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SIGNING SIGNING Australian International

Villa have tonight announced that AZ Alkmaar's Australian midfielder Brett Holman will join the club in the summer of a free transfer.

Sorry I've just covered my monitor in coffee - gis a sec.

The 27 year old wide midfield player has been capped 53 times by Australia since making his debut in 2006 and has gained huge experience in Holland playing for Feyenoord, NEC Nijmegen and AZ Alkmaar.

He was also Australia's erm Australian Football Media Association's Player of the Year in 2011.

Speaking to the Official Site Alex McLeish said:

'Brett is a very intelligent player, a great team player and a man who is recognised in the game as a non-stop, committed wide midfielder. He has international experience and he has played in the Champions League and at European level for the past few years. He will add significantly to the experience in the Villa squad.'

Holman himself told the OS:

'I'm delighted to have agreed terms with Aston Villa and I am looking forward to joining up in the summer. Villa have a long and prestigious history and a fantastic set of fans.'

Interesting move for the player who for the remainder of the season will now be aiming to add a championship medal to his collection as Alkmaar look to finish as Eredivisie champions.

Welcome to the club, and yes this was slightly left field!

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 12 2012

Time: 6:29PM

Your Comments

LOL another waste on the wage budget.
He sounds absolutely brilliant on the official site, wonder what he will really be like. More than willing to give him a chance tho my only worry is the last time i said that it was about Mcleish in the summer. UTV
Brilliant P.Avfc, not kicked a ball yet and already he's *****. Love it.
There's a video of him on the Birmingham Mail website. Can't say he'll set the premiership alite but loves too shoot albeit a little wide of the mark.. check it out you'll see...
Im sure he has kicked a ball before mike? Not very well though, take a look on youtube, shocking.
Ldas take a look at him on youtube he looks decent to be fair, he has just got australien footballer of the year award so cmon lets give him a chance, fulham and a few others were in for him so i suppose Jol must not know a thing about football either ay?
were you expecting Messi?! He looks ok, Van Gaal knows a player and you know an Aussie, like the Scandinavians, settle well and are professional. I think he could be a good signing and not bad on a free! feel free to shoot my ridiculous optimism down :-)
Yeah I've seen the youtube stuff, hardly shocking. But granted he's not Messi, or Rooney because players like that never miss the target do they? However, have you seen him kick a ball for us yet? Deal with a less flightly Premiership ball, seen what effect he'll have on Albrighton who now has some competition. I can find youtube clips that make Tim Cahill look like a pub player - but hey let's write off every signing, more fun isn't it.

