Aston Villa - Get Well Soon Skipper - Best Wishes To Petrov
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Get Well Soon Skipper - Best Wishes To Petrov

Club statement: Stiliyan Petrov

The Villa Board received news today that our long-standing captain Stiliyan Petrov has been diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia.

Stiliyan developed a fever following the Arsenal game last Saturday and subsequently underwent tests conducted by Dr Ian McGuinness.

Haematology experts confirmed the diagnosis today.

We expect to learn more about Stiliyan's situation in due course and we have moved quickly to support him and his family.

close, home shirt

During this time we ask that Stiliyan's privacy is placed ahead of all inquiries and trust that we will share information as we receive it.

Stiliyan is cherished by many and he will get from Villa every ounce of love and support that we have to help bring this to a positive conclusion.

Forum thread: Click Here

Petrov in action

Just awful awful news.

This guy is a true gent, I've met him through a mutual friend a few times and he cares SO much for the Villa and cares SO much for the fans.

One of those true gents, true players and a real Club Captain.

Always the nice guys isn't it.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 30 2012

Time: 3:16PM

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Get well soon Stiliyan, thoughts and prayers with you.
The Fear
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:18:00

Terrible news, but leukaemia is one of the most curable forms of cancer. He will be getting the best treatment. Fingers crossed and thinking about him. Good luck and get well soon Stan!
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30/03/2012 15:18:00

A brilliant kind friendly man, I wish you all the best Stan we know you can fight this mate you are in the Green Villan household prayers and thoughts.
Green Villan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:19:00

Get well soon skipper!
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30/03/2012 15:21:00

Echo Fears comments. Have been fortunate enought to spend time in his company. Was fortunate enough to sponsor a game against Sunderland a few years ago (we won 2 1 with a Young free kick) and I awarded the MOTM to Stan. He was brilliant after the game and on every other occasion since. Stan - get well soon. I am sure the football world will unite in their support for you and your family.
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30/03/2012 15:23:00

Good luck Stan, terrible news
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:24:00

Hope he has a complete recover.. Best wishes from vital arsenal.
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30/03/2012 15:25:00

Get well soon Stan, you are a true gent and have always given everything you have for Villa. Lets hope you can overcome this as you have many other difficulties in the past!
Chelt Villan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:28:00

All the best Stan get well soon!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:28:00

Great captain, great bloke. Get well soon Stan.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:28:00

he's a great guy, always totally committed to the team and gives his all. Probably one of the most consistent performers we currently have in the team, he just gets on with the job. get well soon Stan!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:29:00

Absolutely gutted by this - a true legend for the Villa and still is. Best wishes to you Stan, I'm sure I speak for everybody when I wish you a swift and speedy recovery.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:30:00

Get well soon Stan. Certainly is one of the most loyal players to Villa I have seen in my time as a fan. Puts all our other stress and worries into context.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:36:00

Only met him once and he was very kind to my lad and stopped to sign stuff for him which made his day....all the best, a true gent.
V111A DR
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:36:00

Get well soon Stan. Terrible terrible news. Lets all get Villa Park rocking tomorrow!
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30/03/2012 15:37:00

As you said Fear, Stan is a true gent. I hope he gets through this quickly.
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30/03/2012 15:37:00

Get well soon Stan, all the best to you and your family, Great Captain and yes from what i have seen a true lover of Villa and a real nice guy
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:37:00

Great wholehearted player, been the rock of this team for the past few seasons. Get well soon Stan, our thoughts are with you for the future.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:40:00

Sad and awful news, all our thoughts are with Stan and his family. Fear could you please do a post saying Protest is off. Thanks
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:40:00

We're all thinking of you and your family Stan. Get well soon.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:44:00

Bloody hell what a shocker. Get well soon Stan.
Cheshire Villan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:48:00

Best wishes skipper. No one can question your effort and dedication and I'm sure you'll take this battle on in the same fashion that you play the game. Puts the game in perspective.
heavy d
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:48:00

get well soon stan. he always gives 100% and cares about the team. cant ask for more than that my prayers are with him and his family.
fairwater villain
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:50:00

