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McLeish Out Petition!

**Note to press. This is not a Vital Villa initiative, this is created by: Vital is an open site, we take all fans opinions, we are not looking as a site (only as individuals) to endorse OR disagree with such initiatives, just to communicate them**

Chris from the campaign says:

We have created a petition for the removal of Alex McLeish as manager of Aston Villa. We know that all fans have very different views on how we should approach trying to get rid of him, but one thing for sure is that now almost every fan wants him out.

All we are asking is for all fans of Aston Villa to sign the petition and when it reaches its target we will print it off and deliver it by hand personally to Paul Faulkner.

It might not make any difference and they might even bin it, but at least if had a petition with over 10,000 signatures they would have to realise that a significant number of fans have had enough.

Also if we manage to get a large number of signatures, it might be able to generate some media interest as well and gain the fans more publicity in our mission to get him out. But without the negative vibes that can be associated with protesting.

We believe that this is a peaceful and dignified way to let the club know how we feel, and all It will take is 1 minute to sign.

Thanks and Up The Villa


Forum thread on protests: Click Here

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Date:Wednesday March 7 2012

Time: 10:25AM

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Good work, I'm in. Time to right this wrong that never should have happened
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07/03/2012 10:51:00

Ditto - i'm in too, and i've forwarded the link to all my villa mates. Let's get the ball rolling!!
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07/03/2012 10:54:00

Absolutely! No excuses, no need not to turn up and support the team etc etc.... all the excuses. Either you want Idiot out or you don't - simple!
Pride of Lions
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07/03/2012 10:59:00

Just done mine
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07/03/2012 11:20:00

Well, I don't think McLeish is the only problem. Yes, he probably should go, but is this method getting over the total issue to the club? If McLeish goes would that solve everything? ... And, in any case, it's best left till the end of the season now.
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07/03/2012 11:24:00

Signed. Good work! Spread this link as much as you can, the more signatures the better. I doubt it will work, but it's worth a go, isn't it? UTV!
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07/03/2012 11:26:00

No surprise - I will not be signing and please do not use statements such as 'now almost all fans want him out'. If that were true your petition will contain 30,000+ signatures and not the 10,000 you think you will achieve, but probably won't. OK ask people to sign you petition then get behind the club for heavens sake. You are achieving nothing but division that may lead to the club dropping a division. Lerner's heavy spending is now coming home to roost in supporter unhappiness at the change of momentum. I wonder how many remember the really bad years of relegation to the old third division. Can we have a petition of fans calling for the unhappy fans to give it a rest until the club is safe please?
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07/03/2012 11:32:00

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07/03/2012 11:35:00

As much as I want a change of manager, I think it would be better left until the summer. Getting rid of him now is a huge gamble, and might actually be the reason we get relegated. There's no replacement available and Kev Mac is too much of a risk. Everyone seems to think things will be rosy and the players will start performing if McLeish goes, but it could just as easily go tits up and send us down. At least Eck knows how to not lose a few games which could be the difference. But come the summer he has to go.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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07/03/2012 11:48:00

Gordon, I remember the third division. The big difference then was that I had hope that things would improve. Now I don't.
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07/03/2012 11:54:00

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07/03/2012 12:08:00

Doing it now. Get the link spread via Facebook, Twitter etc......
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07/03/2012 12:29:00

up to 1000 signatures so far. More dark days for my club.
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07/03/2012 12:35:00

I wonder how long before the press styart calling this a Vital Villa initiative. They do seem to have selective reading issues from time to time.
villan of the north
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07/03/2012 13:07:00