Good luck Brett, anything short of a hattrick on your debut and you'll never be accepted.
Clive: Says a lot if Jol was interested - he worked at Ajax. Mike: you are so right but how dare you be positive? You should know by now that only negative sells on this and any other fan site.
Of course he has to be given a chance but isn't anyone allowed to form an opinion on him? Or is that being a 'bad fan' LOL...Iv'e looked on youtube and like i say he looks poor, thats my judgement, or aren't you allowed to voice that on this site? If he looks poor then im not gonna say he is going to be a class signing when i clearly don't think he will be. he may prove me wrong. Just screams out a lack of ambition and mediocre just like our manager and the direction this club + fans are going. And Clive, how do you no Jol wanted him? you pals with him?
Come on P, we won, we played well. For the first time in longer than I can remember we are allowed to be happy, well at least until the next match kicks off lol So don't write him off, and don't form an opinion from you remember Bosco! PMSL As for the crap about voicing an opinion on this site, you do read things don't you? More opinions would in fact be useful as opposed to the expletive drivel way too many are posting at the moment.
Could be our answer to Stan Lazaridis!!
Voice and opinion, yes, P.Avfc, but for God's sake give incoming players a chance to get in the door before you slate them as being useless. I don't often lose it, but you really are a negative article. If football is a confidence game, you must be an anti-football fan, because you'd knock the confidence out of anyone.
P.avfc, yeah m8 me and Jol go way back, we used to go to many strip clubs and all that didn't you know? i read about Fulhams interest in him also blackburn and some other foreign clubs, Holman has turned down the chance to play champs league football next season to be fair to come here so fair play the bloke, i hope he does the buisness for us, but lets be fair to Mcleish its a free transfer? its not as if we have spent 5million like we did on sidwell and what did he do? its a shot for nothing IMO you may be right he may be crap and all that but lets welcome him and hope he does well then we are all happy ay ;)
Anyone else looking forward to booing him?
Mike i haven't said anything about the fulham game, im happy we won...And i have to form an opinion of this chap somehow and the videos are the only way and he looks poor, do you want me to lie? Iv'e said i'll give him a chance, i wont boo, i'll support him like any other player but im not going to lie and say he looked good am i? And bob get over yourself, iv'e said exactly whats on my mind, iv'e not come out and lied to myself to look like a 'real fan' some of you think you are, i hope he does well and proves me wrong but what iv'e saw of him is average...end of.
P avfc your a knob.he won player of the year ahead of Cahill and swartzer.he can't be that bad.give the guy a chance
winning Australia footballer of the year..... bit like Benny Hill winning masterchef
Pauled177 your a knob too.anyone say fickle morons.
Looks like a good move. He's FREE so we don't have much to lose. We need a bit of quality, looks like a decent replacement for Heskey. He provides good assists too. Good bit of businesses.
Okay im a knob for watching someone 'unkown' to me on youtube, where they look poor and i give my opinion based on what i see? It's based on my first judgement, he could turn out to be quality or *****e, i can only judge on what iv'e saw, i hope he turns out good for christ sake.
And shark your a knob for calling people knobs...
Let's hope he wins the championship medal with Alkmaar. It sure will be his last! Lol joks. I'm looking forward to him joining, the more the merrier. I'm just hoping Makoun stays..
Watch the YouTube footage of Delph for Leeds.he scores a goal messi would be proud of bearing their whole team.give him a chance beyond YouTube before the booing starts.
Makoun wont fit in with Mcnegatives football philosophy Blitz, hope he does though, really like him.
Just for arguments sake say we were signing Emile Heskey again and my opinion was negative therefore not supporting the transfer... is that being a bad fan or just making an observation? that applies here P.AVFC can say what he wants its up to you to present evidence why he's wrong or him to prove he *****e... thats DISCLAIMER: I dont necessarily agree with him and iv no idea how good/bad this guy is... im just trying to be fair because the same your not supporting the club *****e is the only comeback people have for supporting mcleish...
Who isn't giving him a chance shark? Youtube clips probably are a poor sense of judgement and maybe a little unfair but it's the only footage i can watch of him! I hope he is a great player for us, just gotta give my first impression...
Boooooooo You don't know what you're doing Booooooooo
Cdx Eire of course pavfc is entitled to his opinion.i am just suggesting he waits to form it until the guy actually the YouTube footage of downing to prove my point
Lads... As an Aussie I've seen Holman play again and again and all I can tell you is that whilst you won't be amazed you certainly won't be unimpressed. Holman is hard working, passionate and determined to succeed. You'll definately find that he'll contribute.
Why didn't you just say that shark instead of calling me a knob? LOL. Im not gonna disagree with you, i can see where you are coming from, but can't ignore what i have saw on them and Zarch if thats the case then i'd be more than happy with him in the team.
