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'Proud To Be A Villan' Against Protests

Had this sent to me via facebook pages
Proud to be a Villan:

I`m sure most of you have seen the reports in the papers today regarding imminent protests this Sunday before the Man City game. Normally I ignore this kind of thing as a few protests have been supposedly organised recently but nothing has come to pass. However in light of the media coverage I felt some sort of response necessary.

Is this really the time for this? Are things really at the point of protest?

At the moment, after 24 games we are sitting in 13th place, which is higher than last season. We are 8 points above the drop zone and not really much sign of us being dragged into a relegation scrap. We are only 5 points behind 8th place in the league.

Much of the ill feeling is directed at Alex McLeish and I`m afraid it all stems down to where he came from. Stats support the fact that he has a better record to Houllier last season and a record that is on par with O`Neil`s first season. I don`t remember any protests taking place back then.

In the statement issued by the protesters they state the following

'He had a full pre-season, was given 20m (approx) to spend and has players of the calibre of Darren Bent, Gabby Agbonlahor and Stephen Ireland to work with (also the most promising batch of home-grown players produced in years).

Just to address this. I can only add up 18.5 million pounds worth of purchases. In the current market that does not even begin to scratch the surface. Darren Bent has proven time and time again that he is a proven goal scorer but the fact is he has continued scoring recently despite the main channels of supply (Young & Downing) being sold. Agbonlahor and Ireland, I actually thing McLeish has done well in returning these players to form. Certainly something that the previous manager was unable to do!

What do these protesters actually hope to achieve? The sacking of McLeish? Please tell me which top flight manager is available to take his place.

These people will say in a seductive manner 'if you`re a real fan you will go and protest because how can you watch your club decline?

I say how can you go to the protest and help contribute to any potential decline by sticking the knife in? The image at of the club is not great at the moment, how do these people expect anyone of any good calibre to join a club where the fans have treated their last two managers with nothing but contempt and have a record of booing their own players. I believe David Moyes said publicly that he would never come to Villa because of how the fans treated Houllier.

I`m not denying that there are some issues that need working out, but recently we have been seeing progress on the pitch. In the last 8 games we have scored 15 goals. That is not the stat of a defensive manager, especially when you consider the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal are included in that run.

At this time we need to be uniting as fans, not further dividing. Not protesting, look at the state Blackburn fans have gotten themselves into. They are now laughed at on a daily basis.

Get behind the club, get behind the team. It is no coincidence that the away form is vastly superior to the home form, due to the never say die mentality of our brilliant away fans. We need to take that into the ground at Villa Park. Stop booing the players. Stop crying about what we have not got and what has been! Look at what we have got and push the team forward!!

That`s how this team moves forward, with loud vocal support at Villa Park. Some games we will lose, some we will win! But we need to do it together!!



Thanks for reading

Proud to be a Villan

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The Journalist

Writer: Proud To Be A Villan Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 8 2012

