Aston Villa - Wayhey N'Zogbia's In The News Again
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Wayhey N'Zogbia's In The News Again

Cars, disgusted, misquoted...why does a French interview never go well for him?

head in hands

Speaking to L'Equipe, he reportedly said:

'I'm not exactly jubilant, I like to go forward, but here they ask me to defend more than attack. Alex McLeish said I prefer cars to football, that is his slogan. If I get wages, I have the right to do what I want with my money. He is not here to tell me what I have to buy or not. He is not my father. He doesn't know where I come from...'

France? Wigan?

'After the match against Newcastle there was a quarrel. I didn't like the words he said. I was really upset. At first I was disgusted. Now the coach has started to play me again, so it is better. There was a communication problem, we had a talk and we both put our resentment aside.'

Now is this an old interview said in the heat of the moment? Did the journalist take licence with what McLeish has said in general as opposed to directly to the player?

Am I the only one who reads the final comment about a heart to heart as sounding possibly like it's more of a 'we are running this, would you like to add a comment?' because the tone is completely different?


Since this broke and the obvious predictable N'Zogbia is useless, McLeish is useless, the Board sign all our players responses, Zoggy has released a statement via Villa to the press saying:

'I would like to clarify because I have not been quoted correctly. The most important point is I'm very happy to be an Aston Villa player. I appreciate the manager brought me here and I want to repay this by performing well. I'm happy to be playing my part, I want to contribute. This is a big club with a proud history and I have a great desire to help the club to win. That is the attitude the manager wants to see in all of the players here.'

As for the crack about cars?

'I know now that he did not say this about me. He was saying this about every player, he wants to win football games and think about cars and everything else after. This is my attitude also.'

He knows now...he didn't before...when it was said to him?

But never fear, they believe in each other:

'We spoke together after the game against Newcastle and we have put this behind us. We believe in one another.'

Well apart from being a staged clarification that says all the right things about the club, it doesn't really answer any of the questions does it.

Did N'Zogbia brain fart recently? Is it an old set of quotes rehashed to create a stir now his form has actually improved slightly over recent games.

And is the issue really he's being asked to track back, just like all good wingers do? I don't remember Ashley Young or Ryan Giggs sitting with their legs crossed 30 yards from the oppositions goal until somebody passed the ball to them.

Is it a clash of personalities that will never work or is it just a ruddy good excuse to berate the player, the manager or even both based on previous dislikes?

Methinks the latter will dominate comments!

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 20 2012

Time: 6:34PM

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F*** knows,the French are always translating it wrong,GH never even said if we were going to lose a game he would sooner lose to Liverpool really,did he?.They just like to whine or is it wine?
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 18:47:00

N'Zogbia. Ask the Wigan fans. A very average Prem player / Championship player to many. 8 million was it? 2-3 million would be his value. He'll be off next season I would think.
Kid Charlemagne
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 18:59:00

Get rid, I am sick of players thinking they are special They get paid to play and represent Aston Villa That's it, like we all have to do as we are told At work, get rid of him, Ireland,Banan who clearly is a tw*t And get some football players who will Play football and act in a proper maner
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 20:07:00

Andy I'm pretty sure you can type without the childish nonsense, especially as you keep targeting the two players who have tried to create something for our lacklustre frontline, or we do we differ on what proper football is? 80 yard hoofs?
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 20:13:00

Yep andy get tid of the most creative players at the club, you sound like someone very familiar?? Related to Mcnegative by any chance? And Kid charlemagne, do be quiet mate unless you know your football, the wigan fans loved N'Zogbia, they thought he should of held out for a bigger club than us...He is nowhere near a championship player, he is a top quality player who is being affected by people around him. I'd prefer to have a bunch of players like N'Zogbia than the manager we have.
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 20:34:00

Actually carry on Andy, there's no way I'm having P.Avfc agree with me! :-) Zoggy's looked a lot better lately, hopefully that'll continue but then again if we aren't in Europe in 3 years he's off anyway isn't he? lol
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 20:44:00

