Aston Villa - Priority Targets? Peter Grant & Adrian Lamb. Fire!
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Priority Targets? Peter Grant & Adrian Lamb. Fire!

New Priority Targets: Peter Grant and Adrian Lamb. Fire.......

In keeping with recent traditions on this page, this article will be calling for a sacking/resignation. Not Alex McLeish though, sorry folks. While I defended my piece defending McLeish to the hilt the other day, it did leave me pretty exhausted mentally and emotionally.

See: Defence For The Defensive Manager

In my approach to writing this my attitude is 'if you can't beat em, join em' as opposed to 'if you can't beat em, play for the draw' as we've seen on the pitch in recent weeks. Of course, this is just speculation and mere paranoia from myself, but could it be possible that the reason McLeish seems to be so clueless when it comes to press conferences, pre and post-match talks and game plans during matches is due to the influence of his number 2 no.2?

Consider Grant's record: After coaching at Bournemouth and West Ham, he moved to West Brom with Tony Mowbray. During the 2008-09 season West Brom's home record was poor and they won 8 games all season. They finished 20th and were relegated. Not one to hang around on a sinking ship, Grant made the jump with Mowbray to Celtic for the 2009-10 season. Celtic finished 2nd, 6 points behind Rangers. Mowbray's tenure came into question and it was alleged that Peter Grant and Neil Lennon could not get on. In March 2010 Grant was sacked as first-team coach after Celtic's 4-0 loss at St. Mirren. Lennon became Celtic manager in June 2010 and has since won the Scottish Cup and the SPL in his 2nd year in charge. Grant became first-team coach at Birmingham Hutton with Alex McLeish........we all know how that ended.

Fast forward to now. A sidenote on Adrian Lamb, who took over from Houllier's Robert Duverne. Lamb came from Blackburn. I don't feel I need to say any more on whether he's capable. He isn't! With Duverne the players picked up knocks and were out for a few games, yes, but when they came back they looked indestructible. Under Lamb's fitness regimes this season we have had a total of around 12-13 players out for significant periods with injuries. Bearing in mind that we are only allowed a 25-man squad for each season, that's about half the team. While McLeish is not totally blameless, he seems to be taking a lot of stick for the men who are most likely the reason for our downfall. That McLeish can put together a Scotland team which beat France (albeit from a wonder goal from James McFadden), a Hutton team which beat Arsenal 2-1 at Wembley and a Villa team which beat Chelsea 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, would suggest to me that he IS capable of doing a job. It seems more that 2 key members of his backroom staff aren't.

In conclusion, maybe a reshuffling of the backroom staff would be more beneficial than to get rid of the manager. I say this only because no-one wants another season of instability, we've been through enough as it is. K-Mac and Sid could be given assistant manager and fitness roles respectively, we'd have a bunch of lads who would play the football and train the way 2 Villa men want them to play and train, and for a manager who might get a chance to prove that Sir Alex doesn't talk Hutton all the time.

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The Journalist

Writer: mmlozza  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 18 2012

Time: 1:00PM

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enjoying these mmlozza, some good info there.
The Fear
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18/04/2012 11:46:00

I totally agree... However, it is AMc's team. If he's that poor a judge of backroom staff, then I worry for any (more) transfer dealings he concludes. For me it's a 'bundle'. All 3 must go. An unholy trinity if ever there was one!
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18/04/2012 13:26:00

Mcleish wanted Grant. Mcleish wanted Lamb. Mcleish wanted Hutton.. The buck stops with Mcleish. We all know Cowans and Macdonald would not want to play this way but we still do so what difference would replacing Grant do? Mcleish is the boss and this style of play has followed him around whereever he has been. Mcleish thinks back to the walls type victories like Scotland V France and Blues V Arsenal in cup final can be repeated time and again. Truth is they can't. Perhaps if you want to be the small club, under dog type all your life but I have much higher aspiration for Aston Villa as does most Villa fans. His football just does not work at this level and certainly does not fit with a club the size of Aston Villa. Grant is awful but his boss is worse.
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18/04/2012 13:39:00

Cowans and mcdonald . Fitness roles. Sorry pal, but go and research the role, the work, experience and qualifications a fitness coach entails. Players being injured in games has nothing to do with the fitness coach, unless its in the first few minutes. Players like Delph, cueller and nzogbia, are frequently out enjoying themselves, these 3 are always picking up knocks and injuries. Maybe their life style doesnt help?? Look at Jimmy milner, great lifestyle and hardly ever injured. Peter Grant, well from the outside looking in. I can't say much in his defence as he got a poor record wherever he been.
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18/04/2012 13:46:00

mmloza: interesting thoughts but you'll be blaming Doris the proverbial tea lady next for not putting enough sugar in Gabby's tea. A captain picks his team and either has to sort them out if they do not perform or join them when the collective effort falls short. As you point Grant has worked with McLeish before and so McLeish knew full well what he was getting. You have also missed that Grant was manager for a year at Norwich, where he resigned after a less than impressive first year in sole management.
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18/04/2012 13:48:00

meakers - Fair point regarding the experience and qualifications for a fitness coach, I just assumed for the length of time that Sid and Mac have been there that they might have acquired some along the way. However, I'd argue that fitness and injuries can be linked as fitness shouldn't just encompass the ability to run for 45 minutes per half. Maybe some players are unlucky, maybe some have egos that prevent them from training properly, maybe the methods of the fitness coach don't work, but to lose 12 players over a season to injury is not something that can be attributed to lifestyle, surely? If that's the case, we need a complete squad overhaul!
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 13:53:00

