Aston Villa - AVFC Transfer Talk. Gabby Out For 12million???
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AVFC Transfer Talk. Gabby Out For 12million???

Little bit of transfer talk today....

Alan Nixon at says that Gabby Agbonlahor is a 12million target for MON at Sunderland.

Not really much more to it than that in the article to be fair!!

What would you do, sell at that price or make sure as a Villa fan he is kept?

Gabby thread: Click Here

The other snippet is in The Daily Mail who say Heerenveen striker Bas Dost isn`t interested in a move to Aston Villa.

The report says The 22-year-old last month spoke positively about the prospect of joining Alex McLeish's side, but is now said to have set his heart on moving to a more competitive club.

They quote his agent: 'He turned down Aston Villa because he wants to play for a top club. We are working on pleasing him and we expect some responses.'

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 20 2012

Time: 11:57AM

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I think i'd probably sell for 12m. He's not in-form for us at the moment, and an in-form Gabby is worth more than 12m... i think it's a good deal - sell and bring on the Wiemann! As for the other linked player - if he doesn't want to come fine, but bring in a more attractive manager, and players might want to join us more!
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20/04/2012 12:08:00

Who we sell & who we buy will surely depend on what division we're in . Not even worth thinking about until after the next 2 games
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20/04/2012 12:15:00

The sad thing is even though gabby is a villa fan he might want to leave for the manager who knows how 2 use him properly and i don't blame dost for not wanting to come to villa at the moment our league position and a manager who will most likely use him as a defensive midfielder is a serious turn off for any sticker
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20/04/2012 12:17:00

Agbonlahor personifies the overpaid, overrated modern footballer. AB has a point, though. Gabi might find his level in the Championship.
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20/04/2012 12:18:00

Agree with thorpyuk at that price, although its always disappointing to see a home grown player who clearly loves the club move on. Bas Dost? I'd never heard of him & as far as I know he has done nothing to prove he would make it in the PL anyway. I think its going to be a stange Summer - most teams looking to deflate the market and wages whilst some spend madly - be a Summer of two halves!
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20/04/2012 12:18:00

Bas Dost is the top scorer in the Eredivisie (Dutch league). I wouldn't come to Villa either if I were him. All this 'home grown' about GA stuff is so much sentimental nonsense. As I pointed out on another thread, the late David 'Rocky' Rocastle had a similar status at Arsenal as Agbonlahor has at Villa. The club sold him because it was the best thing for the club. Selling Agbonlahor might not be the best thing for Agbonlahor but it's the best thing for Villa. @ 12 Million Sunderland would be getting mugged too.
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20/04/2012 12:25:00

2010-11, 5 goals, 2011-12 (so far), 6 goals. The stats don't lie.
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20/04/2012 12:30:00

VWRA no they don't but they can be misleading. I notice you don't go back any further. Gabby when on form and in a team playing well is a dangerous striker. Whether he can get back to his best only time will tell. For 12M i'd say keep him, for anything north of 15M i'd sell.
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20/04/2012 12:41:00

VWRA - I think with gabby you neee to realise that this season he has played more as a winger than a striker. You should be comparing him to someone like downing this season and if you do you will find Gabby has more goals and more assists and is actually just as good out wide as downing has been for Liverpool. The problem is if we stop up who could we get for 12m as a replacement that would offer as much as Gabby does? I cant think of any realistic targets who would join us so would either keep him or try and eek out a few more million.
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20/04/2012 12:42:00

The right manager would get Gabby firing again. Also, if he does go there won't be any like-for-like replacements under our frugal regime - will be a Gabby quality player out and a Gary McSheffery level replacement. Is that what you all want? Hopefully just more lazy, innacurate, fact-averse nonsense from the Mirror.
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20/04/2012 12:50:00

I've got to say I'm a little shocked by the reaction to this news. In recent years there has been a lot of talk of the lack of loyalty from players to their club, would be nice to see some loyalty from a club to the players, not selling the ones that love it and want to fight for imo. Him and Bent still have the potential to be a lethal partnership. Anyone think of someone we could sign that would be an improvement and would come?
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20/04/2012 12:51:00

