Aston Villa - Growing Pressure On Alex McLeish
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Growing Pressure On Alex McLeish

Well, it is all going on. I`m going to try to make a bit of sense of it and link to what is being said right now!

There have been numerous times I`ve been asked to organise protests etc, I`m sure other 'old time` protestors and web editors have had the same. One thing I have done is send a, I hope, fair communication to the Board. They have confirmed they have read it. That is that as far as I`m concerned! See the thread: Click Here as I don`t deem it suitable for front page publication.

I`ve also had a bit of a say in The Express. I must admit, I never thought I`d be in the same article as Kylie Minogue. There is hope for me yet! lol

I`m trying to be fair. I have faith that this is a mistake that can be corrected and that all Chairmen/owners make some good, bad and downright ugly appointments.

Some of the quotes I sent to John Wragg were:

For the first time, in a long time - especially as Villa fans have an undeserved reputation of being perennial moaners - the atmosphere at Villa Park on Tuesday night v Bolton turned poisonous, hate filled and angry.

I`m not sure if the Club fully realise it yet, I`m not sure that Alex McLeish realises it yet, but his position has become, amongst the vast majority of Villa fans, untenable.

On the fact that he has now presided over the worst home form EVER for Aston Villa, (bearing in mind our proud history and heritage in the game, including founding the league) and that fact alone, Alex should have tendered his resignation to the Board of Aston Villa straight after the match.

He spoke of wanting to achieve a God like status the same as Martin O`Neill has at Sunderland. This was never a realistic aim for a manager pretty much no Villa fan wanted and although the press will often insist that is because of his Blues connection, it simply isn`t. It is his reputation as a negative manager and his awful Premiership record. He was simply never good enough for a Club of this size.

For the good of the Club and for the good of himself, he should resign, or be removed from his post immediately. Although with three games to go that might seem ridiculous, he`s let us down tactically throughout the season (and we can`t blame bad luck and injuries for the whole season) and our reserve set up might just be able to galvanise the team who clearly are not behind or playing for the manager, in order to achieve safety. If we rely on Alex McLeish, then we rely on the results of other clubs as most of us aren`t convinced we are able to win any of our remaining fixtures with him.

Randy Lerner, also now under pressure from a section of the fans, took a risk, his manager has let him down and although a clear mistake has been made, Randy can rectify it and with a decent appointment and some summer spending. Bridges, I am sure, can be re-built for all but the most veracious of fans.

If no action is taken, I`d look very closely at our attendances next season, mugs like myself will be there without question but many thousands won`t follow our blind allegiance and I`m very sad to say, with Alex McLeish`s 'anti-football` I don`t blame them.

I`m amongst many thousands of fans who didn`t want him but once appointed, said 'give him a chance`. I personally feel let down to see Aston Villa set up the way we have been this season and to see us roll over v the likes of Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. Our fans are a proud bunch, a fan base that is at the very least used to being the top team in the Midlands. We are currently third best!

I am also one of the many fans who haven`t wanted to join protests against the manager. On a human level it all seems petty and small time to do so. However, at the moment, there appears to be an 'us v them` feeling building and without a summer overhaul, next season could become an even more unpleasant experience and protests will grow, or even more dangerously, apathy will increase.

Neil Moxley gets it and also mentioned the the poisonous atmosphere at Villa v Bolton and sticks up for us that it is NOT being about McLeish being a blue nose. Listen to the interview at: Doug Wades In Over McLeish - Might Surprise A Few!fans-attitude-mcleish-was-hateful-170672 ' target='blank'>

A blog on the Guardian saying Villa fans were right, this was never a good fit for manager/club: McLeish and club do not go together

I actually read the joint statement from Randy/Paul with hope yesterday. Others see it differently, that they are backing the manager. I honestly read it differently, in fact, it wouldn`t surprise me if McLeish already knows his fate. However, maybe they have a point that now we`ve waited this long, all that matters is survival and so there are the three games for the team and manager to get us out of the mess. Time will tell. Statement: Click Here

Protests are being talked about at the Spurs game. Lets hope we have achieved safety by then, a win v WBA would surely see us fine? That would also break the Baggies fans hearts (!) as they want to see us down (which I have no issue with, this is what football is all about and we have Lorded it over all Midlands teams for decades lol) but for them to give us the points to stay up would be nice! If we aren`t safe by Spurs, I`m sure the debate will rumble on, do you protest and upset the already fragile balance or not. I have no answers to that one!