Sorry, but this is pretty lame. I'm not signing an online petition to get our manager the sack. Not only is it a waste of time, but it also fails to address the real problem, which is that Randy Lerner no longer has the resources available to compete in the top half of the premier league, regardless of who is in charge. Yes, there may be other men out there who could achieve better results with the players we have, but there's no guarantee of that. The squad no longer has that quality needed to win games regularly in the top flight. That's because all of our top players have been picked off by other clubs (who do have the resources). You can't blame McLeish for the fact we dont have a pot to ***** in. I agree that we need a big change in the summer if we are to do better next season, but getting rid now wont change anything as far as I'm concerned. I admire you for wanting to try something to force change, but in my view our problems currently go much deeper than the manager.
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07/03/2012 13:52:00

Gordonsleftboot, so are you saying that the majority of fans want to keep McLeish until his contract ends??????? If so, what a load bull plop, you can't seriously think that, can you?
Green Villan
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07/03/2012 13:53:00

Gordonsleftboot - you seem to be the one on your own, not the other way around! Look around you and ask how many other McLoser lovers there are around? How many actually want to back him after watching games this season??
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07/03/2012 14:30:00

Green Villan - read what I said and not what you try to interpret it as. I do not not believe that almost all fans want him out. When I go to home & away games that is not what I hear. maybe your selective hearing is better than mine. Thorpyuk: Another assumption, never said I was a McLeish lover. Strange how you can only see two colours or two doors, namely black and white and in and out. Many I speak to also understand that the issue is wider than that of the managers appointment. Still if we have fans who wish to spend this seasons investment on another new manager and not players, that's your choice. Last year the cry was for Hughes, AVB, etc. How many want those managers now?
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07/03/2012 14:59:00

I won't sign it either I'm afraid. For much the reasons KJB said. Fans will talk about managers and tactics all day long but only the manager gets judged on the team, the fans never have that risk. I can't blame McLeish for our players not passing to each other accurately, or making silly errors. It won't make me popular, and I don't like villa playing so poorly, but this season was always going to be a transition, if Villa publicly admitted it no one would have bought a season ticket. Unfortunately some people can't see the reality and have been unduly disappointed. Next season we can judge him around christmas I think. I think if we can win the next few games it will put us back on course, hopefully we can play better too.
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07/03/2012 16:00:00

I still take Hughes or AVB...just saying ha. I understand what you're saying Gordonsleftboot, but it's hard to see otherwise when polls and things like that are all 90%+ for wanting him out, and sure people at games may not make it clear they want him out in any form of protest or anti-mcleish chants or whatever, I don't, but I want him out. Let's just see how many the petition gets i guess and we'll see. also, i'm sure 30,000 isn't a majority of villa fans!
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07/03/2012 16:04:00

I think the few who don't want him out will be recaptured very quickly...........
Pride of Lions
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07/03/2012 16:15:00

GLB - i would snap your hands off for AVB or Hughes right now!!
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07/03/2012 16:15:00

GLB EVERY poll done so far suggests that 96% + of fans DO want him out, so he can say with all justification that almost all fans do...just you that doesn't really :-)
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07/03/2012 16:20:00

Gordon, please don't refer to ANY other Villan when you make your comments. You are on your own. The others that won't sign are just mindful that Eck specializes in draws and another 3 of those should see us safe. They are as boringly cautious as Eck himself. But as I said, YOU cannot put yourself in any group of people. Why don't you get together a letter praising Randy's appointment of Eck and publish that and try to get more than 10 people to sign that as you talk about 10'000. For the millionth time, we all know that we are skint but there is NO excuse for this rubbish football.
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07/03/2012 16:56:00

Joke ............. it'll be the same as the 'thousands' who were gonna protest the other week and about 200 turned up (most from AVN&V lmao) ...... its 50 / 50 ... VP has been negative since the start of the season and it rubs off on the players and makes the atmosphere so tense the other team can smell it ie: QPR, who happen to be far poorer than most in the PL yet looked like Barca because of our players freezing and being scared to play ..... sign what you want, I don't like McLeish's style or tactics, but this squad was mostly set up to defend and counter under MON and watching Sunderland against Newcastle the other day it brought back how we played under MON and in truth it wasn't as good as some seem to remember, MON is like Clough, he works on the laws of averages and it works but it has it's limitations as we found out and our youth and academy set ups weren't in tandem with the first 11 which is detrimental to the development of future squads ..... I love Villa and will support the team on the pitch, we have too much quality lying around to get dragged into a relegation battle . .......... changing him now would be pointless. UTV
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07/03/2012 16:58:00