Time: 1:54PM

Your Comments

The debate will go on and on for sure! Interesting how the votes split really. 96-97% in a poll saying they didn't want McLeish. But only 56% think a protest is right. NOw we have the poll and seems at moment 63% on here aren't attending! I would much rather concentrate on Villa being safe first and see where we end up. If we lost the four games straight after Citeh, then .... Anyway, there you go!
the fear
You never know,this might be turned on it`s head and be the rallying call for the rest of us (non-protestors) to get behind our manager for the first time in his role as ASTON VILLA manager. "Alex McLeish`s claret n blue army". Well the booing didn`t work.Shall we try supporting instead.Just a thought.
yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.... boring. Same old "get behind the team" *********. Has it eluded you that the team are in disarray and cant be arsed either ? Eck is a joke, getting us nowhere with Pointy Peter and the worry is why he was appointed by the morons upstairs.....dark times I'm afriad. You need to wake up pal !
Im not supporting someone who is just totally not right for the Villa job at all, just doesn't make sense. Im also not going to protest because it is going to get you nowhere, there were pointless protests before Mcleish was pointed, Lerner and co went ahead with it, face facts they could not give two *****s about the supporters, Mcleish to them was a safe cheap option who would keep us clear of the relegation zone but not in the top half of the table. If the fans want to protest then the best way is too not bother going to the games, low attendances will hurt Lerner and Co the most, standing outside the ground will achieve nothing...Oh and all the fans crying about the protests, saying how they will support villa though the bad and good, give it a rest, you will all be the first to start moaning when we are relegation candidates, if not this season, next. Fans have a right to do what they want, they input money in the club, if they are not happy with some clowns running the club into the ground then fair enough, doesn't make one set of fans better than the other lot, there trying to make a difference in there way just like the non protesters are.
I am not behind a protest for two reasons firstly it is just rehashing old scores. We know MC Leish is not (nor ever will be) the man for Villa that is not going to change. Secondly unless VP was empty of home fans for at least 3 games the Chairman is not going to sack Mc Leish. COTVABU
irish villa
I doubt many people will show up and even if they did it will make no difference. I can't stand his boring football, poor tactics, poor signings, poor substitutions and constant excuses/false promises. If he does manage to clear out the deadwood in the summer I do not trust him to replace it sufficiently and feel we are a team in decline. A lot of people feel this way and have a right to protest. However it should be done outside the ground before/after the game. During the game why don't we all sing continuously, whether we are protestors or not. It does not have to be in support of the Manager, but the team. Lets all show the press and the club that we love our club no matter what. I'm 'proud to be a villan' and would much rather show it in a positive way. Spread the word on this as well and se how many people will do it. Villa, Villa, Villa, Villaaaaa..........
Good post. I happen to think protesting makes the rest of the club's supporters look ridiculous and makes home results even harder to get. What is there to be in favour of? The bellyachers around the fan forums don't understand that there are people who don't feel the need to find someone to blame when things don't go the way they would like. I'm tired of hearing that wanting good things for the club but not moaning endlessly is some sort of weak position. It's easy for cynics and whingers to make out that they're the realists - when actually they're the opposite. They're just the kind of people that have to lash out when things get difficult. There are good times and bad times. The whole rollercoaster is what life and football is about - some people just can't handle it.
Here's the bottom line. Until those of you who are constantly venting your anger on this site (it's the same names every day/week) can get past the fact that he came from Blues then you'll continue with your bitter rants. Call me any name you want, but in my opinion it's pathetic to see all of this stuff about protests and staying away just because we're not challenging for Europe. I have much more respect for McCleish than I do for a group of over-emotional fans who simply refuse to accept a manager because of where he managed before. And please don't even try to say that that's not the reason, because you know it is, regardless of whatever other type of justification you want to use. What do you expect to achieve with protesting? A new manager? Ah yes, that's a fantastic idea - change your manager in February. A new owner? Even better! Maybe we can get someone like Carson Yeung or the guy who was at Man City before - or are both of them in jail now? Maybe Ken Bates will buy the club! When we were undefeated at the start of the season we were "playing boring football." Now, we're scoring and creating chances but not winning. Do you see the correlation? Jose Mourihno was forced out of Chelsea because his football was "not exciting enough" according to Abramovich. Since then they've had a revolving door of managers and have won about 10% of what Mourihno did. So I'd assume Jose won't be good enough as a candidate if McCleish leaves? And the comment about Moyes is spot on. He'd never come to Villa because we have such a negative image throughout the country, mainly due to stuff like this! On Sunday we lost AWAY to a team that's challenging for Europe after being the better side for long periods. We have 19 and 20 year-olds anchoring our midfield. Gabby and Ireland are in-form after 18 months of being way below par. Look at Dunne's comments about Houllier - he basically said that he was upset that "his mate" was overlooked by Houllier. That mate happens to be the same individual who, between him and Dunne, has cost us at least eight goals this season.
here here gmvillan, finally someone with some sense. All of this is making me like eck more if anything!
Very poor article, one of the worst I have seen on this great site. Where to begin?? We start off going on that we are 13th and better than last season but fail to explain that Bloooose were only 1 point less off than us last season at the same stage and everyone knows that they got relegated. It also fails to mention that GH started to turn it round and had a definite plan for future styles of play and tactics although the players were taking time to adapt. It disregards the fact that 'This is as good as it gets under Eck and we're playing exactly how he wants us to but his style and tactics don't ******** work unless you're playing in a pub league'......... Very few give a toss where Eck came from and everyone hates the football that we are playing, neutrals especially................Then goes on to say that it wasn't 20 mil but in fact 18.5. Oh so only 92.5% of what was claimed. Did someone round it up by a months wages for Heskey?? Talk about petty.......... Then the talk goes to Bent. And believe it or not raves about how well he's scoring!!!! LOL. Do we forget his lack of touches a month or so ago and how he touched the ball less than any other player in the prem!!!LOL. And again fails to compare him with last season when he scored 9 in 16 rather than 10 in 23 ratios of 0.56 last season to 0.43. All this while playing on his own this time round.......... Then the article goes on to rant about sticking the knife in and IMHO that is all people are doing by praising or making excuses for Eck......... MON has won more games in 6 weeks than Eck has in 6 months and that's without a pre season. For every point there is a far more plausible counterpoint in this article and if you're going to be so biased you can't make it so obvious and disregard everything else. Obviously I'm biased but any neutral would agree with me. Don't give up your day job.....