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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 26 2012

Time: 3:55PM

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McLeish thread: Click Here
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:00:00

About bloody time. But if you want someone to remove those fence splinters from your arse JF, don't ask me!
Class of 82
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:01:00

Guys, lets not get in to a battle, we are all Villa fans at the end of the day and we all want AM out, so get behind us guys organising it and get involved - in any way shape or form. I must admit JF and me had a few words last week, but his letter and our convos we shared today he has "AM out" at heart, so less slack and more movemnet towards 6th May. VillaFansUnited
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:05:00

Well said Mr. Fear.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:13:00

We must back the team 100% to stand a chance, butwhat the hell are we waiting for 6th May for? Ramp up the protests on Saturday at the Hawthorns, before and after the match ffs. Itmay ofescaped some peoples notice but the season only has 3 (THREE) matches left. How we going to protest when the season is finished? Ramp it up on Saturday!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:14:00

It's a great letter, to be fair, I'm just hoping it hasn't come too late. It was needed weeks ago.
Class of 82
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:14:00

Good article, point well made. McLeish's Villa side are stagnating. It's pretty clear from the numerous comments from himself and his playing staff that there is no direction at the club; this season is not building towards something, it is simply treading water in the classic McLeish style. I wrote about it extensively on my blog actually if anyone is interested -
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:22:00

if AM goes tomorrow do we really believe that Kevin McDonald will do any better as i dont. It would also be useful to know who we believe is a viable alternative for the job. I did not see a queue forming of good managers when the job was vacant last summer. AM is not the answer but i do not agree that he is the whole problem. We have too many overpaid seasoned pros who have not performed and we have too many so called kids who are not good enough. It is all very depressing
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:24:00

Pride of Lions, add me on twitter buddy @astonvilla05 we can discuss further, I am one of a team sorting 6th May out. Ill explain why WBA protests is not a good idea
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:24:00

To be fair class of 82, I didnt' see anyone as vocal in the press against last summer. Just when appointed, any manager, they have to have a chance. He's had his... next! PLus, I've communicated throughout the season Mr 82, I've made sure they know fully what is being said, the tone of the forums/ match days etc.
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:29:00

Pride, the away fans are the most vocal anyway, nothing needs organising, they will support and support, as is crucial to do. If it goes wrong, they will leave no one in any doubt as to what they all think.
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:30:00

Well written Fear (Calm and objective as always), I fully think AM is gone after the last 3 games no matter what happens...
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:33:00

Exactly rememeber Wigan away - Brutal.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:33:00

Good letter Jon, hopefully it's not just read but absorbed as well.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 16:35:00

Good piece JF but can I say that them acknowledging having read it doesn't mean they have taken it on board, let's face it, they haven't considered the fans at any point in all of this, and from the joint statement, have no intention of doing so now........and, according to one headline today saying "Lerner gives Mcleish 3 games to SAVE his job" which means if he DOES fluke a win then he will be with us next season as well!
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 17:15:00

I do actually feel sorry for Alex McLeish, not for any footballing reasons, but on a humane level, as have others. But then I think to myself "did he feel sorry for the fans who travelled to White Hart Lane when he played the tactics that he did that night"? I dont think he did because he's done it a lot more afterwards. If he was a dog he would be put down by now, its cruel to allow him to carry on for all our sakes. So at 17:00 on Sunday 13th May the pre-written statement should be out for either relegation or survival and on both it should say "parted by mutual consent".
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 17:26:00

Great letter, I think you have summed up the feelings of the majority brilliantly. He's a dead man walking and I think he knows it. The only thing that worries me now is that if he doesn't go before the final 3 games his heart won't be in the fight because he knows that ultimately he has to go! We will see I guess, desperate times indeed!
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 17:49:00

Agree Kojak, I know the money is good etc etc but the abuse etc is awful, it must be horrible walking out to such a hostile crowd. He stands on the touchline and ... as you say, just from a humane level. Don't like managers facing the abuse and protests etc and I'd readily tell him that face to face. But I also do think he has to take this out of the clubs hands and admit defeat.
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 17:56:00

