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Mixed Thoughts On Planned Protests

Our latest poll asks what you think about the planned protests before the Chelsea game.

(Poll right hand side bottom of front page)

See: More Protests - This Time Pre Chelsea

Forum protest thread where the organiser of the protests fights his corner: Click Here

Article comments from the article re: the protest (unedited)

Think it is a major mistake after just one protest + a policy so clear, McLeish out... to now throw in 'and Paul Faulkner' does the next one then have 'and now Randy' and the one after 'just McLeish again' ? Too knee jerk. Stick the aim, no need to split it in my humble opinion. Paul Faulkner doesn't choose the manager in isolation for a start, Randy is the boss + Paul has brought in some massive deals to the Club which is overlooked because of the hatred for McLeish. All too confusing. So what do the ones who want a change in manager but not change in board do? As said, too confusing and not good to now be throwing in another thing you want. Clear aims, clear press contact, clear mandate and off you go. Just my humble opinion.
The Fear

I don't think Faulkner should go, but I don't think he should be anywhere near decision making when it comes to footballing decisions. He's great at the corporate stuff. I'm more annoyed with Randy than Paul. As for McLeish, well, do I really need to say anything? Sack him! Good luck with the protest, but once again they will not listen to us.

i agree with you Mr Fear and astvil123 , its just Mcleish out we need to concentrate on, he has ruined our club and is a poor manager . my fear is whoever we have will get the same stick though, i have to say the some of the players have been poor and i really believe a lot of them are overrated and believe the hype. i would say that Albrighton, Banan, Ireland Dunne, Hutton, Nzogbia ,have not played that well . i am sure a lot of fans will disagree with me about Banan and Albrighton but i beleive Banan will waste his tallent because he thinks he already has it and Albrighton needs to practise his crossing and shooting but there you go thats just my opinion,

Fear - I agree with you. Putting Faulkner in the statement is daft. As I understand it the choosing of a manager is doe after sounding out selected people in the game who are meant to understand the need. A bit like recruitment consultants. So it is not a single person decision. McLeish out? I still think he should be given more time and am not convinced we get any of the big names that most would deem good enough if appointed. Plus we need stability and not constant change. However his statement yesterday that we could not win - echoes of Houllier at City was a stupid one. We all want the team to go out and fight for the shirt. To say we want a win before the game and then change after it only says that no-one can believe what is said pre-game anymore.

I agree, leave Faulkner for another day. The main thing and the most important thing is to build up the pressure and get this turd out at the end of the season! I BEG all ditherers who don't like/want Idiot to get up and join this protest. Ok, it may not work, but if we don't try we don't know do we???? It's got to be worth a shot, it's too important not to make the effort...... come on you Villa fans....... PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions

I think It's about time we got rid of Doris the tea lady too. Add her to the list and I'll definitely be there!

I posted something similar to this on another site but it fits here as well. Before the Spurs capitulation, Faulkner did an interview with Tom Ross and stated, among other things, that with the squad we have we should be challenging for a Europa berth at the very least. Now, my maths has never been that great but I'm pretty sure 15th place does not get a team into Europe. In my books, based on that level of expectation (a Europa League challenge), being in or on the verges of a relegation battle must mean that the manager has failed quite dismally. Now, as mere fans it's nigh on impossible for us to pin down a busy CEO, but those that do have access... Kendrick and Abrahams don't seem on the ball enough to ask the questions that matter. If there has been a shift in expectations from Faulkner, shouldn't the local 'scoops' be trying to glean that from him? And I read the Q & A with Kendrick and he seemed to come across as one of us, so, I wonder why things like this never get published? These protests will never work while the local and national press and the majority of the fans remain indifferent to the situation we find ourselves in.

Every single person in the entire footballing world can see that McLeish at Villa is and always will be a disaster. Randy just doesn't want to admit he was wrong. Either that or he just doesn't care about Villa anymore.