AVB or Hughes any day of the week. They're still young and learning and both have been more successfull and shown more promise than Eck ever has in their young careers. One cannot say what you have said Gordon and then say that you don't like Eck either?!?!?! You either want him as manager or you don't if you don't, stop sitting on the fence and watching the world go by and have some balls to try to make a difference in order to better your club. 1 thing for sure is that we will be better off without him. Anyone except Avram and Neil Lennon would be welcomed with open arms.
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07/03/2012 17:00:00

OK astonmilan, what is the point of keeping him if you think a change is pointless. Who could do worse?? Does Eck give us any hope that things will get better?? Does he have the pedigree?? Is he capable of building a decent team let alone squad??
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07/03/2012 17:03:00

96% want him out - rubbish. Those are self selected polls and are not indicative of the majority view. As astonmilan says above 50/50 may be closer to the truth.. If you bothered to read my comments 444 you will note that I have never suported his style of football. I simply understand the financial reality of our situation and also understand what the club is trying to do. By the way signing a petition is easy. You can sit in the comfort of your own home. It takes no effort or thought. The thing is meaningless and who knows how many bluenoses will sign it too - or anyone else for that matter. RL has put his hand in his pocket and deserves some understanding and support for that. Don't tell me you pay for your tickets etc. the disparity in commitment is there for all to see.
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07/03/2012 17:09:00

With you 100% Gordonsleftboot.
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07/03/2012 17:18:00

Gordon, your'e missing the point mate. You're basically saying that you don't like him or his style of football but we need to save money and Randy was so good to buy him out of his contract at Bloose that we should all support him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2 facts have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with each other. I don't care that Randy has wasted loads of money buying him out ( thus enabling Bloose to get a decent up and coming manager at that whilst fattening their pockets) and I know that we're skint. What the F.U.C.K. has that got to do with playing appalling styles of negative, barely watchable football. NONE atall. Sack him and get someone who can entertain and at least give us fans something to cheer about by trying to win games. Our reserves are almost as good as the likes of Blackburn and with the experience of some of the hard working first teamers, we could've got to the same points total without being so bloody negative. For those that aren't good at Maths, 3 points for a win = 3 of Eck's draws. We may aswell have lost 2 and won every third game. We'd only be 1 extra win out of 27 games short of our total.
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07/03/2012 17:20:00

444 - good to chat to you again! Last time I looked I was not short in the balls department and neither do I have splinters. I see no point in changing Eck at this point in time. He is working to the direction of the board. He has players generally bought by others and before you say Hutton, I'd chip in with Keane and Given and NZog too. He needs to be given more time. Clubs that change managers like their socks do not make progress. Boring football? First hald Blackburn before yes Keen out thought him though Gardner and Banna had proved the previous week that they are not yest ready to boss a midfield. Maybe in time they will. But who on this board gives anyone time? And who else did Eck have to put on?
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07/03/2012 18:05:00

I've got splinters in my pair from the fence. The team is a mere shadow of what we had in recent seasons. Our wingers have gone on to bigger clubs - where they're thriving. Gabby has lost confidence and has had injuries. Albie is coming on nicely, but needs time to fully blossom. In short; Eck needs to rebuild the side. He may see that Bent needs service which we can't afford or obtain, so could decide to get rid. Who knows what plans he has, what restraints from the board he has to work around. Give him until Christmas at least, then judge.
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07/03/2012 18:32:00

