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Dear Mr McLeish...

A letter from McLeishOut....

Dear Mr McLeish,

I am writing this letter to urge you to consider your position as Aston Villa manager. You have been in charge of this great club for 292 days and it has been nothing short of a disaster. You have presided over the worst season seen at Villa Park since the relegation year of 1986/87. We have a truly awful record of 7 wins in 30 games and are in serious danger of being relegated. The similarities between Aston Villa and your relegated Birmingham City side are uncanny. From studying your record I see you have been in charge of a 130 Premier League games and yet you have only won 33, so our record this season is not a blip but it is the norm where you are manager.

So in the 3 seasons you have been a Premier League manager you have managed to oversee 2 relegations, and are a good bet to make it 3 this year. With this in mind I ask you to consider your position and as a professional admit the job is too big for you and walk away before any more damage is done.

I would like to ask you why you believe you are the man to take Aston Villa forward as even your record in Scotland leaves a lot to be desired, especially as you managed to achieve the impossible and finish 3rdwith Rangers in a normal 2 horse race and lead them on their record streak of 10 games without a win.

Also I would like to ask you why throughout the course of this season 2011/12 you have managed to blame everybody for our current predicament, but have failed to take any responsibility for it yourself. Why is that? Surely as manager it is your responsibility? A true leader in whatever field of life show's his/her true courage in taking responsibility when being at the helm. I liken you to a certain Captain Smith of Titanic infamy. We are in my humble opinion akin to the SS Titanic in being unsinkable and your tactics and that of your crew in particular a certain Peter Grant are in true fashion blind to the iceberg ahead. Once you sink Aston Villa, we will remain at the depths of the English Football League and you will leave with a golden handshake of millions of 's. Go look in the mirror and say to yourself 'Am I the man to lead Aston Villa Forward' Your conscience should tell you to do the honourable and decent thing... Walk now Mr McLeish and admit that you could not do the job you said you could when interviewed. You tried, you failed, and are now a multi-millionaire who is unemployable at any other English Premier League club

I have been following Aston Villa for over 25 years now and come from a Villa supporting family with over 100 years` worth of support, and I can honestly say this is the worst I have ever seen. Aston Villa FC are in major decline and you are at the root of the problem. A poll conducted by a Villa fans site suggests 96% of fans would like you to step down as manager, but still you suggest the silent majority are backing you? I can assure that you have managed to lose the backing of all Aston Villa fans with your negative brand of football. Also the fact your negative brand of football fails to deliver results. Correct me if I`m wrong but football is a results business?

So for the good of Aston Villa please tender your resignation immediately before irreparable damage is done.