@Jonah, as you know, Doris the tea lady is now only part time, still makes the best tea and scones going and therefore sir, you are quite quite wrong to want to protest about her as well!
Rawlie... 'another site'? Sorry, I don't understand, there are other Villa sites?!?!?! Joking aside, the expectations haven't changed and I believe them to be right, we have a few bad apples in the squad imho, they need managing and then when we can, selling, however there is no way we are as bad a squad as our position shows and so I draw the same conclusion, transition or not, the manager is failing in his job.
The Fear

I agree with the campaign against McMuppet. But any protest against Faulkner will not work and will dilute the McMuppet Out message. It will simply give McMuppet the chance to say the fans are protesting against the Board and not him. Stick to protesting against McMuppet. The pressure needs to be maintained, although it is only the boycott of season tickets that will actually get rid of him. At the end of the day business men look a the money. If that isn't coming in a decision has to be made. McMuppet Out. UTV

Sod it, if we do nothing the club will continue to get worse, if we do something we could potentially wake up Lerner or just get nowhere? Either way whats the worst that could happen when protesting? The players get upset? Please, will just be another Mcleish excuse. Got nothing to lose really, it's not hard to stand there and get the clubs attention in numbers, if it fails it fails, so what? Least people will have made an effort instead of being sheep and accepting the clubs demise.

Paul Faulkner said the aim was European qualification this season back in November, probably feels a bit of a tit now...

The team's morale seems ok, just seems to lack real desire and battle, which explains why we've not scored from a corner in the league, no one is willing to really go for it. A lack of quality at set pieces. Our formation is not as good as O'Neill. I could go on and on.

Ya have to agree we need to concentrate on getting ECK out, 1 problem at a time, and instead of getting faulkner out it would be better to get a director of football in, a proper one who knows manager in europe and not just britan and know players from europe and even africa, just look at what newcastle are doing with Peter Beardsly as devoloper of football and a good scouting system with people who know about football and has got them players like, Ben Arfa one of the hottest talents in france a couple seasons ago, David Santon one of the hottest talents in Italy a couple seasons ago, Ba, Cisse, Cabaye all these players have turned newcastle into a formiddable team and all just from having a person at the club who knows football we need a football man and to get rid of the anti football man!

I think Faulkner should bend over and pull his underpants and trousers UP as I don't want him talking through his ass any more.........
Pride of Lions

@kerryvillian - i agree with that, it's stupid how many talented players we miss out on because of our rubbish scouting system. In the past we've been linked to some quality players before they became hot property, but missed out. the likes of Ozil, Huntelaar, Falcao, and those players you've mentioned who are now at Newcastle, and look at them now, Huntelaars scoring more goals than games he's played, Ozil plays for Real Madrid! Falcao is wanted by the European giants. And it's worse because we were all able to see how good they were and were crying out for us to sign these kinds of players, but we never do. And at the time they were all realistic signings. Did you know though that Houllier actually had a deal in place to sign Cabaye, but Lerner wouldn't give him anymore money after he'd signed Bent and Makoun? so it fell though. I mean even teams like Fulham are able to spot and sign decent players from abroad, the likes of Ruiz and Pogrebnyak are doing pretty well for them. - I also agree about leaving Lerner/Faulkner out of it, Mcleish is the problem. I still trust Lerner financially, and Faulkner also helps with certain things. I'm probably a little apprehensive when it comes to them choosing a manager, but right now I just want their current choice out.

McLeish is the main target, but there are a lot of fans that are also unhappy with what Faulkner is doing. So that is why we added Faulkner.

