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The Sun Say Alex McLeish STAYS!

Yesterday we had a glimmer (only a glimmer mind you) of hope: An END To The Alex McLeish NIGHTMARE Coming?

Today the hope is gone!!!

The Sun have an article by Graeme Bryce saying that Villa have rubbished reports of a departure for Alex McLeish.

Looks like it is the fans that will depart instead then. Talk in my forum has a whole host of short and long term season ticket holders saying they`ll not be going until the manager is replaced.

A club source said: "There is no foundation to this. The club believes in continuity. We are putting in foundations on which to move the club forward. Alex remains an integral part of that."

I think I prefer the Daily Stars version!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 19 2012

Time: 10:30AM

Your Comments

Hopefully they are just saying that because we have some big games coming up and they don't want to add more pressure.
That's it then, no season ticket renewal for me. Villa lose even more revenue, nice one Randy, great job you're doing!! Idiot!
just what you would expect from the Sun jump on the band wagon by getting one of their poor and lazy journalists to try trash villa fans hopes for sake of them selling more papers, i pay no attention to them. Quite frankly Adrian Kajumba's piece in the daily star and Wayne Veysey were much better written and a much better read.
Shane Villains
Dont forget mcleish out day 6th May!
The season ticket boycott and McleishOut day on the 6th of may have to be big lets send a clear message to the Custodians The Villa is ours. They have let her down and continuing to do so and we will not stand by and watch this joke and gamble carry on any further
Shane Villains
He stays, i dont go...
as much as I prefer the daily stars version of events, both papers are hardly the fountain of truth... its all rumour and till its openly admitted or dismissed by avfc then thats all it will remain.......unfotunatly!!
Thorpyuk, that little quote of yours would look very good on a banner or even the mcleishout flyers.
Thorpy, If you were in Heaven and McLeish walked through the Pearly Gates, would you stay or walk out the back door?
PBAVFC - good point - sussinct and to the point! VWRA - I'd run to the janitors cupboard, grab a mop and wrap his pink sweaty head up in it, and use him to keep the floors shiny and clean! At least then he would be providing a service - something he's not doing at the moment!
There was some talk on another thread yesterday about McLeish been moved 'upstairs' to a DoF role. Ian Taylor was also mentioned as a possible candidate. Please! Cruyff and van Gaal have been linked to Red Scouse. The names banded about for that club and the ones mentioned with relation to Villa show that a lot of Villa's problems are in the mind. Are Villa a 'Pie and a Pint' club or something a bit more sophisticated? The DoF job is an important one that requires a thorough knowledge of world football. There are a lot of far more suitable candidates around than McLeish or (with respect) Ian Taylor.
If we were in heaven there is no chance McLeish would turn up! I have no issue with him personally but I wont spend my quite easily earned money watching the rubbish we are playing. If he wakes up next season with the Dutch total football approach I would go and watch. However I would not spend my precious time watching something that if I had seen as a kid would have put me off football and Aston Villa for life
Chelt Villan
I would get Houllier in as DOF, surely thats what should have happened anyway. I imagine bridges may have been burnt there though!
Chelt Villan
Gut feeling says he will stay, be given the summer to buy his own doo dah etc. Not a nice thought at all.
The Fear
Lerneravfc reaches for the whiskey and revolver from the bedside cabinet.
I dont want mcleish scrubbing the toilets out at villa park... he's failed in every sense of the word - why on earth would we want him as DOF??? Get someone in who actually understands the game, the fans, and the clubs history. Graham Taylor would be great.
I think if we are to have a DoF then going to Europe would yeald great benefits...
Metalvillan --lets hope this is true!
Serious question: Would you taken relgation to the Championship if it meant getting rid of McCleish? I for one would ...
He's the best manager we could possibly have ........ NEXT YEAR IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP ..... Sunderland will beat us, Bolton are better fighters than us and Spurs will relegate us ... its on the cards. He has to stay ................
ByEck I would too because if he stays it only delays the inevitable & condems us to another year of misery . When we hired him a Rangers fan came on the Villa website and said that he's a poor manager but worse he buys crap players & no matter what don't give him any money to spend
Exactly my thinking AstonBilla. Is more important than ever that we get the right man in charge as with the crop of young players coming through now we really could have a bright future. That's what makes this even more depressing, if we let McLeish loose again for another season then how much of this talent will he ruin...
I dont earn much and good percentage is spent on avfc Think I will have a holiday this year instead, maybe oz for a few weeks. Why sit in wet, freezing cold watching people run around taking the ***** outta the fans, then read what the Ginger duo have to say about our club. Until there is a change of owner or manager I doubt I will renew again
This is not just splitting some of the support its splitting families I have 4 like me not renewing till the last possible minute even if it means giving up seats. And my brother and 4 others who will not go down at all next season if he is still in charge never mind renew. After much argument my brother had the final word " I do not need to pay that sort of money to watch paint dry can do it at home for nothing". Director of football - Kevin Keegan but not manager for me thorpy
wife and I have already written to the club telling them that we won't renew until Mcleish leaves, so thats two more. Anyone who's thinking of not renewing should write to the club in the same way. If people simply don't renew they will put it down to the recession, or being out of europe or some other excuse