What I don't get is everyone saying how crap Mcleish has been but I have seen the last 2 games and we have looked really good at going forward and attacking, it's just all the players are rubbish
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 18:06:00

Good letter J. Thanks again for communicating in the right way and at the right time. Have to say I think a few of the players should follow him if he goes.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 18:11:00

I don't even know what it is about AM - in 80% of the games he probably played the team we would have all selected (given what's available) - he just seems to have football's version of the grim reaper on his shoulder. It's not nice seeing anybody get the abuse he got the other night - as many say on here regularly, he doesn't seem a bad bloke - but the reaction he's now getting is inevitable. It would be for his own good in a way if he walked now, but like the rest of us he won't want to lose the £millions he'll get once he's sacked. Would it make any difference if he went now? I think it’s clear he doesn’t inspire the team, and he’s proven in the past that he hasn’t got a magic wand to stop teams getting relegated (or a plan B. Or a plan A, for that matter). What would KMac and Sid do differently though? They’re both already part of the management team and we’ve got to assume any thoughts/influence they might have is already getting to the players. Given where we are with injuries etc, I really don’t see a way out. The fact that we’re the only one of the bottom 6 on a downward spiral (let’s ignore Wolves altogether) doesn’t help either. Thinking about it, I’d better open the whisky bottle and nip to Lidl for a couple of boxes of paracetomol.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 18:28:00

I still back him. I don't follow all you keyboard warriors like a sheep. I actually go to the home games and see the shift the team puts in. We we better than Sunderland and we were better than Bolton. We were unlucky not to beat Stoke and played well against Chelsea, Man City and Everton. He's unlucky end of. Not his fault his two best CD's get injured and their replacement gives away a penalty. Some of you sheep can't see that. When I heard some of the sheep singing at the end of the Bolton game it was the first time in over 30 years that I wanted to leave before the end - just to get away from my own. McLeish is an unlucky manager. End of.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 19:09:00

Onlyteaminth.... Look at what Dimatteo has done at Chelsea. It's like a monkey is off their backs. Eck is that orangutan of a monkey that's dragging everyone down. KMac would definitely get better results. There's no way that we could get worse. The team hasn't done it all bloody season so why now?? Even GH turned it round all be it after 6 months. Injuries Eckscuses aside, we're doomed with Eck there. Nice guy as you say so he should do the nice thing and let someone more capable take over. But also as you say, he wants a pay off. He's never going to work again, ala Souness, Barnes, Grant and Strachan, we'll see him on Thursday nights with that fat west brom fan who looks like the bloke who eats nuts and berries on ITV or channel 5 ( no doubt claiming that he was never accepted because he came from bloose (( for the millionth untrue time.)))
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 19:12:00

Thought that you weren't coming back piper. Lol at your 1 hundred Eckscuses. Even Gordon is claiming that he agrees with everyone ( even though he doesn't want to back down fully lol.) you are free to get away from all the other fans, we are clearly not your own as your pigheadedness will not allow you to see what is obvious to everyone else for the greater good of the club. No-one has ever questioned the Yoots endeavour. The manager is telling them the wrong things.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 19:20:00

"McLeish is an unlucky manager. End of. "lol. Lol. Lol. 3 years out of 4 in the prem. You must be on the wind up. I shouldn't rise to it but you should be in stand up comedy. Lol.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 19:24:00

"I christen this child, 'Piper UK Maurice Stanley McLeish", Amen. Bloody duffer!
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 20:01:00

In the cuthroat world of football nice blokes don't make good managers look no further than SAF how many players upset him and last a week
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 20:03:00

I agree, Piper, that the Big Yin is unlucky. He's also not a very good manager. It's a combination that we don't need.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 21:57:00

Least I go down the matches Villan44 you sheep.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 22:49:00