Its is impossible to please everyone, all we are doing is trying to provide a platform for Villa fans to show how they feel about the current direction of the club. This is the last thing I want to be doing with my spare time, but I cant sit back and watch our great club fail. If any body has any better ideas how to do this please contact us via our website. The more the merrier.

you are just mixing the message though and not consulting before doing so to be fair. who is writing the mandate? And you know I admire the fact that you are at least standing up and trying to be counted so not just criticising for the sake of it. You have forums to go on to talk to people and ask what they want. The last protest, in my humble opinion, set back the calls to get McLeish out because hardly anyone bothered to turn up. Looks silly, looks like most (or as he said 'the silent majority' back him, which they don't) You need a few thousand for a march, anything less and it is counterproductive and again, just my opinion. As for adding Paul, then why not Randy? Randy is the boss, he hires and fires, he chooses the manager. Paul F has brought in the two biggest deals this club has ever seen, just bad timing that we have, at the same time, a hated manager. People are speaking out of ignorance if they think it was Paul and Paul alone who brought in this manager and if you asked Randy he would agree with that statement. You have a mcleishout mandate, you've not changed that to throw someone else to the wolves, then who next and who is deciding? Do you see what I'm getting at?
The Fear next I reckon. Can we turn up to the march with any other political views banners as we seem to be including everyone??

Stay on message guys, your site is called McLeish Out! It's going to be hard enough drumming up support for a potest against the Manager, if you start deviating by adding other people to the protest, you are dead before you start. I'm not a fan of Faulkner either, but one thing I am sure of, the Manager needs to be the focal point of any protests as he simply has to go.

By the way, that was a message from the popular front of Villa; the peoples front of Villa are splitters! (Copyright Monty Python, ask your dads).

The views on Randy are very mixed so thats why I didnt think to include him, and also as the owner cant see him sacking himself. To add again the message is McLeish Out! Im doing my best in trying to do something to help the club, but I also have a lot of other commitments so it can be difficult to devote as much time to this as it is needed. I just cant sit back and watch the club I love become a laughing stock and slide down the table. If im the only person there so be it!

Mate, you are not the only person and we (sorry Fear, don't wish to speak for you!) are only offering advice. I agree with you and the protest that's why I have bothered to respond to you, we need a good turn out on Saturday and by keeping on message, you can hope for a better turn out by keeping the target of the action McLeish and McLeish alone. Nobody is attacking you mate, just trying to help.

I hope people do turn up. A large turnout will show the club how we feel and it will make his 'silent majority' statement look even more ridiculous.

McLeish is not going to be sacked this season. Probably not next season either. The club has spent too much already on compensation to O'Neill, Houllier and Blues. Thing is, I don't really care any more. I have been a Villa fan since 1960 - over 50 years and a season ticket holder for a large
part of that. I was a shareholder before Randy came along. I voted against that as I thought it more important for the fans to have some (small) say in the running of the club than to have a rich owner. I used to wake up on Saturday mornings thinking, 'Great. Villa Park today' Now, it's only having a season ticket that gets me to go at all. I will not be having one next year. I stopped caring because it hurt too much. To see my club essentially abandoned to McLeish tells me that the owner no longer cares. Don't tell me how much money has been spent on Bodymore Heath, or the Holte pub. The only thing that matters is the first team. Everything else is way down the list. To those of you with the enthusiasm and energy to keep protesting I wish you luck. But I have had enough.
chocolate teapot

