Aston Villa - Villa Fan Will Be Cheering O'Neill All The Way
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Villa Fan Will Be Cheering O'Neill All The Way

Martin's Return !

On Saturday afternoon at 3 O'clock, Villa as you well know will play host to Sunderland and of course Martin O'Neil (a hero but abandoned ship).

This time two years ago this fixture would have been classed as a straight forward fixture where 3 points was a certainty, but as we know to well now, is that this is a game were we would be difficult to get a point out of.

This isn't the Villa i used to know, which is really sad because in the last 2 years the team i dearly love has collapsed to its knees, some would even say its a club in free fall.

The 2009-10 season as a fan is one of the greatest seasons I've ever seen as supporter of the claret and blue. It was a season where we could score as many as 6 goals in a match... 6-4 against Blackburn 5-2 against Burnley 2-4 against Reading 1-3 Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea 0-1 Man Utd

Some of these results against weaker sides, but we were in an era were we could DEMOLISH a side such as these, whilst also being able to claim a few extraordinary results.

Now I'm not saying the season was all fantastic i.e. 7-1 against Chelsea, but you could certainly say by a mile that season was 1st class. Maybe it was because of the calibre of players we had, Milner and Young (diver). But some would say it was because of a certain Irish man, who produced 3 consecutive 6th place finishes, and bought some brilliant players, but on the occasion bought some duds as well.

His positives outweighed his weaknesses in my honest opinion, disagree if you may but its for you to decide. The first final in 10 years at Wembley and a semi-final also shows the progression we were making, despite it taking 3 years. Since the shocking news were MON left, the club has lost that spark were teams used to see us as a tough game.

Now come the days of McLeish. One of the worst managers i have ever seen. The fact that he was manager of Blues was never the issue for me when he joined the club I'll stat that now. 2 relegation's in 3 seasons, and a Carling Cup win that came at the hands of an Arsenal mistake BY THE WAY doesn't to me give him the right to be the man who would create stability for a big club such as Aston Villa FC. Game after game, we see defensive tactics that don't even work, attractive football hahaha what a joke.

McLeish could have a team with Ronaldo and Messi, and still make us look crap. He simply cant understand how a club like us should play. Houllier at least tried to attack. We cant escape the fact we are the most boring team in the league, as much as i hate that statement but its a reality check. So when Martin O'Neil (the perfect man to be manager at Villa) despite leaving us 5 days before a season due to financial issues, I would any day of the week welcome him back with open arms, as I know many of you Villa fans would as well.

I know we have been injury ravished this season, and unfortunately Petrov (legend) was diagnosed with leukaemia, #pray4stan, we should unite as the massive fan base we are and make sure this Scottish idiot is relieved of his duties. I know some may say we should support the team in current times, but we wouldnt be in this situation if he was here. On Saturday I will be at the game, SINGING, yes SINGING.... Martin O'Neil's Claret and Blue army, with the hope that McLeish being a former blue will know that my opinion is he will NEVER be respected by me as a Villa Fan. Hopefully he will get the message that HE WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS MARTIN.

Hopefully he will notice he has no future at the club.

Hopefully the board will pick up on the fact that they let go one of THE BEST MANAGERS IN THE LEAGUE AND POSSIBLY EUROPE!!! If you are also there on Saturday, join me in LETTING MARTIN O'NEIL KNOW HE IS STILL LOVED BY THE VILLA DESPITE THE PAST UTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Forum thread: Click Here and don't forget our current poll asks your opinion on MON's return.