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The Journalist

Writer: Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 4 2012

Time: 9:21AM

Your Comments

brilliant... shame it wont get read though. You should put it on display outside VP instead
Its very easy to keep telling him to quit. But who do think think can get out of this mess? To you mcleishout, in the words of bill hicks 'my biggest fear is that if join i will be like you'.
You might need to do one in braille because im not sure he can see whats going on on the pitch so he has no chance of reading a letter. UTV
Would it be considered an offence if everyone was to print this out, make a paper aeroplane out of it, and gently send it on it's way onto the pitch or the dug-out in the next home game?
we could get in Steve Bruce or Alan Curbishley would be a breath of fresh air, were are screwed all ways, i feel its over, everyone keeps forgetting or not mentioning just how poor the players are, and there is no getting away from the fact they are poor and have not performed anywhere near what they should have done, yes McLeish out but the players have to take responsibility for the mess we are in as well.
Aron, Eck created the mess FFS. Anyone could do better. When will people stop making Eckscuses for him?? Well said
Yeah, stick it outside VP like Martin Luther and his edicts. Disagree that McLeish is the prime mover of all Villa's problems. Randy Lerner is the owner. His policy of 'forget-about-the-first-team-all-you-need-is-a-nice-pub-restaurant is deeply flawed. OK, that's a bit (quite a bit) harsh but I'm sure many of you see my point. Selling Milner - I now believe it was mainly Mr Lerners decision - now looks massive mistake. The team haven't been the same since. Houllier and McLeish were terrible appointments as many of us predicted. It isn't so much that they were appointed as the sense that all other options weren't exhausted first. I am still adament that their is a basic lack of knowledge and understanding about modern football among the upper echlons at VP.
avfcfazza - rofl! good point! :) YatesyVillan, another great idea lol. Only problem is that with fans turning away in their droves - who would be there to make the aeroplane? ;) Such a shame our club has been brought to its knees... i'd take an up-and-coming manager - maybe an ex-villan, because at least they would care! Mcleish does not care 1 jot about our plight - he just sits there thinking of his next ECKSCUSE.
Villan444 - it's !
No Eckscuses Andy. Were Eck's players not good enough at bloose to stay up but good enough to win the carling cup whilst beating us on the way?? Were his team in Scotland not good enough to finish second but could finish third?? NO MORE EXCUSES FOR THE INDEFENSIBLE
I was reading a moment ago something about Jenas coming back before he's fully fit. Playing an injured player should be illegal. -MON did it with Curtis Davies (I think), Benitez did it with Torres which has probably destroyed his career. No injured players on the pitch no matter how bad things get. Btw, no manager is going to resign when the pay-off for being sacked is so high. What was RL thinking appointing a manager who had just taken another club down? Maybe the decision reveals the depth of RL's ambition?
great letter. He wont take any notice.
villan444 another simplistic statement but another blow hard. Mcleish created the mess! the chain of mistakes and misfortune goes back further. To sack mcleish now would give the players reason to try less. The players should take a huge chunk of responsibility for this season. Ecks reputation is in tatters, he needs to save us aswell as himself. Who would want to take the job right now given our situation?
Agree entirely vwra re: Milner and pub decorations lol. It's a football club FFS. Priorities are wrong. Eck was employed as he's a nice guy, nothing to do with his abilities!! Spellchecker on my iPhone is a pain Thorpy. Lol
Cant fault the letter one bit but as we all know nothing will happen.Lets face it,the fizzy pop league is getting closer every week.
He'd actually leave with a bit of dignity if he walked tomorrow. If he takes us down, he'll need to leave Birmginham pronto as it will turn ugly. He's quoted as saying "He doesnt read internet forums or phone in's" Thsi si why we need to media frenzy ball to start rolling (its started). Only then will he come under proper pressure.
Another thing, what are the chances of Caroll scoring against us at the weekend? First Routledge, then Torres, that lump Caroll will deinfately score. The number of records set this season for poor perfomance by this chump is shocking.
who would we get to manage if Mcdonut went now???? easy choice Kevin McDonald!!!
I'd like KMAC to have another chance. His results were mixed, but you know what? After our thumping against newcastle, he did one thing that McECKscuse never did. he said "IT WAS MY FAULT - I GOT IT WRONG" - he had the balls to admit that his tactics weren't spot on... he could certainly guide us to safety, under the full backing of all the fans should Mcleish go tomorrow.
Aron - good point. 444 interesting that you now confuse yourself: McLeish beat us on the way to the final - think a bit harder about that will you - especially as it was before we shipped about 8 players out last season. No I'm not defending the manager, merely suggesting you read what you write. Son of Cher - you may be right, but no this letter will not be read. I'm glad McLeishout wrote this letter as I can at last see his arguments. 96% poll raises its head again - and remains incorrect as the poll was only taken by people self entering so is not scientific. Quotes of 'all villa fans' are not true. 100 years experience is meant to add credibility but is no argument for accuracy of comment. After that: I give up. Let the moaners moan, let the fans support. Thats it for me. Shame that the energy given to moaning is used for supporting. Get the team to safety then raise your issues. The board ain't changing its mind now, to do so would be madness - see Wolves. Yes the club is in a mess any idiot can see that. But it started before McLeish came and now is not the time to moan.