Gordon ... I meant the negativity is six of one and half a dozen of the other with the fans / squad .... this started heavily last year before McLeish was in charge and there were plenty of moaners when MON was in charge too !!! The atmosphere has been terrible this season from the start and the players feel this believe me, they are scared to put a foot wrong, play poorly then the boos start ........ its a viscous circle that needs breaking regardless who is in charge, the players respond to the crowd ..... as fans we should do our part like at the Arsenal game which was a rarity a VP in recent times. As for the split in fans opinions I reckon it is half and half, but only a small majority feel strongly enough to protest / petition, most of them it's because he was Blues boss never mind him having massive injuries at Blues and not even able to fill the bench in the end !! I prefer to think that he see's what we see, he can only work with the tools he has inherited, his job is to run down contracts and asses and rebuild with the owners backing. Dunne, Warnock, Heskey, Collins out and bring in better quality on sensible wages, his defence at Blues was very good until the injury crisis, we have a better set up through the squads. I don't like what I've seen this season, I don't like the excuses and tactics, but he can only work with what he's got and there have been glimpses of real attacking quality, sadly not enough and defensive errors have cost us. Main culprits are Dunne and Warnock, Hutton has been better recently and to be fair is more wing back than defensive fullback. UTV
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07/03/2012 18:37:00

I see no point in keeping Eck at this time in the same way that you say there's no point in changing him. People say there are small signs of attacking football?!?! It's only taken 8 months. the man is a walking disaster, fluked a carling cup and has a very questionable record in Scotland where McCoist will finish better after losing his whole squad and having a 10 point deduction. Your attitude towards him was perfect for the start of the season but things have gone well beyond that. Why are people willing to put up with it?? Disregard the money shortage as its the same for at least 12 of the prem teams. Sign up one and all.
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07/03/2012 19:28:00

Self selected polls? WTF does that mean? Just because you find the truth unpalatable because it doesn't fit in with your personal opinion doesn't make it any less the truth.
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07/03/2012 21:00:00

Gordon and friends, sorry I think your in the minority on this, I hear what you are saying about the board and lack of cash flow but the fact is our squad is enough to be playing much much better football. There are lesser squads than ours like Swansea, Norwich, Fulham etc but they are playing much better to watch football and getting better results too. This is no body else but McLeish fault, end of!!
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07/03/2012 21:03:00

Villan444, i think you should respect other fans opinions a little more IMO, i can see what Gordon's point is here, In the summer how many managers wanted this job? Martinez turned us down Hughes had just walked out on Fulham which shot himself in the foot by doing this as Randy had this happan to him with MoN, and Randy being the honourable man he is he decided not to enter a war with fulham's owner over this, so there were not many experianced premier league managers available who would come here with the wage cutting practises we have been doing to cut this wage bill we have ended up with, so maybe its us fans expectations of the club that is the problem we expect Villa to be higher, but to be fair we are 6 points off 8th fulham if we beat them that would be down to 3? also liverpool have spent the best part of 100million in the last 12 months yet that has got them only an extra 9 points above us? I am not saying Mcleish is a top manager nor he was a great appointment but more of a desperate appointment who would acceot our current financial problems, we outplayed blackburn in the 1st half and as expected any club at there own ground will come out in the second half and have a go as they did, but if it were nit for paul robinson saving them we would have won he got there MoM award? all im saying is i think its time we have to accept that we are not the team of a few years back, those players have gone and been sold now, Randy has chosen his man and will back him in the summer to get rid of the deadwood and players who have been inconsistent too many times for us like warnock etc as these players have scored own goals poor defending etc and we can not blame Mcleish for this surely? I am just going to keep supporting my club not the manager not the chairman but MY CLUB, as staying away will hurt Villa when her financies are in need of boosting and support rather than the staying away and not helping the club when she needs us most, we have been in relegation scraps before aswell as higher in the league take the rough with the smooth is what i am going to do and wait and see what happans in the summer and i am looking forward to seeing some of these poor players who have cost us points, and helped get us knocked out of cups shifted out and replaced by players who will try harder and have more respect for this great club! UTV!
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07/03/2012 21:50:00

