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How To Protest?

How To Protest?

How to protest?

I am aware that Fear is keen not to see this forum as one supporting a protest.(See my article comment as below J FEAR!)

However it is plain to see we are in a mess. I still have support for Randy and understand that he is trying to recover the clubs financial position after allowing M'ON to overspend on players, and probably worse giving them wages that no other club would touch as they reach the twighlight of their careers.

However I believe we need to see and hear from Randy now as am I am sure he must be aware of the massive unrest for the fans and apparently for the players. Leaving aside the Randy issue, how are fans due to get there voice heard? The club remove any anti McLeish posters and eject fans who have them. It is obvious that McLeish does not have the support of the fans and fans are split on wether to protest or not.

I want to protest but was disappointed that the couple of hundred or so in attendance on Sunday resorted to foul language to make there point. As soon as that happens the tv can not show the coverage.

I have 3 suggestions.

Next home game against Fulham, all fans show there support for the club by buying tickets, attending the game, but staying in the concourse areas until 3.15. If the ground is half empty but suddenly fills up at 3.15 this would get the point over without harming the clubs finances.

A vocal protest.

Very simply everybody who thinks McLeish should go simply sing 'we want McLeish out, we want McLeish out'. As soon as there is swearing it is edited by TV. The chants have to be clean. A vocal protest can not make the performances any worse so this would not cause any problems at all.

A season ticket protest.

It was the lack of season ticket sales that eventually forced O'Deary out of the club. When the club realise at the end of June that renewals are down and no new applications are coming in the money men will have to make the decision. We generated £9m in season tickets this season I believe. As soon as they drops below £5m it it cheaper to sack McLeish than to lose revenue. Does anybody have any other ideas on how to get rid of McLeish or are there still fans who think he should be given another season?


Forum thread on protests: Click Here

Click here to join in the debate on the club forum.

Date:Tuesday February 14 2012
Time: 1:42PM


Just on the opening point my good man. I am not pro or anti the site being used to discuss (although in the forum and in article comments the lack of respect between people with differing views does annoy.

What I wasn't keen on mate, was the press quoting it as a Vital Villa protest. It isn't, this is an open site (hence when submitted I put up the protest info, put up this article for you etc. That is only right to do and then I get slated by those thinking I'm 'fanning flames' and with me saying I don't protest I'm a kiss arse to the board. I'm buggered either way!)

I also didn't want to look like I was trying to take credit for the protests OR that I was doing them and hijacking what was someone elses idea. I also thought (and still think) the timing was wrong BUT as I said many times in the thread and in private messages to the very nice bloke organising it, I respect those who stand up for their club and their right to do so.

Hope that is a bit clearer? I'm not in good enough health even if I wanted to (I don't) to be organising or joining in with protests.

For me, the time that fans could have stood up and really made an impact was the summer, but the protests were a shambles with people climbing the fences/gates etc. Should have been 10 000 down there in the summer saying NO. I did my bit trying to convince against and a good amount in the press (Mission Impossible... in the papers, on the radio, on tv... even made the back page of the Express) but when a manager is appointed that is me done, I try to see the best and support. Fine, it hasn't worked as wanted and yes, I'm scared.

For me the next four games are CRUCIAL to Aston Villa OUR club... no way are protests at the moment needed, quite the opposite, if the players can't do it on their own, then they will need the twelth man doing it, no matter how peed off we are with them and their lack of fight this year. If we lose too many of the next four, then that is it, things will be at crisis point, at that point it would be right to remove him and get a caretaker manager in. If they don't then ... gulp. The games after are mostly against the big boys.

Once safe, then is the time for you all to be vocal and show you aren't having this next season.

Just my humble opinion, if well enough, I'm there shouting and cheering (as you will be voice, you always are) even if I'm inwardly seething at the lack of heart in the team/manager.
The Fear
14/02/2012 13:51:00
With so few going to the protest (and I understand why you are annoyed, enough keyboard warriors on the internet to make people believe an organised protest would have 10 000 there, not a couple of hundred. But you keep trying and only have low turn outs and you undo what you want to happen and make it look like the silent majority are indeed behind the manager?
I honestly doubt you would ever get it organised in a way that fans would agree to miss the start of a game, we discussed during Ellis protests but all agreed, we are fans, we are there to support the team, no matter how good it would look and how strong a message it WOULD send out IF fans could organise it, I just can't see you ever being able to.