V444 -- Why don't you say what you really think? McLeish is just a symptom of a wider problem. Modern football. The EPL, UEFA, FIFA etc. It's absurd that a 24 yo Lionel Messi is crowned 'The Greatest' of all time. It's absurd that Chelskov can buy their way to the CL final. If they beat Munich it will leave me sick to the stomach. MCleish will probably be replaced but whoever replaces him will be crucified unless he brings CL football. MON was/is an overrated coach/manager but he brought European football to VP (albeit briefly). Nobody except Guardiola is going to get an easy ride at VP. The future for AVFC is bleak.
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 23:02:00

Piper, I'm not a sheep and I too go to games. Whilst I agree that injuries have played a part and that the players have to take a huge slice of the accountability and that the last few games have been better and we have been unlucky we shouldn't forget that we have been woeful at defending set pieces all season and haven't scored from a single one. There are some things that a manager can't control, but set pieces are something that can be worked on nad rehearsed and for me it reminds of the famous quote "lucky? yes I suppose I'm lucky but it's funny, the harder i work the luckier I seem to get"
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:29:00

Well said Fear You sat on that fence but made the core point we all agree with well. Keep being neutral its healthy for now. Those players need to stop following Mclueless his instructions if we are going to stand a chance to stay up while he is still in charge.
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:30:00

Lol again Piper..... So I'm the sheep for making my own opinion up about Eck after watching our team playing under his direction and tactics. My opinion hasn't changed all season from that first viewing. You are clearly the one with Ovine tendencies and features Piper as you have fallen for and followed whatever claptrap that Eck and co. have told you. You still go to games like the sheep that you are whilst I make my own choice not to like the individual that I am. Please look up simple everyday terms and their meanings before attempting to end your months of self imposed exile in a whirlwind of self righteousness to avoid looking like the fool that you are.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:44:00

VWRA, if Chelsea win, it's because they've worked out a way to beat the said opposition on the given day. MON was very good at this however little you think of him and Eck is VERY bad at this everywhere that he's been, mainly because he only knows 1 style and that's defend for your lives and try to nick a goal at the other end. I would welcome Chris Hughton and thousands more regardless of creed color or where they've previously managed but lets not kid ourselves. Eck is one of the worst managers (regardless of luck) End of.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:53:00

PiperUK - Let's assume for the moment that you are right, that Macleish is just unlucky. Why would we want to stick with someone who has demonstrated his lack of luck at every club he has managed? If that's all it takes then let's try to find a lucky manager instead.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 10:24:00

Cant see where this sitting on the fence comes from in defence of Fear hes made himself clear all season like many of us me included he gave Mcleish more than half a season to prove himself he failed miserably tactically poor with a brand of football which is in general dire. I understand that The Fear did not want to link the brand "Vital Villa" to the protests as the brand should reflect all supporters views. Piper you feel able to come on here and insult many of us by calling us sheep even season ticket holders of many years, may I respond by saying never mind the sheep your full of bull if you do not believe Mcleish should not shoulder the blame for the tactics displayed, even though I felt he had a tough job with the squad available an unlucky manager is the last thing we need.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 10:34:00

With you Merlin - the only thing worse than a bad manager is an unlucky manager.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 16:21:00

PiperUK. I think personally, you can put most villa fans into 4 categories. 1) Fans who hated him from the start - ones that could not get over the blues link, and are fully vocal in their views. udging from season ticket sales last year, and gates, i'd estimate this to be around 10% of fans. 2) pessimists - fans who couldn't see it working - maybe some went to games still, maybe some didn't, but generally couldn't see any good in the situation, and feel almost vindicated with that's happened. Probably a good 30% of fans. 3) Realists - i'd class myself as one of these - thought it was a dreadfull appointment given the blues connection and previous record, but decided to try and 'wait and see' what happened, and hope that maybe he could do a job. Quickly turned after the first maybe 8 games and became pessimists! 4) optimists like Gordon who said he could be a good appointment, and really backed him. Continued to go down to VP and sing for the team, and the manager. Kept looking for the positives (despite them being few & far between), but greadually, as the season began to draw to a close, could see that it hasn't been anything other than a disaster, and realise it's time for a change. 4) Then there's you. I laud your optimism, but you stand alone as probably the only true villa fan that is still saying give him time, and 'He's done a good job', and 'you lot are all sheep' - despite the fact he's achieved our worst home record in 132 years. I call this category 'Deluded'.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 22:42:00


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