Aston Villa - Alex Disappointed, But Pushing On
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Alex Disappointed, But Pushing On

Alex McLeish has declared himself disappointed following the 3-0 loss to Arsenal today, but has promised a positive performance against Chelsea.

Speaking to the Official Site after another match day that most of us would like to forget, the manager said focused on looking forward:

'We have a home game next week and we have to be positive. We have to concentrate on the glass being half full rather than half empty.'

I think most of us would like a half full glass at the moment, I'd imagine quite a few thousand are drowning their sorrows at the bottom of an empty glass at the moment.

'At 2-0 we had a couple of chances, at half time we thought that if we could get a goal back we could make Arsenal nervous. Andi Wiemann...'

!!!!!!Scapegoat alert!!!!!!

'...had a couple of chances. He scuffed a left footer and played the ball across the face of goal when he might have gone for goal. Normally, his striker instincts would have made him try to score, but he was lively when he came on.'

Yes Alex, whatever you say. He wasn't trying to score...okay. He couldn't have just made a couple of mistakes, you know the kind your favoured seniors make match in match out yet never get benched for.

No he lacked a strikers instinct and wasn't trying. Well let me see that lack of effort on a match day more often as he was far more of a threat than any of the other buggers leaning on a lamppost and hardly moving.


We had two shots on target according to the BBC. Presumably they are both Weimann's. So why single him out, why not focus on the other experienced strikers who managed naff all?

In a good dig at the fans, he adds:

'People expected us to come here and win, but we have to be realistic.'

No Alex, we expect to try and win. There is a huge difference, but blame everybody else if it makes you sleep easier at night.

A little bit of truth wouldn't go amiss.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 24 2012

Time: 7:37PM

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This interview has completely p****d me off!!! He blamed Weimann? The young striker who saved us against Fulham! Without Weimann we would now be 5 points off relegation instead of 8! As for the dig at the fans, he's an idiot! He has thousands travel to Arsenal for the second time this season to watch yet another awful display and then he tells us to get realistic. HOW THE HELL IS HE AT THIS CLUB??????????
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24/03/2012 19:56:00

'People expected us to come here and win, but we have to be realistic.' - LMAO! He's so ridiculous I think I'm starting to like him.
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24/03/2012 20:00:00

Exactly Mike, try to win!!!!! They are incompetent and incapable. Where are his excuse makers now??? This is indefensible at best.
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24/03/2012 20:07:00

we were cr--p have seen today`s current poll ,how the hell does heskey get 17% .i would not retire him with the donkeys at Blackpool as that would be a insult to them. this is my worst day i have been supporting villa in my 45yrs .He has to go NOW or we are going down and heskey can go with him. Anybody can see weimann should have started.
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24/03/2012 20:08:00

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24/03/2012 20:22:00

Okay okay Mc*****, we aren't allowed to expect a win at Arsenal then? We are being too unrealistic? Didn't no that it is impossible for teams to beat the bigger clubs. Oh im sorry didn't Wigan beat Liverpool today? Mcnegative out now!
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 20:32:00

^ If we retired him to Blackpool, maybe we could have Ollie in exchange? There's a manager people would play for and get behind.
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 20:33:00

He hasn't slagged Weimman there for me, just said he had a couple of chances, where does he blame him? I'm all for criticising but I think sometimes people have a knock for the sake of it
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 20:43:00

I can't believe he said we shouldn't expect to win, if that's the case then yes he has to go for sure, what the hell are we doing turning up for games
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 20:51:00

Oh dear. Alex. Oh dear. Does he never stop and think what is he saying? Great way to shatter the confidence of a young striker eh? Alex, we expect villa to look like they care, to play to a shape and to show some bottle. Alex, mate, seriously, please hold your hands up, admit this isn't working, and go.
The fear
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 21:07:00

'People expected us to come here and win, but we have to be realistic.' I REMEMBER GOING THERE UNDER MON FEELING LIKE WE CAN WIN EVERY TIME.... AND GUESS WHAT WE DID!!!!! Eck you are a bloody idiot, no body wants you, not the players, not the fans so do us all a favour and grow and set and F OFF!!!!!! I used to think you were a nice guy but rubbish at management, now I'm starting to really hate you. GIVE US OUR CLUB BACK!!!!!
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 21:41:00

Only been under this clown that we COULDN'T expect to get something against the bigger clubs in recent years - wonder if he told them this at his interview "yes i expect us to do well in the league but we won't get anything out of the top teams and i expect us to get beaten every time!" i think your glass is nearly empty so drink up and on your way!
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 22:10:00

As Fear said....Oh dear.
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 22:13:00

This man is the biggest dickhead in football history total tosser and should **** off back to Scotland and manage the Hebrides blind donkey X1 where he may actually enjoy some success. Oh i don't know though they might meet DOL's mighty disabled tortoise side
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 22:16:00