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The Journalist

Writer: Carew AV Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 18 2012

Time: 11:37AM

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That article made my stomach turn. Big Ron & Brian Little both have better records than that bespectacled ***** yet O'Neill can do no wrong in some people's eyes. He bent us over & shafted us good & proper yet some will cheer him? Insanity.
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18/04/2012 12:01:00

So, you don't care he was a Blues manager but you finish by saying "with the hope that McLeish being a former blue will know that my opinion is he will NEVER be respected by me as a Villa Fan" O'Neill is old news. He walked out in a hissy fit, at exactly the wrong time, in exactly the wrong manner, and left us with a mountain to climb last season. I agree the appointment of Alex McLeish has not seemed sensible, but that doesn't excuse what Martin did.
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18/04/2012 12:07:00

The main sentiment of this article is that MON was a better Aston Villa manager results-wise than Alex McLeish. It's a comparison between a man who had 4 seasons and a net spend of around £82million and a man who hasn't finished 1 season and has spent a lot less. I'm not saying he's wrong and I think if we were doing better than we are, this article wouldn't exist.
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18/04/2012 12:11:00

Agree Rawlie. No time for him. 'Singing Martin O'Neill's claret and blue army?!?!' Whaaaat??? Insanity, yes. Speechless.
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18/04/2012 12:11:00

Complete and utter drivel!!! 3 consecutive 6th place finishes is not first class - especially when you've spent a fortune to achieve it buying more 'duds' than 'brilliant' players. To refer to this nasty piece of work as a 'hero' is an insult to the likes of M Laursen, I Taylor, G Taylor & Big Ron - people from Villas recent history who genuinely have our club in their heart. O'Neil did a good job, no more. I for one, along with so many other fans, will NEVER forgive this nasty, self serving little man for the way he behaved and I wish the very worst on him (professionally) for the rest of his career.
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18/04/2012 12:15:00

In addition, if Aston Villa had won the Carling Cup by an opposition mistake, would it be remembered as a fluke win or "the lucky break we needed in a hard-fought, well-deserved victory that has been long overdue for our great club"?
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18/04/2012 12:26:00

Absolute joke
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18/04/2012 12:27:00

McGrath4Pope: I couldn't put it better myself. Mon is only interested in himself. Nothing more. He proved himself a limited manager over time by over spending and eventually under-achieving in terms of the results/ spend ratio. Then when asked to manage his business like most people have to manage theirs, he chucked his toys out. He treated us with contempt and in return deserves no less himself. I still cannot understand why he received a pay off but no doubt as an ex-lawyer, or law student, he played his cards well once he had decided to leave, whenever that was.
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18/04/2012 12:31:00

Dear me, the lunatics are have taken over the asylum. Your highness MoN almost bankrupted us for Christ's sake! Don't boo him, but definitely turn your back.
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18/04/2012 12:33:00

I'll be throwing my balti pie at him. Gutless, selfish traitor.
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18/04/2012 12:40:00

see how good he is when he empties sunderlands bank accounts
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18/04/2012 12:41:00

Poor article. The man financially put us in the brown stuff (Randolph you should have stepped in earlier) and left us with players on massive wages that led to us spending an intolerable 88% of turnover on wages. It was unsustainable and when this was pointed out to him threw his toys out of the pram. I loved some of the good days and nights under M'ON, but lets not forget that Cup runs can be enjoyed by even poor managers (McMuppet for example). Like Small Heath M'On benefitted from extremely lucky draws in the cup competitions, but will be remembered for spending more than 99% of clubs in Europe but failure to deliver anything for that spend. Pardew is about to deliver what M'ON did whilst actually spending less than he has bought in!!!
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 12:49:00

errr playing Sunderland at home would mean a certain 3 points when M'ON was manager. The last time he managed us at home to Sunderland we drew 1 -1. Now I might be wrong, but I believe that we wouldn't have got 3 points for that. So your opening statement on which you based your artivle was wrong. And the article went downhill from there. Next!!!
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18/04/2012 12:56:00

Made me laugh when you said if he had Ronaldo & Messi in the team & make us look crap. I wonder if he'd Ronaldo at left back or Messi ? Probably Ronaldo & Messi in goals
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 12:58:00

Mcgrath4pope summed up my feelings perfectly!
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18/04/2012 13:03:00