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 27 2012

Time: 3:13PM

Your Comments

It is safe to say now that it is a very large majority of fans that want Alex McLeish sacked as manager. A number of fans are happy to moan and groan online but when it comes to taking part in any planned action to show their discontent they refuse to take part. Why is that? Its all well and good us moaning on here, twitter and facebook but does that really grab the clubs attention, No! We need a large, strong and vocal ANTI-MCLEISH presence at Villa Park on Saturday. The larger the number present at the protest, the more serious we will be taken. People are worried about how they look if they attend a protest, why? It shows you care, have passion and still want to fight for the best interests of your club. The protest will be peacful and non violent so what is the problem? What else should we do, just sit back and do nothing and accept this and let it run on in to next season? Keep paying a small fortune to watch us go down? I love this club and refuse to sit back idly and watch this manager destroy us.
Will the last person to leave Villa Park, please turn out the (Flood) lights. Nevermind, we'll always have Rotterdam!
interesting thread you started mate: Forum ... Click Here Would love feedback from fans / readers on here, as no doubt so would you, IF you want McLeish gone, why dont' you feel that you want to protest? Think my reasons are clear already,especially health related, struggling to get to games let alone stand up and protest but if fit, I wouldn't, I just don't 'believe' in manager protests. However, can understand your confusion, the mandate seems clear but...............
The Fear
I took my 'Get the F'Eck out of Villa' flag to the last game. It was all folded up nice and tidy and was under my arm as I entered the ground. The 'Support Prevention Officers' (Stewards) demanded that I unfurl the banner so that they could determine if I was allowed to take it into the ground. They refused me entry to Villa Park with my banner that supports our club. It doesn't support the manager and I think that by asking for him to leave is the greatest show of support any Villa Fan can give at the moment. So if you do have banners please wear them under your coats, wrap them under your trousers, whatever it takes to get them in to VP, just do it, because if the Support Prevention Officers see them they will be confiscated before you are allowed in to the ground. Alternatively if you go as part of a group, just wear plain white t shirts each spelling one word. Three of you could wear 'Eck Out Now'. They can not prevent you access wearing a shirt with one word written on it!!!! I will be taking in my banner again. The Support Prevention Officers will not find it this time. I will not be unfurling it whilst we are in with a shout of the points. As soon as it is clear that we are going to lose by being forced to watch the tripe that McMuppets teams produce, I will be unfurling it from the top of the Holte. UTV. McMuppet Out Now.
As a neutral (gunner), here in peace, I feel the need to ask - aside from the fact he managed that rubbish little blue club from the Midlands, what is he doing so wrong? Seems to me to be a decent manager, who has had results (before joining Villa); what are the Villains' biggest gripes with the guy?
A decent manager? His PL win ratio is 25% from over a 130 games. That is not the record of a decent manager mate
awful negative football, blaming everyone but himself for hapless and helpless displays, a disgrace of a no show v Spurs. Us only managing to give your team a training session saturday, us being told confidence is high and then after the Arsenal result that we need to be realistic... etc. Playing Gabby as a winger having said in the summer he knows Gabby is wasted on the wing, N'Zogbia bought and played in the wrong position, PL record as above, taking blues down twice is a worry as we arne't far off the drop... etc
The Fear