Gordon, WTF are you on about. Did Bloose beat Villa on the way to the final?? Answer is YES you fool. Why did they get relegated then if the team was so bad to win a cup?? And YES you are defending the manager in what you say, regardless of saying that you're not. When will your geriatric overprozaced mind realise that we are all fans. We are just not as gullible and sheep like as yourself. We've just have had enough of seethrough negative tactics and the manager squirming every time he gets an interview and trying desperately to look for ways out!! Stop going on about Wolves aswell. They're a shocking team and have only just got promoted with no investment. We have been in the prem since it started. 96% is correct. that makes you one of the 4%. You are as delusional as Eck.
glb - you are McMuppets wife or you are one of the club staff ordered to infiltrate message boards with misinformation and lies. There is no defending the indefensible. You quote Wolves. We quote Spuds and Sunderland. -aron- tries to blame the players, but the players perform to the managers tactics and they are desperate tactics from the most negative and unwanted manager in our history. He showed his true colours when going to Spuds this season, instead of attacking them down their right side where they are weak (because Bale plays so far forward) he played two right backs and surrendered the name of Aston Villa to one player. It is unforegiveable. We have conceeded 20 goals from set pieces, 13 of which have been corners. Ivanovic scored more goals from corners in 35 minutes on Saturday then our entire squad has scored all season. We haven't scored one. That is a product of what happens on the training ground and makes it clear that he cannot train the players to perform. To defend him against those facts makes you look foolish. It indicates that you are related to him or are under instructions to try and defend the indefensible. If the players are at fault for failing to carry out his instructions then they should have been dropped. But they haven't been. So he persisted with players obviously not carrying out his instructions. For either scenario he should be sacked immediately without compensation for failure to do his duties. If he chose to take the club to a tribunal then so be it. Let a court decide if he deserves his pay off. Sack this nutter immediately and aron and glb it may be wise to come out of the closet and admit you are part of Ecks family or employees of Villa under instruction to try (and fail quite embarrasingly) to defend this failed manager. We can perform no worse by getting rid of him. And when there were no protests against him he led us on to our worst home run since the 1920's.
To be fair we did go on a cup run against Bristol Rovers.
I have to make this point, at the start of the season did we expect to finish above Newcastle? I certainly did, they are showing what a TEAM can do when they have the right manager to lead them. We are showing how a team does when the manager is awful. Dont forget Utd are going to win this league with their worst team for years yet again! The EPL is really weak right now and we are this poor. We are shocking and as much as I dont think we can sack Eck now I hope he does walk away at the end of the season rather than waiting to be sacked. This is not good enough for Villa and our style of play makes me not want to watch us even on TV let alone going to the ground, we are an utter disgrace to watch and I can only blame him and Faulkner who fo me has caused a lot of this mess with silly naive mistakes ala Jenas wages which we are still paying and appointing a manger with heart problems and another who has a win % of something like 30%. And Relax.....
Chelt Villan
Yatesy that is a brilliant idea!! Haha way to get a point across. I also agree that Eck wouldn't read it, he wouldn't even receive it. There would be someone sorting through it all and throwing out the negitive letters as ordered from above. That's been the clubs approach all along, we are going to do what we want and we are not going to listen to the fans. Sad thing is Randy will want to give him every chance to succeed possible because he doesn't want to admit he's wrong. We the fans really need to step it up of we are to be heard, and if Eck is here at seasons end, the unhappy 96% of fans have to vote with there feet and not renew. I am clinging to the faith hope that Randy wises up though, I also dream every night about waking up, hitting refresh and seeing that Eck is gone.
All the managers in the world and he picked McLeish, it's 30 games later and I'm still in complete shock as to why
voth if i tell you to pipe down and you dont, Is that my fault? the team has been set up to play fast, counter attacking football. However we have lost the players who are best at this. So we've needed a new approach, and 3 managers have failed so far. easier said than done. Im not defending mcleish playin 2 right backs, you'r being pedantic. Im saying sacking him now would kill us completely. If you think it cant get any worse voth then you are massively deluded.
anyone remember newcastle the year they went down. they sacked kinnear with 10 games left and offered it to their hero Shearer, and he left them dangling for weeks until he took it and then it was too late. He didnt want to get the blame for relegation. He played his cards superbly, got them relegated, and left and he is still worshipped! making the assumption that someone decent would actually want to take this job at the moment is foolish
YatesyVillan has the best shout by far....
I agree, YatesyVillan's idea is a belter. Would it be a Police matter if I attached mine to half a house brick with an elastic band? Just been told it would, so don't do that...just stick with the paper planes idea...yes.
The players would play better without McLeish anyway, its clear he is not loved. Plus the players would have ALL the fans 100% behind them and that would lift them much more than Eck and his great motivational skills. There are enough senior staff to take charge until seasons end, plus if Eck went now wed have time to plan our next manager move and get them in as soon as the season ends. Then maybe they would have enough time to sort out this mess. So for me its the perfect time for him to go! McLeish OUT
