Aston Villa - Why Villa Fans Should Give McLeish A Break
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Why Villa Fans Should Give McLeish A Break

A well thought out article from M. Lawrence:

Martin O`Neill, why Alex McLeish won`t be leaving, and a case in defence.

We`re 10 games away from the end of the season and everyone in claret and blue is ready to kill. Sadly, the knives are still directed towards the man in charge. Many fans still talk about Martin O`Neill and the great things he did for us while at the same time calling for the head of Alex McLeish. I implore you, Villans, to show some faith.

Martin O`Neill

No doubt, the man did some great work when Randy Lerner became chairman and MON was appointed manager. Proud history, bright future. Good times. But in 5 season in charge what did he actually accomplish? We finished top 6 a few times and got a cup final and semi-final. But what did we win?

That`s right, we won nothing. Despite the great football that we played, we still came away empty-handed while he was in charge, and to suggest that we made progress in the time he was here is wrong; the only thing we made were losses. Admittedly, MON made some great signings in Ashley Young, John Carew, James Milner, Stewart Downing and (at the time) Richard Dunne and James Collins.

But look at them now. All of these players have moved on and (aside from Carew unless you count the Championship as a possibility) look to be on their way to winning silverware with their new clubs. For the team that we had, in 5 years we should have won something by then. Still not convinced MON did a poor job? Here are some more facts....

MON spent approximately £140m on transfer fees (lord knows what went on wages) and re-couped around £40m during his time in charge. As a manager, that is an unacceptable amount to lose in 5 years. £100m. £20m a season. Look at the players he signed: Marlon Harewood, Wayne Routledge, Curtis Davies, Nicky Shorey, Nigel Reo-Coker.

For those 5 players with a total fee of nearly £30m, how often were they used? Luke Young, a right-back used to fill in at left-back. Reo-Coker, a midfielder used to fill in at right-back! Nicky Shorey sat on the bench kicking his heels and counting his wages. Steve Sidwell cost around £5.5m - hardly used. To say that the man wasted money is an understatement. Emile Heskey, £3.5m......say no more.

In contrast, he spent this money to replace these players who he deemed unfit to play for Aston Villa.....Peter Whittingham. Gary Cahill. Steven Davis. Craig Gardner. Players who came through the academy and would have bled for the shirt to this day. But I digress.

Why Alex McLeish won`t be leaving

There`s no hard maths in this one. If Randy Lerner paid compensation to the Blues to get him out of his contract, why would he then pay again to do the same thing? It makes no sense. If Alex McLeish did the unthinkable and took us down, that is probably the only situation in which his hand would be forced. It would still leave us out of pocket, but with good reason.

hand to mouth calling

McLeish has reiterated several times this season that he is able to take the stick we give him on the chin, is thick-skinned and is determined to make our club great again. It may be the usual cliché, but what if he means it? Remember, this is a man who has come from the dark side to do a job for us. Why would he not have something to prove? "I`ve crossed the great divide to take Mr Lerner`s money and bring you relegation and misfortune...." doesn`t sound true to me.A case in defence

Alex McLeish could well be the man to take Aston Villa forward. If we lost him now, or at the end of the season, it would put us right back at square one. Things were different when Randy first took over, he was happy to plough money into transfer fees and wages, but then he had his fingers burned by the one they call O`Neill. Last season we faced a similar threat of relegation: enter Darren Bent for £24m well spent.

Now we have McLeish, after nearly 2 years of instability and uncertainty. He knows he`s caught between a rock and a hard place with us right now, but considering the players we have and the season we`re having, things could be a lot worse.

press conference

We`re only a few good results away from the top half of the table. If McLeish had the money that was given to O`Neill we could be looking at a different Villa side, but sadly that won`t happen. Yet.

What would you do? If you have 2 experienced international defenders in Collins and Dunne who rocked the boat last season, would you ship them out, leaving 2 huge gaps at the back, or try to get them back on side doing the job that they are capable of doing, and have done before?

Would you build the team around N`Zogbia and Ireland because that`s how they`d like it or would you try and get them playing as part of a team rather than the centre of it?

Would you come out to the press and undermine your own ability by saying you`re doing a crap job, or would you try and stay positive and keep faith in the players that are letting you down because you need unity?

mcleish and grant

Would you address the fans personally, in press conferences and letters, or would you shirk the responsibility and send a rep out to speak for you? These are the kind of decisions McLeish has to make, and has made, and they are pivotal.

