Aston Villa - McLeish Out Day-6th May 2012-Aston Villa v Spurs
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McLeish Out Day-6th May 2012-Aston Villa v Spurs

Press & folks, remember this isn't arranged by Vital Villa, we are neutral and simply the publisher.


The aim of the day is simple, to get Alex McLeish removed from his position as Aston Villa manager.

We do not need to bore you with the facts and go on about McLeish`s awful record as Villa boss, as it is common knowledge by now.

This will not just be a "normal" protest, the idea of this is to generate as much publicity as possible which will increase the pressure on our board to act, or for McLeish to do the honourable thing and walk away.

We intend to meet before the game at 13.00 to begin the demonstration against him by the William McGregor Statue; we will have 30,000 A4 flyers to distribute which will contain a simple message to both Randy Lerner and Paul Faulkner.

We ask all fans to hold their flyer high above their head when the teams come out and also to keep them for the lap of honour at the end of the game.

If you have had enough of the direction the club is taking under McLeish, now is the time to make a stand. There will also be other things planned for the day and we will keep you posted leading up to the game.

We need to get the next 2 home games out of the way and hopefully we will have picked up enough points to ensure our safety by the time the Spurs game arrives.

If we can get as many fans involved in this as possible surely they can`t ignore us, especially with the expected abysmal Season Ticket sales.

For more details or to donate to the flyer fund please visit need your help!)

Up the Villa!



Forum Protest Thread.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 17 2012

Time: 8:22PM

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What will the flyers say?
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 20:40:00

mcliesh out.. hes here for the long run... we just gotta accept it! im afraid :( but ill join in!
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 20:43:00

Report Abuse
17/04/2012 20:50:00

imo this should only go ahead if we are mathmatically safe! if we (god forbid) need points to stay up then i fail to see a protest helping the situation. Agree with Tr1dent, he is here for the long run. If this goes ahead the spearhead should definitely be 'its not where you come from, its where you are taking us'
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 20:51:00

Not keen on manager protests and as goodb 2 says, we need safety more than anything else, but respect those doing it, just hope you get a few thousand there otherwise you will set back what many want and re enforce the thought it is a vocal minority.
The fear
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:09:00

Hasve asked a people to submit designs for one so we can then have a vote!
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:10:00

I think we wil get a good turn out and people will raise the flyers. He has had almost the season now and its been a disaster, and it will get worse.
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:24:00

Just like Newcastle did against Pardew. Blame your board not your ex blue manager
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:31:00

Can i ask why vital villa are neutral? Are you satisfied with the way things are going or are you just being like the Birmingham Mail and are too scared to publish what you really think? Lost a lot if respect for vital villa now
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:38:00

Just noticed in the article the website address is wrong, ut the link works though
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:39:00

Us spurs fans havn't a lot to cheer for at minute! we myt as well make it get redknapp out day to!
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:41:00

When will people realise it is not Alex McLeish's fault??? The bloke is just doing what he has done throughout his career, his CV confirms this. He should not be the one who the protest is aimed at. I dont condone a protest about the owner either but surely it is the bloke who made the decision to appoint him as manager rather than the manager who was naturally going to jump at the chance to join a big club and double his wages in the process. AMc is just performing like his CV says he will, its not his fault he isnt upto the job, he cant change all of a sudden when he only knows one way to play.
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:45:00

Scott don't comment on something you know nothing of. We dont care that he is from Small Heath. As for the protest, I am all up for every protest, but I echo Fears thoughts. Logisitical questions. How do you propose to distribute 30,000 leaflets? You will need volunteers in front of every entrance handing them out. Do you have the people to do that? Even with everybody against McMuppet I doubt you will get many ready to protest 2 hours before the game. I think it will be very vocal inside the ground against McMuppet, providing we are safe. I, like an overwhelming majority of fans want him out, but the protest needs to be simple. For example turning your back on the pitch and singing about sacking McMuppet. But it is still going to be the boycott of Season Cards that will do for him..
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:45:00

Link fixed.

Craig try reading the articles published if you think we are 'scared' to air opinions, Vital isn't involved in the organisation of the protests, that's why we are neutral. The press previously linked us as organising them and that of course wrongly diverts people to us as opposed to the McLeishOut website where they can get more details. [Edited by Mike Field]
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:47:00

I do agree that it's not all Alex McLeish's fault, he is what he is and should have never been appointed in the first place. But at least it's a start. Get him out first, see how the board clean up their mess, and react accordingly.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 21:56:00

I will quite happily end my boycott to attend the protest but I echo the concerns of others that it should only be done if we are safe... Mcleishout, can there be a backup in place if it is looking like we need to get a result from the game? Even if it's not said publicly?
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 22:21:00

For a message, how about 'this is Aston Villa, we want to enjoy are football, Mcleish please go!'
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 22:23:00

someone needs to do what that guy did to mclaren and throw their season ticket at him. The symbolism of that would be impossible to come back from.
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 22:35:00

Have to disagree with both you and Craig Mike. Fear clearly is against it and that sways a lot. Belittling the turnout THUS obviously discouraging others is a common theme. Let people do it. Obviously you have more experience but there's a time and place. Time is now. If the next time to protest is next manager or 20 years, do be it BUT the time is now regardless of anything other than the defeatist, negativeness on the pitch.
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 22:58:00