Glad to see protest off...everything is about Stan getting better and doing what he would want most US TO GET100% BEHIND THE TEAM.. Such sad news for a true gent and professional who genuinely cares about the game, the Villa and us fans..Really upsetting news..Over the past 12months Stan has often been superb for an hour or so in a match, then tended to run out of steam. Not a medical expert, but could this awful illness be the reason? Luekaemia does make you very tired..Along with everyone, gt well soon Stan, all of our thoughts will you and your family
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:50:00

Shocking news, Stan get well, our thoughts are with you and your family!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 15:54:00

Stan and i are good friends. In fact i am his guest at tomorrows game. I was on a train from London to Birmingham when the news broke. When i arrived, i was met by Brad Guzan who pulled me aside to tell me the news. I contacted Stan immediatley and he said " thats life....i will fight it" i am as many of you are, very upset as Stan and i are very good friends. I purposly extended my trip this weekend for two was to see Jonathan Fear (my best mate) and to see Stan ......i am sit here in my birmingham hotel room rather gobsmacked at the news.....
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 16:17:00

All the best Stan; a proper gent, and an all round bloody good bloke, a true villain.
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30/03/2012 16:27:00

Really upsetting news, a real top man who I am proud to have as our skipper. A true gent who always gives everything for the club, and in this modern day footballers world, one of the very few I admire. Keep the fight Stan, will be saying a prayer for you...!
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30/03/2012 16:30:00

Very bad news, but he will get the best treatment, what a footballer, never complains, just gives 110% get well soon.
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30/03/2012 16:40:00

Very upset at the news & my son is inconsolable, I have said before in the thread we had about him that is a great captain. When you are captain of Aston Villa it brings extra responsibilities that I as a loyal fan expect. Stilian is about as good as I have ever seen for that. Always there for photos autographs and talking good about Villa. I think he is a good player also, playing the role that Villa needs on that given day. I hope he gets better I am sure he will. He is a good player a fantastic captain and a wonderful human being.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 16:42:00

Get well soon Stan
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 16:49:00

A true gent who worked hard for the team while others took the limelight. can only echo everyone elses hopes for quick return to ggod health Stan.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 16:51:00

Get well soon Stan. Terrible terrible news. Lets all get Villa Park rocking tomorrow.For once villa fans and players forget our troubles and and make it a day and the rest of the season for stan to be PROUD of. My best wishes to stan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 16:55:00

Truly saddened to hear this. get well soon Stan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:00:00

Best wishes to you Stan the man, my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family, i feelso sad for the top man, yet i am convinced due to his fighting spririt he shows on the pitch he can fight and beat this! UTV!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:05:00

Terrible news, puts everything else into perspective. Stopped caring about the season now and whether or not we go down - all I want right now is a full recovery for Stan, a genuinely good guy. Thinking of you skipper.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:07:00

True professional, great guy, shining example to all. Certainly deserving of a rousing chorus at villa park to show our support. Proud to have you as our captain Stan. Get well soon skip.
Lion Heart
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:20:00

incredibly sad news. Like everyone else I wish him all the best. Lets sing his name loud and proud tomorrow and let him know that we're all behind him.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:27:00

Could easily have fitted into the '81 team. 110%.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:42:00

Get well Stan. The Villa faithfull will be singing for you this weekend.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 17:58:00

Puts everything else into perspective. All the best Stan.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 18:12:00

Tragic #Prayforstan
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 18:18:00

Gutted, only just found out. Best wishes Stan and get well soon Capitan!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 18:46:00

Absolute terrible news... I wish Stan and his family all the best and hope that he makes a fast and full recovery.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 19:35:00

Just wanted to add my best wishes for Stiliyan, he's a player I have always rated and I hope he makes a full recovery. My thoughts are with him and his family.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 20:00:00

Get well soon Stan.
J Dogg
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 20:14:00

All the best Stan. Thoughts are with you. Get well soon Skipper
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 20:33:00

Villa Hero...
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 21:06:00

Praying you recover. A great man, a real warrior.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 21:25:00