I can understand your oppinion to some extent. My earliest memory of supporting AVFC was the 1995-96 season and the coca-cola cup final victory over Leeds. MON came in at the right time ( after o'dreary), New owner, lots of cash, the only way was up. There's no doubt he is a great motivator, no doubt at all. However, don't let it cloud your mind. Buying players like nrc and putting them on stupidly high wages has ruined this club! We had more investment than i can remember us ever having before.........and he blew it. Walking out 1 week before the seaon started summed him up. What a guy!!!!!
king villa
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18/04/2012 13:22:00

What a load of tripe.
thomas holte
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18/04/2012 13:33:00

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18/04/2012 13:47:00

What next? Articles in favour of Hitler, Sadaam and Myra Hyndley? This moody little so and so is as much the reason for our current problems as McLeish, Houllier, Lerner or anyone else. Unforgiveable.
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18/04/2012 14:01:00

O'Neill walked out on our club. I hate the underachieving phony pseudo-intellectual ********. He's an insignificant footnote in Villa's history, and we should treat him with contempt. Forget Houllier and McLeish - this man is a scumbag.
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18/04/2012 14:28:00

Why cant we have a balanced opinion? I think everyone seems to be jumping on the 'love him or hate him' bandwagon. Personally, myself, i'd say i'm more in the 'love him' camp than otherwise, but he certainly did make some mistakes. In my opinion people should just take a bit more of an objective view, and look at his 4 year tenure OVERALL, rather than just judge him a failure. On the positive side, he took us to 6th for 3 of those seasons, including some great european nights (Ajax at VP etc). We stuffed some teams playing attacking exciting football (15 goals in 3 games at one point). We had some great results (Man Utd at old trafford a highlight for me), and saw 2 wembley appearances in his last season. We flirted with champions league, were hard to beat, and always thought we could get a result against anyone. He also made some great signings (Young, Downing, Milner, Friedel, Dunne, Collins, Carew). BUT, he also had his faults (doesn't every manager??) - he threw away a chance at progressing in europe by resting most of the key players, made some poor signings (Heskey, Beye, Sidwell, Shorey) and selling some others who showed promise (Cahill). He also had a stubbornness that showed towards the end of the season when a refusal to rotate lead to fatigue and poor results. In my opinion, on balance, he did a good job for villa. At the end of the day, any manager has to operate within the financial constrains placed upon them by the board - it's not just Martin's fault that we spent in an ill-fated attempt to reach the CL. Had we finished with only a mere 3-4 points more in some seasons, there's no doubt we probably wouldn't be in the situation we are in now. In my opinion, he had good and bad points, but the fans enjoyed it AT THE TIME, and for me, i'll judge it in a balanced way, but focus on the positives. Mcleish on the other hand.... ;)
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18/04/2012 15:00:00

To call Downing, Dunne and Colins 'great' signings is VERY generous!
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 15:23:00

I agree thorpyuk, should be more balance. Everyone should hate the man who spent millions and then left. Is that what you meant?!?!
The Fear
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 15:26:00

Blimey, you'd have thought it was Ron Saunders returning to Villa Park on Saturday with an article like that. He did well, didn't win us a trophy so not as good as Little or BFR, finished 6th, as high as DOL. Splendid, delightful. Also hardly left us with a lasting legacy and how nice of him to turn his back on us 5 days before the first game of the season. Thanks Monny, love you Monny. Will i balls cheer him. He was the most supported manager I've ever seen at Villa Park, and he threw it back in the supporters faces the day he threw the toys out the pram. I hope he miserably fails at Sunderland, the guy is one massive over egotistical glasses wearing numpty. O'Neill out.... i mean.. McLeish out. ;)
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18/04/2012 15:53:00

Mcgrath - i'll quantiy - Downing gave us a good season, and then we sold him at a massive profit, so for me thats a good signing. Dunne and collins cost us relatively little (around £10m for both?) but put in some matchwinning performances. Out defence was awesome in MONs last season, and we'd had Laursen to replace - a massive loss... What you mean Fear? ;)
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18/04/2012 16:00:00