damiano, did you not see how we performed at your place on Saturday? We didn't have shot. This is not the first time we've played that bad this season, actually, we've seen more of 'those' performances than we have home wins!
Yes damiano, before he came here not all of us knew what we were in for. Only fans of clubs that he has managed know. Us fans know our players and know how not to play them. Eck does this regularly. Arsenal are good at the moment but half your fans are prawn sandwich munchers (no offence intended) and they only go to games because it's fashionable. They don't look at the opposition because they're so caught up with their good form. Nothing to do with who he has managed. Didn't realise a manager could be so negative whilst constantly denying it and NEVER take the blame himself. At least Wenger says that he didn't see it. Eck will blame anything but himself. He is seriously deluded and no idea how he keeps up the false pretence. He can't really believe his own hype and is thought of as a nice guy by the press so they never pull him up on his supreme uselessness at almost everything apart from making a fool of himself in press conferences. In fact, I'm starting to think that he is a nasty piece of work and that he's fooled everyone into thinking that he's a nice guy. No-one can be as stupid as he comes across after seeing through his bull over time can they???
Okay... So then, given the amount of money available at Villa, and the relative attractiveness of the club, how well would you expect to be doing? Seems to me you're short of cash and short of players, so to be nearer the bottom of the league than the top isn't a shock.
Would you rather go to Birmingham or Swansea?? No excuses for putting 10 men behind the ball against everyone at home except the bottom 3. We surrender before a ball is kicked and we can't even defend which was supposed to be all that he was good at.
damiano with the greatest respect you haven't got a clue. You have a managerial genius at your place who for years has had you competing at the top end of the table on relative peanuts whilst playing some of the most attractive football in Premier League history. He has won doubles, gone unbeaten in the League, taken you to CL finals and built you a fabulous new stadium. When he took over at Arsenal you were mid table. I think you finished 8th the year he was employed by the club. Even selling your two best players Nasri and Fabregas he has got you challenging at the top end of the table. Yet is was only weeks ago that the fans were calling for his blood and demanding his sacking. The players were being booed, Eboue, Arshavin, Walcott etc. Talksport was awash with fans demanding his removal. Your biggest celebrity fan, Pierced Organ (sorry Piers Morgan) was twittering everybody that it weas time for Wenger to go. Wenger is a genius and you wanted him removed. And you have the cheek to ask us what is wrong with McMuppet and you imply that we are about where we deserve to be. For your info we are the 4th most succesful club in Englis Football. Infact it was us who actually formed the League in the first place. We are the 6th most successful club since the formation of the Premier League. We have won the European Cup and we have won doubles. We are Aston Villa and with the right backing and management we would be the equal in terms of stature and size as Arsenal, possibly bigger, as we have been for most of our history. But we have a manager who relegated our local rivals twice, was chased out of Glasgow for coming 3rd in a two horse race and plays the most insipid football imaganeable. Let me ask you this - when Wenger leaves the club, would you be happy to have Avram Grant as your new manager. He has just relegated one of your London rivals. If not, then butt out. And I say that as nicely as possible because you really do not have a clue what we have to endure. UTV. McMuppet Out
Attractiveness in terms of location, money, European football, league security, the whole deal... Swansea have had a bit of cash floating about, a group of players who have struggled out of a lower division, and added to that with people who want to get in the 'shop window'. So it's a tough call.