All the best to you Stan. You make me remember why I love football, in a game full of mercenaries its nice to see someone who cares. Keep fighting.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 21:31:00

Get well Stan, I'm sure you will, a real fighter. I'll be getting 19 Petrov on both new jerseys when they come out. Villa legend.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 21:56:00

Absolutely shocked and stunned by this awful news. Will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Stan, never give up.
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 22:49:00

Stunned TBH. this doesn't happen to the good guys . get well soon stan . we love you !
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 23:45:00

Shocked and saddend to hear this news. Get well soon, Stilyan. We are praying for your speedy recovery. We love you all the way across the world here in Texas!
Report Abuse
30/03/2012 23:59:00

Very sad to see this news this morning in Australia. Totally gutted about it. Get well soon Stan mate. Villa fans thoughts are with you.
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 00:15:00

Heard the news this afternoon...very very sad....fight this Stan.... a real credit to Aston Villa Football Club..... praying for you skipper
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 00:36:00

Just woke up here in HK to this unbelievably bad news! Great captain and player. My thoughts are with him and his family!
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 02:06:00

Brilliant club man and a Villa legend, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 02:07:00

Cannot believe this on top of what has happened recently with Fabrice. Get well soon Stan our thoughts are with you. I'm sure you have the best of help from the staff at the club and from your own doctor. You will be missed.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 06:06:00

Great player and top bloke x much love
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 06:42:00

Get well soon Stan, we are ALL behind you.
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 09:11:00

Stan the 120% man never gives less and will beat this illness. Thoughts and prayers with him and his family.
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 12:19:00

best wishes from all at Vital Chelsea Stiliyan.
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 12:20:00

hope the lad gets over this quickly, best regards from Vital Fulham
Al Billy
Report Abuse
31/03/2012 13:58:00

Such a gent, an old style footballer, with loyalty and passion a plenty, such men are rarely defeated easily, his fighting spirit will stand him in good stead.
Report Abuse
01/04/2012 00:05:00

Great to see you at Villa Park yesterday....get well soon
Bangkok Villan
Report Abuse
01/04/2012 01:00:00

Get well soon, Stan, and stay positive. I know from when my Mum got a very similar acute form of leukaemia, how important positivity is. She was 68 then, and wasn't expected to live the week out, but now she is still going strong at 84!! And I'm sure this was due to her positivity. For her, this was religious faith, but it doesn't have to be, whatever works to keep you mentally strong. And I'm sure being a strong, athletic 32 year old helps too. Keep the faith, Stan.
Report Abuse
01/04/2012 08:22:00

Best Wishes to the Petrov family, [ Vital Leeds ]
Tiny T
Report Abuse
01/04/2012 08:47:00

All the very very best Stan, you can beat this. Lots of love to you & your family.
Report Abuse
01/04/2012 10:08:00

All the best mate, you've been an awesome villa player since you joined - hope you make a speedy recovery!
Report Abuse
02/04/2012 09:46:00

All the very best for a swift and full recovery Stan. It was a very emotional time on Saturday for the whole game, but thought everyone was fantastic in their support, including the Chelsea fans. Can't wait to see you back on the pitch, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Take care and stay strong
Report Abuse
02/04/2012 12:42:00

I understand the fans want to show their support for Stan on the 19th minute of every game from now until the end of the season?? If this is true it is very appropriate and something all fans will probably want to participate in.
Report Abuse
03/04/2012 11:24:00

The best thing you can do is beat the Bin dippers!!! Get well soon Stan :)
only 1 spurs
Report Abuse
05/04/2012 11:04:00

All best Stan. Get well soon and UTV
Bobby Norman
Report Abuse
11/04/2012 13:46:00

Always a winner and still will be,come on Stan,we know you can do it...
Report Abuse
26/04/2012 22:11:00

Best wishes for a good recovery. No malice or snide intentions meant, the spurs fans at WHL were upset over Fabrice, and now happy he has recovered.. Hope for a good game tomorrow, and 3 points for spurs of course!
Block D Spurs
Report Abuse
05/05/2012 20:33:00

Great 19th minute for the final home game to boot.
Report Abuse
06/05/2012 21:26:00


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