Season tickets. You don't need to organise anything there to be fair, I think they will be much lower (there is a poll in the 100% Villa part of this forum at moment). Thing is though, for me, no manager is going to drive me away. Call me a mug if you wish, but my money is there again next season for 'my' seat, I'm not losing that and unless my brain aches really dictate enough is enough, I can't see me not going at all.
The Fear
14/02/2012 13:54:00
I have to agree with FEAR protests now will not help, but at the same time I would do anything to get rid of this manager but I really feel the board don't care about protests, if they did then they would never have appointed ECK due to the protests last year, the best way to hit them is their pocket and I honestly don't think anyone will need to organise anything for that to happen as a lot of ppl will not be renewing their season tickets and even I have said I won't go to a villa game with ECK in charge, I have said before I have never been to a game I just can't afford it but I have bought a lot of merchandise Jerseys, T-Shirts, Jackets, cups, glasses, scarfs you name it if its got villa on it I have it even playing cards LOL so im sure their are more like me who don't want their 1st game to be with ECK in charge, but I have great respect for season tickets holders and dream 1 day of joining that elite club I feel ye are the 1s who really have a voice in Villa, if none of ye renewed ye're tickets until ECK is sacked im sure it would not be long before he is and for fans like you FEAR who will get your ticket no matter what ye could wait till the last minute and still have no problem getting 1 so im not saying don't buy 1 at all just to wait as long as possible and make the board sweat a bit;)thats the only ay I think Randy or the board will listen I feel.
14/02/2012 14:19:00
YAWN! The protests had a massive affect Sunday didn't they. Support the team until they are safe then assess where we are. Randy will not get rid during the season and boycotting games simply hurts the club more that people supposedly support. Football is about the good and the bad times, if he goes and the new manager is in the same position where do we go then?
14/02/2012 14:20:00
Support the team until we are safe. Feck Eck by all means, but why would anyone want to unsettle players who are already suffering a crises of confidence while there is a possibility of us going down? And it is a distinct possibility which grows ever greater with the games we play (and lose or draw). The only ones who can get us out of the mire are the players, like them or not. They are already hamstrung by an inept manager. Why add extra pressure at this crucial time?
14/02/2012 15:01:00
My protest will come in the summer along with the 3 others we sit with when we will not renew, money men understand one thing and thats money, they wont listen to the protests until it hits the pockets. As for comments above I do agree that the players are scared as it is, a bad atmosphere will make it even worse. We need to stay in the division and then go from there. For the record my protest is at Eck but equally Lerner and Faulkner for apointing him and what they have done the last two years - We have became a laughing stock and all the good work is very quickly being undone. The Blues stuff with Eck does not bother me apart from the fact we have taken a failure from them - If we had taken a top manager from them I would be chuffed to bits.
14/02/2012 15:33:00
McLeish is clearly not the man to restore Villa to anything approaching former glories. The question, therefore, is does he go now or in the summer? If now who would replace him. Martinez made a mistake rejecting the Villa in the summer. To approach him now would surely be a get-out-of-jail card for him. Wigan's problems are probably more to do with harsh economic reality not bad coaching. As for the Anti-Lerner brigade. Two words. Glasgow Rangers.
14/02/2012 15:45:00
MON had to go, purely because he couldn't grasp financial and modern football reality. Villa last won the league using just 14 players. MON thought he could get the club into the CL with a similar number whilst utilizing (or rather not utilizing) a bunch of unused bench warmers on millionaire wages. He had to go. However, I agree with anyone who says or thinks that Lerner and Faulkner have made a total Pigs Ear of recruiting his successors. The current problems of the club can be traced back to one of several events (take your pick). The injury to Laursen, the refusal to march on Moscow, the disastorous implosion against Stoke City that followed, the sale of Milner and the subsequent departure of MON or the appointment of Houllier. All of these events have one thing in common. They are in the past. The current problem-McLeish's uninspired management-is in the present. The future will ultimately be determined by who replaces him.
14/02/2012 15:56:00
IMHO waiting for the summers' season ticket sale figures is waiting far too late to get rid of the Idiot. Also. when exactly will we be safe... if ever? I personally think the vocal protest is best, but NOT during the match, we need to support the team. I think as soon as the final whistle is blown would be the best..... and that starts next home match. It isn't going to happen overnight, so start ASAP and build on it... ie every home match until the end of the season..... perhaps the penny will have dropped by then.
Pride of Lions
14/02/2012 16:29:00
Yes Pride, all this bull**** talk of waiting till we are safe??? It's because of Ecks inability that we aren't safe already, so to support him in doing something that he's incapable of is backwards. The team need our support. I reckon the crowd should do an " Alex, Alex give us a wave" and as soon as he does he gets dogs abuse from everyone. Villawillriseagain, all the points you raise should've been overseen by Randy. He is to blame for our boom and bust situation.
14/02/2012 16:59:00
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