Some of you have a very short memory. He was our top player in the first half of this season wasn't he? Scoring, assisting...Besides I wouldn't put all blame on him for not scoring recently and I don't think we need to sell another quality player. Just get a new manager or appoint Kevin McDonald and I bet things will look way better
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20/04/2012 13:08:00

If Mcgoingdown is in charge then we should sell gabby, but if another manager comes in then we should keep hold and build a team with him involved - he's proved he can do it in the RIGHT set-up - the trouble with selling good young established players and bringing in replacements is that that will mean next seasons excuse being "we have brought in a few new players who need time to settle, so we are a team in TRANSITION!" Bas Dost or any other decent prospect will refuse to come to Villa under the present regime, the only thing that will lure GOOD players is the prospect of coming to a team that is trying to turn their fortunes around and have made all the right moves by clearing out the dead wood and bringing in a bright attack-minded manager who wants to make a name for the club............Villas-Boas???
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20/04/2012 13:16:00

i wont sell gabby. he is the best player at the club who is not being played to his strength.
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20/04/2012 13:24:00

Didn't AM say selling a top player to bring in cover for defence is something we must look at. AM would sell us and the Holte End if he could, he would also sell the dude that sells the beers..
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20/04/2012 13:44:00

if Gabby loves Villa so much, why do we regularly see him blanking little kids waiting for his autograph? A centre forward who never scores? 12 million offer? Isnt this whats called a no brainer? MON can have him - from what I remember he never scored tons of goals for him either
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20/04/2012 13:44:00

can Gabby write ?
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20/04/2012 13:59:00

Vermaelen at Arsenal is a defender who has got 13 goals in 63 appearences for the Gooners. Gabi is a 'forward' who has scored 11 goals in 67 for Villa. If I recall MON missed the chance to bring Vermaelan to Villa and now he's trying to take Agbonlahor to the North East. Some people still think this bloke is 'The Messiah'.
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20/04/2012 14:40:00

If Gabriel Agbonlahor is Villa's 'best player' then Villa have a serious problem.
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20/04/2012 14:44:00

I love this:------------------------Vermaelen at Arsenal is a defender who has got 13 goals in 63 appearences for the Gooners. Gabi is a 'forward' who has scored 11 goals in 67 for Villa. If I recall MON missed the chance to bring Vermaelan to Villa and now he's trying to take Agbonlahor to the North East. Some people still think this bloke is 'The Messiah'.
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20/04/2012 15:39:00

There's only one 'Messi-ah' and he plays at Barca. Given, Clark, Albrighton, Gardner and Caruthers (have I missed anyone) have a future at Villa. All the rest should be offloaded. The club can then start again. Some like Delph have been unlucky. Sure he'd feel sheer relief to get out of VP.
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20/04/2012 15:59:00

I'd bite his bloody hand off if he offered 12 mil. He's never going to be a striker that consistently scores more than 15 goals a season and he really does miss some chances. I agree when he's on form he's fantastic but it just doesn't happen often enough, I'm sure weimann can step up and we could find a decent replacement for 12 mil. Newcastle signed cisse for 9-10 mil for god sake!
Lion Heart
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20/04/2012 16:10:00

Weiman and a few others are also plus points. Petrov (a terrific player and loyal servant) is, of course, sadly out of the picture through no fault of his own. The majority of the current squad, however, have to look at themselves. The Close Season will be interesting.
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20/04/2012 16:14:00

LH -- He's lucky if he scores 10 goals a season in all competitions. As I wrote above he's not the only passenger at the club. Most of the current squad should take a long hard look at their performances. Agree with you that Weiman is a good prospect.
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20/04/2012 16:18:00

I understand where everyones comming from with an offer of 12 mill on the table should we let him go ? To be honest i wouldnt give Mcleish any money to spend seen enough already we will get a 6ft 4" plank to fire the ball up to. Another year of this and we will resemble small heath not just in tactics but in both league position and attendance as well. If he stays I think we will be saying goodbye to Benty as well.
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20/04/2012 16:38:00