GLB - I forgot to put in about his tenure at Norwich but was aware of it, thank you for reminding me! As for Doris, she must be filling Gabby's cup with Labour Party Teabags because he's more a left-winger than striker these days. Maybe McLeish went with him out of sympathy rather than his track record: He is such a nice chap, after all!
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18/04/2012 13:58:00

That's complete nonsense the worst defense i have ever read. That's like saying Billy McNeill should have stayed at Villa for the sake of stability all we needed to do was change his coach staff. does that actually make sense to you?? McLueless is no naive young manager his just terrible. Any manager who finishes third in the SPL with Rangers should ever e allowed to manage a premiership club. I doubt he would finish in the top four with Manure yet alone qualify for Europe.
Shane Villains
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18/04/2012 14:22:00

Shane Villains - It's a rubbish defense because I wasn't trying to defend, it was a passing comment! It isn't the coaching staff either, it's the assistant manager and the fitness coach. I'm suggesting that Peter Grant and Adrian Lamb have played significant parts in why we've done so badly this season. As for the "finished 3rd in the SPL" offence, that is to take away the great season that Hearts actually had, finishing ONE POINT ahead of McLeish's Rangers and 18 points ahead of 4th-placed Hibs.
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18/04/2012 14:36:00

All three should go,end of.I dont understand what are Cowans and Mcdonald doing then,they would never play teams like this,what is their role in training then.
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18/04/2012 14:50:00

I'd say they probably have to do what Grant tells them, jasevilla. It's safe to say that there's crossed wires all over the place in terms of the communication.
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18/04/2012 14:55:00

Mcexcuse attends matches (i assume?) and has a pair of eyes and yet cannot see what the rest of the footballing world see (with a couple of exceptions) and if he DOES see then is either incapable of doing anything about it, making him totally ineffective as a MANAGER (the job he earns a hell of a lot of money doing) or incompetent for letting this situation to continue at the expense of a) the man that employed him in the first place b) the team who he was employed to MANAGE I,m a manager, and if i couldn't manage my team i would be sacked - end of! The fact that Grant has been brought in by this man given the poor record he has (as stated above) is even more reason to get rid of the chief architect - ALEX McLEISH
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18/04/2012 15:14:00

Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter.... hopefully we'll see the back of them when mcleish packs his bags.
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18/04/2012 15:15:00

As long as it isn't suggested that I'm removed, I'm happy with anyone going really!
The Fear
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18/04/2012 15:22:00

griffgriff - Nice argument. Who knows what next year will bring, but hopefully we'll see a Stephen Ireland who runs at defenders, a Charles N'Zogbia that doesn't tweet and a Gabby that remembers where centre-forwards play.
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18/04/2012 15:29:00

thanks mm - maybe next year, with the RIGHT people in place we can all start pulling together and get our GREAT club back where it belongs - challenging on all fronts!
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18/04/2012 15:34:00

lozza you may be right that the backroom staff need changing preferably when we sack the manager which sooner or later seems inevitable,but pleaseeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeee leave the youth & reserve set up as is. They are the only parts of the club operating properly.
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18/04/2012 16:17:00

Get rid ofIdiot and his backroom staff....SIMPLE.
Pride of Lions
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18/04/2012 17:15:00

Have to say, the manager picks his own backroom staff, and if he can't do that right, it's just another example of what a poor football manager McLeish is.
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18/04/2012 20:52:00

Sorry mmlozza, I held back in ridiculing your thought process and reasoning last article because you are thinking it through. None of this is logical and it's just nonsensical to reshuffle without getting to the root of the problem though. It's like prolonging an injury by having a few injections of steroids rather than the essential operation to fix it for good and stopping it from continually getting worse before it stops working altogether. Eck must go. You can't blame Grant for his press conferences FFS. Even Eck's brother Gordon is ridiculing you. Sort it out mate. Eck out. Goes without saying that Grant and co. must follow him out the door!!! NO MORE ECKSCUSES
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 21:43:00

Ffs they are Eck's staff and HE brought them in???? Pointless argument anyone with a football brain can see McLeish will never work at Villa. Can we stop debating all this rubbish when it's clear as the sky is blue what's wrong.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 22:49:00

It will continue to be the same dross with eventual relegation until all 3 are sacked. McLeish does not have the tactical skills to change things around and he, Grant & Lamb are completely out of their depth. Funny how we can all see this but Lerner & Co refuse to accept they made a Hugh mistake.
Thomas Holte
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 07:02:00

Villan444 and AdzVilla11 - It's cool and you may well be right, just trying to offer another perspective on things. I promise you it's optimism and not delusion!!! I asked a question on the Vital Everton site the other day as to their opinion of David Moyes and the current situation going on here.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 07:35:00

Sorry mmlozza, I've just had it with this season and McLeish. I've felt sick since he was put in charge and won't feel better until he's gone. I just can't believe how bad we have been and how far we have fallen this season. All the while the man I used to call king Randy has done ZERO, how long can this go in?? I'm hanging on to the hope McLeish goes as soon as the season is over but if he doesn't I don't know what I'll do, I can take this dire tripe he calls football
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19/04/2012 08:55:00

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19/04/2012 09:10:00


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