Fair enough pavfc.we all hope he does well!
Sorry man.i withdraw my comment.same still applies for pauled177!
Come on shark boo a little bit, it feels really good. When eck does anything on Saturday, stand up and just booo
Boys can we stay on topic and stop talking about door furniture you bunch of handles!
He looks rubbish, by the way how come Hutton only has 5% he had a great game at last against Fulham
I live in Australia now and have watched him play many times. Brett will hold his own and fight hard like most Aussie players but he is definitely not good enough for us. Considering he's 27 I'd rather keep pushing players like young Gardner forward instead. I didn't get excited when I read he is coming to us, to me it's just a sign of the way we are going at the moment, the club aren't looking to grow they are looking to balance the books and survive, nothing more. I remember a few years back when we had dreams of cup wins, champions league football and big signings. Now we are 15th, playing rubbish dire boring crap, have the worse manager in the world and are signing players like Holman. The future is bleak...... Also if they are letting Eck buy players already that means he is staying and we are DOOMED. Holman would do very well in the championship.
As a villa fan in australia i have seen quite a bit of Holman. he was an absolute laughing stock for a while, nobody understood how he got a game for Australia which is a pretty damning criticisim. there is a youtube clip somewhere which shows him in a game not completeing a pass in a whole game and effectivly being a complete disgrace. However, since the last world cup he has been Australia's best player, that include Cahill, it has been a massive turaround. He is a good goal scorer, a battler and can play in midfield and attack. We have him at the peak of his powers. To me he is one of those players that could be great but i am not expecting him to be a world beater. I think he will be a good squad player that will bring a good bit of experiance and a lot of battling qualities which we need.
As a villa fan in australia i have seen quite a bit of Holman. he was an absolute laughing stock for a while, nobody understood how he got a game for Australia which is a pretty damning criticisim. there is a youtube clip somewhere which shows him in a game not completeing a pass in a whole game and effectivly being a complete disgrace. However, since the last world cup he has been Australia's best player, that include Cahill, it has been a massive turaround. He is a good goal scorer, a battler and can play in midfield and attack. We have him at the peak of his powers. To me he is one of those players that could be great but i am not expecting him to be a world beater. I think he will be a good squad player that will bring a good bit of experiance and a lot of battling qualities which we need.
he said we're a fantastic set of fans, he has my backing, haha. i'm happy with giving him a shot, he's free, doubt his wages are that high. he's won a footballer of the year, sure it's the Australian footballer of the year, but hey that's still not bad. From what i've seen we've got him during some of his best footballing years, so yeah good luck to him.
couple of things - Holman puts in and will run all game, he is a positive footballer who seeks a challenge and is leaving a team who will play champs league - AZ Alkmaar are no slouches. sure he is no Messi - but who is? aside from Messi. its a good signing and he will surprise the hard to please doubters who don't look beyond their street for football clues.
We used to call him the headless chook in Australia.....he's now our most important player!
No body is expecting Messi but we should definitely shoot a bit higher that Holman!! It's shows the extent of Randy's ambitions.
Sounds like a solid if unspectacular player then. If he works as hard as some of you say he does and gives 100% then it's all good in my eyes, I wish him all the best. Here's to hoping the rest of the signings in the summer are a little bit more exciting!
Lion Heart
sure Adz, i just think the culture of negativity around the club - for whatever reason - is the worst it has been. Holman will play for the club - unlike some we have seen this season - thats all i am saying. so good on him.
P.Avfc he has just won Australia player of the year. Does that make Tim Cahill ***** because he didn't win it?
I didn't realise we had so many Eredivisie experts on here. Never seen him play, don't really know who he is and have absolutely no opinion of this signing. In my book that's a blank page (pun intended) for the bloke. I think Mike mentioned earlier about pushing Albrighton for a place, which is the shrewdest thing anyone has said on the matter. That can only be a good thing as he hasn't been the greatest of late.
One in, who's on their way out?
Pride of Lions