It was never going to work between McDraw and N'Zog, its not like Zog never helps the defence, even if you watched him for wigan he defended quite a bit and was quite good at it, the problem is with McWaster he is told to constantly defend and never cross the half way line, he is an attacking player who likes to express himself and needs a bit of freedom sometimes, the only freeedom you get with ECK is the freedom to defend, but I do hate sulky players, get on with your game and do the job you get paid for!!
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 21:22:00

"Get rid, I am sick of players thinking they are special" - Isn't it important that players have a bit of self belief?
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 22:12:00

Actually guys I do mean we should replace them with other creative players I am just fed up of moaning players and drunk and abusive players and idiots who do think they are above everyone because they play football, at the end of the day they wouldn't have a job if we didn't go and see them play!
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 22:34:00

Pavfc your wrong about nog is though Everywhere he has been he has moaned And sulked Charles Insomnia wasn't it At Newcastle , he moaned at Wigan I am fed up with it, fans moaning, players Moaning are we all forgetting that the most important Thing is Aston Villa football club.
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 22:53:00

Get shut of the players that moan , get shut of the Stupid ones that crash cars whilst drunk And then post pictures of the ***** up on St Patrick's day on twitter or who ruin Other people nights at dog racing Because they can't hold their beer and insist on shouting and showing off We do not need it as a club, we used to be respected Professional football should be professional full stop, Get rid
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 22:59:00

Sorry for the rant :(
Report Abuse
20/03/2012 23:00:00

Kerry, most of the problem isn't Zog not attacking past the halfway line (people who sit by the dugout permanently say he's screaming for them to get forward!) it's he rarely defends past the halfway line and doesn't cover warnock. Don't rewrite mate to suit your outlook.

Andy, you need to chill. Bannan made a mistake that will follow him throughout his career. Whenever he's snapped having a shandy, even if it's a glass of wine at his wedding his accident will be brought up. He's got to live with it, we all do dumb things when long as he learns why does he deserve the abuse? ps it wasn't Bannan who posted the picture, if you actually look at it, I'd say he looks uncomfortable because I'd hope he thinks of the reaction it'll get, which in turn will make sure when he drinks he doesn't drive, and when he's driving, he'll have shandy.

As for the dogs racing, again, if they were that badly behaved it'd have hit the press. 22 odd year olds being loud is hardly a scoop of the century. Yes it *****ed the member who posted it off, but has he posted about all the other young lads there who acted the same or is it only whinge worthy because they are players and a target? As said it wasn't that great, if I've got my dates right, they were out the next day being snapped on St Paddy's so even the 'Bannan offers Weimann out for a fight' was deadly serious wasn't it, so serious they are again together the next day!

Your rant is fine, just get some perspective...they left 60 quid's worth of beer, on their wages is that any different from you or me leaving a pint because we know it would be dumb to finish it?

Footballers are role models, but equally, they are human...we need to stop thinking they won't make the mistakes we do growing up and we should stop holding them to a level of behaviour on time off that we'd never reach ourselves. Some of the faux indignation thrown at players out enjoying their free time is pathetic.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 01:11:00

Mike-field point taken, should still get rid of Zog though he isn't as good as he thinks he is
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 07:40:00

I don't agree with the zog out etc comments above but the press office at VP need shooting. The club need to control the players and any unauthorised press contact, be it good bad or indifferent should result in a hefty fine. Any authorised contact should be supervised and players briefed on what they can and can't say.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 08:13:00

Disagree with you Mike in respect of 22 year olds are not kids. If they were teenagers then the they're young etc excuses wash but they are grown men who should realise that they are proffessional atheletes. How many of our olympic team do you thik went out on the pop for paddy's day? how many do you think will be on the pop between now and the summer? football players are proffessional atheletes not lads down the pub who kick around on a sunday, they need to start behaving like atheletes and the club should make sure that they do by coming down hard and setting an example to young and old alike.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 08:18:00