what is this myth about us playing boring football???? our last games have been 3-2, 3-2, 2-2, 2-1 with us missing chance after chance in all of them!! When did Houllier start to run it around as well? when he was in hospital?
gmvillan and therefore AVNath also, I take it that you don't like football and just turn up to have a drink and follow the crowd like sheep??? The football is close to unwatchable. I have nothing against Eck and believe him to be a stand up guy. He isn't cut out for managing in the Prem (or scottish prem for that matter) in the 21st century as his tactics are abysmal. Anyone who has sone any sort of coaching can see that. Can you please get off your high horse and realise most have nothing against the bloke other than the fact that he can't and never will be able to manage at any level above the bottom quarter of the prem. I know we're skint but you don't have to throw money at things to get them to work and he isn't capable with or without money.
I find that highly amusing Villan444, if I was a sheep I would boo with the other mindless idiots and cry just because we aren't winning every game and playing like Barca. We are better than under GH the facts are there for all and we have a worse team now after being stripped of our best players for the last 3 years. What manager are we realistically going to attract? If you didn't enjoy the football we played in the 2nd half against QPR, or large periods of the Newcastle game I would suggest its you that seems to not like football?? McLeish made a great tactical change in the Wolves game as well, but things like that are completely ignored because you all think he is a Blues fan for some reason!!
FFS AVNath, we've scraped a win against Wolves, only as they had a man sent off. Capitulated after a halftime teamtalk with superEck at Arsenal to throw the game. Newcastle was going well until the ginger one started moaning at individuals who aren't his favourites and play regardless, (ie. lovechild Bannan and Hutton who combined give the ball away far more than most.) QPR if we had the balls we could've won but sat on our 2-2 but only decided to play once we had next to nothing to lose.
Were you at the same QPR game as me????? When did we sit on a 2-2???? WE had 23 shots on goal, with 15 on target!! what more do you want? Arsenal and Newcastle are better teams than us yet we have matched them every time we faced them. We are not a top 8 team and people need to face that fact. People wanted MON out and look where that has gotten us! People keep clamouring for Bannan to play as well, Villa fans are a joke, I hate even going into the ground these days due to the mindless people around. I have heard people blame McLeish for a Pilkington free-kick when Norwich were at VP, what can he do about a 25 yard screamer!!
So why did you not protest at GH when he had a far worse record at the same time and we played absolute drivel, whilst shipping out unhappy players and arguing with the ones he did keep at the club??
I never complained about MON and never want Bannan to play (unless it's for the reserves,) we obviously haven't matched Arsenal and Newcastle if they've beaten us?!?!?!?!?! You have a point RE: shots on target V QPR but the team was set up for a draw and we only went for it when we were so far behind that we had nothing to lose. Ultimate negativity. Arsenal at home, Eck was *****ting it in the changing room at halftime as he didn't expect us to be up. We went out to contain them FFS. The team had the fear of God in them and tried to hoof everything clear with absolutely NO composure. This comes from the manager and people can't keep blaming the players.
when was the last time people on here were happy with the football we played? MON's style wasnt suitable for laods of people on this site, but it got results, Houlliers performances were a lot worse than Mcleish's, O'leary got Dogs abuse, as did Graham Taylor in his second spell, Little towards the end wasn'y judged to play good enough football and the same goes for John gregory. As a villa manager, you will never win, the job is poisoned. All this protesting will look great to any potential future manager aswell, who knows he'll be on the recieving end of protests when he win to games ratio doesnt stack up.
I was screwing about GH last year but there was a case to give him time and things turned round after Jan. We are playing exactly how Eck wants us to. He just assumes that no-one will ever make a mistake and that we will sneak a draw or 1-0 win. WHY don't we go for 3-0 wins and why do the team make so many mistakes??? Negativity. He is NOT a good manager. Nice guy (which GH was not) but not a good manager ( which GH was in his own way.)
Agree with gmvillan. It's a bloody joke, I've never heard of a club sat comfortably mid table protesting against a manager before. It makes me embarrassed, do we see other clubs around us such as everton, fulham, baggies protesting? It's pathetic and for those who say there hasn't been an improvement clearly haven't been watching the games. I'm not saying things are perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we are creating chances, go look at the shot counts since the swansea game. If it wasn't for certain players we would have won more games and make no mistake eck did not tell warnock to head in his own goal! Eck would not be my no.1 choice but he's going nowhere and there's no realistic stand out to replace him so lets just back the boys! We are closer to 8th than we are the drop zone ffs!!!
Lion Heart
Alex... is that you?
You still haven't answered my question? We can agree to disagree on certain performances when I feel we have deserved more than we got but for stupid individual errors, which McLeish can't do alot about. the manager can't give players composure, Dunne and Collins have never had it and never will have it but they are the best centre backs we have got.
Villan444 you can't have it both ways. You blame me mcleish for the second half showing against arsenal but you don't give him credit for the second half showing against qpr??!! It's clearly pointless to argue with you when you only see things as completely negative despite their being improvement and positive signs.
Lion Heart
Thank you Lion Heart, another with some sense. I'm not McLeish's biggest fan and if you ever go back in time you will see I was one of MON's biggest admirers and got annoyed when people wanted him out despite over-achieving. I just want to know what the negative fans actually expect? We have sold our best players and replaced them with unproven kids, the negativity doesn't help them. For instance on Sunday what do you realistically expect? I can guarantee if we are losing fans will boo despite the fact we are playing against a team that cost nearly half a billion.
People are desperate for the kids to start games but i dont blame mcleish for not starting them. Who would want to throw a young kid into a team that constantly gets hounded when they aren't winning games, when someone make a stray pass, when someone makes a mistake. Its a cauldron of hatred. Teams know to come to VP, sit back, keep it tight, wait for the fans to turn on their own and then get at us.
AVNath - your talking nonsense if you think that McLosers record is the same as MONs first season (FULL! season) as he was on 29 points. Also, as for us being better than last season you're wrong on that count too - we're on exactly the same points after 24 games, and last season we improved towards the end!
I never once mentioned having the same record as MON. When did MON not have a 'FULL!' season anyway?? I think it might be worth looking at the table from 19th March last year if you want to see how much we improved under Houllier after 24 games...