Jonah - self selected polls: polls where people can vote if they wish and where there is no scientific sample used as a base. Useless in other words. AdzVilla11 I'm sure I am in the minority on this and any other board. Not bothered about that at all. Doesn't change my opinion. Clive: welcome to the club.
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07/03/2012 22:18:00

I agree with GLF.... Direct your energy towards supporting the club until the summer...then is the time to consider about petitioning
Bangkok Villan
Report Abuse
07/03/2012 23:03:00

Agree with Gordon about the Poll and the petition. For either to have legitamacy their needs to be a clearly agreed electoral pool from which votes and views are taken. As it doesn't how can a majority consensus or any subsequent mandate be reached? Simply saying 'Villa Fans' is not enough. Are we polling all registered supporters, season ticket holders and those who have attended a game or anyone who claims to support the club? How do we know who these people are? As it is, the entire population of Fiji could vote but that wouldn't necessarily mean anything. The most you can say is that x number of people on-line want McLeish to be sacked as manager of Aston Villa. Not sure how much value that has though the media would certainly put a spin on it if you had enough numbers. Will I sign it? At this stage, with 10 or so games to go, I think this is completely pointless and counter-productive. I am very unhappy with what I have seen and with some of what I have heard, though undoubtedly there are deeper problems. For now I just want to get behind the entire club and get us to 40 points. I think there is division among the fans as to how they see the situation. Not comfortable with the banding about of the word 'we' when that is based on a monority perception of what fans discontent actually means. If 30,000+ want this guy out then they need to attest to that themselves. Further, AVFC is not a democracy or even a public company. It is a football club owned by an American Billionaire. The guy can do what he wants. We might be the cultural, communal and moral owners but in business terms he can take advice off a penguin if it suits him. The manager, however, should take collective responsibility for the performance of the team, regardless of the complexity involved because that is the whole point of having an accountable authority figure.
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07/03/2012 23:17:00

I hink a lot of fans have missed the point here, nobody has said this petition is to get McLoser out NOW! why not sign the petition and hand it over in the summer before Mc***** has a chance to bring players that only know a long ball game to villa and make us even more boring and crap, it would be useless to sack him now but also it would be useless to keep him for another season as anyone with a brain can see we won't improve under ECK, its obvious he has a strict budget but he isn't the only manager that has a strict budget in fact he was given more money to spend than a lot of the teams ahead of us, fact of the matter is ECK is not the right manager for Villa, he is far too negative and has split the fans and bored us to death week in week out, also any fan with half a brain knows we are not going to be competing for a top 6 spot anytime soon but we should be a top half team given the right manager and tatics, we have useless defenders yet ECK forces us to defend every game unless we are 2 goals down, we have some very good attacking players but they are all used as extra defenders I honestly can not think of any other manager or any other sane person that would not use the strenghts of the team he has but instead uses the weakest points and lets teams destroy us by just giving them the ball at every opportunity, and to say a fans vote is not valid becasue they might not be living in certain areas or might not have a season ticket is pure rubbish, I have been a villa fan since I am 3 but am Irish and don't hold a season ticket even though it is my dream to do so but I have countless jerseys cups glasses scarfs t-shirts jackets and other things not even worth mentioning so to try tell me my vote does not matter and I only claim to support the club is ridiculas I think anyone who claims to be a villa fan should be taken as just that a VILLA FAN!
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08/03/2012 01:00:00

Gordon, I'm not knocking your opinion mate you are 100% entitled to it and I agree with some of what you are saying. I think your having a laugh if you think it's 50/50 though more like 80/20 and that's being generous. In my opinion we are playing the worse football I have seen in the 27 years supporting the club. The players are much much better than they are showing, the tactics are terrible and Eck's motivational skills get a big fat zero from me, the lads have their heads down and McLeish just adds to it with his comments and demeanor. He should never have came here and he has to go. I don't want a big name manager either, a young up and coming promising manager from the lower leagues will do me..... Poyet? Holloway? Would love Rodgers or Lambert would be brilliant but they won't leave yet.
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08/03/2012 05:37:00