Come on Villa fans. Get behind the team and ignore everything else until the season is over. We need 100% from the players and 100% from the fans. Massive mistakes have been made - but the team put the effort in against Fulham and dominated, and put the effort in against Chelsea. Arsenal was rubbish. We are much more likely to win games with committed support, not without it. Up the Villa.
There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. McMuppet out now. and aron, you are obbviously one of those at Villa ordered to infiltrate these forums. You are making yourself look very silly by asking a club to stick with a manager who has trained his team to concede 20 goals from set pieces but who have failed to score 1. Forget the quality of the football, forget that he has set us up to lose, forget that he has sacrificed our whole clubs style to defend against one man, forget that he was chased out of Scotland for taking 4 years to build a Rangers team that came third in the annual two horse race, forget about his two relegations at Small Heath. Just have a look at the results of his training methods in one of the most important areas of a football match. Set pieces. Around 50% of all goals scored are from set pieces. We have failed to score 1 other than a couple of penalties, and have conceeded 20. That is simple evidence of what goes on at the training ground every day of the week. He should be sacked, without any compensation or pay off for those simple stats alone. To defend him or say we would do worse (how could we do worse that 20 - 0) with another mananger at this late stage is making you look silly, or worse, like a hired pr spokesman from within the club. His record is indefensible and he must go now. If not sooner.
Stenny Stenny Stenny. We dominated Fulham? You obviously never went to the game. We had two shots on target all game. One from Gabi in the first half and one in the final minute that led to the goal. Both us and Fulham hit th woodwork in the only other shots of note in the whole game. The performance was average against an average Fulham team. You are asking for support for the team. We are giving it. We are just not supporting McMuppet.
I'm with Chelt Villan I can't even watch them on the TV as it depresses me so . Hopefully we'll stay up (Stoke game is key) & get rid of him & if we do go down then hopefully after getting rid of him we can win more than we lose next year & play some football. All I know & I don't care what anbody says is that no more money of mine will be spent whilst Eck is in charge
Poor Alex, he must be under terrific pressure. If I were Randy I'd give him a rest to the end of the season, in the USA, with Grant. Then if we stay up it would prove that KMac, Sid, etc. can do a job and we don't need him, and if we go down, it would still be his fault, but he would feel refreshed to apply for other jobs!
Not to mention the huge keeper blunder in the 90th odd minute that scraped us the win against Fulham. The fans will never be 100% behind the team while Eck is in charge and that's 100% his fault. McLeish OUT
Voth & 444 insults are not answers or arguments. They are frankly bluster and normally used by people with no ideas of their own. I am no-one's wife, no employee of the club and not related to McLeish. believe it or not I am old enough and with sufficient experience of following Villa, 35 years to make up my own mind. Just because people disagree with you does not make them idiots. It means there are more than one point of view and to miss this fact is to show how blinkered you are.
Do you know what really, really irritates me? Pathetic comments like, "Let the moaners moan, let the fans support." Seriously, I am sick of that kind of drivel. I don't have to justify to anyone how 'good' a fan I am, nor does anyone else on here. If you're not happy with something, does that make you less of a fan? Of course it doesn't. I care more about Aston Villa than quite frankly most people, and the state of our club, well it saddens and sickens me. We all care, if you choose not to moan and support blindly, that is your prerogative. But don't dare call my support into question. If I saw somebody I care about ruining themselves, would I just ignore it and support their decisions, or would I get angry and tell them how I felt? You had better believe I would do the latter, and that is what Aston Villa has been doing for a wee while now - ruining itself, and I am angry and hurt to see it. So if not being happy with the current state of affairs, if not being happy with seeing a genuine top 6 club get turned into relegation candidates just two seasons later, and if wanting change makes me a 'moaner', then a moaner be I.
Sheriff Kimbo
(That meant I care more about Aston Villa than I do about most people, not that I care about Aston Villa more than other people do!)
Sheriff Kimbo
Adzvilla if cut out the blunders there would be few goals scored by anyone. Most goals can be traced back to an error somewhere. I'd rather focus on the attitude of a player who did not give up and managed to get the goal we needed as a result. Sorry but some of you would rather see defeat than success at VP.
voth (this could go on for hours and probably will but im being paid by villa so im ok) not only am i now related to mcleish but also part of the villa board, sent to tackle you on villa all things villa. You're not that important, sorry. I dont dare speak up of my support anymore im gettin scared of the natives. Listen to other opinions and calm down. I think mcleish should go at the end of the season. I dont think making the change now would help, which iv said. Do you just cut and paste your comments. Nobody trains a team to concede 20 goals from corners. Its a stupid comment, if players cant head a ball away then thats the players problem. They are paid to work for the football club not choose the manager.
McLeish not popular? First I've heard of it?! ;o)
Agree with gordonsleftboot, NO need for insults etc, that is not debating
The Fear
hahahahahahahahahahahaha - glb calls anyone who wants McMuppet out a moaner and those who say nothing supporters. So after insulting everybody who is demanding that McMuppet be sacked immediately by calling them 'moaners' he says now is not the time for insults. You simply couldn't make it up.