Barring one player, McLeish brought in 2 great signings for us: Shay Given and Charles N`Zogbia. One of the Premier league`s best keepers and a very talented winger. We also have a young left-back in Enda Stevens. These players can be big for us in the next few seasons, and with McLeish showing faith in the younger lads we could have a potentially ambitious, hungry, exciting attacking team over the next few years.

McLeish said on the official Villa website that he likes Gary Gardner because "he`d run through brick walls for Aston Villa". I`m not sure about you, but I`d take a player like that over an £80,000 a week prima donna international any day. I think most Villa fans would too.

McLeish is adamant that he does not tell the team not to attack. Why would he lie? He knows that the only way to win games is to score goals and keep them out.

Maybe he`s been guilty of telling the lads to defend a 1-0 lead. A dangerous game, but if other teams can do it then why can`t we? Especially with the experience we have at the back? If the team`s shaky it`s because we have weak links, as mentioned earlier with the lack of passion for playing for Villa. Hopefully these will be fixed in the close season.

McLeish clapping

Overall, you can`t judge a man on three-quarters of a season. Chelsea are looking for their 8th manager in 9 years because their chairman thinks the league can be bought. Our chairman might not have the millions of Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour but he has faith in the manager.

He had enough faith to give O`Neill money to ruin the club and leave us when it couldn`t be fixed straight away. He had faith in Gerard Houllier to pick a top striker when we needed one. He has faith in Alex McLeish to do a great job for Aston Villa. It`s pointless to make petitions calling for him to be sacked, or for QIA to take us over. It won`t happen.

Next season I envisage changes, like getting rid of Dunne,

Warnock and Collins from the wage bill. I see Makoun potentially coming back in to do a job. I see more lads from the reserves taking first-team places, players who haven`t been tainted by wages, cynicism and hype, players who will listen to the manager and carry out their jobs with efficiency and style.

If football is a religion then at Villa some fans are missing a vital component of religion, and that is faith. To constantly undermine the job and performance of everyone at the club in a clearly difficult time is to abandon faith in Aston Villa. It`s time to stop complaining.

scratching head

We have 10 games left. It`s a far stretch of the imagination, but that`s 33 potential points. Alex McLeish put together a team that knocked Aston Villa out of the Carling Cup, took them to the final and beat Arsenal at Wembley.

More than Martin O`Neill did for us. He is capable of doing great things, and he can do them for us if we give him a chance. He got relegated with Blues, but we are a bigger and better club with more money and stability. Harry Redknapp got relegated with Southampton, look at where he is now.

Give McLeish a chance to get it right. Wear your colours with pride and roar your heart out in the stands. One goal down, two goals down, keep on roaring. We laugh in the face of relegation. Show everyone that we are still Aston Villa. We still have a proud history and a bright future. We still have faith.


With thanks to M. Lawrence

Also posted on the Vital Villa facebook page, not 100% who wrote this bit, if you can let me know I'll credit:

The message boards have been going crazy.

Dreadful manager, relegated twice with Blues, finished third with Rangers...

Forget the fact that he got Blues to their highest League finish in over fifty years and a League Cup, a bigger achievement than Villa have managed in the last 16 years.

Forget the fact that he won the Scottish Premier League twice with Rangers - sure it was only against Martin O'Neill's Celtic and sure he signed a bunch of players on Bosman free transfers. Sure if he had money he would have misused it I'm sure.

Forget the fact he won seven out of ten matches at Scotland, including one away to France in Paris, sure Scotland have proven how good they were since.

Forget the fact he took Rangers to the last 16 of the Champions League, further than any other Scottish side.

Forget getting Hibernians in Europe, who are second last in the League now. It's not important... He got Blues relegated twice and finished third with Rangers. Although his predecessor Paul Le Guen lasted only a few months in the job, what with no money to spend that McLeish had to contend with, sure it was probably McLeish's fault they did so badly under Le Guen.

