Aston Villa - Fans Role Questioned
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Fans Role Questioned

clbick3 asks about our behaviour as fans. Give it a fair reading, he openly admits being new to the English football culture!

After following the game the other night against Bolton, I was pretty much bummed out for the entire evening and really could only think about how angry I was at McLeish and Lerner for ruining the club that I hold so dear. Later that night I was skimming through the various blogs and sites about Villa and started reading articles about the barrage of hate towards McLeish that came from the stands after the game.

Being relatively new to the world of English football, this was something I had never seen before. There is of course booing bad results in every sport but this was very extreme. I also noticed that many of the writers on various blogs were subtly supportive of this behavior towards the manager and proceeded to desperately call for his sacking as they have done for the past 7 months to no avail.

Soon after I then started reading some pieces from Newcastle fans about how they wanted to see Villa go down as Villa had relegated Newcastle 2 years ago on the final day of the season. Many of the articles said that some Villa fans had relegation parties for Newcastle. This surprised me. Alot. Now I of course don't know if these statements hold any ground or if they do, exactly to what extent, but I will say this.

Relegation must be the most devastating thing that could ever happen to a club. Having a relegation party for another club, even a rival, just seems incredibly cruel and childish behavior. I'm not trying to make a statement about the fans and I shouldn't dwell on a topic that I probably know nothing about but it does provide a bridge into the point I'm trying to get across here.

When fans treat any member of their club this way we treated McLeish on Tuesday it not only reflects poorly on them as a fan base but at this point it does nothing but demotivate the players on the pitch and create a negative atmosphere. Do the fan's truly expect any sort of 'come-from-behind rally' from the players if they are chanting 'f**k off McLeish' as loud as they can? I'm sorry but when I read that I felt shame for our great club. There's nothing any man could do to deserve public humiliation to that extent. Whatever you think of McLeish, the man is trying to the best of his abilities. (as limited as those may be) I'm not defending McLeish as a manager, I'm simply defending him as a human being.

To conclude, I strongly believe that if the fans act anything close to how they did at Villa Park on Tuesday for the next 2 games, Villa will surely be relegated. I'll bet on that. But if the Villa Park faithful come out and sing and cheer their hearts out from stop to start and give the lads something to play for, we will be in this division come August. We can get back to 'McLeish Out' during the summer, and I'll gladly join in the protest. But right now, our players need us, the coaches need us, and more than ever, Aston Villa F.C. needs us.



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The Journalist

Writer: clbick3  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 26 2012

Time: 11:55AM

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I've used that image because it shows the fans very best side in my opinion.
I like the fact that clbick3 explains that he is new to the English football culture and for an 'outsider' looking in, it must be a culture shock.

Re: Newcastle. There was one banner, so that was ONE person. It referred to Ant and Dec and yes, if you were going down you would take that personally. There weren't any parties, in fact many in the Witton Villa and Newcastle were shaking hands, consoling and generally wishing them luck and a speedy return. Football is about rivalry and banter as well though.

I would also say that there is a core of us who are there during all times, stick with our team, do support etc. The fans v Sunderland and then v Bolton TRIED. The team do sometimes owe us something as well. As fans, I don't think we owe a manager anything, not this manager especially and having now presided over our worst ever home record (think about that, worst EVER) he did have to face the music.
HOwever, as I've said before and have been called a softie for it, the abuse goes beyond the level of what is reasonable. However, this is what I said to the Club BEFORE his appointment would happen. It was obvious. The forum here and elsewhere are not easy at all to control, we can't ban everyone calling names etc, we'd be bust! it is a mess and there is anger. That is usual. when times are bad, the 12th man WILL shout for their team but if the team/manager don't give 100%, they will also get stick. For me, I'd love safety then turn on the manager totally but anger is there and it will be expressed whether they like it or not.

I sit right by the dug out and the things said to managers over the years have at times been repulsive. However, they do also get nice comments when deserved! Football is more than a passion, it is an insanity!
The Fear
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26/04/2012 12:02:00

I have to say, I agree with the point about celebrating Newcastles demise - I never celebrated them (or anyone other than small heath ) going down I wouldnt want it to happen to us and I dont wish it on others unless its to save our skin
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26/04/2012 12:03:00

Your right, you know nothing of football culture. I don't know of anybody who holds parties for relegated teams, sounds like bull***** to me. As for chanting at the manager it didn't start until very late in the game, the fans were terrific all until then, and then when it was clear that all was lost then the manager gets told so by those who spend their hard earned cash paying to watch these multi-millionaires make a hash of it. It is normal at any club.
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26/04/2012 12:12:00

Newcastle fans have certainly got it in their head we were all taking the St Michael, I know I've seen a few threads on Newcastle sites. Makes me feel sorry that is the impression they have as nothing is further from the truth I think!
The Fear
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26/04/2012 12:18:00

I didn't even have a party when Small Heath got relegated
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26/04/2012 12:22:00

Agree with Fear and ripping the Blues when they go down is the normal for both fans incidentally.We all have Blue nose mates its just the done thing,they will do it this season if it happens(gulp). Most,as with all teams is just high voltage banter but the manager scenario does happen,its the only way the terraces can make their disapproval,its not nice at times but on 2million a year for the rubbish served up he will get over it. We are just another job at the end of the day,some you win some you lose,sorry AM you lost again.
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26/04/2012 12:25:00

i can understand where your coming from, i took my son to his first Villa game this season and we had to leave just after the 70th minute, not because of our performance but because of a minority of Villa fans who spent most of the game shouting foul mouthe rants towards our bench, my son was 6 and my brother in law also left with my nephew aged 7, both have not worn their shirts since and when a 6 year old says he never wants to go again, see how hard it is trying to explain not all us villa fans shame our own dont work.......rant over
Astonian Villan
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26/04/2012 12:28:00