It's a fine line isn't it; you throw 10 behind the ball, you get too many draws; you go on the attack, you suffer defeats. If you've got 12 draws and 10 defeats so far, you might argue that it's too risky to push more men forward. Although I suppose you can argue the other way - a bit more attacking could turn those 12 draws into a few more wins, and each of those is 2 more points for you.

Another way to look at it is that you're as close to relegation as you are to 8th place (8 points). What proportion of responsibility do you level at McLeish - bearing in mind the board's actions and the standard of the players, how much of the current situation is his fault - 50%? 99%?
voiceoftheholte - absolutely, I've no idea, that's why I'm asking you guys, and not telling you!
We've spent more than Arsenal in the last 5 odd years, we were top spenders 4-5 seasons ago, 3rd top spenders a few seasons ago, we spent 24m on a striker Jan before last etc. Money is spent. Arsenal have never done it with millions anyway, they have built right, bought right, sold right etc. Think you are a bit out in your assessment of what Villa is, we average out as a regular top six, 15th is not where we should be! to be fair, your lot booed a class manager not that long back, after all he brought to Arsenal, I was there end of last season when you 'all' left early instead of clapping the team off etc. If you aren't always behind a legend of a manager, how can Villa fans be expected to be behind this one we have?!?
The Fear
voiceoftheholte - it's nice to hear your opinions, as a fan of a different club, are so similar to mine; I've spent the best part of 6 months on VitalArsenal telling people 'calm down, it was a bad start - we don't want to sack Wenger. We've got a good side, don't panic after four games.' As a point of fact, I've been telling Arsenal fans for six years not to get so stroppy about not having won anything that particular year; I'm sure Villa fans would kill to have "failed" the way Arsenal have over the last six years! Wenger's the best thing to happen to the club, and a lot of VERY STUPID people wanted him out. I wasn't one of them.
No worries Damanio. Now you are aware of the situation. Arsenal fans wanted Wenger out (not you and not all, but a good many) and you wonder what is wrong with McMuppet. Thanks for the kind visit. Now please go and play on your own park and leave us to moan amongst ourselves :o)
Hi TheFear: how many of the players you've bought for big money have been sold, though? Season 2011-2012 you've made 30,000,000 from transfers (, mostly from selling your two best wingers (correct me if I'm wrong). And losing your central midfield to the petrol wealth of Man*****ty can't have helped of course.
voiceoftheholte - who do you want in? If he left tomorrow, who would you want to sign (when you'd finished dancing a jig!)?
voiceoftheholte - who do you want in? If he left tomorrow, who would you want to sign (when you'd finished dancing a jig!)?
As you can see though damiano, we know lots about your team and you know nothing about Villa. Fans of the top 4 or so rarely look at anyone else as they are so caught up in their own glory. Nothing wrong with that and your initial question is probably answered in that, we are so unattractive to see these days that no-one cares about us and we're just another bit of cannon fodder for the Gunners. It is mainly down to the manager and his negativity which in hindsight is a trademark of him and his teams. Defend for 89 mins and scrape a lucky goal at the other end. Randy has to take a lot of blame for employing Faulkner to oversee and even comment to the press on matters football related. And of course in his choice of managers. O'Neil was Doug Ellis' choice .
We'll take Wenger as most of your lot wanted rid of him a few weeks ago ;-D
Ha! I'd sooner give you my left nut that AW's contract...! But if we dno't win three trophies next year..... (hehehe)
Damiano - i dont want to attack you but as you said you havnt a clue so dont be shocked when somebody tells you the story... Dont go thinking that was a fantastic gunners performance at the weekend... Villa flattered you guys because of a shocking display that was devoid of any sort of passion from the guys on the field... to be fair some of it was down to a bad day at the office from one or two players but other than that McLeish has consistently failed to inspire the team and failed to provide a tactic other than sit back and play for the draw... villa in the bottom half of the table has never been acceptable esp in recent years... short of cash? No... Short of players? no not when we send a champions league standard player out on loan... I mean Jean Makoun or Jermaine Jenas? one example of poor footballing acumen... I gave McLeish a chance at the start of his reign but the surrender at spurs and then at home to utd showed me he is not the right man for this job... the final straw(s) was away to wigan and blackburn... our league position actually flatters us imo.. we deserve to be relegated based on everything iv seen... iv watched every game this year except two... and there is only 3 maybe 4 performances i would stand behind as being good... and one was the first half against the gunners in the FA cup... The chelsea game was his best day but he hasnt been able to reproduce it not even at 40%... I can chalk up your last comment as ignorance on your part because any conversation I have with somebody about villa who isnt a fan always begins the same way 'How do you support Villa lad, McLeish is ruining your club', then a variety of points are brought up negative/dour/anti football tactics, Heskey/Warnock getting to many chances, potentially good/solid young players not getting a chance and the classic you overachieved with MON based on the players he had but collectively the team is no worse than 10th...
damnio - it isn't about employing a big name. But everybody would give you a whole range of their personal preferences. Wenger was unheard of but had a reputation in the game as being forward thinking. I would look at the likes of Poyet at Brighton who is forging the same reputation and is now probably in need of a bigger challenge.