That last line made heaps of sense :)
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08/03/2012 05:39:00

Gordon / astonmilan - i can see your viewpoints, but you're deluded if you seriously believe that only 50% of villa fans want him gone?? Seriously? Check out any approval poll, any vote mechanism - heck, even chat with a few fellow villans down the bloody pub! I think you'll find that around 95% want him gone. The only split would be when - maybe it's 50% now and 50% at the end of the season, but not many at all actually want him here long term - our results, performances and general moral around the club attest to that. Have you watched games this season? Spurs away? Bolton in the cup? Swansea / Man U / Man City / Wigan / Liverpool? The list is comprehensive of shocking performances, negative team selections and tactics and players with heads down. Who's job is it to motivate them in the main part? THE MANAGER! Get rid now before he ruins us totally...
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08/03/2012 09:49:00

EPIC FAIL! If this petition has shown us anything it has shown us that not that many Villa fans would want him sacked right now at least anyway! Lets face it the players have let us down this season, I can't entirely blame Eck for that. The money is not there compared to many other teams too. The reality is its a tough season, he's not done great but so far I still think we can't be one of those clubs that get a new manager every other week. We can't keep rebuilding or its even more damaging believe it or not.
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08/03/2012 09:54:00

Im bored of all this crap, i cannot stand Mcleish, i think he is everything football shouldn't be...It should be a fast, free flowing game where fans can admire talent and really love watching it, at the moment i struggle to watch half an hour of his *****e. These petitions won't do much, i agree that fans must do something about 'the' problem instead of sitting behind a keyboard being angry all the time...I agree that MOST fans want him gone, there are a small percentage who still support him and a bigger majority who want him gone but don't want people to think they are bad fans (more of that VTID *********). I have signed the petition, i won't be going to fulham, after that i will attend every home game unless this protest works of course (doubtful), but i won't attend any more away games simply due to money and the fact it's not really worth it this season. Iv'e already paid for my home season ticket so oh well, but i won't renew till last minute depending on whether mcnegative has gone or not, juts gonna get this nightmare season over and pray the club see sense, but seriously bored of Villa, Mcleish and stressing my anger over him, i expect no wins from any game now, i also expect relegation to be quite difficult (BBC Predictor, i had us to take 2 points from every game and we still stay up LOL) so i couldn't care less, the worse Mcleish does without relegation the better as the more chance he has of getting fired.
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08/03/2012 10:33:00

The argument is not how many want him to go. The point is is it the right time to get rid of him with not long left in the season? Is it worth the compensation we would have to pay him (prob at least 2 mil?) and who could we realistically get in that would want to come? If mcleish offered to walk out for free at the end of the season and AVB said he would take on the job and rebuild us over 4 years without commanding a massive salary, I think every villa fan would be delighted but it won't happen. We are not the attractive proposition we once were and we certainly don't have the money to be wasting on managers again! I don't like the tactics, the majority of play has been shocking and I don't like the excuses but I think the board will ride it out, they certainly won't listen to us unless we are in the bottom 3. He shouldn't have been appointed but we need consistency for a few years, changing managers too often does not help at all, just look at Chelsea.
Lion Heart
Report Abuse
08/03/2012 10:35:00