Alex McLeish thread (contains strong language): Click Here

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The Journalist

Writer: M Lawrence + a.n.other! Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 14 2012

Time: 10:41AM

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Yes, forget the fact that generally we're the most negative side in the game. Forget the Spurs game, where we lost before we even got on the field, too. Forget that he came third in a two horse race while we're at it. The argument doesn't wash with me, I'm afraid, he's a dour boring manager who epitomises everything about the Villa these days.
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14/03/2012 11:06:00

I will be the first to say a very good article and one with which I whole heartily agree with. One thing I would say was that Mr O'neill's teams did not play a particularly great style of football especially during the month of March :).
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14/03/2012 11:15:00

Nope, still don't like or want him. Sorry.
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14/03/2012 11:36:00

Regardless of what you say he's clueless
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14/03/2012 11:45:00

You can give him a break if you like. After 50 years+ as a villa fan I'll make my own mind up thank you very much.
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14/03/2012 11:50:00

Well said M. Lawrence We could win the league and still have the miserable old gits moaning about the Spurs game
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14/03/2012 11:56:00

As much as I would love to agree with this article I'm not sure I do. Don't get me wrong this is very positive and a great way to be thinking the way things are, but I am for the first time in a long while looking below us in the table rather that up. I fear dropping point and slipping further down the table because we draw/lose games we should win and scrape our way to 3 points when we do get them. MON made some big mistakes transfer wise but I have to say it was a hugely enjoyable spell. Pushing the top four, exciting players and consistent high place finishing. This season has been very different. We play very dull football, there are decisions made that just baffle me (Weiman sub aside) that just don't work. Players don't seem happy, and the quality ones we do have are not performing as they have in previous seasons. We drop points most weeks, drawing in a rather unexciting fashion. Granted teams like Man c, Man u, Spurs we would struggle on our best days, but we don't show up, and we certainly don't give them a game like we would have done under MON (cue the MON haters biting my head off). This season I have been looking at the fixture list and teams below us just hoping they don't catch us. That is not something that one of the most success clubs in English football history should not be worried about. To be fair if this was a different club i would possibly be saying the same, to stick with it and maybe it will be better next season, but I have definitely not enjoyed this years football as much as previous ones and all I can see is down, which wouldnt be so bad if we player good football or at least looked like we were trying. Its not where your from, its where your taking us.
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14/03/2012 12:13:00

wow some major typos, im sure you get the gist
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14/03/2012 12:16:00

MON is history. Eck is much more deserving of this status. You can't compare the 2 as peers. Eck isn't fit to tie Dr. Venglos' laces. Eck out.
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14/03/2012 12:25:00

Eck's Blues beat a poor Villa side under a poor manager and then went on to sneak it at Wembley at exactly the time that Arsenal's bad run started. He was manager of one of two teams who could win the Scottish league and his fans wanted him out, the same at Aberdeen and the same at Blues. I can remember when they were top of the fizzy pop league and Bluenoses were crying for his head, why.....his style of football was ultra-negative and downright boring. Good article mate, but there's a reason why every club he's ever managed was glad to see the back of him you know?! Either the fans of Villa (most), Blues, Aberdeen and Rangers are all wrong, or he's a poor manager. Personally, I'll edge my bets on the side of the statistics and what my two eyes are telling me. I can understand that chopping and changing managers all the time is a bad move, but sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say ‘I made a mistake’, cut your losses and move on. The points you make about MON are well founded, he’s a GREAT man manager (look at Sunderland now) but his signings were, in the main dire. From people I know at B6 who worked (and still do) there, he was a bit of a dictator and ran more than the first team, this is why we have been a bit ‘rudder-less’ at post MON Villa. I think we need a new CEO who knows how to run a football team but more important than that, a new manager to start again, as we are not back to square one….we are a few places even behind that.
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14/03/2012 12:43:00

lol... didnb't think this would go down well, hey, it was worth a try and I do so love to try to bring in the different views of fans, trying my best to bring balance.
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:15:00

as one just posted on facebook, interesting reading if 100% right:
Mons first season after 28 games, p28 won 7 drawn 12 lost 9 for 29 against 34 mcleish p28 w7 d12 L 9 f31 a 35 .....mmm
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:15:00

hahahahaha. What a great comment - you can't judge a man on three quarters of a season!!!! How very true and the poster presumably cant see the irony in this comment. Lets not judge McMuppet on three quarters of a season, lets judge him on his managerial record. He took Motherwell from 2nd to two consecutive relagation battles. He relegated and promoted Hibs. He was chased out of Rangers for building a team over 4 years that went on their longest ever winless run and eventually finished 3rd in the annual two horse race north of the border. He built a team at Small heath that had two relegations (and a 9th place finish + the League cup). So as the writer says, lets not judge him on three quarters of a season. Lets judge over his managerial career. It is one of failure and the teams he builds getting worse. McMuppet is a dour, unsuccesful manager and is not wanted at Villa. we are one of Englands most succesful clubs of all time and we deserve better. UTV McMuppet out
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:18:00