Carew AV, Martin O'Neill's reign is likely to remain as a high watermark for Villa for a long time. So you are wise to nurture your happy memories of that era because they are probably going to have to sustain you through many barren years. Don't be deterred, sometimes memories is all the fans have left.
Steve Wade
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 16:18:00

Was cheering my head off when MON joined us but the way he left was a total disgrace regardless of what was happening behind the scenes, for me he may have kept his principals but he lost the respect of many of the fans. The only toss up at Villa Park will be is which manager gets booed the loudest.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 16:33:00

Sorry, I could only read about a quarter of it.......I'm allergic to bulls..t!.......
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 16:46:00

It is well known that I was one of MON's biggest supporters, stuck with him, made excuses for him when many were pointing out his flaws (even though his subs and purchases exasperated me) I even had one of those little corinthian figurines of MON bluetacked to the top of my works comp monitor! And on a couple of occasions very nearly entered into fisticuffs on his behalf. I'll never forget the day that I was having a huge argument with someone on Vital regarding his virtues, sticking up for him as always, when someone butted in and informed me that he had just walked, I didn't believe it for a moment, 5 days before kick off! No way would he do that, checked and thought that this must be some kind of joke, but the only joke was MON's loyalty to not only the Villa, but to us fans that had stood by every square peg in round hole sub, every questionable decision, he had stabbed us all in the back, this traitorous low life timed his departure to cause maximum disruption, a disruption that is still hurting our club, so no, I will not be singing for MON, but what you will hear on Saturday will echo our famous bells, the words are simple, O'Neill **** you, **** you O'Neill, I know you'll hear it, because I'm going to start it, and I'm very sure that it'll catch on.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 17:25:00

That word began with F and ended with K
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 17:35:00

MON is a pile of poop
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 18:00:00

O'Neill is the scummiest of the scum in the bath water He came into our club and took total advantage of the relief that we no longer had Doug and O'Dreary The author seems to have forgotten season 1 - when we ran from about Christmas to February and couldnt buy a win, and then when we did it was by beating an appalling Watford side and we very nearly blew that game...every season we collapsed at the end...we threw away a decent shot at the UEFA cup to finish top 4 - what a disaster that was. Yeh we finished top 6, but it was hardly emphatic stuff. Spurs spent less than us but were and are far far better team wise. - Oh yes - he was pretty clueless with least he bought great players - Moustapha Salifou, Habib Beye, Wayne Routledge etc etc Hate McLeish's management style and results, he might be many things but he hasnt stitched us up the way O'Neill did when he pulled the plug a week before kick off
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 20:15:00

This seems to put the whole Martin O'Neill saga into context. We've never been told exactly what happened, but this seems to explain it all. Have a read, comment back-
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 22:46:00

MON has a career of his own to look after. When Faulkner turned up and started messing around it was getting stupid, then they told him that Milner was off aswell. Too much for him to take and just when we were on the edge of greatness!! Still maintain that we'd be up with Spurs and probably better if he stayed. He may have made some poor signings but you don't make an omelette without breaking a few .... He was always for us and was quality and realistic in interviews. Can't blame him for leaving although it hurt. Randy changed the goalposts and gave him a handicap. Think that's what he's doing to Eck now by suggesting that we get the most out of our players. This means playing players like Heskey!!!
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 08:15:00

Villan444 yeah Heskey that player that the wonderful MON brought when we needed a striker to push us for fourth. As for Collins, Dunne and Warnock, MON had to buy these after his previous defensive signings of Davies, Shorey and Knight couldn't cut it for us. The guy wasted millions upon millions. At times we played some fantastic football particularly in his second season and that is my favourite season as a Villa fan but the way he left the club when put under some constraints was disgraceful and for that he will never be forgiven.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 08:38:00