The one thing i will say about VItal villa, is there is no bias, they have stayed nuetral and i understand why, you only have to look at how they allow these things be posted, if they wanted they could ban anything that was bad or deemed that way. Also i think that due to his health and having done it previously against sir deadly, i can also understand why JF has styed out of this, if he was 40 :-) years younger i think he'd be at the front of the queue
Report Abuse
17/04/2012 23:05:00

Best idea ive heard for a long time, its about time we stand united against this excuse of a manager UTV
Carew AV Legend
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 01:12:00

Stand united? Villa fans stand united?........ don't make me laugh.................
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 01:25:00

Nah Coe82 i bet Fear is the same bloke making the flyers to be handed out LOL
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 02:08:00

I have to say in defence of the Vital staff, they may be old and ugly but they aint sitting on the fence about Mcleish just read the alex Mcleish forums dude they are just trying to make sure the press don't blame Vital Villa for organising the protests as they did last time, which does divert the attention away from the main mcleishout site, Vital Villa for me is the best Villa fans site out there and i bet many would say the same!
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 02:14:00

lerneravfc. The gesture of someone throwing a season ticket at McLeish might not have the impact you suggest, if this is done at the last game of the season. doh!
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 07:51:00

Protests won't work, I'm not even sure that relegation will get McLeish sacked. The only thing that will do it is a significant fall in season ticket sales.....and judging by many of the comments that is not going to happen. We will finish 16th or 17th, and we will have at least another season of this rubbish. Those who do will be your fault.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 07:55:00

Excellent comments from Goodb_2! We need the press to realise we dont care where McLeish came from as it sounds petty. The only 2 issues I have with him are our dreadful approach in terms of negative football and inferirority complex along with our results which are terrible! He seems like a nice bloke but we need better than this if those kids are going to become great players. Plus at the end of this season all the overpaid dead wood is finally gone!!
Chelt Villan
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 09:30:00

Will no one listen to what is being said within the club. The club conducted a survey to see how many season tickets will be renewed/sold next season. The estimated figure I am told is 4,000. Yes you read that right - four thousand. There is absolute panic behind the scenes and that has led to the early release of tickets, the begging by the players for fans to buy them and whilst I hate to say this, I am sure Petrov will be used in a marketing campaign . . . . I so hope I am wrong. But if they do then that is me done with the Villa. A Poyet/Zola combination has been muted and today, for the first time the press are reporting that McMuppet's job is not safe as Randolph is planning an overhaul this summer. I am also told that there is already an exit strategy in place to let McLeish go amicably. But the big one for season tickets is that despite all the letters saying you have to renew asap, your seats do not go on general sale until July 3rd. Hold onto your money until the last possible moment and renew your seats on July 1st or 2nd . . you are still guaranteed your own seats. My understanding is that McMuppet will be gone long before that though, but if it takes a season card stand off between the club and the fans then so be it.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 09:34:00

guys - this was in the Star today...probably just paper talk of course...Villa manager Alex McLeish faces a fight to hold onto his job as owner Randy Lerner plans a summer shake-up. The American wants to appoint a director of football, and is considering naming a new manager to work underneath him. (Daily Star)
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 09:52:00

We need this to be a success, this is not some two-bob attempt at getting him out this is the real deal. We need to put real pressure on the club to get him out, and if we can get 30,000 people holding up McLeish Out flyers that will be a great start. If you dont want him as manager what is the harm in holding a A4 flyer up with McLeish Out on? We need volunteers to help with the distribution of the flyers by the way. Got a few on board but need a lot more. Please get in touch via the website or
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 09:52:00

Mcleishout. I like your passion for this fella. From previous experience I had 2 people handing out flyers at the original protest and it was hard work handing out 500. I would suggest you need to have 50 people as a minimum, all prepared to meet at least 3 hours before the game. That equates to 600 flyers each. You need a plan of where each individual needs to go and they need to be positioned as close to the entrances as possible. What would work better is for a claret and blue flag of decent size simply saying Eck Out on it to be passed over the heads of fans as the teams come out. Good luck mate. My 'Get the F'Eck out of Villa' will be there in support of you.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 10:10:00

On the protest yes I understand and to a large part agree with your aims. As I have said before in my eyes Randy Lerner was the guy who gave us a shot at the top 4 not MON. I feel since then the advise he has received re managers has been terrible. A director of football could well be the answer to avoiding more errors if the right guy is appointed.As for protest for my part witholding purchase of a season ticket untill the last moment is I think the most effective way to get the message across but good luck to your aims but confine it to just the manager anything else muddies the water.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 10:28:00

merlin. Thats the spirit and I agree that it is exactly the right strategy.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 10:51:00

Vital Villa is doing a good job by staying neutral thats how they should stay. They have done more from my observation than most other forums/blogs reason why i submitted my article to them and Chris from too continues to do so. Fear is a passionate villa fan too lets not forget his done a lot in his time. Merlin128777 i fully understand your sentiment withholding purchasing the tickets will send a very strong message to our custodians and so will the protest in its own way for those who like to express themselves more visibly/physically. bigolbear1970 for the sake of our club i hope that daily star story is true.
Shane Villains
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 11:36:00

Fully back this decision, and I will drive it to make it publicly known to all Villa fans on twitter @astonvilla05. I will say however if we are not safe by the Spurs game I will wait until we our safe to vent my anger toward AM and PF. McleishOut I have alot of repsect for you pal.
Report Abuse
18/04/2012 11:37:00

anybody want to help in distributing the flyers get in touch via the website please. As without your help this will not work
Report Abuse
19/04/2012 09:26:00


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