Its really sad times being a Villa fan, argueing with each other over the manager that should never have come in the 1st place, and not cause he came from small heath but because his record proves that he makes teams WORSE he has never improved a team, and AVNath sorry but his great tatical switch against wolves was not tatical, Gabby got injuried so he took him off for Warnock his hand was forced, and anyway even if he would have done it anyway without Gabby being injuried that would be 1 good tatical decision in 6 months and an uncountable amount of TERRIBLE tatical decisions, lets not forget the Spurs game constantly playing Heskey COUNTLESS defensive mistakes that a manager supposed to be good defensively can't sort out after 6 MONTHS since the start of the season, im afraid its just not good enough, my problem has neever been where he came from as I was one of the fools saying give him a chance at the start, then gmvillan you say we were getting results when playing boring football and now playing attacking football we lose, this just proves he is useless 1st playing boring football was against some of the worst teams in the leauge and we DREW most of those game, he can't get the balence right and can't get defence right all points to bad management, however I do agree protesting now is probably a bad idea but I could not survive another year of this crap and his boring post match press talk and constant blaming of attacking players for defensive mistkes, and for gods sake the players are not behind him how can we be???
So Warnock for Gabby is a straight swap is it?
Lion Heart, that's the whole point. At half time V QPR we had nothing to lose so the lads didn't have to worry about that ginger t@ shouting confusing messages from the touchline and just got on with it. V Gooners, we had a giant killing ( in his mind anyway )to keep a win on the cards so there was soooo much to lose. It's his negativity that spreads throughout the team and this is why players make so many mistakes. There were very few under MON AVNath. We've defended 1-0 wins for 70 odd minutes 2 years ago FFS. Regardless we have gone for 3 or 4 nil wins under MON not settled ( or tried to settle )with a single goal lead every bloody week. MON wouldn't publicly try to shift the blame from his ineptitude onto a single player every week also. He is clutching at straws. We agree on MON then AVNath but must agree to disagree on ECK. I honestly don't care where he came from. Slight improvements after 6 months when we have played some diabolical stuff in between is not good enough as we're still making the same mistakes mostly and his press conferences are worse than O'Leary's.
I don't understand your bleating about MON, I think he was the best thing to happen to the club for 30 years, but also believe he was forced out by the same mindless idiots who will be protesting outside VP on Sunday. Instead of supporting the club through thick and thin unless we win a game they boo like crazy. You wait till we play Sunderland and hear the stupidity aimed at MON, the man didn't walk away all by himself and that is proven by the fact that we payed him to be quiet. I don't think Eck is anywhere near his standard, but we couldn't attract anyone of that standard without promising them the cash MON had to spend, so I don't see the point in the protest when we have actually improved recently and looked alot better than we did three months ago and throughout the whole of last season. 11 from 15 away, no wins since November at home. I don't think its a coincidence that our fans at home are so negative...
GREAT ARTICLE, I dont think Villa have consistently played good football since JG had us top of the league. McLeish is doing his best with what we have, its time we woke up to the fact that what we have is not good enough. Add to that the fact we want to reduce the wage bill but most are so overpaid for their ability we cant move any of them on! This is the result of years of mismanaging and if anyone is to blame its the person who signs off these deals. There is someone in the club not doing a very good job and for me its whoever signed Beye on 40k a week, Heskey on 55k, Jenas on a season long loan with no injury break clause. Didnt ssanction the loan of a LB, didnt try to get in someone like Dann or Samba etc etc. I dont think its McLeish to blame but I know a protest has never got anyone anywhere apart from looking like a muppet on tv! Worst of all making my club look bad which is going to be really disappointing come Sunday! Newcastle went down years ago and look at them now, they hate their owne and were pre season favourites to go down, one thing they have different to us, great fans who back the team at home!
Chelt Villan
Ya AVNath as we could all see Warnock went straight onto the wing and had a stormer scoring a hat trick...
Exactly my point Kerry Villan, hence it was a 'tactical change' regardless of it coming from an injury. And yes warnock put in two great challenges in the first five minutes of 2nd half that completely changed the tempo and way we played
For me, the simple fact is that due to his previous reputation & results (Blues manager, poor results with Rangers, Blues relegated twice, reputation for boring football), he NEEDED to get the fans on side and start with a bang. Unfortunately, that bang was the shot he fired at any interest, hope, anticipation and expectation of decent results & performances. Instead, we get served dross such as spurs away, swansea at home, bolton in the cup etc. We get Eckscuses as to why we lost, and players get singled out. We've scored less goals per game (1.21) than any recent manager. We've also achieved less points per game (a meagre 1.17). Should we have achieved 1.17 points per game last season, we would have finished 14th, possibly less. That is NOT acceptable, and never will be. With the current squad, we should be around the 8th/9th level - no less.
LOL AVNath, you moan about me bleating about MON and then do the same yourself?!?!?! As you say, he was quality. Also as you say, Eck is nowhere near as good?? Why do we keep him. Kmac could've got 6 wins out of 24 and we would've had exciting games with the kids involved. Kerry was being sarcastic, not agreeing with you!!!! 11 from 15 away??? Last 2 games were losses to Arsenal and Newcastle. Which games are you picking to suit your argument??? You are very confused mate and the pinnacle of this is your opinion of ECK!!!!!!
The Arsenal game was in the cup and admittedly that stat was before the toon game. KMac lost 6-0 at newcastle - really exciting. I think I made my point as to why we have Eck, as a manager of MON's calibre would no longer come and we have to start rebuilding again.
The irony is thorpy had we not won our last game of the season (a drab 1-0 no one cared about) 14th is exactly where we would have finished so the points per game difference must have been minuscule. We are now a worse side without Young and Downing as well so I can't see why you think we should be finishing 8th?
Did i say that GH's results were good? He was poor too.... but at least the football was more tolerable. I will say that i do believe that performances have at least been more interesting to watch recently, but for me he needs to leave. We will lose against city, and have to start to look backwards. You say Kmac lost 6-0, and so he did, but should his whole managerial career of a whopping 4 games (in which he achived miles more points per game of 1.5 compared to Ecks wretched return) be judged on one result? You ask fans to be fickle, but judging a manager on 1 game is fickle. Most fans are judging AM on 24+ games!
What Fear said for me about lets see what we get out of the crusila games after the citeh clash, its too premature for me, the protesters have jumped the gun should have waited.
In one name who do you replace him with? A quick and realistic replacement that could do so much better? Pointless question cuz whoever people say will win 80% of the games with a few emphatic 3-0's in their head! We can't afford to keep wasting bloody money on managers!
Lion Heart