444, that is the biggest load of cobblers I've ever heard. As if RL would look at his spending history and say "well, Sidwell, around £5.5m, Shorey, £5-6m, Harweood, about £4m, Curtis Davies, £10m......that's about £25m worth that hasn't been used, do you want to waste some more, Martin?"Unbelievable. This discussion wouldn't be happening if we were in or around the top 6 and MON would be remembered as a scumbag Judas for all eternity, but thanks to our current situation people still think he's brilliant. If this is the case, cheer for James Milner, Gareth Barry, Ashley Young and Stewart Downing when they come back as well. After all, we were on the edge of greatness and we'd be up with Spurs if they'd all stayed. They were quality for us and you can't blame them for leaving, although it did hurt.....
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 09:14:00

I was a big fan of MON while he was here and you can hardly argue with the results we had in his reign - we were beating the top teams, playing in Europe and fighting for a Champs League spot fer crying out loud. However, like most people I was disgusted at the way he walked out, right at the start of a season, leaving us totally in the crap. No loyalty whatsoever. That, more than the fact that he bought a load of crap players, is why I will never cheer him, ever. He ruined himself and is partly to blame for why we're where we out (our best players leaving, no quality replacements and a certain McIdiot being the other reasons).
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 10:28:00

God almighty, I really am starting to dislike Villa fans. Every time I come back here I read the same deluded nonsense that bears no relation to the facts. O'Neill was amazing. FACT. If Villa fans are too STUPID to realise this then all this recent misery is deserved. O'Neill is a proven manager with and without a cheque book. None of us know exactly what went on, but isn't it quite obvious that the board have absolutely no idea what they are doing and O'Neill just got out before the Sh1T hit the fan. Reading all this I just realise that so much of what befalls our club is related to how negative the fans are. Even when we have a manager that takes us far and does well we aren't happy. It is impossible to be a Villa legend these days because the fans don't know a good thing when they see one. BRING BACK O'NEILL!!
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 12:50:00

simonbigron - A few discrepancies with your comment........."I read the same deluded nonsense that bears no relation to the facts. O'Neill was amazing. FACT." This is an opinion. "O'Neill is a proven manager with or without a cheque book." Obviously not because in the 4 years he was here we won nothing, unless you class top 6 as a great achievement and believe we should always aim for that. "Even when we have a manager that takes us far and does well we aren't happy." He took us to 3 6th-place finishes and left. "Reading all this I just realise that so much of what befalls our club is related to how negative the fans are." Does this include our current league position, run of form, high number of injuries, poor performances from senior squad members and our inability to hold onto a lead?
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 13:12:00

truly amazing manager lol. According to the tabloids maybe. One dimensional, no plan B, useless in the transfer market (one good season doesn't make a player good) and a great man motivator for a limited few but totally unable to manage a squad. Acheived nothing in the english game as a manager and won stuff in the annual two horse race in scotland when he had bags of cash to spend and the opposition were in a similar position to the one they are in now. He spent more than any other manager in Villa history (both allowing for inflation and by comparison to what those around were spending) yet could only manage 6th with no trophies.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 13:32:00

simonbigron - you're absolutely right - we're all stupid and you're a brainiac. Well done. MON sp*nked £150m up the wall and won nothing, and then left us in the lurch at the worst possible moment when it was clear uncle randy had seen through him and wasn't going to waste any more money on the next Habib, Curtis or whoever. We're looking at the abyss, potless, directionless and going down this year or next, and you criticise the negativity. Priceless.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 15:19:00