"They ask me to defend more than attack...." oh what a surprise!
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 09:40:00

You make some good points Mike but these guys Managers and players earn more in a week than most of us earn in a year, they live a cossetted life style and are willing to push themselves forward for sponsorship etc (in other words role models) and as such should be willing to take the flak if they do wrong. Cant speak for every one but if I was offered 30k a week to play football for 15 years, keep my mouth shut in public and not be a p*sshead I am sure I could manage it.My first rule would be dont trust the press who will blow anything out of proportion for a story.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 11:42:00

Mike, i have to agree to a certain extent with Andy and definitely with AVb&b re the age of these guys and their responsibility to the Club and to the fans. More respect for the members of the public and their own highly paid bodies wouldn't go amiss.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 12:48:00

I think if we all stopped re-writing history to suit ourselves Mr Field, Vital Villa would close down in hours. What fun would there be left in being a Villa fan. There's no fun on the pitch at the moment. If I remember rightly we haven't won a game since Christmas.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 15:11:00

It's well known the club have a rule book, if they have stepped outside of that action will taken. Players are pretty much, or have been, regulars at the dog track - if they were out of order it would be known. Otherwise, it's just lads enjoying themselves as they are entitled to do, loud and full spirits maybe, but any different to most groups at the track - doubt it. Or put another way, would we want them socialising, with partners, enjoying themselves and strengthening their friendships - or out at clubs, starting fights etc?

Probably a fair few AV, but short of Usain Bolt and maybe Tom Daley who got in hot water for a few and a dance not long back, would anybody recognise them as easily as footballers? More importantly would anyone care lol

Merlin, try living your life like that though - you'd be a hermit. Nothing wrong with them having a drink when there's no game and it obviously hasn't affected training or they'd have been pulled about it. They weren't out turning over tables, smashing glasses etc afterall were they. They were a little loud, hardly the crime of the century. And yes they do earn more than most if any of us will see, so, so what if they leave drinks on the table, I'd say that shows they are learning their limits and not pushing it by not wasting the drink.

Again Charizma, short of being loud like most groups at the dog's who exactly did they disrespect? Time off, no game, plenty of time to recovery from a night or two on the pop, not like they did a God eh lol

144, don't need to rewrite history to argue over the tiniest semantic minutia like wot we do so well. :-)

Anyway I'm going to have to warn myself about going off on a tangent lol I'd imagine Zoggy will have had a nice fine about this, but I'm still not sure how old these quotes are. It goes back to the twitter comments to me, so I do think it's possible he's been unfairly treated here by leaving it so long before publishing them, but again he should know better when it comes to journalists - they aren't there to help you as Merlin rightly points out.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 17:17:00

Mike, he tweeted yesterday saying he meant all that was reported then the tweet disappeared , I saw it but it may have been someone else doing it perhaps ? Anyhow time will tell and let's hope Mcleish gets the boot at least in the summer before he makes us BCFC
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 19:39:00

NZogbia is just with the majority of people which are not happy with Eck. He's been used in the wrong way all season, that's bad management. McLeish out!!
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 20:27:00

Have to agree Mike don't see why footballers private lives need to be scrutinised especially by people and fans who im sure have done a lot worse in their lives, don't see why players can't relax and have a drink on the few occasions they get off during the season, I tell you 1 thing if I had their money I would be doing a lot more with it I mean whats the point in having the money if you do nothing with it, anybody who moans about a playrs private life and them enjoying a day at the dogs is just jealous and self loathing and should start enjoying their own life and stop obsessing over players and celebraties lives.
Report Abuse
21/03/2012 22:07:00

Can't be bothered to read any of it. Who cares? McMuppet out, then maybe we can start to be bothered again.
Report Abuse
22/03/2012 09:29:00


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