Villan444 the men in white coats that you sent my way earlier this week just rang to ask for your address. Do you read other people's comments or just reach for another of your previously written pieces? AVNath is spot on the second half of the QPR game saw the best football we have played for a long time and it was not targeted at a draw. Please accept that we all have opinions and are right to have them. The fact that they do not accord with yours may be strange to understand but thats the way life is. McLeish is being tried here for working for Blues. Nothing else. Give the man time. Anyone interested in a protest about the protests?
Well thanks for sharing your opinion with us.
AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!, Gordon, I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HIM BEING AT BLOOSE, you obviously don't read anyone elses posts as I put that on here earlier. How long do we give him?? He has no record of success!! He's 53 and shows no signs of having a frontal labotomy overnight by some miraculous abduction by well meaning Villa supporting aliens. As I said to counter the QPR argument, we had nothing to lose as we had lost the game so went for it because Eck's negativity couldn't affect a team that had already negatively lost the game in their minds. After Eck's 6 months in charge I think that all Villa fans need a shrink but there's no excuse for defending him however mad he makes us all. I've heard "things are getting better" a few times BUT any ******** idiot could do better than what he's done. He started off so badly that these 10 mins of quality football every months makes him look like he's a genius. IT TOOK MON 1 ******** WEEK AT SUNDERLAND TO START THEM PLAYING WELL NOT 6 MONTHS AND NOT ONLY FOR 10 MINS EVERY MONTH!!! This isn't a MON praise article. Others will be able to do the same with our bunch. ECK is really that bad
Villan444. I've no interest in getting into a slanging match with you (although you EXACTLY prove my point with your subsequent rants). However, let me correct you. I have Done some coaching my friend. In fact I've been a professional coach for 17 years and have had an average 70% winning percentage. Six national championship appearances and nine league titles.
Others will be able to do the same with our bunch? Any idit could do better? Still not hearing any names of realistic managers. It's easy to say anyone could do better when there will be no way of seeing if your correct.
Lion Heart
Well said P.Avfc.
It is a combination of problems : 1) Our football is dead boring, yes lately we have had some goal attempts but we still primarily play hoofball 2) Our results are only marginally better than GH. Glowing recommendation there. 3) GH has flat out lied to our faces. Gabby will never play on the wing. Attacking football. Buuuuuuulllllllshi..... 4) Mcleish is a shocking man manager. Blames anyone but himself. 5) He clearly has lost the dressing room... My only concern is that there is no one that will come here now to replace him...
Well lion heart how about gmvillian? his record looks far FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than McClueless anyway LOL! but sorry anybody saying his bad record with us (and it is bad) is because the squad isn't good enough just look at the table, are ye saying Stoke, Everton, Swansea, Norwich, sunderland and newcastle all have a better squad than us? Stoke swansea and Norwich have a worse squad for sure and you could argue Everton Newcastle and sunderland might be on par but they are all ahead of us, THATS A FACT and the reason they are is because they have managers with a Philosophy that works and that instil confidece in their players instead of destroying it, tell me this any of you ECK defenders, do you think blaming Albie, Ireland, N'Zog and Gabby for us losing games we should have won the correct thing to do with players struggling for confidence? do you think starting Heskey in every game before he got injuried instead of far better far more talented players is a good way forward for Villa, do you think sticking with a defence that constantly makes mistakes instead of playing players with more desire and hunger the right thing to do? If you do think al these things are correct then I think our vison for the club we adore are vastly differnet and you seem content to watch us slip into the championship...
Villan444 its pointless trying to reason with gmvillan & AVNath, did you not know that they are really Randy Lerner & Paul Faulkner in disguise.
Aren't internet arguments just great? Personally I think moving on a few of the higher paid, lower achieving footballers would do wonders for the squad...
Go on then gmvillan, we're all on tenderhooks, which "Professional" team is this, and in what sense are you a coach. If anyone was Professional level with 70% win percentage, I find it hard to believe that you haven't made it into the big time yet???? I'm not calling you a liar atall mate but suggest that it may be Phil (the Power) Taylor's fitness coach??? Unless it's a Doris's team???? I am appalled that you are supporting Eck if you do this for a living as I'm sure that you should know better. Maybe there's a big difference between coaching and managing. For the record, I've given several names recently who I thnk could all do better in the current situation. Glenn Hoddle would be the ideal choice, he coaches and manages youngsters at the moment and is only 1 year older than Eck, Ferguson or Clough Juniors, Clarke, Southgate, Grayson. All would play better football and get the same or better results. None would be as negative and they could all develop the players. I don't see what is good about Eck other than he is undoubtedly a nice guy. Lerner has employed him primarily because of that, so that he can have another YES man around when Fulcker is busy shining his and the general's shoes.
No need to protest, if we continue to lose games Lerner will have no choice to get rid. MON's football wasn't much better at times. And anyone who thinks MON was paid off is deluded, take a look at Villas expenditure from Company house last financial year and there is no evidence of any pay out .... the court case was by MON on AVFC to keep his CV clean and his reputation intact. He was on a one year rolling contract which was virtually over when he left. Houllier had a pay off, we paid BCFC compensation but nothing to MON. If McLeish get us top 10 then he deserves to get rid off deadwood and build his own defence and midfield, then and only then can he be judged. His Blues connection should be put to bed, its over. They were almost relegated when he took over the 1st time, then crippling injuries to a very average and small sqauad took them down again. When he finished 3rd with Rangers the same crippling injuries and suspensions played a heavy part. I don't want him here anymore than most but he is our manager and we should support the team on the pitch. Protests just make the club's fans look petty and small minded. If you don't like, don't go watch and stay away thats more of a statement than a stupid protest. UTV
And gmvillan, your point that I've allegedly proved is that people don't like him because he came from the Bloose. I don't even live in the bloody area and one of my uncles is a bloonose. I really don't give 2 f.u.c.k.s....... I am venting anger because I love the game and The Villa. This is not how to manage or play football. We deserve much much better..... I'd swap Hughton with him tomorrow and be cheering him to the rafters.
Proud to be a villan, avnath, Gmvillan, take a bow. SUPPORTERS! Balanced, realistic, and in my opinion we are miles from protests. We are not far off the standard where we beat arsenal away, we did beat Chelsea away, and wolves and nearly Newcastle and the home form is because we aren't getting behind the lads.
Pretty sure hoddle is quite happy in his role as a tv pundit, if he wanted a route back into management he would have done it by now, so unrealistic. Southgate that got boro relegated and spent 12 million pounds on afonso alves?? LOL I say no more on southgate. As for the others yes they could do well but it's a huge if having never managed in the prem. they could quite easily flop like ince
Lion Heart