Havent read many of the posts but cant let this pass without commenting on gordonsleftboot saying that 'not a majority of fans want him out'. I never went to Blackburn as I was catching some sun by the Red Sea, but at Wigan nearly every single visiting Villa supporter were singing for his sacking. Not the odd fan or a few, but nearly all. Stop spreading lies that fans do not want him out. And as for saying thay if there are not 30,000 protesters that means he must be wanted. I have never went to the poll tax riots, doesn't mean I approved of the poll tax. I have never been to an anti fascist rally, doesn't make me a fascist. Just because somebody is not aware of a petition or haven't signed it, doesnt mean they do not agree with it. Have studied our points this season. We have taken 17 points from the 9 games played so far against the bottom 5 (we have Bolton at home as the only remaining fixture against this group). This means we have taken just 13 points from the other 18 games FFS. Please everybody wake up and smell the coffee. McMuppet was chased out of Rangers, relegated Small Heath twice and has no history of building a succesful team at any time in his managerial career. None. Zilch. Every team he has built has failed. EVERY ONE. Sign the petition, but come to Villa Park and sing your heart out for the team. If results don't do for McMuppet then season ticket sales will. a drop of 50% in season ticket sales will mean it is more expensive to keep him than to sack him. Hopefully he will do the honorable thing and walk away though.
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08/03/2012 11:39:00

Clive, I very much respect Gordon's and everyone elses opinions on this and everything Villa. I may come across brash but it's something that I'm very passionate about and it's on the internet which, due to tone of voice and facial expressions would sound totally different if we were in a pub or outside the ground. You change your tune every week mate and can't make up your mind. Are you a woman??? At least I know what I think whether it's right or wrong. This article IMO is about whether we should sign a poll to get rid of Eck. I'll turn it round, what reason do we have to keep him?? The guarantee of a few draws?? I hate draws and as said, would rather win 1 and lose 2 than draw 3 as long as we were trying to win in the process. The compensation money that we'd pay him would be recouped in league placings and ticket sales!!!!!!!1
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08/03/2012 14:05:00

Is there a petition to get rid of the board, as they are responsible for the current mess you are in and of course they appointed McLeish as well
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08/03/2012 15:00:00

Oh No OxfordSpur, a lot would rather blame O'Neil as he left us (for reasons not exactly known) and as he's not here anymore it keeps the illusion that we're still the greatest, our owner is a saint, Villa will rise again and the future's bright etc. even in their own minds living without any external input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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08/03/2012 15:09:00

444 makes a good point - even those that don't want him to go now - why would we want to keep him? Can you give me any reasons at all? Entertaining football? Man Management skills? Tactical genius? The ability to grind out results? It's a big fat NO on all of these points... what a sad time to be a villan =(
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08/03/2012 15:19:00

VOTH- I don't agree with everything you say on this site. (I actually disagree with a lot of your opinions). However, I find it very difficult to ignore any of your posts. One point you might like to consider though. Since when does anyone in football 'do the honorable (sic) thing'? McLeish-- metaphorically speaking -- will die with his boots on. I.e. He'll be sacked, he won't resign. Maybe a season in the Championship will be good for the club? It might focus some minds among the board and the fans. The Villa would also have a good chance of winning a 'championship' for the first time in thirty-odd years. Btw, Podolski looks set to go to the Arsenal in the summer. Once again, why weren't the Villa in for him after 2010 World Cup? Does anyone at AVFC even bother to follow football outside of the EPL?
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08/03/2012 15:39:00

Forgetting all the clashes of personality on here lets cut to the chase. The football served up in general (but not always) has been poor,we appear to have either a manager who has no tactical nonce or players who wont listen to instructions , substitutions have at times appeared weird for want of a better word but any manager is judged on results no home wins from november 5th to date would get many a manager the sack. Oxfordspurs comment is quite right the board are reposible for this mess although I am sure many will forgive Randy Lerner on the basis of the massive investment hes made in the club with hindsight some of it may well now seem naive. But the board must get their act together re - public relations with their own fans. To be a top club you must engage with your fans as other top clubs do, ignore them at your peril for if results go against us the fare served up is poor history shows fans vote by withdrawing both money and support neither of which I want to see happen to AVFC. villaWillRiseAgain Poldolski is 11 million your looking at the wrong end of the market at the moment try a bosman free transfer. The last time we were relegated to the
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08/03/2012 16:35:00

to finish last time we relegated to the old second division was a disaster for the club and would be worse this time.
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08/03/2012 16:37:00

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