MON's bringing on the likes of Barry, Milner, Young has recouped 70 Mil. He had to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING as Randy wasn't around and didn't know what he was on about. Everyone makes mistakes in the transfer market. Sidwell went to Chelsea before us. Would his haters rather have Houllier or Eck or Bruce or Hughes in the transfer market?? Difference was no-one wanted to come to a club that was midtable and in Birmingham. There was a ceiling on the amount that we could spend. As said also, MON did everything around the place. How could he go out and scout players aswell. If he'd been sacked, half of you haters wouldn't feel any hate towards him. No-one knows and it's fair play to MON for not badmouthing Randy and CO. in the press because he knew before us what was coming and now we've got to live with it. Do any of you cleverclogs haters know that Randy wasn't involved in buying these players?? He certainly was RE: Milner and Ireland. Maybe he suggested Reo-Coker and Sidwell on the advice of someone like Fergie. MON was a legend and is a superb manager. He had more than plan A but his plan A worked FFS so he didn't need to change it. We were steadily getting better. 3 6th places yes, but 1 final and 1 semi-final in the cups. If the ref wasn't a Manure fan and sent off Vidic in the final, would all you haters be so fickle then?? Randy is to blame for the current mess. If MON was so bad, why did he get in GH. Wasn't to get the wage bill down was it??? Could go on but not going to change anyone's mind even though no-one knows what circumstances led him to leave. Wait till his memoirs come out before slagging him off. The courts wouldn't have given him a payoff if he was in the wrong.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 18:12:00

Defend him to the promised land but that man will always be a traitor in most fans' eyes. It's pointless to keep saying things like " it's speculation" and "no-one knows" like it will win the argument because it doesn't! He did nothing to earn legendary status at Villa, unless you enjoyed watching us nestle into 6th place and qualify for a cup that he couldn't be bothered to try winning once it got serious. Also, MON vs GH in the transfer market, go compare: Darren Bent vs. Wayne Routledge and Kyle Walker vs. Habib Beye. It's unfair to judge Makoun as we've barely seen him. As for there being a ceiling on what we could spend, what did you want?? A £250m budget that we couldn't justify? The money that MON spent was more than enough to push for a Champions League spot, but he blew it big time. Randy knew that MON was a good manager and got the team getting results, that's why he didn't sack him. Here's some more speculation for you: Maybe MON decided he could no longer work with RL after "running the club from top to bottom" and wanted the power to justify more funds. RL told him no and sacked him but said that it be made out that he left by mutual consent, as they did get on, so as to keep him employable for his next club, so with no other real option MON agreed and later sued for constructive dismissal. Not the smartest move ever made by either party, but half a stab at a explanation. Anyway, the League Cup was robbed from us (I hate Phil Dowd) and it might have made a difference if he'd won it, but if the reality is that we need to spend £82m just to win the League Cup once in 4 years then we're looking at a sad state of affairs.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 19:15:00

Lol lozza, YOU don't know does win the argument because you clearly don't mate. Doubt you're old enough to remember 81 and doubt that you've ever played the game other than in the playground from your comments and the fact that you'd appreciate a manager like MON who'd get the best out of you. You talk a good game so assume that you're at 6th form or university. You're not right but should join the debating team!! ;-) MON for prime minister and King!!
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 20:00:00

444, I'm 26 so '81 is before my time, grandad! Just kidding. Seriously though, if he'd used the players he bought more, or at least spent it more wisely and not ditched us 5 days before the start of the season,I'd concede that I'm wrong on this. I'm goin to uni in October so I'll keep my eye out for a debating club and bring some new skills back with me! Until then, MON = Villa failure!
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 20:20:00

I fully bought into MON as did many, that's why so many have turned against him as he just deserted us. I see Lerner like this for pushing MON away and although I was *****ed off at the time, don't fully blame him in hindsight. IMHO Lerner gave MON way too much freedom and then stopped it too quickly. There was no middle ground BUT again I DON'T know either way and only MON, Lerner and McGrath knows what happened exactly. Good on you Lozza. Keep tax dodging mate lol.
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 21:07:00

Villan444 - you don't happen to be a small Irish bloke with glasses do you, currently working in the north east? You talk a lot of sense, but I think your loyalty to the poison dwarf is misplaced. And yes, I do remember 1981, and MON ain't fit to be mentioned alongside Saunders or Barton, imho.
Report Abuse
20/04/2012 12:52:00


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