you say they could get the same results so why not stick it out with eck until the summer before we throw away another 2/3 million on managers compensation? Then maybe talk about a young manager with new philosophy's if we finish well below an acceptable position. My point is eck deserves a season and changing a manager now just causes more instability which we don't need. Apologies for the split post lol
Lion Heart
Hoddle runs a football academy abroad!!!! Thought everyone knew that?? As I said all could do as well or better but we wouldn't have to put up with the negative antifootball and press conferences, also all could bring the youngsters on unlike Eck who only has time for Bannan who will never make it.
Villan444 m8, Eck aint been playing Bannan? but anyway its easy going after Mcleish, i didn't want him nor do i, but who's to say this clueless board will appoint anybody any good even if by a miracle they take a blind bit of notice(i doubt they will as they did not sack GH when fans did not want him) Going after Mcleish is the easy option for me, the board should be facing this treatment from fans of anger not the manager, we have unruley players like Dunne Collins Warnock yet no-one is planning to protest against them giving away own goals penalties and cock ups every wekk do they? Mcleish was in a no win situation from the off and the board knew it, now the money has gone Mcleish is a great distraction it seems to the masse's while they carry on running cleveland browns and making them better!
Love the idea Gordons - lets have a protest about the protests!
Interesting debate, but we all feel exactly the same deep down. No one wanted him. Truthfully, you pro-protesters and you anti-protesters all feel the same. He was not and is not wanted at Villa. All you are debating is whether a protest is the right thing to do to get him out. Even you anti-protesters would hate to be called McLeish supporters, wouldn't you? Personally, I think staying away sends a greater message than turning up and sounding off. That just gets peoples' backs up. Staying away makes a very finance oriented board take notice. I still often ask myself this question and have yet to find an answer... What was Randy thinking?
Ironic how they've cited Ireland as one of our better players when it's in fact McCleish who is the man to have got him back in the team and playing again. It's also McCleish who has given most of the young players an extended run in the team. Bannan was on his way out a couple of years ago, Herd was an unknown, Clarke has flitted in and out previously and now Gardner is being steadily introduced. These people really have no idea and much of the protest is in self interest and not in the interest of the club. The situation we are in has been brought about my mismanagement of the club and unfortunately we are now paying for this with cutbacks so how is McCleish to blame for being dealt that hand? As for 20 million to spend, it must have evaded some people that we got that by selling our best player last year, something that happeneded they year before that, and the year before that and so on. Our name is about to be dragged through the mud again in the media.
and people wonder why noone has any time for our club. If everyone whinging and talking about protesting put as much effort into supporting the team the atmosphere inside VP might be better than a morgue. And before the usual suspects go on about not supporting mcleish or about poor football and having nothing to sing about, I said support the team not the manager and teams who've played even worse football than anything seen at VP in recent years still manage to have fans that turn their grounds in cauldrons. The fact that our only songs are about a defender from 20 years ago or a bunch of players older than that (two of whom now work for our local rivals) or more commonly about the blues says it all. To those who want to protest, I'm sure it will make you feel better in the same way as booing our own players but it will achieve nothing other than to further undermine the players confidence and diminish our club in the eyes of an already biased media. Have fun.
Martin O Neil walked out some liked him others didnt like the style of football he played, we all liked the results. So why did he feel he needed to walk away?. Houllier was appointed IMO a terrible appoitment poor health and poor results they improved when the poor man was in hospital. The next appoitment was the result of a horrible period of constant embarressment to the club and supporters as we ranged from one manager to the other with the media having a field day. This ended with the appoitment of a manager which has split decent Villa fans like never before. To my mind O Neil was payed compensation for walking out which constitutes what ? someone broke their word we will never know. All in all I lay all of what has happened at the feet of AVFCs board regardless of how much I like Randy Lerner as an owner.The management of the club has been shocking over the last few years. No I dont have all the answers Mcleish probably a decent man whoose record at Blues getting relegated twice but also getting promoted and winnning the league cup wasnt all bad so I was willing to back him as Villa manager . My only misgivings being his Rangers record. But we should never have been placed in this posotion by our board in the first place.I make no judgement on fellow Villa fans I understand both sides of the argument but I am just bloody annoyed to see the media gathering for another feeding frenzy at our expense.
The majority on this site support a protest. It is good to see the other side of the argument. It doesn't matter if you are in the minority that do not want to protest or in the majority who do, we all love the Villa. However the article is full of misleading and factually incorrect information. Moyes has never commented on the Villa job as far as we know, but I am happy to be corrected on this if you can find the video clip of this interview. We are on par with Mons first season (we were a point better off under M'ON after 24 games) but the club was on the up after the near relgation under O'Deary. The ground was full and you could see the positive signs of recovery. You ask what top flight manager is available? Why does it have to be top flight? A manager on the up is what Randy has to identify. That maybe a Poyet, Di Canio, Adkins. It maybe a Billy Davies, David Moyes, Benitez. Who knows? But that is what we have to trust Randy with. The transfer fees for N'Zogbia, Given (who lets in more per game than Guzan), Hutton (FFS) and Stevens and the loans of Jenas and Keane are well clear of the 20m level. He has turned an England left back in to a liability, an international centre half into a carthorse and has his record signing telling him he isn't happy. He purchased an excellent shot stopper on a 20m contract (20m we will never see again) who was injury prone in his prime. How he will be as he advances in years will be interesting to watch. You say this is not a time to be dividing the fans. Well you are in the minority fella, so if you actually joined the majority we wouldn't be divided. Crowds are down, apathy is eroding confidence and making home performances terrible. We haven't won at home since November 5th and you think a protest will make results worse!!!!! How can we do worse than giving Swansea their first away win, failure to beat QPR. Please explain. I understand your right to not protest. Equally we are at a stage where protests can not make things worse. Up the Villa. McMuppet out.
The minority of people make the rest of us against the protests look like pratts. Most os the whining about boring football is BULL, the issue is not playing well consistently throught the whole 90 minutes along with stupid defending. None of those is the nark of a defensive manager, face facts, all the grief is because he managed Blues, SO WHAT!