To sell a player at 25 is just ridiculously stupid. Agbonlahor has been used as a winger for most of the season, just like last, and his crossing and dribbling has improved. He could flourish in the role next season, depending how we play, he's still young and to sell him to a direct rival (a team in and around us, as apposed to Man C, Man U, Liverpool...) is just a plain bad idea. If we do, I see another Gary Cahill scenario. UTV
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20/04/2012 17:04:00

For 12 million I think that Villa will sell. Cant resist the money, and try to being in a free Bosman. But I think that Martin O' Neill would rather get Asamoah Gyan back from the middle east!
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20/04/2012 18:39:00

Shame on you! Everyone saying sell him should go support City. Really. In fact next year sell wiemann when he gets played at left wing and isn't a scoring machine. Do that to Bent to - I mean how many has he scored while injured! In fact sell the squad, import our reserves and watch us get creamed. No one remembers the many good years of service he has given this club. How fickle some can be. SHAME ON YOU!
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20/04/2012 18:41:00

I would take there arm off for 12mill his goalscoring record is shocking his proformance against man u was shocking too. How much would you pay for him ... 5 goals ...?
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20/04/2012 18:48:00

cmon Astriel - I'm not referring to Gabs goal return this season - or even last season PLUS this season. Ever since he first started getting the breaks to become a first team regular around 2006, he has hardly been a goal machine has he. He tends to have a purple patch for a few weeks and then its gone - rather like a someone shooting their bolt too soon! Also, his return seems to diminish with every passing year. I have no doubt he supports Villa, but thats not a reason to cut your nose to spite your face if a good offer comes in. Agree with the chap who made the comment about Newcastle buying wisely with about 9 mil...of course, wisely is difficult when your buyer is McLeish! As for Gyan - he aint going to be in a Sunderland team anytime soon. I heard MON give a press conference not long ago and that very question was asked - Will you bring Gyan back....and his answer was Bang ! "NO!" ?! We all know MON has his favourites, thats why Villa were always shagged out by end of January every year, he wouldnt give anyone else a chance ( to think we hard the Albrightons and Bannans of this world locked in a dungeon!) - so if MON does like Gyan, Gyan wont be in his team, rest assured
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20/04/2012 20:45:00

should have said "if MON doesnt like Gyan, Gyan wont be in his team
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20/04/2012 20:47:00

While Gabriel Agbonlahor does have talent, he hasn't completely backed it up since he got his break from stepping up through the academy to the reserves and the first team. In addition to this comment, please feel free to replace the name "Gabriel Agbonlahor" with "Stefan Moore", "Luke Moore", "Nathan Delfouneso" or "Darius Vassell". Let's hope Weimann can smash that mould sooner rather than later.
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20/04/2012 20:54:00

I wouldn't sell Gabby, whilst he's a little off at the moment, he's a Villa fan, want's us to do well, and is our only player that openly declares he'd like to stay at Villa. Exactly what I want to hear from a player. Now i'd just like a manager that knows how to use him! because he shows at times just how dangerous he could be every game playing under a decent manager! Also, it's a shame about Bas Dost, I think this is the first time in a long time i've heard about a player publicly rejecting Villa because they feel we're not good enough or competitive enough, whilst he is the leagues top goalscorer in Holland, he's hardly a household name, the top clubs haven't expressed interest in him from what I can see. Just another sign that we're moving backwards, we've known it for a while, but when your reputation with others begins to be noticeably affected you know it really is happening, rather than it being just a bad spell. Our very recent past has been all but forgotten by everybody but us, we're not that team anymore and by the looks of things shouldn't expect to be anytime soon.
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20/04/2012 21:28:00

Newcastle seem to have a decent scouting network though, which is why they're so good when it comes to signings, something we definitely don't have, or at least are not using! I could go in there and do a better job and i'd work for minimum wage! Years of football manager has left me with a brain bulging with probably twice the amount of player knowledge than your average modern day scout! haha
Report Abuse
20/04/2012 21:41:00

I'm a villa fan and love to stay now can u pay me 45,000 ish a week he ain't as stupid as he sounds who else would pay him that for his goal. Return?
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20/04/2012 22:47:00


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