Never mind about damiano, what the hellis going on in cloud cuckoo land? Currently we have 40% (FORTY PERCENT)!!!who want Idiot out, but won't/can't be bothered to protest????? Pray, do tell how you think he'll go without some pressure from supporters?, as Lerners' too dim to realise!! Pathetic!!!! Some people want their cake and eating it without going out of their way to sort the cake out..... Ffs, I despair........................................................................................................................................................................
Pride of Lions
Very sorry to hear about your health problems, The Fear! I hope they aren't as serious as they sound. In response to your first post: No matter how much we rant and rave on this site -- or elsewhere -- I don't think the owner really cares. RL took charge og AVFC before the global financial crash. If he knew then what he knows now I don't think he'd have bothered. Chelskov were the 'moneybags' of world football at the time. Since then, Citeh, Malaga, PSG and Anzhi Makhachkala have appeared out of the clear blue sky. More megarich clubs will probably follo. How can Villa compete? We can't. Football has gone mad. Platini, Blatter etc can't do anything even if they had the will or bottle to try (they haven't). My view is get in a talented up-and-coming coach for the long term with a view to 4th place (at best) or Europa League/FA Cup/Mid-table+mid-table at worst. If it's any consolation consider this... apart from the two Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelskov and possibly Newcastle, everyone else in the EPL is -- more or less -- in the same boat as us.
That was meant to be 'mid-table + attractive football'.
If you want Mcleish out then protest! Stop keep talking a load of crap on the internet and moaning, bloody do something about it!! The deluded few can give this moron all the time they like, they obviously don't care for the club and don't mind failure, fair enough...The fans who don't want this thing to completely destroy our club need to do something about it. The way i see it is, if we do nothing, nothing changes, if we protest things might change or nothing happens? So it's worth 'attempting' to protest...Whoever think's it will affect the players are just finding excuses, we are crap already can we get worse? There professionals they will do a job, we can cheer threw the game not before. It won't make anyone a poor supporter, in fact it will show that you are passionate and willing to help save AVFC before it's too late.
Why include Faulkner when the bloke offered to have a meeting with fans after the last protest but the group refused his offer?? what the matter with manning up and facing up to him and letting him know how you feel when the bloke is prepared to discuss things with the fans. In other words, slag him off on here and outside the ground but their scared to meet him face to face to discuss things. Sums it all up for me really, balmy!
damiano thanks for the visit but how can you even ask the question, what has he done wrong!?! You obviously haven't watched any Villa games this season, even still anyone in football can see what's going on. Voice I agree with what you say mate, we are on the same page. Bummer about your banner but good luck next time. I also would love Poyet at Villa park, a young up and coming manager with a huge passion for the game, plays football the right way and could stay at Villa park for 10 years, he'd probably be cheaper than McLeish too!! No brainier
GLEN HODDLE for Villa manager anyone? Yes please......
whvilla. Where/when did Faulkner offer to meet the protesters? I am on this site and on the official site most days and have never seeen such an invite. I would go at the drop of a hat if this was a genuine offer. As for the complaints against the non protesters who want McMuppet out, I have sympathy for their views. I hate protesting, it goes against the traditional view of supporting the club. But I also feel that this protest against McMuppet is the best form of support we can give to the Villa. I believe the biggest protest will be in season ticket renewals. Villa fans have a history of voting with their feet and this summer will see the biggest stampede away from Villa Park in living memory. Unfortunately because the club havene't listened they are going to get hammered in the pocket. We will simply say, "you should have listened".
I would also jump at the chance to peet Paul Faulkner
Anyone see Reply From Pauol on AVN&Vs? S*******.
I said S-N-I-G-G-E-R!!! As in 'laugh'!!!!! This firewall is far to strict Fear! Cripes!
Didn't you recently decline that offer from Paul F?
You couldn't make this up - but I have just had a call from a pal within the club, he has told me certain staff are being 'encouraged' to vote on any polls supporting McMuppet and where possible to infiltrate websites to spread misinformation. So now the club are refusing peaceful protests within the ground, but are actively encouranging fan resentment outside of it? dear oh dear oh dear. What have we come to . . . . . . .
lol @ ljkal... we bought it in, it is harsh, will get that sorted. Spooks used to show up as a swearword as well, different meaning in the UK to US. Osman ********** also showed up, that must have been put in by a bored programmer!
The Fear
ha, it still does partly.. bi n la den ... lol (sorry, little things please little minds!)
The Fear
Voice, the americans know how to ignore and suppress the masses better than most. Some on here are clearly either mad, bloonoses, taking severe anti depressants or working for Randy. They must be Lizard people (david icke)like Murdoch. The media tells most what they think. A lot believe it but no-one who has watched us this season is still under the influence, surely??

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Lambert To Contact Riley Over Gabby Red (Monday December 22 2014)

Okore & Sanchez Gain Lambert Praise (Monday December 22 2014)

Benteke Makes BBC Team Of The Week (Monday December 22 2014)

Bent Wants Brighton Stay (Sunday December 21 2014)

Lambert To Complete Cleverley Deal? (Sunday December 21 2014)

Stats: Aston Villa v Man U (Saturday December 20 2014)

Lambert - Duo Going Nowhere In January (Saturday December 20 2014)

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