I've said more than my fair share on this thread, had a quiet day yesterday and stuck in front of my computer. There's no point commenting anymore as too many are in denial of the fact that our manager is next to useless. They just argue back with,"get over the fact that he used to be at bloose". Pathetic mindless comments from people who can't even debate a point. These are the losers that allows Lerner to employ someone who is so bad as he knows they are to weak to stand up for themselves.
Fenrison - you obviously do not get it do you. There are some who do not want McMuppet because he managed Small Heath. But if you have followed this site over the years and months you will see that most were prepared to give him a chance. Those who didn't want to give him a chance didn't renew their season tickets (that is why they were down 17%) and why crowds are down 12% on last season. He has had his chance and he has failed. He should never have been given the chance, in part due to the friction it would cause, but essentially because in 3 seasons in the Premier League he has had 2 relegations. At Rangers he built his own team and came third in a 2 horse race and was chased out of Glasgow by the fans. He simply isn't good enough for Villa. He wasn't good enough for Small Heath ffs. But if you see the poll the majority want the protests. The minority by not joining in are actually dividing the club and making the protests weaker than they should be. 97% of Villa fans want him out. 56% want protests, 41% do not. Face the facts fella. Villa fans are in the mood for open revolt against McMuppet, but you are well within your right to stand up on Sunday and sing Big Eck's Claret and Blue Army. I watch with interest to see if the ground swell of support is in favour of McMuppet.
How is it possible that i still support VOTH!! Good lord above. We all remember his comments of yesteryear... ;o) I digress.... McLeish needs to go. Our defence is now rubbish which is down to him and his tactics. The whole backline can't just turn s h i t over half a season without an outside influence. That infulence being McLeish. Randy will only see the papertalk so until protests are made, he will not appreciate the anger and frustration of our fans and at least consider doing something about it.
The group is called proud to be a Villan? We are proud Villa fans also. We love this club and want what is best for it. the last thing wanted is to be protesting outside the ground. This is not a personal attack on McLeish or anything to do with his past. His record at the Villa is poor and he hasnt shown anything so far to suggest that he is the man to turn this around. We need a manager than can UNITE the club not DIVIDE it
Voiceoftheholte: protest away, affect already bad morale and watch the team go down. There is no doubt tha Eck is not liked, facts are Houllier's footballl was worse and players had no confidence in him. Luck granted us a 9th place finish last season. 97% of people who bothered to vote here want MCliesh out and from what I read, it isn't always a shining example of the true spectrum of Villa fans. I'm just saying that I don't think it will benefit Villa at all, but please carry on and prove me wrong, just don't give those that cross the picket line grief UTV, VTID
I keep hearing that the majority support the protests, yet only 14% from this site are supposedly going?? Plus alot of other blogs not agreeing with them. Look at the Mcleishout site, most comments are abusing the creator of the site rather than supporting the protest!
I'm with rawlie here... i can't for the life of me understand McLeish's appointment either. Fair enough if he was unemployed, but to actually PAY money to get him makes me feel almost ill thinking about it! Fact is that the only way he could get fans on board was attractive, winnning football... what we have actually had to suffer is negative, surrender-before-we-begin, hoofball and Mclueless tactics. I say that with exceptions.. there have been brighter patches, read QPR 2nd half, Chelsea, and bits of newcastle game, but in the most, results have been either dire (bolton in the cup, swansea at home, WBA at home), or average (QPR away, wolves at home etc). I've also witnessed in the tottenham surrender the worst, most negative, dire apalling showing by any team i've ever seen play. I felt really sad when i'd finished watching the game- embarassed to be a fan almost, because even spurs fans were saying how appaling we looked and how we didn't even give it a go. It will be interesting to see how he sets us up against city, because i wouldn't be surprised if he sets us up to lose before we even kick a ball. As for protests, each to his own... i'm on the fence with this one - as fans we should expect better!
Nottsvilla lol :o) - fenrison, no grief to anyone mate. The minority who do not want to protest should not be frowned upon. Equally the majority who do want to protest should not be given grief by the minority. We all want want is best for Villa. The protesters are in a fortunate positon that having not won at home since November 5th that no matter what they do results can not get any worse. UTV. Prepared.
VOTH 97% of what sized sample wanted him out? You do not know that the protesters are in the majority. Everything I see says that they are not. One small poll, one answer you like and it becomes a fact for the majority. You should have been a politician.
glb - I dont know sample size. Fear can answer that for you. I can only quote the facts as relayed on this site. The 97% disaprroval rating for McLeish was a Birmingham Mail survey. Maybe you can ask them for sample size. What cannot be hidden though is that a majority of respondents/posts on this site (and in the main I would say 98/99% are Villa supporters like you and I) are in support of the protest. You disagree and with that there is no problem. I along with many others want to protest, and equally as a fellow supporter you should not have any problem with that? Unless you of course want a totalitarian ban on a right to free speech??? The protest can not make home performances any worse can they??
I look forward to all the comments on Monday after a 1-0 win for the Villa and what i believe will be a very small turnout for the protest group....don't get me wrong i strongley agree with your right to protest but believe it's wrong for the club[that we all love] and wrong for our image. Nothing will change till at least the end of the season and even then i don't think he will go. #utv #vtid
V111A DR
V111A DR I really hope we are dicussing a 1-0 Villa win on Monday. But as we have not won at home in 3 months, Im not holding my breath
Why is it so wrong to protest? What other way do PAYING fans have of getting their point across to the Board and Management? Lets all write a strongly worded letter to Mr Lerner instead and see where that gets us. Straight in the shredder. Why can't the protest be a wake up call to the players and mangement and make them buck up their ideas, stand up and be counted?? It doesn't always have a negative effect.
nottinghamvillain i hope you understand 97% approx didn't want Mcleish in the first the reason fans like me are questioning the protest is due simply to the fact of the timingyof it, this is why i am in two minds about joining the protest as we are 8 points above relegation, Randy or the board is not going to anytime soon say ''ok your right lets sack Mcleish'' are they to be honest? so this is going to be a long and drawn out campaign if the protestors are willing to protest for that long, in the meantime we are fighting to stay in the prem, we are 12 points off relegation at the mo so why not wait until the summer or when we had the points for safety, or if we slipped closer to relegation trouble i could understand this protest timing then but at the mo i can see the board saying Mcleish has there full backing as he has had to make do with cuts etc, just wish you would have waited.
