Aston Villa - Villa Fan Says Time For Action?
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Villa Fan Says Time For Action?

AVbornandbred says time for action:

After two pathetic draws against the forces that are Wigan and Blackburn, in my opinion two of the worst teams in premiership history, we will be incredibly lucky to stay up at the end of the season.

So, most want McLeish to go but how many of us really believe that Randy will act?

Unfortunately I strongly suspect that we are stuck with this excuse for a manager whatever happens with regard to relegation this year. Randy has a plan and will stick to it unless he is forced to change tack. So how do we, the fans, impact the situation to make Randy change his plans?

Protests are futile as the protests in the summer proved. Protests will always be put down to the vociferous minority and will be derided as the actions of fickle fans.

Boycotts have been suggested, but as has already been shown this season with VP almost half empty each week, season tickets sales mask attendance numbers and the economy is routinely blamed for the drop in numbers rather than the truly awful tripe served up on the pitch.

So what do I suggest?


My suggestion is that we take the opportunity between now and the end of the season to gather support for a season ticket boycott. On line petitions, physical petitions and protests can be used to support the action but the real core needs to be a campaign to persuade as many people as possible not to renew and to each write to the club notifying them of your intent not to renew and to respond to the club's renewal notice with a note to the effect that the reason for not renewing is McLeish but that you will renew as soon as there is a change in manager.

A concerted campaign between now and the season end would deliver the message loud and clear and if season ticket sales look like being below 10k Randy will have to act.

Myself and my wife will sign up as the first two season ticket holders to get the ball rolling.


Protest thread: Click Here

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The Journalist

Writer: AVbornandbred  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 4 2012

Time: 10:40AM

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Already happening I guess, will increase for sure, but I'll be one who is renewing, it is what I do, despite this season being my least favourite ever, I'll be back for more punishment next season and just praying either the manager goes or by some stroke of utter shocking genius, pulls things together. The latter not really looking likely admittedly!
The Fear
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04/03/2012 10:43:00

Look on the bright side, we'll win more games next season when we're playing the likes of Millwall and Bristol City....
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04/03/2012 11:04:00

I will renew until they price me out of it . It's what a fan does , thick and thin and all that stuff
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04/03/2012 11:08:00

Boycott then. The club is better off without you
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04/03/2012 12:07:00

Mason, not sure we would beat Millwall either :(
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04/03/2012 12:12:00

paul the club is better off without McIdiot not without its fans, if you think McIdiot is the right man for the job then renew your ticket you have a right to your opinion but don't try and push fans out of the club that obviously just want the best for it, just like you have the right to renew your ticket no matter how crap the football is and no matter how much negativity the manager brings other fans have the right not to spend their hard earned money watching it, AVb and many other fans will obviously renew their tickets once the manager is changed but they don't have to renew straight away all he is asking is to wait as long as possible and put pressure on Randy to do the best thing for the club because obviously style of football and results don't matter to him so hopefully money will.
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04/03/2012 13:00:00

I left it until the last possible minute to renew this year partly in protest at the managerial appointment and partly waiting to see what players we signed. In the end I renewed partly because I thought N'Zogbia was a decent signing and partly because "It's what I do" and knew I'd be gutted to not have a ST once the season started. However as a result of this I did lose my seat which I'd had for a good few seasons. What makes this even more annoying is the person who now sits in my seat brings his little girl (approx 4 years old) who clearly has no interest as she just plays on her Nintendo all brought the match!! I will probably leave it as late as possible to renew again his year on he hope we get a new manager. I hear Andreas Villas Boas is seeking employment!!
Adam Deuce
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04/03/2012 15:12:00

We are of course all entitled to our opinions, sadly AVbab the mix of responses you're getting already shows that whatever crap is served up via idiots' tactics, you'll find some people will refrain from even threatening not to renew their season tickets. What the season ticket holders cannot seem to grasp is the fact you suggest writing to the club NOW, or between NOW and the END OF THE SEASON. Just because you may write a letter "threatening" not to renew your season ticket unless idiot is sacked, it doesn't mean you have to carry that same threat out surely to God!!!!! You do have between NOW and some time in June?, to renew....... don't you? Do what Adam Deuce has done. Surely you'll still get your beloved seat, lets face it, there won't be a mad rush for season tickets, unless a miracle occurs........
Pride of Lions
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04/03/2012 16:04:00

Sick of the 'thick and thin' ********* from a lot of fans these days, get over yourselves, your not getting anything out of thinking your this amazing fan who is too scared to go against the club in case you look like a 'bad' fan. Im with you anyway AV, no shame in admitting that you aren't afraid to take a stand and sacrifice your season ticket for a good cause...i no 4 people who are doing the same and im sure there are plenty others. Like Adam deuce has said, i will leave it till the very last moment and if there is no change then there will be no renewal...Sure i might go to the odd game, but look at the money i will save in not going to watch mcnegative destroy the club.
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04/03/2012 19:43:00

yeah Pauled clearly you're right. Season ticket holder since early 80's and regular away game attendee. Always loud and always positive. The club needs less of fans like me and more protests, banners, boos and empty seats or maybe just apathy....genius
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04/03/2012 20:02:00