Yes Mr Fear, MON spent £££'s on dross. HOWEVER, Look at him as a manager and look at McLeish. MON had his favourites and in the beginning we were draw specialists. McLeish literally doesnt have a clue and as much as it hurts to see us this *****e it also is hilarious. What the hell does Peter Grant do aswell ? Eck is tactically inept, has poor motivation and if y9ou want to go deeper just look at his track record. Absolutely horrendous. He shouldnt even be in football. I am so glad Swindon have turned their fortunes around because in just this season so far, Paolo Di Canio has proved to me he could do a better job than McLeish. I have gone off watching us completely and quite frankly am not even fussed if I miss us on MOTD. I couldnt care less anymore. This article is clearly written by the PR brogade at Villa Park.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:22:00

I also see how M Lawrence stes the fact that he took Small Heath to 9th. So McMuppet has taken a team from 9th to relegation?? And that is a good statistic???? He won the League Cup - so what? The only team of note they beat on the way was us and we were decimated by injuries and fielded a team of kids. The win against Arsenal was acheived by two of their three efforts on goal going in. If he won the League Cup with us and then relegated us he would be hung drawn and quartered. He took Dick Advocatts team to the title in Scotland and when he built his own team they came third. and that is meant to be good!!! Not sure if M lawrence has seen the performances against Spurs, Man City (twice) Bolton in the cup, Manure, Liverpool, Albion, Wigan, Swansea. But if all of that is seen as a reason to defend McMuppet then maybe the 96% of Villa fans who do not want McMuppet are all wrong and the other 4% are right!!!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:29:00

All I know is I've gone back to expecting defeat (as I did all last season too). Whereas in the middle of o'neills reign we took some nice scalps and each match I thought - hang on we could have a good go here... I don't think its a fault of eck, houllier, mon, the government or global warming in particular. As I can see from the posts and comments above each person has a valid point for/against the man in charge at the moment. Just be nice to go back to 'having a go' - if Eck can bring this next season all the better. If not it'll be the managerial merry go round again.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:45:00

As for comparisons on first seasons for Mon and McMuppet. It is a none argument. McMuppet took over a team who had finished 9th and despite losing a couple of good players, still spent £20M. Mon took over a team at the bottom who had finished 16th and never had that money to spent initially. The fact he wasted millions in getting us to 6th is another argument.
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14/03/2012 13:47:00

Im all for giving McLeish a break .....which of his limbs do you want broken ?
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14/03/2012 14:01:00

Am I the only person who picked up on the 10 games left and potential for 33 points. Now there is optimism and bad maths, I think this is the latter... Nice article though, I was listening to WM after the match and heard all the Wolves fans moaning about their board, their ex manager, their current manager, Steve Bruce and their entire team and it got me thinking how bad it looks from an outside perspective that we on a slightly lesser level are as bad as them. I would like us to back him and trust the board will sack him if the expectations are not met. When did fans decide they had the right to sack the anager as it always used to be a bit of a surprise to the fans not a request by them
Chelt Villan
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:36:00

Chelt you are exactly right. The fans do not choose who is sacked or employed. But as paying customers we can air our opinions. If we are not even allowed to express our opinions ( as I was on Saturday) then the simple choice is to stop being a paying customer. Most (not a few, but a majority) want Eck out. It is up to the club if they listen to their customers. It is then up to customer if they choose to support an organisation out of touch with their views.
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14/03/2012 14:46:00

We would even struggle to get to the play-offs in the championship if we keep this idiot. I'm not saying we are going down, but we would even struggle to reach the play-offs. There is a reason why Celtic and Rangers in my eyes are lower championship quality and they dominate their league yet somehow this guy couldn't keep Rangers in the title race. McLueless out!
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:46:00

I got bored half way through. Did it get any better?
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:06:00

We all look at the managers or players that have come and gone, but there is one man that brought the club stability and valued decisions. We are lacking the football knowledge in and around the boardroom, Steve Stride worked tirelessly for Aston Villa football club for 35 years, I believe one sports journalist quoted 'what that man doesn't know about football, isn't worth knowing', yet when the new regime came in they had other ideas. He was obviously seen as an asset as they decided to keep him on during the transitional period until they decided they no longer needed him, big mistake! In my mind if Steve Stride was still an integral part of the club, Martin O'Neill would not have been allowed to spend irrationally, he certainly wouldn't have left in the circumstances that he did and the Houillier/McCleish episodes would never have taken place. Also I don't ever remember the club having such drastic losses when he was there, the club is obviously being poorly run. He deserves much more credit for the job he did at the club and if you're looking for the main reason the club is in the current state it is in, I believe it would be letting this man get away.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:25:00