voiceoftheholte your facts and figures again do not match the REAL facts m8, where do you get the proof of your figures that 97/98% want to protest? i think you will find you are wrong, we didn't nor want Mcleish but many of us are worried about the impact of causing yet more drama after the last 18 months of it we have had, we are not safe from relegation yet what harm in waiting for a) we are safe or the summer, b) Mcleish loose's 3 or 4 games in a row then the protest would look more credible, but no one on here is saying any villa does not have the right to free speech i have read all above comments and can not see where you got that from?
ctv- I said the Birmingham Mails poll indicated 97% do not want McLeish. The vital villa poll shows 56% in favour of protest, 41% against and 3% undecided. As for making things worse . . . . we haven't won a home game since Nov 5th!!! How exactly is a protest going to make that worse??? We haven't won at home for 3 months. There are three months to the end of the season. Maybe a protest will encourage responsibility and we get the 3 or 4 wins needed for safety. Maybe it will prolong the agony we are all enduring. But the facts are no matter what we do, the next three months will not be any worse than the last three months. The protest has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
voth, look i know what you mean, the home game defeats i have seen mad me so depressed and sad i can not deny that for a minute feeling like i had been mugged, i don't want Mcleish i think we deserve LionHeart coming in, Deano Lambert etc that would excite me and probably all of us, but with no money, poor defending any manager would struggle IF these lot played like they did at the Arse's etc, i am in two minds and will make my mind up this week if i will join the protesti just don't want villa to be taken the pee outof in the press like blackburn, nor put more pressure on at villa park where we are nervous, i have never been so confused good job i wasn't this confused on my sexuality all them years back i might have been called clairethevillan instead ;)
I think the biggest mistake by the board was giving McClueless a 3 year contract, I mean they must have known he was a big risk and now I can't see him being sacked this summer which is more depressing than thinking about losing my job, we will get rid of a few high earners this summer as long as McIdiot doesn't give Emule a new contract and the other useless fools so there should be some money for us to spend this summer but no good footballer in their right mind will ever want to play for ECK so the ONLY way he can bring us is backwards, I wasn't in favour of protesting but the more I think about it the more I feel its neccassary because we have to let the board know we can't take this crap for another year SERIOUSLY even the ECK defenders tell me do ye really want another year of this crap???
Good article, IF there are any factual inaccuracies it does not alter the message, Eck is going nowhere, and neither are the team at the moment, anything we can do to help is fine by me, and protesting will help in no way at all. Support the boys.
Kerry thats why im so pee'd off with Randy and co, the decision as you rightly said to guve Eck a 3 year contract even under the negativety surrounding his appointment? you could not make it up, why not put him on a 1 year rolling contract with a review afetr every season like MoN had? Thats why i have been saying the board should face some questions and be shown we aint saft, we know they have caused a lot of mess with there poor decisons that affect Villa on the pitch for sure, Then we have the defenders who are letting us down they need to buck up there ideas and start focusing more and we maybe would still be in the FA cup losing to MoN's sunderland oops i mean winning ;)
Hey if i knew for a fact protesting on sunday would be productive and enable us Villans to see appointed Martn ''LionHeart'' Laursen as manager i would be the first there to be honest, but Randy did not sack GH last year when we were 3 points off the drop zone and the fans was turning on GH, so with the cutbacks on wages selling of Ash and noob Downing, oh and that influential midfielder who we can not replace SALIFOU lol, the board are happy to be in the ,mid table mix where Eck has us, so i don't see Randy acting anytime soon thats why i think these protests are too premature IMO.
VOTH, I have never said you have no right to your opinion. I simply question the 97% figure as it seems that when push comes to shove 14% of the followers of this site plan to protest and 14% 'would support the protest but aren't able to too for one reason or another'. Those numbers don't add to 97%. You may call me a deafist but I never expected this season to be a barrel of laughts no mattter who the manager was. I think McLeish has been asked to do an almost impossible job and for that reason I will support him and the team.
i cant wait to win the championship :)
Ted 369
I think the best thing to come from this protest is maybe the board being woken up and realisng that the downgrading of Villa will have to be a fight as Villans know where this club should be not unrealisctly but not in relegation battles 2 years in a row, and no real ambition as the appointment of Eck seems to be, maybe they thought Villans would just accept over time Mcleish so they could just carry on there cutbacks as planned.
Clairethevillan - lol and gordonsleftboot I am not sure if you are doing this deliberately or are not reading the facts in front of you? The Birmingham Mail did a poll on whether Villa fans wanted McMuppet and it was resounding 97% NO. Do not confuse this with other polls. There have been two polls on this Vital Villa site in the last couple of days. One poll showed 56% supported protest, 41% didn't and 3% were unsure. The other showed 14% will be attending a protest and 13% would if they could. What is confusing about this? You do not have to attend a protest to support it. I have never been to a protest against facism, does that make me a fascist? Of course not. So lets not muddy the water by saying if you are not at the protest then that must mean you disagree with it. Nearly everybody in the Holte were recently singing 'you don't know what you are doing' to McMuppet. This isn't a minority. Revolt is in the air. The majority want McMuppet gone. In an ideal world we all write a letter to Randy and he listens, acts and brings the sword down on McMuppets reign. But this will not happen. I do not anticipate the visual protest going on every game, but Villa fans have a capacity for surprise. I do think the vocal campaign will grow with every home game without victory and season ticket sales for next season will be at the levels that forced Ellis to sack O'Deary. All that said, I hope McMuppet steers us to victory on Sunday in the way that Manure, Redscouse, Chelsea, Sunderland and Everton have done over ManCiteh in recent weeks. Up the Villa. McMuppet out.
voth LOL, standing up for what you believe in is what its all about,all's thats worrying most villans is how long this will go on for, as Randy will not listen we know that, and no doubt that will cause more protests while we are still not safe yet, i want a better manager in, Lambert, Laursen 'LionHeart', im still on the fence at the mo, but it is tempting knowing we could have a better manager TBH.
I've found this 'debate' very interesting to be honest and just hope no matter what, whether you go and protest or not that those of you who still bother to go inside Villa Park get behind the team for 90 minutes during the game whether we are leading, drawing or losing. The game will be tough enough against a side that has spent virtually half a billion in the last couple of years without any negativity from fans. UTV!!
I will be singing my heart out as usual whilst wearing my Eck Out shirt. UTV. Prepared. McMuppet Out.
I agree with the main artical, no to protest and I will continue to suport Villa home and away. PS we have bought 3 extra tickets for the Man City game...I can dream.
agree AVNath, fascinating debate, think the timing is wrong myself but as you say, hope that those for and those against try to show each other (we are all villa) some respect this weekend.
The Fear

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