VOTH says he is going and that's good enough for me!
Cheshire Villan
Is mystery man still around? Does he say he is going?
Chelt Villan
Sometimes I think some of you don't understand the politics of football - if Villa were to state publicly that the rumours are true then Mcgodlike could use all his wily tactics that he has in his bag and get us playing s***e for the remainder of the season!
Why isn't Guardiola on the short list for potential new coach? I heard he's looking to take a 'break' from football. Villa Park would be a suitable destination then.
Well, it's me or him. I've kept up my embargo on all things Villa for the last 10 months or so, and to be honest, it's been refreshing at times.
griffgriff - maybe they publicly confirmed a rumour prior to the start of the season and that is why we have played ****e ever since?
heavy d
The rubbish served up @VP by McLeish has more in common with the Eton 'Wall Game' than Association Football. If McLeish goes then I'd like to see a lot of the clubs overpaid 'stars' go with him, including Gabi Lamborghini. Arsenal got rid of the late, great David 'Rocky' Rocastle who had a similar 'stalwart' status to Gabriel Agbonlahor. The decision was made because it was the right thing to do for the club. If Gabi wants to come to VP he should do so as a fan. Laursen, Barry, Milner and Snorkel-Webcam were genuine losses and are much missed. Gabi wouldn't be. No prisoners. If Villa want to move on then the board have to be more ruthless than Villa's competitors. Overpaid passengers should be thrown overboard.
It was me that suggested Ian Taylor as D of F, and my point was that we need someone who has Villa in his blood to be our voice on the board. You'd rather have a claret and blue D of F than a Newcastle Utd Keegan v Wise wouldnt you? Doesnt HAVE to be Ian T but does need a Villa man. What about Big Ron?
ByEck If we get relegated he is guaranteed to stay at Villa - he's actually an effective Championship manager, the problem is he's terrible in the PL. What you need is whats happening now - terrible results, fan unrest, no season ticket renewals
is there an actual official campaign to kill season ticket renewals yet? Is there afacebook campaign / page? If there is, someone share the link - I have loads of Villa fans in my list of friends ( as we all do ) and sharing the link will be part of the ripple effect we need. As was said earlier, the recession will be the convenient excuse for loss of season ticket revenue, so there needs to be something tangible we can point out to the board so that we can say "oh, do you really think so?"
bob -- I agree that the club needs some sort of middle man between the fans and the club. As you said it would have to be a Villa man. This site is -- perhaps -- the nearest thing at the moment. Yes, Ian Taylor or his namesake Graham (as suggested by Thorpy) could fulfill that role. A DoF/Sporting Director, however, is something completely different. It requires a professional -- not a fan -- who has a good understanding of the modern game (not just the EPL). I agree that the situation that was at the 'Toon' is a good example of how not to do the DoF role. I'm sure you'd (probably) agree that RedScouse wouldn't put Ian Rush or Ronnie Whealan in a DoF role. DoF is about more than being in-between the men-in-suits and the fans.
heavy d - could be, but i wouldn't underestimate him, he turned a 20 goal a season player into a goal-shy cripple, turned a defence into giving every goal-drought player at least one goal just to get his confidence back (i'm sure we will see a keeper come up for a throw-in or corner before the season is out - just for a laugh!) and made gabby look like he'd rather be somewhere else every week and so thought he would be ideal to lead the team...........and these are his good points!
watch this space - a facebook url will appear shortly. I'm fairly sure there is one, just looking for it.....
Those of you calling for Taylor as DOF, remember, he gave Eck the thumbs up for the job. Andre Villas Boas for manager please, he's young, has a point to prove and has Villa in his name. Randy could really make amends if he admits his mistake and lands us a quality manager in the summer. Stick or twist time randolph, stick or twist
bigolbear1970 - i'll sign it and give my membership / seat number for proof. may be a good idea to look at recession stats / seat sale figures to understand the impact and negate any club spin.
hey son_of_cher, Ian T was just to get the debate goin I'd still have Martinez
Can't be bothered to read the full article or the comments, just like I can't be bothered to go if McLeish stays. I have no problem going through dark times and sticking with the club when the club is acting appropriately, but they have no regard for fans or, quite frankly, their own well being, so why should I care if they don't. Oh well, will spend my money elsewhere.
Sheriff Kimbo
Big Ron would be a good shout as DOF. I suggested Kevin Keegan because of his many contacts including overseas Germany for example. As for Graham Taylor sorry after seeing an article attributed to him today where he again bangs on about Mclies not being liked because of the Small Heath connection and then blaming the players for a poor season no I do not see him as our DOF.because if they havent got the the message yet we dont care where he came from its his style of football we cannot stand actually "style" is a bad word I should say type.
June 17 2011...Paul Faulkner ""Alex's vast experience and proven abilities demonstrate clearly that he is a strong leader and an ambitious man and we are looking forward very much to the exciting new season about to start," Faulkner is even more of a liability than McLeish !
I would judge Falkner on his ability with Villas finances rather than any PR message he is given to pass on. Which is exactly why we need a DOF because the existing board do not have enough knowledge of the game and have sought advise and judging by the results sought it from the wrong people.

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