shows beyond doubt the measure of the man, and how we will be well shut of him. But I suppose it doesn't suit your ginger-tinted view of the world, does it?
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29/04/2012 23:56:00

McLeish is not, never was and never will be good for us. Say what you want Gordon but once you get those 11 players on the pitch it's what you do with them and Eck has failed in every department, stop defending him. Even with all the cut backs he should have done much much better. Eck OUT
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30/04/2012 00:02:00

Gordon your points are valid - our injuries this season have cost us badly, losing Young and Downing cost us equally so, and yes whoever took on the job was going to face a difficult task. The thing that gets my goat (moo) is the way McLeish has got us playing this season; we've been mostly awful, with occasional outbreaks of good. His style is just too negative, I have no idea what he's doing on the training pitch but from what we can see it's not certain he knows either ! Why have we been incapable of extending a 1-0 lead ? How many games have we done just that and then lost or drawn ? Why does he play players out of position repeatedly ? Why can he not man up for his mistakes instead of *continually* blaming someone else ? He has to go. We don't need to be careful what we wish for, because keeping McLeish is the worst possible option. Even Turnip's second spell was better..
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30/04/2012 03:08:00

GLB - Despite most of the comments on here suggesting otherwise I'd say your opinion is extremely valid, same as everyone who wants McLeish out. For a long time I tried to stay positive about McLeish being in charge, wrote several articles defending him and got flak for it. Then I saw how we played at Bolton and I could see that the majority are right to feel aggrieved for the money they're paying for the product they're receiving. It would be akin to saying "yes, things aren't going the way we thought, and I know that we told you different but we're grateful for the 500 you've spent on us this season. Spend it again and we promise we'll do better next time." I'd be devastated if I'd spent nearly a grand on a season ticket to watch us win a handful of times at VP. Apologies, GLB, if you do this and are still willing to tolerate McLeish as manager; you're made of stronger stuff than me! The law of the land these days suggests that if you are to be successful at a football club you need to have a fairly decent first season, either football or results-wise, but hopefully both. Taking McLeish's record out of the equation, judge him on this season. To lose half the squad to injury twice in your career cannot be a coincidence, add to that the fact that the football at VP has been reserved at best, and the manager's inability to accept blame for our current league position, personally I think if he's still here next season it could get a lot worse. Excellent argument and there's definitely a link between the info in this article and performances, but in my opinion for 2m a year he's taken a mid-table squad and made them sweat needlessly this season.
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30/04/2012 07:01:00

ExpatVillaShirt: Your points are well made and are hard to disagree with. My guess is that McLeish has been over negative to compensate for the weaknesses he has seen and that is hiw major fault. Whether that is right or wrong, we will never know. However it seems clear he will be going soon and I hope that the drum beaters put their sticks away when the next manager pitches up and give him time to sort out the mess that is Aston Villa. Whoever he is he will get my support at home and away wherever possible and I look forward to some interesting seasons to come.
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30/04/2012 07:08:00

glb - you question how I know that 99% of Villa fans want McMuppet out??? I will tell you. The 10,000 empty seats every game. The fact that Villa Park was united in demanding his sacking after the Bolton debacle. The fact that the Sports Editor at the The Birmingham Mail and I were having a conversation on Friday and he informed me that the paper had received several thousand letters and emails demanding McMuppets sacking, but hadn't received one, not one, in support of him and were finding it difficult to run balanced editorial. Obviously you like to defend the underdog and provide alternative points of view to balance an argument, but give up on this one fella. You would have more chance of herding cats than providing any logic as to why McMuppet should stay.
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30/04/2012 08:58:00

Will go along with some of your points Gordonsleftboot would agree that whoever the manager was this was going to be a tough season and without some shrewd signings next season could be another tough one. This however does not excuse the poor tactics and the worst home record in Villas history.I accept Mcleish is probably a nice guy and works hard but a typical example is Villas record at set pieces this is basic traiining ground stuff I dont expect miracles with the current squad but we should at least get the basics right no sorry gave the man my support for nearly 3/4 of the season but whats been served up has been poor in the extreme. whvilla you attack both Newcastle and Blackburn fans >? are you kidding look at where Blackburn are no wonder they wanted Kean out. The Newcastle fans have never stopped supporting their team like the villa fans but their issue was with the owner not the managers. No I do not believe some of the vitriol thrown at Mcleish is deserved but purely judging the manager on what we have seen this season is enough to call for him to be sacked.
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30/04/2012 10:31:00

One of my biggest issues with McLeish is his motivational skills. He strikes me as being the worst manager our kids could have. He has thrown in the kids against the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal where he was basically saying we have no hope of winning so we will play you. Then a game comes up against someone he sees us having a chance of beating and he brings back all the senior players who have got us in this mess. Why are we playing Heskey, Gabby & Dunne etc or Warnock in Midfield when we have the likes of Gardner on the bench who know the role better and have much more talent! His best game for me was when he came on vs Wolves and Newcastle trying to get us that win. He should have played vs Bolton or maybe Carruthers, as it happened we lost anyway so maybe he got it wrong again!! We need a coach next to get the best out of our kids, right now they are all hiding and scared of being on the ball which is not good for young players
Chelt Villan
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30/04/2012 17:05:00

Wether you like McLiesh or not we have to get behind the team and support the players that wear the shirts. Protesting on Sunday will completely shatter their confidence especially, the youngsters, cheer them on for the last 2 games and deal with other issues at end of season. If you cannot get behind the players at this crucial time you are as good as sending us down yourselves.
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03/05/2012 11:15:00


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