Liamo1981 is spot on, used to be a laughing stock, but since his very good performance at the World Cup he has improved immensely and is consolidating himself as a regular for the socceroos, and is even starting to put pressure on Cahill for a starting XI spot (of late Cahill has been on the bench). Technically, like Cahill, isnt the most gifted footballer, but his work rate is top class, has an excellent engine and runs for days, and now he is becoming more and more of a goal threat. On a free, I would say it is a very good piece of business by McLeish, and if I were a Villa fan (thank the good Lord I am not) I would be rather pleased with this signing, from the outside looking in, how some of you are judging him already and calling him a waste of wages without watching him on a constant basis is rather shameful and pretty disrespectful, especially since he had nothing but praise for your supporters. I am sure Holman is going to surprise a few Villa fans, and the exact same people who were writing him off, are going to be the first to say "I have always believed he was going to be a good signing". Kind of feel sorry for McLeish and Lerner, fans crying for a signing, sign someone and the fans are still upset. Just no pleasing the Villa faithful I guess.
Well said Rob.
I'm happy for Holman yes but not that happy that Eck is making signings, this means Randy has not intentions on getting rid of him. Holman is solid yes and will fight hard and give 100% like most Aussie players BUT all I'm saying is we have workers and we should be looking for more quality not quantity. Newcastle have shown with Ba, Cabaye, Arfa and Tiote that there is quality out there at a good price. Randy has absolutely no idea about football by the looks of things and he has chosen the wrong man to make the footballing decisions. leftfoot I know why the fans are being negative, give you one guess?
Rob-ECF you take Eck then and see if you like him?
Sounds like Heskey but back to front ie. used to be half decent but now a laughing stock. This suggests that he has little natural talent but makes up for it in effort. Can't be any worse than Hutton. Good luck to him but 30+ and bosman is the sign of things to come!!
Guys, surely this is a great move. He must be ahead of Heskey on the wing and will have a much greater impact. I do assume its a replacement for Heskey the winger so surely whether he is good or bad its a step forward. Sounds like a good athlete with an eye for a goal. I am glad Villa are moving now. can we not praise the board and manager for doing it now rather than missing out and him going to someone else in the summer when everyone is after his signature! I am really really pleased we have been pro active, surely thats a step in the righe direction for our board?
Chelt Villan
And Rob, yes, we'll swap managers and see how pleased you are. Don't believe everything that Eck's mates say on TV like "it's only because he came from the bloose that the Villa faithful don't like him". You obviously haven't had the displeasure of having to watch our antifootball this season!!
Like the way everyone is assuming hes Heskeys replacement wouldnt be a bit supprised to find out that Nzobias unhappy and is leaving. But as with every Villa player will support him in the claret & blue and hope he has the aussie grit and it rubs off on a few others.
Have to wait until he pulls on a Villa shirt before forming an opinion, but welcome to the club sir, I hope you have a thick skin. Somebody mentioned Makoun in this thread and I had quite forgotten about him. Is he coming back to the Villa? If he does that would be super as he can take up Heskeys roaming no talent role in midfield.
I don't know how you can form an opinion of a player from Youtube clips. At least give him a chance to play in the claret and blue before forming an opinion. He may well turn out to be poor but the guy deserves a chance and could actually be a good player.
The biggest LOL is that he said we have great fans !! ..... yeah great at being negative and not giving a player the chance .... AZ fans reckon he is quality and they sit at the top of the Dutch league .... its not cost us 10m like davis, 6m like Sidwell, .. he wont be on 50k a week like Warnock, Beye etc.... its a step in the right direction, he's skifull, hardworking and professional, a few more signings like him will be very welcome to be fair ... UTV
............... and before anyone slags the Dutch League remember Ajax just beat Man Utd at OT and they lie under AZ ..
Nobody has been called a knob for a while.....I miss that.....
McLeish will play him at centre half. Now there's a Knob!!!!
the majority of this thread shows why Villa fans are regarded as fickle. Against fulham we had heskey and kids on the bench, its clear that the squad needs experience. At any other club outside the top five fans would be looking at the addition of a full international, under the age of 30, currently playing in a side challenging for a domestic title in one of europe's major leagues, for free as good business. Mcleish is a muppet and I want him out, but you undermineyour credibility by just moaning about everything.
I'm not going off YouTube clips, haven't even looked at them. I have seen Holman play loads!! Anyway whatever yeah he'll be a good squad player, will fight hard and give 100%. My worry is Eck is making signings and that means he is staying long term
Adz, McLeish staying longer isn't exactly Holman's fault is it?
Guys think about it, Cuellar, Melberg, Albrighton,and the kids are not the best players in the prem, (would have also included Laursen but he WAS one of the best players in the prem) but why do we love them so much. Its because they give/gave 110% week in week out! If Brett can do that im sure he will quickly become a fans favourite!!!!
Obviously I do realise that Melberg does not play in the Prem anymore, meant to be are not/were not the best...

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