I'm surprised there's still people arguing and debating mcleish tbh. He's proven himself to be a loser at glasgow, a loser at the blues, and now most importantly, a loser at the villa :( I feel a little bit sick every day when i see his face on the screen or in the paper, and just long for the day he gets the boot (lets face it, he's not going to resign is he?!). I like the paper plane idea - lets hope enough fans turn up against stoke to fly them into the dugout!
Gordonsleftboot you do make some sensible comments in your posts and I am not sure you do support Alex Mcleishes tenure, but I would suggest that I cannot believe any Villa fan would wish to see Villa in there present state.I was more than willing to give the manager every chance not to succeed as such as I felt the current sqaud was too lightweight and lacked qualitity for the premier league and would struggle before Mcleish joined Villa .That being said he had the chance to give some of the youngsters more experiance before the present injury crisis and instead perservered with Heskey played out of position for example why ? I regret that while I believe managers should be given a chance that the standard of football and poor tactics employed have resulted in our present position I feel no need to insult Mr Mcleish and believe whatever anyone thinks that Mr Lerner will stick with him at least till the end of this season. I ferevently hope that by then we will still be in the premier league,and I can fully understand why fans like voiceoftheholte have run out of patience with the current management,but rather than fighting among ourselves I believe Mr Lerner must ask himself some searching questions as the wisdom of trynig to appoint managers who are either fighting relegation every season or have been relegated.I would reason that no single person has as much to lose at Villa Park as Randy Lerner and can only feel that the advice he has been given is as poor in my opinion as the candidates at the time - Martinez, Mclaren,Mcleish.
Not the time for insults on any side of the fence... we can all debate whilst remembering we are all Villa fans. What? Adverts on the video player? Yeah sure, if you want to click them feel free. You can lick them as well if you want but that won't be as effective for me. Now, what were we talking about?!
The Fear
Nice post, but if u know your Titanic history, it wasn't really Smith's fault, but the cost cutting ignorance of the White Star Liner Board. A bit like Randy and Paul really, so maybe you aren't far from the truth after all! McLoser OUT.
Voth, I hold my hand up I did not go to the Fulham game I go to more away games than home games these days, and am no longer in a position to afford the time or money to make the 260 mile round trip to be at Villa Park every week. I was at the game the week before when we absolutely dominated Blackburn for 45 mins and deserved to win over 90, and at the dross served up at Wigan the week before. For the Fulham game yes I am reliant on the Vital Villa stats of 19 shots (8 on target) for Villa versus 5 shots (1 on target) for Fulham. That is not the point though - the point is that I share most of your views - except that there is no point in going on and on and on about the need to get rid of Eck now, because it does not help and simply is not going to happen. Your 100% support you give at all the games you go to can never be in doubt, but Villa need to have every ounce of support on and off the pitch at present - even if it is for a team and club currently managed by McCleish.
Too true voice, I was responding to his insults of calling us moaners and making out that he's the only one who's a real fan by following regardless. Well said Sherriff. Eck out!!!!!
You didn't deny your addiction to Prozac I notice though Gordon ;-)
yep well said stennyvilla. im right behind everyone at villa to get us safe this season. After that we'll see
So we'll all be protesting at the Stoke match then?.......... except glb - wonder where the right one is.......
Pride of Lions
Well something we all agree on. Lets support the team. I have all season and will continue to do so. However I will continue to demand McMuppets resignation every day until it actually happens.
I have a ton of respect for the guy who does this...He takes *****e of all the deluded Villa fans, battles with the press sheep (Kendrick and abraham) and continues to fight for a good cause...He does not stop battling on his twitter, constantly fighting to get him out, fair play to him.
Gordon do you honestly think I'd rather see defeat than success at Villa park? I read all your comments on here as I value your feedback and view but sorry that's total ********* mate, I bleed Villa and want nothing more than good football and success. I'm a very positive person in life and I also manage a local all age football team and I'm always promoting positive play and team spirit. The FACT is McLeish has sucked the life out of me, the players and most fans with his negative dire football and lame motivational skills and lackluster words. I mean mentioning/blaming albatrosses and god in his last interview come on?? Give me a break. As for the Fulham win I was purely pointing out that we were pretty luck right at the death to nick it, yes good poachers effort but clearly we have been absolute rubbish all season especially at home and that was our first win in how many games at home? Worse run since how long? And it was Fulham who are rubbish away from home, nothing to write home about was it. Plus since then how good have we been?? I'm positive but also passionate about what I believe in and I believe McLeish is crap and not fit for the Villa position. Lastly I don't agree most goals come from mistakes, a lot do yes but a lot also come from good positive play and attacks, how many shots did we have against Fulham at home??
He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Wearing the Emperor's new clothes. 33 wins in the PL out of 130 games. WOW. He truly is a genius. We are not worthy.
Gordon Cowans + KMac should have been put in charge with 10 games to go. Now I guess we're stuck with Eck until the end of the season (at last).
He isnt the root of the problem - dont like him, but no money thanks to Martin O'Neill is the root of the problem

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