What a complete load of *********, feck off moaning about and to the fans. The fans will never get behind McLeish as long as he plays his boring drab negative defensive anti-football, and we know he won't change because he's a stubborn Scottish ***** who can't see his own faults.
Green Villan
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:51:00

Think it's all been said. Even Mat777 beat me to it re which limb do we want breaking!...Lol Just get this bloody Idiot and his anti football out of Villa Park ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 16:28:00

he's got a 46.73% win percentage in all jobs, 41.472% at all clubs, 70% as Scotland manager, 36.9% at Blues and only 28.13% at Villa. how is this a good record? MON's total win percentage is 53.96%, 42.11% at Villa. Houllier's total is 50.5%, 35.3% at Villa, 58.3% as France manager, and 49.025% at all clubs. Even David O'Leary's total win percentage is 44.28%, with 35.88% at Villa.
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14/03/2012 16:34:00

I really don't understand why MON is always brought in to everything, he is a good manager, far better than Mcleish, done wonders for Sunderland so far...Also don't see any fuss with Mcleish winning the carling cup, they had an easy run, they beat a poor Villa side, and got extremely lucky in the final against a poor Arsenal. I read NOTHING in that article which justified why Mcleish is the right man for Villa, you just kept talking about MON and what Mcleish has done...Nothing explaining the reason for his horrific football and terrible decisions as Villa manager.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 17:24:00

MON is a great motivator, organiser and man manager consistently getting average players to over-achieve. His teams always compete and overachieve. Unfortunately he is very poor in the market and has always left a 'weakhand' for his successors. In his 5 years at Villa we had 4 top players; Laursen & Barry were inherited, Young & Milner were bought [although Milner was already on the Villa radar], Carew was a decent buy too. If only he could have turned up some nuggets from Africa or the French league, instead of the notorious MON's Dross, he would be a top manager. Eck has to manage without: Laursen, Barry, Young, Milner and Downing' he inherited Bent from Houlier and has bought in Given [or was that a Houlier choice?] but, on his record, I wouldn't trust him with money anyway.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 17:42:00

hahahahaha. it didnt take long for everybody to shoot down this article. I have nothing against the writer, but his opinions are so far off the mark and out of touch with fans views that it makes the whole article pointless and has just provided the anti McMuppet majority with more ammunition to get rid of him. It seems the that even people defending him end up making it worse. Surely now even the final few unbelievers realise his record and playing style will never cut the mustard at Villa Park. McMuppet Out. UTV
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 17:43:00

Nup sorry, McLeish is complete rubbish!! Never wanted him never will!! Eck OUT!!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 20:04:00

Nah sorry, get McLeish out now! Wasn't wanted in the first place, went straight out of both cups and we're 15th in the league. Out.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 21:59:00

And the second half against Fulham was the same old rubbish a quality team would have put us to the sword.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:11:00

IF I carry on seeing performances improve like I did last Saturday, I couldn't give a flying F who's in charge. UTV.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:19:00

I agree with the author for now. He is changing lots of things under tight financial constraints. Houllier also realised that we needed big change after O'Neill, with players training once per day and driving back to Manchester and London, players not working hard enough for the club. He tried the players rebelled. What I'm saying is MON had free rein and others are correcting it. I the eck, with the squad threadbare at times, has done ok. We are top 8 in the losses league table so we don't get beat or hammered v often. Admittedly the current style is exasperating but he gets more time in my book.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:33:00

***** me , you gonna try Hitler in new light next.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:38:00

Hasn't he also done well with the kids, herd looks a great enforcer for the future, he's got GG playing now, and the enigma that is Steven Ireland, surely some credit there? Gabby, Given, Petrov all backing him...surely got to tell you something. P/s Nzog always a slow starter!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:43:00

Lol eltoro!!! Sadamm's regime was quality compared to Eckscuses!!!!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 22:47:00

If you think McLeish is the man for Villa then you are either deluded or in massive denial, how can you accept this muppet, he has been hounded out by fans of every club he has had the misfortune to manage, you can check every forum of fans of teams McLeish has managed and you will get the same reply, they hate the bloke! RANDY OUT! ASAP!
Green Villan
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 23:55:00