More seriously it is plain to see that Randolph firmly believes that this prat is the man for the future and seems hell bent on maintaining his services so where does that leave the fans ? Season ticket renewals being sent out and no doubt more bull***** about transfers in the close season and with the prospect of making very few points over the remaining games what kind of stance are people prepared to make. The coming weeks will shoew who is prepared to really stand up and make the ultimate sacrifice to get what is right or wrong for the club or just plod along accept the short term fate and hope some rich Arabs make Lerner an offer he can't refuse. I think that in reality Lerner and Faulkner and sadly McLeish will still be at B6 next season and dishing up the same ****e. But we all have a choice !!
Report Abuse
24/03/2012 22:29:00

this fool ought to start thinking before he opens his mouth, but he doesn't have a brain so what do you do?!
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 00:24:00

So, after saying there's no reason we can't go there and win, he comes out with this tripe of "who expected us to win?" Well, we won there last season, with only Gary Mcallister as caretaker. I'd take him now any day.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 00:58:00

Is nobody going to post anything in support of poor old Mr McIdiot ? All these negative waves, baby... I mean, he's outdone himself today hasn't he ? Starts Heskey instead of Wiemann, I mean that's enough, but no - he then picks out Wiemann as a scapegoat in the post-match interview. Just how blind and retarded do you have to be to *not* see that this man is poison for Aston Villa FC ? Shall we wait for the inevitable relegation battle and see what happens ? Are you going to defend him when we're in the bloody championship ? Well ?
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 02:01:00

How many more excuses is this steaming hot turd going to come out with? The cretin has to go, otherwise someone will be trying to contact the jackel........
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 09:24:00

We have had 160 odd corners this season and haven't scored from a single one, the only side in the prem not to have scored from a corner!! We have the equal 4th worse attack in the league with the likes of Bent, Gabby, Ireland and NZogbia in our team.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 11:28:00

Be realistic? We've only beaten them at their place more times than any other club. He's talking the club down, he is ruining the youngsters and he is tactically inept. As a motivator he is down their with Billy McNeill. I expect three points v Chelsea. I expect belief and attacking football. No excuses McLeish. No *****ty, backs to the wall, hoofing and scrapping. Get at them and get the three points against an ageing, overrated bunch of cockney tarts.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 12:42:00

Mcleish OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 12:53:00

It could be worse, we could have Dalglish for our manager. Imagine having that miserable has-been running the club? It would be terrific if Lerner could get in a hungry and tactically astute up-and-coming young coach. Given where Villa are located the club is never going to attract the worlds best players even if we got into the CL. Spurs a similar sized club, with similar resources are flying, partly because they have a half-decent coach but also because they are located in a major world city that will attract players as a place to live. What then should the Villa do? Model ourselves on Bilbao and Napoli, perhaps? They are provincial clubs who are never going to win their domestic leagues or attract the top players, but who punch above their weight playing attractive football with players who are commited to the cause. The Europa League is underrated. It reminds me of the old European Cup far more than the Champions league. The quality of some of the so-called smaller clubs, I.e Bilbao, Sporting, Porto for example is arguably on a par with some of Englands top teams as recently seen. It would be good to see Villa playing there. Sixth place plus cup runs and a decent, attractive style of football is what the club should be aiming for. I'd rather have that than 'CL football' via some sugardaddy scheik or oligarch.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 14:43:00

Btw, all the personal insults about Mcleish (I.e he's Scottish and ginger) are rude, not necessary and a bit pathetic. He can't do much about either. Moyes is also Scottish and ginger (albeit greying I think) too, isn't he? Would you say the same about him if he came here? Stick to Mcleish's ineptness as a coach. That's something he CAN change!
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 14:51:00

^ Why would we wanna model ourselves on Bilbao, they're in a relegation fight almost every season. Villa don't need to model themselves on anyone, we just need an astute manager who can motivate players and isn't a total to****.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 15:29:00

I couldn't help but laugh watching this interview, you could see the sweat starting to drip down his face as soon as the 1st question was asked, its obvious he is not capable of managing any team nevermind a prem team he is so Fing stupid jesus he did think about what he was saying because he took 5 seconds of eh ba da bleh ehhhh before he answered any question and he still *****ed it up, the mans an idiot and im happy to see very few fans are even trying to defend him, its about time ye opened your eyes and saw what McLoser is doing to this club!
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 16:54:00

totally agree VillaWillRiseAgain, it has grown nasty (even nastier on facebook) personal and unnecessary. Trouble is, can't delete every comment as it seems a growing % and I've given up trying to get some decency back. I agree he was the wrong appointment, worry about this season, worry about next but I still can't see he needs to be called ginger this that and the other.
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 17:25:00