So you'd rather we all just stood there quietly as this manager does his best to relegate us? I have nothing against him as a person, but we all knew this would happen when he was appointed, and I think that's why it has finally boiled over. I'm actually surprised at how predictable it has all been, usually football doesn't pan out exactly how you'd expect, but not in this case, it's right on the money. Luckily 2 out of our 3 remaining games are away from home, more chance of picking up a point. As for Newcastle, they've tarred us all with the same brush because of a few banners and a few fans mocking them. Although "Sob on the Tyne" was classic.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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26/04/2012 12:28:00

Its total cobblers no parties were held among any Villa fan I know and thats quite a few not even when Small Heath were relegated. If anything Newcastle are viewed along with Everton as most like Villa in so much as they have great support but have rarely repaid that support with trophies. Regret hearing that Newcastle fan sites are thinking that way they didnt go down at Villa Park they went down over the course of the season as with any club.
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26/04/2012 12:29:00

I agree with a good deal of what you said (the relegation party thing is almost 100% nonsense, I have never heard of such a thing). All season I have thought that some fans were a bit quick to get on his back and it does not really help the matter in that case. BUT fans sometimes need be given something to cheer. This has been one of our biggest problems at VP. Those hardcore fans have tried all season to back the team but have been drowned out by those who just wanted him gone from day one and so stop trying. If we played with a bit more drive and attacked a bit more then that gives even those booing something to look at as a positive and would make it easier for the cheers to get through.
Tallaght Villan
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26/04/2012 12:38:00

The fans have got behind the team as much as possible in the last few games, but there comes a time when enough is enough. Ill be there at albion saturday and if i dont think the team has put the required effort in to keep this club in the league, ill be letting them know about it at the end
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26/04/2012 12:43:00

You seem like a nice boy and the Liberal party will love your vote. But McLeish is paid 2m a year not to fail. He has failed. He has failed all season when the fans were not abusive towards him. No abuse has actually culminated in the worst home record in our history. The abuse should have happened sooner, not later and then maybe we wouldn't be in this awful mess which McLeish has inflicted upon us.
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26/04/2012 12:54:00

This is the first I've heard of any 'relegation party'. Most of us couldn't give a flying one either way for Newcastle - might have been more credible if you'd been on about the scum. What I DO remember about that day is that Martin Laurssen came on at the beginning to wave goodbye, and got roundly booed/abused by the geordies. Up to that point all I cared about was winning the match. After that, yes, wanted them relegated. But no parties.
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26/04/2012 12:54:00

I think rather than party it means celebrate.Yes thyere was a good deal of leg pulling. This is because Newcastle have had a long line of messiahs who are going to save their club (managers or players) and it usually ends in tears. Alan Shearer was the latest that didn't work out and they were relegated. Hence the reference to who is your next messiah - Ant & Dec? (Two Geordie entertainers if you have had the good fortune never to have heard of them.) I don't think we over did it though as having NUFC in the premier league is generally a good thing - good fan base, etc. But I agree with your sentiments on the whole. I didn't like it when he was given the job but realising there was little that I could do to change the situation I said we should give him a chance (for which I was roundly abused by a small number on here). As anticipated it has been an unmitigated disaster and he should be under no illusions how we feel. But some of the abuse goes beyond the acceptable.
Cheshire Villan
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26/04/2012 14:08:00

I dont understand the Newcastle fan views, i too have heard them say they hope we go down because we took the pi$$ and mocked them. I dont know where that idea came from as i dont remember anything other than standard banter that any club receives when they are relegated. Sour grapes as far as im concerned. Having calmed down from the Bolton game and watched the reaction eck received i did feel sorry for him. No person should have to put up with that level of abuse, after all he is just trying to do a job. But we are so angry and upset at the state of our club, it was our way of getting the point across to the board about how strong we feel. Also when the abuse starts it is not long before the manager goes because nobody can put up with that every week, so as harsh as it seems its an effective way of getting rid of a manager. Its happened many times at pretty much every club.
Lion Heart
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26/04/2012 14:19:00

You're surely missing the point here. The manager and players are (very well) paid to entertain us. They can do that either by winning lots of games or by playing attractive football. Both would be nice. Where else in life would you see someone failing miserably at a job and being cheered to carry on doing so? If you can explain any other way of making our feelings know that is going to be effective I shall be glad to hear it. A few hundred (or even a few thousand) protesting before or after the game will (and, indeed, has been) dismissed as a small minority. As it happens I don't boo or shout abuse at manager or players but I understand those who do. My protest will be more direct. I shall not be back at VP until McLeish has gone.
chocolate teapot
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26/04/2012 14:26:00

No sympathy for him or the board, it was all so avoidable. He took the job knowing full well he'd get stick if he failed. How many times has he said he's thick skinned and he can take it? Tough $hit Alex, lets see how thick your skin really is if we dont stay up. I think the majority of the fans have been VERY patient with him this season. The Bolton game was his last chance to save his job.
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26/04/2012 14:41:00

As you say your new to football it's part of the banter. I get it from all my mates who are not villa supporters I will give it when I can, although this season with football that could send you sleep I have only been embarrassed to be a villa fan. I have no issue with the Newcastle fans wanting us to go down, it's what makes the game interesting and why we all care
Randy bollox
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26/04/2012 15:30:00

I have no problem with the "bar codes". Like most, PMSL when small heath went down, but no party.
Pride of Lions
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26/04/2012 16:28:00


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