Tell me !! What's that thing between your head an your arse IT'S CALLED A BACK BONE SO LET'S START USING IT. FEAR, Stop sitting on the fence again, I love you to death but your one of these people how gives everybody a second. third ,even a forth chance in life and it's as changed and it' survival of the fittest. If you want to stand by the manager and chairman it's up to you but when we get relegated and the Blues go up what are you going to say then !!!. TIME FOR CHANGE AND NOW !!
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04/03/2012 20:02:00

I dont know whether I could sit through another season of watching such negative football so probably won't renew I will just pick my games. The only game I have enjoyed so far was against Arsenal and we lost it!!
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04/03/2012 20:15:00

Have to disagree completely, 4 points off everton, major changes, boring football yes, but negative support is moronic and indeed an oxymoron..also I like what you said as it highlights exactly how I feel ''Protests are futile as the protests in the summer proved. Protests will always be put down to the vociferous minority and will be derided as the actions of fickle fans.'' i do believe fans are fickle, and in our case, it is the 'vociferous few'. Our current squad has no right in being a top ten club until the players prove it. Ive counted 6-7 individual mistakes that have cost us three points in as many games, mcleish needs time, he cant control individual mistakes. if you take your claret and blue specks off and really loo at the games-with the squad we have-chances that have been wasted-mistakes that have been made not to mention the cost cutting that has hit us hard..mcleish has done an average job. time and relentless support will see us come good.
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05/03/2012 01:21:00

AVB has the perfect name to manage us!! Put him in and give him a 5 year plan!! Never going to happen though because Randy doesn't know his head from his #%
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05/03/2012 04:57:00

AVB? He's just buggered it up at Chelsea.
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05/03/2012 06:23:00
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05/03/2012 08:47:00

Hit the nail on the head there AVbornandbred it is the only thing short of relegation that the Board will take notice of. However I strongly suspect that Mr Lerner is going to stick his jaw out and let Mcleish finish his contract regardless of how the fans feel,that lack of football knowledge at Boardroom level is crucifying Aston Villa as the last two management appoitments have proved. In BBC gossip we are told aston villa are already searching for the best free transfers for the summer although Mcleish says there is money to spend but no amounts mentioned.
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05/03/2012 10:37:00

Crop I don't really want AVB but would take him in a flash over Eck, he'd do better with us than Chelski. The senior players stuffed him up big time but he could have handled in better and then axed them in the summer, that was bad management. I'd rather a Poyet or a (Some people will hate this) Holloway, we won't get a big name so I'd like to see a young dynamic manager. Id love Rodgers or Lambert but don't think they'd leave. We need someone for min 5 seasons and Eck isn't it.
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05/03/2012 10:49:00

I am so bored of the modern trend of football fans launching protests against the clubs they supposedly support. Even worse is the pious drivel used to justify such fair weather support - along the lines of "only a true fan would sacrifice seeing the club he supports for the greater good". Am I furious at the standard of football on display this season? Absolutely. Would I rather McLeish was gone? Of course. Won't stop me renewing though and sitting in the Holte trying to get behind the team amidst the constant negativity that seems to surround this club and our shockingly fickle fan base (Martin Keown didn't get it all wrong). If the worst happens I'll renew again and get behind the team I love rather than spit the dummy out, not attend because things aren't going my way and then try and pass it off as a noble act.
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05/03/2012 11:06:00

"Sick of the 'thick and thin' ********* from a lot of fans these days, get over yourselves, your not getting anything out of thinking your this amazing fan who is too scared to go against the club in case you look like a 'bad' fan" Too scared to go against the club in case I look like a bad fan!? What a load of shoe makers! I support the Villa because that's what I've always done, and yes through THICK and THIN, not for anyone else, not because I want to be seen as anything, not because I don't want to be seen as anything, no ulterior motive whatsoever, I am just doing what I always have, no matter what division, what owner, what manager, what players, it's fair weather fans that are the real problem, so you can take your opinion, turn it sideways and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
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05/03/2012 12:44:00

Having been away for a week sandwiched between going to both the Wigan and Blackburn games, I am amazed at the total negativity of the comments after the Bburn game. Comparing the two games. I am anti - McLeish, and wished he had made the changes earlier at Blackburn in the second half, but Blackburn were so bad in the first half it was unbelievable, and partly deserve credit for changing things and finding some form of their own, irrespective of our side of things. Overall, though, the match against Wigan was appalling, with by the time the second half began endless loud and near unanimous chants of Sack McCleish my Lord, Sack McCleish. The Blckburn match with a totally changed midfield with Petrov back, but also Zog, Ireland and Herd, played excellently and deserved more. Yes Bburn turned it round, and yes we did not do as well second half, but we still had chances, and over the 90 desrved to win. But in the second half at Blackburn there was not one chant of McCleish out taken up by the fans in the way it wasat Wigan, not because we support him, we don't. But it did reflect that we had made some massive improvement and changes since Wigan, and it was a positive response from the fans in recognition of that. There is no balance on here compared to the balance I thought the fans showed at the two games, for what were two very different performances. Look forward with some more confidence to 90 minutes and hopefully victory against Fulham, althoughthey are clearly on top of their game at present and it will be hard. Up the Villa.
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05/03/2012 12:47:00

great article AVBornandbred get in touch via our site, would love to help you with this
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05/03/2012 13:39:00


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