I don't know about pushing on Alex, I wish you would push off....
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 18:34:00

@ The Fear -- The ignorance isn't just limited to the Villa support. I was on another site earlier and there was a so-called Liverpool FC supporter going on about 'The Darkest Day in the Clubs history'. Heysel? Hillsborough? No, losing against Wigan, yesterday. You couldn't make it up.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 19:12:00

One reason I only post on this site rarely these days is the tide of negativity, malice and ignorance that is starting to be a regular feature. I don't blame you Fear and I appreciate your comments about how you can't delete every post. Free speech is also important. There are a lot of good posters - Voice of the Holte, Mike_Field, Stenny Villa, Fat Loser and quite a few others spring to mind. I don't always agree with all these posters but at least they use rational argument to start a debate and -for the most part- don't use rude or offensive terminology. I know what most Villans are against these days, I'd like to what they are actually FOR, too.
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 19:19:00

I shouldn't worry Alex, with you at the helm and the season we are having I don't think anybody expected us to win. I don't expect anything anymore it just results in disappointment.
Lion Heart
Report Abuse
25/03/2012 23:36:00

Hopeless, useless, negative tripe yet again. Wiemann sacked off to the bench and then slagged off in the press as an Eckscuse for losing so badly. This clown needs to be shown the door NOW.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 08:57:00

Comes with the territory VWRA. If Eck wants a job that he clearly isn't capable of then he should expect what comes with it. I know he's a nice guy etc. That isn't the point. He's an ultra negative manager so should expect some negativity towards himself over his tenure.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 09:44:00

Had a few things to do on Saturday so wasn't around for the first half. Switched on the radio when I got back just in time to hear that Arsenal were playing like it was a training match. Switched off and went out to cut the lawn. I can't handle it!
Cheshire Villan
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 09:49:00

26 years as a Villa fan and I'm 31. In this time I have watched more than most Villa games, I bleed Villa like I know most of you do but I can tell you now I have never ever felt as bad and down as I do now. I still watch every minute but for the first time in my life i go into games thinking and knowing we will perform rubbish and not do the shirt proud. I honestly believe a different manager with the same players would do a much better job and not a big named manager either. This is wrong, so so wrong and I can't understand the man I used to call King Randy's motivation or logic.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 09:58:00

@villawillriseagain... I know mate, I co-own the Vital network and look at a lot of the comments on a lot of our sites as well as other football sites, it is certainly not just Villa fans, 100% sure of that, nor just us being 'fickle' (I have always said, the game is fickle!) but I do hate it when it is too rude/too personal but as said above, I can't remove everything, I do believe people should stand by their own comments and they reflect on them.

Actually went onto the Arsenal site after Cheshire and asked if they thought their players had enjoyed the training match. Fans of other clubs seem almost as shocked as us as to what we've turned into, ie surrender monkeys.
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 10:16:00

McMuppet out. I also agree the references to ginger and Scottish are not needed. All protests need to be based on his incompetence, not his looks or heritage.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 10:18:00

THE LOSERS LOUNGE . It was sunday night I walked in promptly tripped over a brolly by the door picked it up and handed it to a sheepish looking Mclaren who apologised and grabbed it hugging it to his chest. Over at one table I could see the wolves chairman engaged in a game of russian roulette with Terri Connor. Over the other side of the room Di Cannio was kicking the crap out of the one arm bandit I turned to Weimann and said "whats up with him"? he said " hes won the jackpot 10 " I looked puzzled so he added Three paint pots came up ! I walked over to where Mcleish and Heskey were involved in a game of table football they both looked haggard and unshaven I asked how long have you been playing ? they turned round and said together "7 Hours" I asked whats the score ? they said in unison 0-0 no supprise there then . I told Weimann no matter what Mcleish said he didnt belong there. What ? oh the Arsenal game all been said above no need for insults his tactics and team choice spells it out for us. Martin Laursen with an experianced sidekick please.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 11:48:00

Bah humbug you PC lot..... ;o)
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 11:50:00

I'm glad he's not getting death threats like Keane at Blackburn was but it's like barracking an opposition team player when you have a go at Eck. He certainly isn't on our side, the way that he sets up the team!! Ginger and Scottish are just common denominators and describing words. Not atall racist or gingerphobic. Could be a lot worse and would rather moan about the state of affairs and ways to resolve it than moaning about fans calling Eck rude names.
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 13:40:00

gingerphobic! lol To be fair 444, it is more the c*** this and ginger pri** that that get to me, the facebook part can be totally savage but also 'controlling' the forum is impossible!
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 15:22:00

He's full of *****. I didn't expect a win at all...
Report Abuse
26/03/2012 20:08:00


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