I still don't think Mcleish will come good but it is very interesting to read some of the more balanced views on his tenure at VP, his previous record and his stats versus other managers.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 10:22:00

What a pathetically one-sided argument. There ARE some good points, but who the heck are you - Paul Fulkner in disguise? Or one of the villa PR monkeys? To start with you say MON only sold to the value of £40m, and while technically that may be the case, the players who he bought in were sold for good money. Take the midfield 4 of Young, Downing, Milner, Barry. That's £75m for a start without looking at anywhere else. You also argue we won nothing - again a valid point, but damn we had some good times. 2 wembley days out, three 6th place finishes and beating Man United away at old trafford to name a few. Remember scoring 15 goals in 3 consecutive games with O'Neil in charge, including hammering the scum 5-1 at Villa Park? Think you're going to ever see anything similar under McDraw0-0? I suppose you forgot to take a look at our results & progress this season. Being dumped out both cups early, and sickeningly "lose-before-we-start-the-game" team selections and tactics. Looked at the league recently? You then say we cant judge him on 3/4 of a season. I see. You seriously think that with the fixtures we have coming up that we'll get anything nearing respectability? 15th / 16th seems like it will be our finishing McLoser season end, and on the performances he's helped us serve up - it's where we deserve to be! Sure there were some better times in his previous regiemes, but we have to face facts, and that is sadly he's never ever going to win the fans over, and he's NOT the man to take villa forward. UTV! Mcleish OUT.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 10:41:00

t does make me laugh all these people coming out of the woodwork trying to make us (ther overwhelming majority of fans) like Mcleish. propaganda has gonr into hyper-drive. Well the news is we are big enough and intelligent enough to decide for ourselves how we feel about him thank you very much.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 11:00:00

This article has missed the point the author was trying to make which is "could Alex be excused PE as he has a verucca?"
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 11:24:00

Haven't posted in a while. But had to reply to this ridiculous article. Your class is evident if you are willing to accept a manager who lies to you, refuses to blame himself at any point, who does not produce results and has led us to play some awful awful football. If this is acceptable then you really need to re-evaluate your standards. Even when it is obvious that he doesn't fit he refuses to gracefully leave. Why? Because if he gets sacked he gets a free pay day! Wake up and stop supporting the most dispicable manager I have ever seen in charge of this club.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 11:26:00

As one moron on here stated I am another one of those moaning old gits who has supported Villa for donkeys years,didnt realise being old made you incapable of rendering an accurate opinion on the football put in front of you. Another post mentions just the spurs game as being dire are we going to forget Man Utd at home which brought the comment from Kevin Keegan the worst home display he had seen from any team in the premiership this season and the Villa fans wont stand for it!. We can also forget the other inept displays Man City, Swansea etc. I will say again I really hope the guy can turn it round and succeed but on the evidence so far its ugly and unentertaining to watch even the better displays which are sprinkled here and there tend to be for one game in 4.I was as glad as anyone to get 3 points against Fulham but should we really be wildly celebrating beating Fulham 1-0 at home ?.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 11:28:00

Nice try Mr Lawrence, but there's just no point mate. The negativity around this place is so great now that whereas I used to visit the site daily, I'm down to just once every fortnight now - maybe more if I'm feeling wildly happy and need something to bring me back down. Seems to me like there should be two sites - one for those who want to support the team and talk about events on the pitch, and those who are hellbent on getting rid of the manager. No doubt we'll all meet up again once this actually happens, then who knows? We might be able to start talking about y'know, the team and results and stuff like that??? Yawn.
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15/03/2012 13:17:00

Not impressed with the comment about people coming out the wood work. We may listen to a radio station but how many of us ring in and have our say. I love reading the blog but dont often have the time to say what i'm thinking. However I have to agree with the majority of those posting that the style of football is dire to say the least and eventually we will be relegated under McCleish. I've been a Villa fan since 1975 and have seen some poor decisions as managers in that time. However I'm now living down south for work reasons and don't get the chance to go to Villa park that often. A friend of mine has got us tickets for the Arsenal game, be it in the Arsenal end as an assistant as he he is handicapped. With the way Villa are playing at present compared to the resolve and team spirit of Arsenal, I'm rather glad to view this game as a neutral supporter and I bet I'm not alone in this. How many more of you out there have give up watching Villa on MOT and resulted in watching more entertaining local footie. Mind you if Villa do score and we do manage some type of result, I dont know how i will contain mt smile from showing that I am and will always be Villa till I die.
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15/03/2012 13:33:00


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